Adam LZ | Best of 2020 Pt. 1
What an insane year! So much happened that our poor little computers couldn't handle rendering it into one four hour long video. Being able to look back at the year is pretty special to me - as I've never had time to sit down and go through every video to make a compilation. Super grateful for Mike doing this - hope you enjoy reliving some of the best moments together! Part 2 should be up later this week... it takes quite a bit of time to edit these and then go back for a second pass to cut stuff out. Happy New Year!

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  • Ryan Snook
    Ryan Snook

    That breakdown was dirt nasty doe 🤘

  • Andy Peak
    Andy Peak

    I would like to meet you I'm in Florida I'm form Missouri

  • Queazii

    Wait Chelsea Grin?! Yo I have even more respect now.

  • Mr Steal Ur Toes
    Mr Steal Ur Toes

    Anyone else a big fan of the shot brown chaser🤭

  • SENATLA Motsau
    SENATLA Motsau

    Did yall see map from fr legends

  • Royce Moore
    Royce Moore

    I remember when he did bmx😂😂

  • Luigi Bros.
    Luigi Bros.

    My favorite clip has to be at 1:11:11 with Adam's Imbiamba Jombes impression. Its awesome seeing two separate and completely unrelated communities meet each other like that

  • Sander J
    Sander J

    Loved the vid enjoyed it very much

  • supreme

    Dammm imagen having a car with 700 horse power. My life will be completed 😭

  • Gsgsh jsmsms
    Gsgsh jsmsms

    First time i hear *get out of here dog* and its an actual dog

  • gamesINaction

    "Don't try this at home". Ok im gonna try that on the streets instead!

  • TurboColtGT

    10's in the 1/8 is not impressive

  • *-*c7droneJT*-*

    Thank god that shitty mustang is gone, Barra swap a dumbass I’m kidding, but I don’t think that was a good idea lol

  • OJ Young
    OJ Young

    Ain’t nothing better than the original supra

  • Terrance Russell
    Terrance Russell

    Im rewatching this and all i think of is carwash and chelsea grin👌 the perfect combo

  • Leon Mclaughlin
    Leon Mclaughlin

    Done favorite clip you had me at donut montage that was amazing

  • Cyt H
    Cyt H

    Do you think i will watch 2 hour long video? Yes i will

  • Samuel Landyx
    Samuel Landyx

    Why did U stop making box vids

  • WDJS22

    1:54:33 is just perfect

  • Fruit Salad
    Fruit Salad


  • Domonic Zatylny
    Domonic Zatylny

    yo was that fielding there too

  • wildboidom m
    wildboidom m

    Subscribe to my channel for gaming content.

  • David Valles
    David Valles

    5:24 is my favorite

  • Vogurt


  • Michael Goodwin
    Michael Goodwin

    Those tandem drives are so dangerous lol love em though

  • Glockspecific

    Where is Yohan?

  • raptor 777
    raptor 777

    Man! the shot at the teepee was just phenomenal!

  • Olivier Beaulieu
    Olivier Beaulieu

    haven't watched you in a looooooong time i remember those BMX days hope you doing well!!

  • Frank Lanois
    Frank Lanois

    My fav is....wait ...don't remember if its on your channel or Cleetus's?.. the time you had a ride in Ruby.... its was dark... all you hear is a nice rip from Ruby then seconds later you my friend Adam said to Cleet "plz lets not do this again "... best ride along I've seen since Chong told Cheech to drop him at the next stop when ask where to

  • Bryce Larson
    Bryce Larson

    You can tell Adam has had Australian Burnout Training :P

  • Quinton Daniels
    Quinton Daniels

    U and Tommy together in he’s truck LS but I really like the clip Of u and Tommy in the e36 foshow the beast video 🤘

  • Brody Williams
    Brody Williams

    chelsea grin tho

  • Evan Colwell
    Evan Colwell

    great video

  • Dee Choi
    Dee Choi

    Idk why LZ's mustache bugs me 😆

  • JamesD123

    The supras spool sounds like a spaceship

  • Its SINR
    Its SINR

    Life goals

  • Caiden McBride-Champlin
    Caiden McBride-Champlin

    yea adam i have game for u to play, its about driftin and its like real life, carx drifting online, i think its on every console and pc


    instead of grabbing telephone i think its rather clever to take the extinguisher.. hmm just sayin

  • Nathan gang
    Nathan gang

    At the start of the video that rs6 remindes me of savage garge

  • Cod Swim
    Cod Swim

    Throwback to the people here when he was doing bmx. Miss those days

  • Mozetty

    luke is a good dad doesnt want his kids or wife hurt so asks for a friend to drive them then proceeds to drift in the dirt XD

  • rred510

    Anybody know what song is playing on the radio at 33:52?

    • rred510

      I figured it out! "Translate" by Too Close to Touch

  • Marshall Mills
    Marshall Mills

    Love you man, awesome seeing the growth in your channel

  • Ryan pro
    Ryan pro

    It’s my dream to own a car identical to your creame 240 🥺

  • Vashaun Roberts
    Vashaun Roberts

    R.I.P. the the C4


    just me or does the nitrous bottle carriage look like its rocking around 9:50 in the supra

  • Sierra and Nick
    Sierra and Nick

    i just watched this whole thing

  • Bram Reinders
    Bram Reinders

    Hahah back in the day whem shullmans 240sx was red and not burned out

  • Chef'n It Up With Charles
    Chef'n It Up With Charles

    What’s the song at 3:00?

  • John Munday
    John Munday

    Keep doing these every year thanks

  • Jake Fletcher
    Jake Fletcher

    the z is leroys punk step brother

  • SpecialChunk USA
    SpecialChunk USA

    The intro needs an epilepsy warning

  • vogue mist
    vogue mist

    The steady farmer suprisingly preserve because power acutely heal barring a ancient cotton. sparkling, empty rice

  • Luke Wells
    Luke Wells

    Car: Gets totaled Adam: "this would make a really good drift car."

  • Gamer Bread Baker
    Gamer Bread Baker

    dude whats that mustache where'd your normal face go

  • Likeaboss740

    The best part was when you were half way out of the car doin a doughnot😂

  • TheLove Spartan117
    TheLove Spartan117

    Favorite part was everything!

  • CorHen

    Shave your face weirdo

  • stunt Rider vlogs
    stunt Rider vlogs

    Why does the blue cars blow off valve sound like a toy gun sound

  • strongocho

    8:46 This is why I love Adam LZ. He behaves like an 8 year old that never grew up but now has a ton of money.

  • Add Shotoniphone11 On ps4
    Add Shotoniphone11 On ps4

    Is that one girl his new gf I thought he got married

  • ørlogskaptein

    10:37 holy shit did he really just do that twice in a row lmao, anf this mans reaction time at 14:10 thats seriously some skill i didnt know adam lz had

  • Jayo_335i

    Anybody else the hear old man from the Simpsons yelling "Turn it Up...Turn it Up!!!!" On that intro sound!! Lol flashback to old movie theatre Dolby surround sound!!😂😂

  • Joesgoogle13 Justeasy123
    Joesgoogle13 Justeasy123

    Is there a valid email contact to contact Adam directly? not for bs

  • Luke Blackwell
    Luke Blackwell

    Doggy doors! 😂😂

  • AssMonkey

    Thumbnail 1:45:15

  • Huzaifa Mughal
    Huzaifa Mughal

    1:47:20 Adam said he might make it a drift car and still I'm waiting for it.

  • Daniel Rossi
    Daniel Rossi

    Why did I feel like watching Fast and Furious in real life? You guys look like a family. :)

  • Brendan Passarell
    Brendan Passarell

    The changeable dirt cosmetically educate because check morphologically enjoy with a slim instruction. alleged, erect sharon

  • James Beer
    James Beer

    He said the supra is wild then he said the Nissan was violent what's next OP omega?

  • Mitch Hart
    Mitch Hart

    I think we can all agree whenever Adam brings the Subarus out, hilarity ensures soon after.

  • DawgYT-_-

    Mike is the goat

  • Yianni Papiomitis
    Yianni Papiomitis

    Get back into bmx

  • MeizerOne

    “I love California weather, it’s so beautiful. Scooters, electric vehicles, taxes” -Adam 2020

  • Jeremy Sanchez
    Jeremy Sanchez

    Where is Johan's supra?!? I wanna see an update on it

  • Flashy Manx
    Flashy Manx

    Supea sounds like me desile

  • Stephen House
    Stephen House

    14:12 National Geographic: Here you see the Adam LZ in its natural habitat *****ing on itself

  • Gdirty 3537
    Gdirty 3537

    Has anyone else been watching since Jimmy has the Christmas Jetta? If yk yk

  • Cyrill Anicoche
    Cyrill Anicoche

    Who else is going to watch this whole vid without skipping

  • Cyrill Anicoche
    Cyrill Anicoche

    The part with jimmy is the best, hes a dope dude and you 2 together , you can expect crazy things😂 sorry for bad english

  • Andre R Memories
    Andre R Memories

    Of all of the cars the e36 is by far my favorite car and best sounding car. Like comment if you agree

  • Jason Petrich
    Jason Petrich

    Jimmy first clips. And the Australia trip was epic!!!! Is such a shame that Luke got shut down over there, with the established motor sports happening

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams

    Best part for me was the tandems with Luke around the teepee

  • vdubn88

    The Supreme Sticker is -100whp

  • JR

    Lmao Adams reaction to the LS colorado at 1:41:20 is stoopid funny rn that I’m high 😂😂

  • Junior 249
    Junior 249

    Best parts of this beside the drifting is when you hangout with that shreader guy from Hyperdrive show...scaring that guys mom by doing donuts in their driveway....and doing burnouts while your sitting halfway out of your ride...

  • TheShaunsc

    Adam “It’s on low boost we have to turn it up!” Papa Tom “What have you done!?”

    • Cyrill Anicoche
      Cyrill Anicoche

      We got to give mike some credit , he’s the G.O.A.T When it comes to being a cameraman for Adam and also doing his own thing on the side , from the slow motion shots to the cinematic‘s , i appreciate you mike keep doing your thing with the camera work 💯

  • thatgoldsupra

    Jimmy is low-key one of my top 5 favourite UZloadrs right now, I'm surprised he doesn't have more subs.

  • jacob laplante
    jacob laplante

    Tommy’s part in the supra is all the things you say when your buddy turbos his project for the first time “ this thing sounds intimidating”🤣🤣🤣

  • Josh K
    Josh K

    1,000th comment

  • Justin

    Love your content but I'm sorry to say that I don't feel like watching 2 hours of content I've already seen before.

  • Harty Gaming
    Harty Gaming

    Holly shit this vid is...

  • Sound Cloud
    Sound Cloud

    February had an explosion, Luke Fink, Chelsea Denofa, California, Hoonigan, Drift Week, Tanner Fox (w/ his Porsche and GTR)

  • Skye Plays Mobile
    Skye Plays Mobile

    13:45 when you have aftermarket parts

  • 4ndy0s

    1:11:00 the Inbe (NB?) clips are my favorite :D

  • Chris Perks
    Chris Perks

    The mustang burning is my favorite cuz mustang thats why

  • Benjimen Mathis
    Benjimen Mathis

    At 19 minutes in that part hurt my ear