Adam LZ

Adam LZ
Adam LZ

Just chasing the dream of building as many rad cars and driving as many tracks as humanly possible! This channel is an attempt to let you be a part of this crazy lifestyle surrounded by rad cars, people, and fun.\n\n23 Years Old\nBA in Business Management @ University of Central Florida\n\nMy collection...\nS13 NIssan 240SX (Built SR20DET) - 520WHP\nE92 BMW 335i Single Turbo - 750WHP\nS550 Mustang GT350 E85 500WHP\nS15 Silvia (3.4 2JZ) - 900WHP\nMitsubishi Evo 5 - 400AWHP (kept in CT)\nJZX100 Chaser - 375WHP\nR32 Skyline Sedan - 600WHP\n2019 F350 Powerstroke\n991.2 Porsche GT3RS\n2008 350Z Missle - 280WHP\nMitsubishi Evo 5 Build in progress (Australia)\nJZX100 Missle (Japan)\n\n\n\nAfter 8 years on UZload videos, my main focus is still on progressing and improving with each video.\nThe future is in our hands: Let's make it awesome.\n\nBORN IN WOODBURY, CT \nLIVING IN ORLANDO, FL

  • Wizdomtrek

    Legend has it, when he rolled the car off the trailer IT KEPT ON ROOOOLLLING, still chasing it, trying to stop it O.o

  • schoona90

    Just use a reputable BMW tuner/shop for advice and tuning. Plenty of tuned f80s run fine....

  • Rasta Nate
    Rasta Nate

    do you still have the hauler? If so when you use it next, could we get a little LZ cribs of it?

  • Matt Harbison
    Matt Harbison

    Your Moms a cutie!!! This was awesome!!!!👍😀

  • Alex E.
    Alex E.

    God damn I love them Bride low max reclining seats like in the BMW. Especially in carbon kevlar. 👌

  • ThrivingHerb

    so sick seeing adams exponential growth since this video

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia

    No hate but dude doesn’t deserve it I can tell he don’t know anything about cars

  • The science Of training
    The science Of training

    Go viper engine in the bmw

  • LikquidDutch

    What does this remind you of ??? "Dis Dick what do you think " smh lol . And yes #6 is the hottest cylinder on the N54 I know the pains I have a 335i as well . Leaking oil is normal you have a bmw .

  • Hava

    freddy has 9000iq im pretty sure

  • James Vaughan
    James Vaughan

    If you’re serious about getting rid of the CYM, I’m in the market for one and would be super interested, not 100% sure how to get in touch with you.

  • Xtra Playz
    Xtra Playz

    Get a straight 6 built for boost from Germany and a standalone ecu

  • Kyle Fugate
    Kyle Fugate

    Ok looking back at this, rotary FC in California...... hmmm

  • nuke469

    Well a McLaren over a BMW yeah burn it down

  • Unavailable Username
    Unavailable Username

    You did what GM should have done.

  • Nate Campbell
    Nate Campbell

    Hit up Dr. Vu tuning. He is out of Louisville and a genius when it comes to tuning N54s. He tuned my 700+ whp 335i that I daily drive in nice weather and it runs/drives wonderfully.

  • BoostedArsenal

    You’re running Toyo R888R 295/30/19 in the rear right? If so, just a fender roll and it fits fine?

  • Caleb

    We have a BMW tech at my shop if you need help

  • D Drap
    D Drap

    Bennywise chilling in the sewers. Adam LZ: 27:53

  • Jens Peterson
    Jens Peterson

    The badge falling off when he closes the hood 😂😂

  • Islandbuild787

    2jz swap the bmw!!!!!!

  • Bradley Cook
    Bradley Cook

    Anybody know what wheels those are on the s13?

  • Abraham Avitia
    Abraham Avitia

    JZ swap?

  • Victory Lane
    Victory Lane

    She clearly just wants a normal car. Why do this?

  • Briguygotnicethighs

    I can’t believe you have all those cars sitting outside lol. Where’s the big dick warehouse?


    i love this model


    guess how long this car has been with him

  • Rez

    It’s sad that in Connecticut we don’t have E85 😞 I bought a used exhaust for my Z that ran E85 prior. When I installed the exhaust it still smelled like E85. I was so excited to smell E85 for the 1st time. It smelled awesome like fresh Popcorn 🍿😊

  • Lefty Bro
    Lefty Bro

    What we been waiting for N54

  • Yung Kilo
    Yung Kilo

    It might be a good idea to check the condition of the turbo on the exhaust side of the turbo

  • Nicholas Rodrigues
    Nicholas Rodrigues

    All the issues started when you switched out the BBS LMs for the wheels on it now. It probably just wants the BBS LMs back.

  • Ken Welch
    Ken Welch

    That poor woman! Lol

  • Jacob Brent
    Jacob Brent

    Have David Shoup tune it.

  • r3kt Assburgers
    r3kt Assburgers

    It’s jus crazy how you shit out money and leave it to the side

  • Peter S
    Peter S

    What does that do to the insurance cost?

  • Sawyer Faust
    Sawyer Faust

    25 minutes to replace a spark plug while he talks shit about BMWs? This is why I switched from watching you everyday to watching Taylor Ray. I'm sorry to put bad energy out there but get back to your roots man. You hired someone to do every aspect of your UZload career; filming, editing, and most of all actually working on your cars so now this is the only content you can stir up when there's not an event.

  • Vogurt

    i like it black in the back

  • Redline Rush
    Redline Rush

    I ordered a pin in November and it’s still not in

  • Nate H
    Nate H

    Congrats man!!!!

  • The Sharp Shooters
    The Sharp Shooters

    Adam got a new girl???

  • YT Glojuan
    YT Glojuan

    You needa get cd919 tuned

  • Brandon Lopez
    Brandon Lopez

    I miss this thing I'm glad you bought it back to life

  • Alek Bukata
    Alek Bukata

    Owner of RKTunes is a dick, He’ll never tune it with an n54

  • Joseph King-Wilson
    Joseph King-Wilson

    The replay of the badge falling off had me in tears 🤣🤣🤣


    Do you still ride bmx today adam ?

  • SamAc_Schnitzer97

    Owning a BMW isn't stressful at all ... Just enough to have grey hair in your young 20's 😆

  • Ronak Vaghela
    Ronak Vaghela

    Bro I have a 335i which is hybrid tuned n all. N54 tech forums are amazing for this stuff.

  • Elias Bjørnstad
    Elias Bjørnstad

    Bootmood3? The best tune

  • IamTheOB

    Still.... this outro music. 🤮

  • Chris Carr
    Chris Carr

    How long will it take me to work off an LS swap in my Jeep. I'll work hard (and I'm smart!!!)

  • Rydnorth

    14:00 I died 😂😂

  • Nodak81

    Too loud. She'll get annoyed and embarrassed with it like that. Quiet it down and it'll be perfect.

  • DOfficialHero

    About the burned oil, look for the (in Germany we call it "Ventilschaftdichtungen") its kind of plastic parts under the "Zylinderkopf" 😂 sorry for the non technical English

  • Ryan Mitchell TU06c
    Ryan Mitchell TU06c

    I love his dad

  • Riley Harrison
    Riley Harrison

    This man good

  • E85Johnson

    Ah the joys of owning a 335i... I've had mine for 8 or 9 years now, it's a love hate relationship.

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    These guy should do another video like this. Fucking great chemistry.

  • Ryan DeHamer
    Ryan DeHamer

    such a good looking car

  • Jeff Omalley
    Jeff Omalley

    Oh siiiick sonnn. Less fuel to one of the cylenders? That just means its better on fuel mileage right? Lol

  • Riley Harrison
    Riley Harrison

    9:47 10:58 his hair 11:16

  • Jakov Dodig
    Jakov Dodig

    That shaking can be a bad injetor or a bad mix of air and fuel

  • JayTuned 203
    JayTuned 203

    Lmfaooo when he took the first plug off “BRUHH”

  • n300zx931

    Laughed a lot watching this. Thanks

  • Jeff Omalley
    Jeff Omalley

    The chick working on the evo daang she is legit so friggen sexy.

  • Jay Nottingham
    Jay Nottingham

    What are you asking for the FD?

  • Falqon

    how is it street legal if you can't even have an s15 in the US yet?

  • Dylon Correia
    Dylon Correia

    With all the money you put into dyno tuning why don’t you guys have one installed at the shop?

  • Ramjet

    At 19:19 the intake cam is not spinning.

  • Anthony Sterling
    Anthony Sterling

    So sounds like we should just have him burn it and buy you that super car

  • Omar Villalta
    Omar Villalta

    I want a boast like you

  • Rydnorth

    They should of came with an LS

  • ApplePlays

    Absolute favorite car in the fleet man. Been watching it since day one. Currently have a high mileage 335i myself and hope to build it like you one day. 6 speed too!

  • Dakaari Denton
    Dakaari Denton

    Love this car man . Honestly but you should B58 swap it that would be interesting 🤔

  • luke m
    luke m

    What wheels and specs?

  • Rick and Ryan Smarter than the average bear
    Rick and Ryan Smarter than the average bear

    R32 fall do over get that ridiculous RED gone. That will make Rick so happy

  • Jay Harley
    Jay Harley

    Or just put a brand new engine into it and play around with it from there and just sell the old one for parts

  • a

    you sir just earned a sub

  • Jace Owen
    Jace Owen

    What's the HP on that thing

  • MrMiltonHD

    i only clicked this to see if youtube recommended this to anyone else...

  • Aspen Spora
    Aspen Spora

    Pretty much sums up n54 ownership