There's a lot of prep to be done... here's the last three days of what we've been up to!
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  • rory 484
    rory 484

    Someone please tell me what wheels those are i want them for my chaser those are so nice

  • Joseph Anzalone
    Joseph Anzalone

    Adam should go back to Japan

  • Brady Travers
    Brady Travers

    The jzx100 chaser is my favourite car I would love to one day own one and do it up like yours

  • Ant Banister
    Ant Banister

    yes! more Alberto workshop content!

  • alex mendoza
    alex mendoza

    @31:40 lol don't pull a cletus

  • alex mendoza
    alex mendoza

    Great friggin video loved it!!

  • ナチュラルタイムズ


  • Leonard Caballero
    Leonard Caballero

    Sir i think its time to buy some land and build your own garage and drift course...... just saying lol looks like you running out of room

  • Thechristopherryan

    If you’re looking for someone to film your videos, I’ll come down and do everything for free. Give me a place to lay my head and everything is good.

  • Ethan Williams
    Ethan Williams

    THis video is a LIE

  • Ragepenguin 555
    Ragepenguin 555

    “ I could lick this rig now it has never even been cleaned” 😂

  • Chris

    Ring also snitches on u

  • A

    Nice stash Freddie Mercury 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mason Escamilla
    Mason Escamilla

    If I find you at Harris hill raceway will you do a trick on my bike?!!?!?

  • Mike Daly
    Mike Daly

    the background of 26:45 is the highlight of the vid

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer

    Inline 6 engines and hot seam to run hand and hand lol. My jeep 4.0L kept getting hot till I put a bigger mechanical fan off of a v8 ZJ on it. No more getting hot.

  • Marccuz

    What kind of wheels are those on the shelf @ 20:00 I really like those

  • Isaac De la rosa
    Isaac De la rosa

    I love the learning engine building with alberto segments

  • Shooting Dave
    Shooting Dave

    Yo Adam, not sure if you will see this comment but here goes: If you bring it to LA and you have a spare evening, I would love to light paint your car. If you wanna see what that means, I am @ShootingDave on instagram. I'd love to make this happen, hopefully you'll be up for it too.

  • Brendan Watson
    Brendan Watson

    Adam, just a heads up, your ring link doesn't work. it comes back with a 404 error.

  • Lee Cooper
    Lee Cooper

    13:20 instead of replacing the uni, ol mate here will just order a new drive shaft..

  • kyosho abbe
    kyosho abbe

    Where can I find that light panel? Or what you call it? :)

  • 8Lives

    Finally a use for all my left over hockey pucks 😎


    Big boost has hockey pucks lying around the shop.

  • Machine Against The Rage
    Machine Against The Rage

    My God the only thing keeping me from subscribing is that mustache. Someone tell me he’s a jet pilot cause that’s the only reasonable excuse for the stache

  • GameShock

    You know what's nuts. Alberto learned a traid he has mechanic skills and probably did a lot of training and studying to get where he is. Yet with all his knowledge he still ends up just working for a young kid who makes videos on UZload and has probably made more money already in his life than Alberto will in his lifetime unless he gets some kinda big break ofc.

  • Brett Clifford
    Brett Clifford

    Hell yeah dragweek of drifting lol

  • Reel Adventures Hawaii
    Reel Adventures Hawaii

    I like tacos!!! 😂🤣😂 🤙

  • Gabriel Figueredo
    Gabriel Figueredo

    Man I love your videos, but they are so out off order lately, and it’s driving me crazy, but I’m a huge fan! Thanks for the content!

  • Joel Devita
    Joel Devita

    Man Luke fink shreds!!!

  • DNGØ Crypto
    DNGØ Crypto

    Alberto doesn't speak broke

  • Nate Mathewson
    Nate Mathewson

    What an outro

  • Bennet Smith
    Bennet Smith

    Good to see alberto wearing the airpods

  • Evil Beaver
    Evil Beaver

    So good

  • Unprofessional Kyle
    Unprofessional Kyle

    I feel like you guys have your "positive" vs "negative" camber mixed up.... Seemed like you had it backwards, but maybe I misinterpreted that.

  • DisciplesofDrift

    With those cams will it now be an interfearance engine or still non interfearance? I know most other cams make the jz interfearance

  • Felipe Colon
    Felipe Colon

    Good job whit the drift footage 👌🏽

  • Atllip

    Link to that panel that light up the lzmfg logo plz

  • J.D. Rios
    J.D. Rios

    Luke is rad!

  • NEJ_253

    He said I can lick this it’s never been clean 😂

  • miles torres
    miles torres

    Somebody needs to cheer big boost up

  • Vanillas

    26:23 Adam LZ's most Aussie "yea" ever.

  • JD White
    JD White

    Amen to the Tacos

  • Robert Bloss
    Robert Bloss

    Quick Favor, Can you have Alberto sit in the Tillett seat and see if he likes how it fits. I am interested in getting those seats but unsure about fitment for larger build people like myself. For reference I am around 36" waist, not sure what Alberto is.

  • crispysak

    Where u get that light up logo done O.O

  • Dracorex

    This is just Alberto uzload.info/fun/h5qnY2TPrq2rnGA/video

  • Dracorex

    This is just Alberto uzload.info/fun/h5qnY2TPrq2rnGA/video

  • TakeNoShift

    Sorry Shulman, gotta leave a like

  • Welshy

    Nobody: Adam: I could lick this right now, hasnt even been cleaned.

  • Adrian Ruelas
    Adrian Ruelas

    Did you sell the 240 to nicole ?

  • Sebs Garage
    Sebs Garage

    Love the videos over the years Adam, you are inspiring.

  • Scott Rathman JNR
    Scott Rathman JNR

    Beast of a vid bro, can you do more like this with a bit of everything, I know it's hard sometimes but great stuff lz

  • Evan Jones
    Evan Jones

    Tried to go to the ring link and send some money but wont work?

  • h34evr

    Where all my not behd, good soizers at xD

  • MR_ JZ_12
    MR_ JZ_12

    Love lukes aussie gaurd rolling style :D

  • TundraBoy

    Wait a minute this is not a how to 180 tutorial in ur driveway.. what am I doing here?

  • Rob Gillan
    Rob Gillan

    drill a smaller hole first, in that plastic piece

  • Brandon soto
    Brandon soto

    Need a whole new drive shaft? Looks like just a u joint

  • Brendan Sakowski
    Brendan Sakowski

    Adam “this car is so clean” Lz

  • Alan Loyd
    Alan Loyd

    30+ minute LZ video? hell yeah.

  • Kirito 1336
    Kirito 1336

    19:05, so does anyone else thing Dr.BigBoost is doing surgery on a heart or something? He has the rag, the medical tools, and you see oil and wires everywhere.

  • Jaydee392

    He say that was tommy by the Supra in the beginning? Thought tommy was gone.. anyone know what happened with him?

  • Hello hello hello !!!!
    Hello hello hello !!!!

    Where’s the driving across country? Time waster.

  • Joe Puleo
    Joe Puleo

    that light up lzmfg banner is the ultimate flex

  • Johnny Wilder
    Johnny Wilder

    The lack of sleep in this video is overwhelming

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith

    I like tacos

  • ItzZenatiシシ

    Nicole’s Peppers

  • jtmuser2245

    Cigarette lighter issue is probably a fuseable link on the back of the socket. Replace it with some short wires and a 10 amp fuse.

  • samlepro3

    Great content lately, but don't overwork yourself for some car nerds on the internet Adam, even if we do appreciate it a lot! :D Keep it fun brother!

  • Greg Kelly
    Greg Kelly

    I would just add a power inverter instead of fucking with a cigarette lighter

  • Nate P.
    Nate P.

    Chaser JZ videos are my favorite. The DIY with Alberto are helpful aswell


    Alberto needs to be on the next ebisu trip too!!


    Seeing those blitz on the shelves with such weak offsets hurts my feelings everytime

  • Sean Upfold
    Sean Upfold

    New Drinking game Take a shot every time adam says "clean car"

  • Miles Tucker
    Miles Tucker

    Get that strut pulled boiii

  • Jake Gunston
    Jake Gunston

    bro, i cringed when the paint cracked when he was rolling his fenders, and the way adam said yeah at 26:23 had me dead

  • Fishing With Leon
    Fishing With Leon

    Dude buy a Toyota Corolla AE86 twincam

  • Boom Squad
    Boom Squad

    when you wiped out at 25:13 i was waiting for someone to say "again" like if you get what my reference is from

  • Luis Tavarez
    Luis Tavarez

    “that looked a lot better than i thought” as they guy completely screws rhat quarter panel 😂

  • Matthías Aron Jónsson
    Matthías Aron Jónsson

    Alberto is like the best friend I've never had, what a gem of a man !

  • William Pedersen III
    William Pedersen III

    NoJumper interview when you hit LA

  • Nimz

    Camera stability was a bit off in this vid, kinda made my head hurt. Just a thought, awesome video though!

  • TerraFilmTV

    I’m trying to cover your butt

  • Urban Touch
    Urban Touch

    Стилов, ты ли это

  • Hawken Samurai
    Hawken Samurai

    Hands down , Roberto is good with engines......this is the definition of a gear wrench

  • ThePicko94

    Dude, these big nice guy mechanics with those dope accents are clutch man! You find unreal help!

  • Fahre Films
    Fahre Films


  • Tuğrul Berk UySal
    Tuğrul Berk UySal

    Last 5 minutes of this video made me smile

  • Cozy

    Glad to see Alberto with airpods

  • patheshort

    Luke Fink, fucking LEGEND

  • sony8331

    How do you carry that many tires in one car 😂

  • After midnight racing Chris
    After midnight racing Chris

    Bro you don’t replace the hole drive shaft every time the u-joint ware out you can just buy replacement u-joints

  • Trillie Don
    Trillie Don

    If I’m driving and see a supra does that I’m backing out

  • Trillie Don
    Trillie Don

    Ohhh Alberto finally got a airpods. I just realized that

  • Hamzah Hussain
    Hamzah Hussain

    The end of the video got wildd😂

  • Trillie Don
    Trillie Don

    “I could lick this right now, it’s never been cleaner” okay dudee

  • Scadieee

    What is this new cam setup ?

  • Bill Murrie
    Bill Murrie

    “Oh boy” - Shulman

  • Luis Filomeno
    Luis Filomeno

    big boost with airpods 😂💪🏼

  • Nevin Johnson
    Nevin Johnson

    Put the brushless fuel pump in a rotary car