It sounds so dumb, but it's so dang fun. Hope y'all enjoy us being reckless in the woods with these things - so many smile! Check out Jimmy's channel here -

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    Christopher Johnson

    Please please stop ur hurting GLOVAL WARMING D*** GRETA/GRETCHAN

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      Christopher Johnson


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    imad sabaaneh عماد سباعنة

    Very bad presentation

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    After just watching this I had to go see my chiropractor 😂

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    Austin Flynn

    imagine walking thru the woods ands seeing Jimmy Oakes and Adam LZ WTF?!??!?!

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    This is the best video

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    George Guinitaranjr

    There are alot of car like thet here in philipines its relly cheap

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    Luke Curry

    These two idiots sound like two high school girls talking, "like it's really rough, and stuff". Like is the middle word in their vocabulary.

  • Kris Martin
    Kris Martin

    He sounds like Luigi

  • LC ka9
    LC ka9

    You guys need a suzuki jimny or samurai its the best for offroad

  • perrie sogocio
    perrie sogocio

    we put 2 tons in here

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    mustache guy looks like he's a young 50yo and has some kinda Mario laugh

  • MrTimbs123

    lil late but lold at the front Porch dad joke

  • Bass Trammel
    Bass Trammel

    I had the Suzuki Samurai 1.0 litre, in 4 low nothing could beat it in the forest.

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    Preston Co.

    Love this video make a series

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    Nayeem An-noor

    who hear remembers the adam LZ vs jimmy Oaks OG game of bike?

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    Tucker Martin

    I really want a mini truck now just so I can drive it through the Smokey mountains

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    Scooby_Roblox MK

    Hi Sir how to driff.. . A multicab? thanks😁😁😁

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    M W

    Thanks for the video guys. Thinking great alternative to ATV, nice to have a bed and heated cab during deer season. I'd be looking for hi-lo and locking diff. Think of the handful of makes Suzuki is the most flexible - or has the most aftermarket parts. Also look for a Honda Acty. Next, you need Jimny (Sidekick) or a Pinzgauer.

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    maxx k

    Gotta let some air out of them tires lol.

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    tyler stocks

    I’m not lying, that’s poison Ive he put his arm in at 8:40

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    ************* ADAMS SQUEELS ***************** will haunt me for life

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    Adam watches and enjoys whislindiesil and that makes me happy

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    Fritz Harun

    Mini-truck is a Multi-cab in the Philippines. And the most versatile vehicle as well

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    ne6tolesno zanamirane

    7:24 famous last words ;d;d;d

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    Mini truck rally racing should be a thing

  • Rydnorth

    Adam’s facial expressions in the truck is priceless 😂

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    Michael H.

    People disliking don't realize that spending time with Jimmy O is just hanging out and having fun car times. Low pressure. More CT content to knock the haters.

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    b d

    "It makes 30hp so idk" Famous last words

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    Mike crystal robert

    Adam looks terrified at times but makes me laugh so keep it up Jimmy o

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    Claude Jake

    what kind of truck is that the actual name of it ??

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    Zain Dean

    Dude adam you sound like jummy carr when you laugh hahah epic

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    Curtis peluso

    If you guys need places to go mudding i live in ct and know a few good places

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    Vincent Forest

    11:25 OH IT'S A BIG STEP I nearly died

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    Callum Burton

    Yes the mini truck is back yes adam.😃👍

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    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

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    Senor Spaghette

    Anyone cringe a bit when you seen the ratchet strap not closed up all the way 😅 seen those bad boys skip and take off like a rocket

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    hunter meador

    someone tell jimmy how to carry a saw.

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    Rick Rothstein

    CT content is always the best content..

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    That thing is thougher than an oldschool Nokia 😅

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    Damn if your houses were in England they would be mansions!!

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    Blue Line Rider

    do an engine swap on those.. 4age

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    Its a pick up,. even though its been imported, its called a pick up. NOT truck no matter if its in the US. Pick up. SAY Pick Up.

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    Don Jr.

    You and Jimmy is always fun

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    kate Nicole

    In Philippines we call that multicab, does things sounds cool when straight pipe

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    Brings back the old days

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    Merlin Cantrell

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    Kelton Derkach

    Laughing till you can’t breathe off-roading with friends moments are the best

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    Careful, looks like that was poison ivy you kneeled down into when you got out on top of the bridge.

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    I'll start watching ur vids as soon as u get rid of that stash. U look like a pervert.

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    Daniel P

    There's just llamas in my woods just randomly 😂

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    tow straps are not for pulling stuff lol-

  • Its kano
    Its kano

    Meanwhile in the Philippines, we drive this until it dies.

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    Not to be to be a dick..but you should be working on your setup on the's not right.its to tight in the front is why the front can't set your cars up like your in can and you can't..

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    Daniel Weiss

    this video reminds me of being home hanging out with friends after school during fall, so much nostalgia!

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    Slushii Man

    Love how Adam can sip a cider and drive and not killed in the comments. Solid community we got here

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    Will Durham

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    Fat Kenyan

    If this is what best friends are like i don't know what best friends are

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    I need that 240s and shorties sweater 😂

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    manow shuib

    l drove this mini cars every day l can.t stay driving whit aut 2 days

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    9:52 Me on the first level of Super Mario World

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    Jordan Szaszy

    Adam cars are bad for environmental stop hurting it and trees by doing cars and going back to bmxer please good for planet we live

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    Byron Coleman

    Can I have that car

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    Steve C

    This was really funny to watch. Lz is WAY too excited lol

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    Derek Cruze

    Is it me or does Adam sound just like Mario all through this video? 😂😂😂

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    Bro Adam you sound like Mario when your rippin thru the woods

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    David Marcoux

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    Sam Crawford

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    Andrew Gonzales

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    Tbone Turner

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    Gudmunson Garage

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    Brandon Trupp

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    adam you should go mudding you might have more fun

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    eag 8999

    Because of this video, I have decided to build a mini-truck rock crawler.

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    Daniel Southard

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    Oliver Christian Storbråten

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    Dragon_ DeezNutz_

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    Luka Bedoshvili

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  • James Hopkins
    James Hopkins

    BMW projects clearly get allot of attention. How about a Z3 (Coupe) N54, N55 or B58 swap build or Z4 (Coupe) N54, N55 or B58 swap build. Both cars would be complete keepers as they are rarely modified and rare in itself.

  • jordon harding
    jordon harding

    Buy a wrecked side by side and engine swap the minitruck