E36 Breaks Down in Top 8 (Raw Drift Competition)
Had the car set up the best it ever has been and drove it a tad too aggressively... You live and you learn!
Drone footage by NubbFPV

  • GTClutch

    DAMN... that battle with chelsea would have been something

  • J- Paul
    J- Paul

    I know the e36 is kinda beat up, but God Dang that thing is pretty!

  • Hap1230

    e36 gearbox is crunchy

  • Cole Hannibal
    Cole Hannibal

    what car was chelsea driving

  • Andre R Memories
    Andre R Memories

    love the added drone footage

  • Dre W
    Dre W

    Awesome video Adam you defiantly put in the work. However I think its e90/e92 time you would feel right at home. Or just run with the jzx. I

  • Itz Famzz
    Itz Famzz

    that drone do be tandeming thoo

  • Usman Bhatti
    Usman Bhatti

    Vlogging quality is upto mark again nice music and video shots BTW someone please tell title Opening music?

  • TougeJDM

    DUDE U WERE ALLL OVER CHELSEA I may have cried when the box died

  • StrangerOfficial

    Dog Adam could have won that too

  • Xavier Davis
    Xavier Davis

    Yoo Adam that was a sick run before your box went.... i could feel tension Excellent video quality

  • R Hammerfist
    R Hammerfist

    Honestly the Wadman Battle looked very close. Honestly OMT in my opinion.

  • Michael O'keeffe
    Michael O'keeffe

    Have they changed the rules about having a tyre off the track because I thought it was an automatic disqualification?

  • ubeendonedid

    that sucks he dropped a tire twice if she held up and you got a solid lead you would of won for sure

  • John Adams
    John Adams

    Clearly the 1.5JZ isn't working with airflow on the hot and cold side no matter the turbo change. Might as well go 2JZ for reliability and more power and at that point put a dogbox in.

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson

    Honestly I think these were some of your best follow runs! Keep it up!!

  • Doytr ANZGC
    Doytr ANZGC

    love the drone footage following the cars

  • Viktor Speiser
    Viktor Speiser

    That end scene donut was one of the nicest example of sportsmanship I have seen in a long time. It is nice to see the appreciation of the other drivers for Adam's and the team's work with a simple donut. I think it was not much for Chelsea, but I am sure it translated to soo much more to the team and to the crowd. Was a really good run for Adam, and also with Chelsea for the win.

  • Isaac Jaquez
    Isaac Jaquez

    Upload quality has been 12/10 so far 👌🏻

  • xsliick

    I'm always working when these events go on. I wanna take a pic with you like all the homies lol.

  • Cole Mason
    Cole Mason

    Adams a better driver when hes getting some

  • steve taylor
    steve taylor

    I never realized how fucking lame this was til the in car camera. Sausage party.

  • mike sposite
    mike sposite

    Dange Chelsea dirted twice you could have had him. Way to battle your mentor and friend. To bad on the car better blessed next time.

  • Spiral Drift
    Spiral Drift

    Mannnnnn my e36 has transmission issues and its frickin bone stock

  • Reain Enrique
    Reain Enrique

    How do you win drift events not really a car guy but what do you gotta do to win ?

  • Tom

    Is keeping the clutch delay valve an option? Does anyone keep it for drifting?

  • arkir

    You where all over him on that run. Bummer about gearbox

  • arkir

    Owned the red 350z

  • Jan Astheimer
    Jan Astheimer

    Sadam :(

  • Xrider04 :
    Xrider04 :

    Why don't you talk to Taylor Ray anymore?

  • Mississippi Waterswatters
    Mississippi Waterswatters

    Adam the drone view was way cool!!

  • Arrieon Ramdial
    Arrieon Ramdial

    Are Adam and Taylor on good terms? It seems funny how he was there and yet wasn’t in the video Just a question, not insinuating anything

  • Cykaurot

    Taylor Hull huh... Hull means Crazy in my country

  • Austin Eder
    Austin Eder

    sooo high reving v8?🤔

  • Matt Smith-Doiron
    Matt Smith-Doiron

    Love all the data man, I make mods for Assetto Corsa (Simulation Squad 1:1) and its hugely helpful for making drift cars act how they should, no BS telephone game with people who don't know how to articulate what they're talking about.

    • Matt Smith-Doiron
      Matt Smith-Doiron

      Also I might make my own version of this track, current version is a little lackluster...

    • Matt Smith-Doiron
      Matt Smith-Doiron

      Only thing I'm missing is tire temps and pressures at certain wheelspeeds over a certain time ;)

  • Toadpenny42

    Adam drift videos are the worst

  • Angel Cardona
    Angel Cardona

    8 adds! I love watching your vids but damn.

  • PURP __x
    PURP __x

    fkn love mike sick editing, these videos are so good now

  • Ire

    i always noticed how good adam is at chasing...my man is getting better and better just aiming for the TOP.

  • UnDeAd TaZ
    UnDeAd TaZ

    Yohan reminds me of Doc from Cars with his headphones !

  • Giovanni Ramirez
    Giovanni Ramirez

    This was cool and all but where tf is big boost??!!!

  • SuperRad

    Drone footage is a much welcomed addition! Those shots look sick, plus gives a diff perspective as far as the chase proximity goes. Who's flying that thing?

  • slim pickens
    slim pickens

    Drone pilot sick

  • Miles York
    Miles York

    I only watched you because of bmx

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer

    Or big v8ier

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer


  • Shitter123

    When my mum says what car do. Men want

    • Shitter123

      And skrrrrrrrt

    • Shitter123

      (Me) btraattta pumpum bom

  • Killian O'Reilly
    Killian O'Reilly

    well guess i't's time for a samsona sequential in the e36 lol

  • Chris H
    Chris H

  • Brady Caves
    Brady Caves

    That Donny Thornberry rev limiter is so nasty

  • Kevan Sisongkham
    Kevan Sisongkham

    What happened to your 335i???

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that bmw looks nice.😍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice drifting adam

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice E36 Adam

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam

  • rooboy69

    *euro cars always break....*

  • Zuhan Kabeer
    Zuhan Kabeer

    i cant have enough of these sick thumbnails and crazy shots in the videos

  • Zuhan Kabeer
    Zuhan Kabeer

    i cant have enough of these sick thumbnails and crazy shots in the videos

  • z33babbyy

    when are you going to use your s15?

  • Syllabl3

    Imma keep saying this....billet 2j cause ik you can afford it 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas

    The turbo on the E36 sounds like a bird chirping

  • Melwin William
    Melwin William

    I really think the skyline would have been better

  • Ditto Bagaskoro
    Ditto Bagaskoro

    Mike pours gallons of sauce in this edit it's not even real

  • Kyle Fuller
    Kyle Fuller

    Bro who’s ever is filming is godly!!!!

    • Kyle Fuller
      Kyle Fuller

      Mike! Thank you bro

  • Martin Mosley Jr
    Martin Mosley Jr

    weres the s15

  • Digzy Doogan
    Digzy Doogan

    Action plus... you were sticking to that 350 like Covid dose to the media...

  • Alma Rosa Alvarez
    Alma Rosa Alvarez

    Hi Adam can you make a video about what you work at and how you started in the car community

  • Mickel Homer
    Mickel Homer

    Awesome driving Lz 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 and you was consistent.

  • Davion Rivera
    Davion Rivera

    I’m not a bmw guy but Adam makes me want a good e36😭

  • Awwal Ahmed
    Awwal Ahmed

    bro was on his door till it broke damn

  • Im Akira
    Im Akira

    Does big boost not come to events anymore? Am I missing something lol

  • Awit Chabs
    Awit Chabs

    soundcloud.com/sadam-el-zed?ref=clipboard adam is pretty fckin lit👌🔥


    Hey Adam just wondering if you could maybe do a outside camera like in the back or front if possible thx

  • YukonchrisO

    "14 out of 16 cars in the top were FD cars" Alberto get the s15 ready 😂

  • Fred Dibner
    Fred Dibner

    Where the s15 I miss that beast


    DUDE you killed it...GG Bro

  • Ziyaad

    Adam drove so cool. The camra shots are on point

  • TCG R35
    TCG R35

    That chase run by Adam was ON POINTTT. Also that e46 sounds 😍

  • Mr. Tornado
    Mr. Tornado

    So many good damn ads!


    The clutch delay valve does nothing if you use your clutch properly, it's literally made as a protection for people that drive like dumbasses. It'll also feel like shit and kill your clutch. The guibo however, has been proven to be needed even tho it seems weird and useless.

  • DxCBuG

    Wow, dank drone shots, very nice 👍 Wow Chelsea is just astonishingly good at car control. I always think everyone is good, but this guy is something else.

  • Teaddict

    That chase run was bonkers, keep sending it!


    👌👌👌 when sad adam came out at the end 🤣

  • Jack Stanley
    Jack Stanley

    are Adam and Nicole still together anymore or not? Just never see her in the videos no more

  • Hudson B. Cooper
    Hudson B. Cooper

    your e36 sounds super charged even though its turbo charged

  • Joshua Glass
    Joshua Glass

    Hella adds

  • Maxime Vhw
    Maxime Vhw

    Whats the avarage cost for an event in the usa? Registration only. No car related costs. Here is like 200-300euro for a day. Bike trackdays are like 80-100. Same tracks. Makes no sense.

  • Kwezzy

    Adam drives so damn aggressively in a good way when he drifts😂🤣😂

  • Hailey King
    Hailey King

    has valino tires on a achillies sponsored car

  • Zachary Sheran
    Zachary Sheran

    5:43 the back wheels going over the edge the perfect amount so satisfying

  • pricey0986

    "Talk to me Jessie!" 6:10

  • Craig Tucker
    Craig Tucker

    What's happening with "Barry da Mustang" (you need to call it BARRY). C.T.

  • Fawor

    Why are you not competing in your S15? I was watching live - tense as FD :D Chase with Chelsea was bonkers..really. Your positioning after transissions and fast jumps into doors are really pro...Was great to watch! 200hp more, straight gears, 285's or 295 falkens? plan for last round? :)

  • Zach

    Damn that Caddy sounds mint. 👌

  • Zach

    Why can't more drone camera pilots fly like this @15:15? For whatever reason the drone pilot on Cleeter's videos wants to be 6 inches from the cars and has to do a 360 every 5 seconds. I am loving the footage lately!

  • Marco Ocasio Jr.
    Marco Ocasio Jr.

    Does anyone else get hype when Adam puts it on someone’s door?

  • Lukas Johansson
    Lukas Johansson

    That sucks. Your follow on Chelsea was tight until ya know...

  • Dewald Grobler
    Dewald Grobler

    You have such a fire team, love team LZ all the way! Great work Mike, enjoying the quality.

  • Reyshon 297
    Reyshon 297

    Adam whem are you gunna bring back the s15

  • Timothy Wolleck
    Timothy Wolleck

    What happened to the s15? Why isn’t he racing that in theses competitions?