Barra Swapped GT350 First Start!
Sounds INSANE! Definitely seemed like the odds were against us... but the Barra Mustang lives!
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  • The Roaming Gnome...Glenn Munro! VRCM/SkyWarn
    The Roaming Gnome...Glenn Munro! VRCM/SkyWarn

    Are you sure Adam's name is not. ⚛ Atom ⚛

  • Jacob Donnelly
    Jacob Donnelly

    Be putting in that 98 premium

  • Jacob Donnelly
    Jacob Donnelly

    What fuel are u putting in it

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe

    Very cool you're willing to do something different. Although Mods are awesome It's a great conversion. Barras are a killer platform. I'm just imagining how many dudes are going to be driving home saying to themselves I just got my doors blown off by a stang with a pink 6 cyl taxi engine.

  • J- Paul
    J- Paul

    My geo prism has the same seat releases as the mustang!!

  • Denny

    Adam time to change your intro and outro song anything but she said that she loved me who cares what she said lmao

  • Chris Evdokimou
    Chris Evdokimou

    26:38 *melbourne taxi rank noises*

  • Jean Garrec
    Jean Garrec


  • Fuel Spark Compression
    Fuel Spark Compression

    Are the internals stock?

  • Deuce

    Adam : I like making lines

  • Lightskinn Adam
    Lightskinn Adam

    I bought a car with a haltec stand-alone ecu, how did you guys pass Emmisions? My obd2 port won’t connect

  • Travis hut
    Travis hut

    Haltech boi

  • Richard

    Nice mouse stash 🖕 you little mouse boy

  • Peter Jachmann
    Peter Jachmann

    fire bug

  • cobrasvt347

    I’ve built a few dual in tank pump hangers and also utilized the factory fuel gauge sending unit by taking the factory assembly and removing the 2 down rods and springs off of the top of the unit and redesigning the hanger and bending new rods to line up and press back into the factory unit top. Works awesome and it was damn near free. I made dual pump bracket out of 3/8 aluminum plate and milled two holes for the pumps and then for the rods to slide into. The whole pump bracket is fully adjustable by loosening two bolts that tighten down against the rods and holds it solid. It’s nice to see another company offering a drop in pump bracket for factory fuel tanks. Finally🤙

  • Moran Taylor
    Moran Taylor

    Nothing wrong with an automatic my XR6 turbo has the ZF 6HP26 transmission (6R80 transmission is based on this)

  • Ozzi Welds
    Ozzi Welds

    How did you manage to get a barra to the Florida 🤨. Also have fun with our Australian barra you'll love it 😉🤣

  • Speedy 717
    Speedy 717

    Barra vs cummins

  • Kyle Q-Turner
    Kyle Q-Turner

    Wow if only you knew how shit Those engines are and should of Ls swapped

  • Amel B
    Amel B

    I wonder how can this engin hold power

  • Remy Ché
    Remy Ché

    You are going to make Barras price sky rocket, I'm going to stock pile them while I can get them for a carton of VB

  • Ken

    At last a team with a Barra. Ever since I've heard about Barra's I've wanted one. Seen a couple of them for sale, one complete & the other was more of a parts engine. Gonna be watchin you guys running this baby.

  • Tony Tone
    Tony Tone

    Wat up guys, just wanted to say wats up, keep killing it. That JZ sound is intoxicating

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that new engine sounds so nice.😍👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice mustang Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that chaser is qwick.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice chaser Adam love the look of it.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam

  • Josue Sanitize your
    Josue Sanitize your

    If Adam stops making videos, i'm deleting youtube.

  • Jm102897

    You should make a video of your 335i it has been awhile i love that car alot and it just sounds so good with the exhaust and the pops it makes you should make an update video on all the cars lol

  • AE86 Driving Club
    AE86 Driving Club

    Did you just spray brake cleaner on me? hahahahahaha funny as

  • Scott Lamplugh
    Scott Lamplugh

    8sec Cressida...I mean 8sec Mustang

  • Danny Wanny
    Danny Wanny

    I thought mike Myke was there 🤣

  • M Modtomic
    M Modtomic

    Grant....Taylor Ray and Trevor's lost love child?

  • Simp Destroyer
    Simp Destroyer

    who else would wanna see a civic build from adam?

  • Chuck.U.Farley

    18:55 you need some rubber insulated P clips to hold those fuel lines to the body

  • Chuck.U.Farley

    Is it possible to use the factory computer with this?

  • sarah elanor
    sarah elanor

    This is everything you need to get up to speed to the Barra Swapped GT350!!!

  • Daniels vision
    Daniels vision

    Cheesy beans

  • Mike Oxlong
    Mike Oxlong

    That sounds so good !!!

  • Damion Withers
    Damion Withers

    Awwwe look at that Alberto tried to light you on fire. He musta really missed you Adam! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gonzalo Fernandez
    Gonzalo Fernandez

    this is the first video i saw of the barra gt350 and everithing was good until i heard 6r80, in that moment i decice to not follow this proyect, gt350 must have a manual, bye.

  • Casey & Kristi Bergerson
    Casey & Kristi Bergerson

    What car is he driving at the beginning

  • The Senpai Show
    The Senpai Show

    when is the ae86 coming?

  • Douggie Dowdall ki88
    Douggie Dowdall ki88

    Make a dragG car for cleetus and cars and stuff brother

  • Rev Lite
    Rev Lite

    SOUNDS MEAN, this engine is amazing.

  • Dylan Clayton
    Dylan Clayton

    This reminds me of fast and furious Tokyo drift with the 60s mustang with a import motor lol

  • Paul Rebel
    Paul Rebel

    American Horsepower 😫❤️

  • Jude

    Mighty car mods collab ? Hehe

  • Dante Estrada-Gray
    Dante Estrada-Gray

    Barras sounds way better on gate

  • Cj Cox
    Cj Cox

    I almost gave up on my 04 Lightning 4v 3.2 twin screw build. After watching this I’m ready to try again.

  • OGMxrse -
    OGMxrse -

    Cringe when he said the external gate dont sound good

  • Joshua

    External wastegate barras sound great wdym

  • Khalid Sayegh
    Khalid Sayegh

    Such a sexy engine

  • Jizawiz Man
    Jizawiz Man

    I've been thinking about a Barra swap for years. I look up Barra engines on fleabay Australia every once in a while. Nice to see someone finally doing it

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas

    If this was a 2j swap the comment section would be at war but because its the Australian 2j equivalent its all good

  • Mr. Christopher
    Mr. Christopher

    You have one hell of a team. I cannot wait to see you rip this thing. Damn that sounded gnarly. 😍

  • Professional Amatuer
    Professional Amatuer

    Long live the Falcon!

  • Benr.y

    That thing sounds gnarly as hell

  • john fasano II
    john fasano II

    she sounds mad mate

  • KoorYelir TTV
    KoorYelir TTV

    *starts* Me "O.O JFC!!!"

  • What you mean Thirsty?
    What you mean Thirsty?


  • 1953fords

    Very sweet sounding! I hope to have mine together soon in Connecticut👍🏻

  • K5 Daily
    K5 Daily

    I wanna see how much this swap cost, asking for a friend 😳

  • lowkey

    You looked mega high at the start of the video

  • Dan

    Man that sound is amazing

  • Chromemustang FWP
    Chromemustang FWP

    its insane see you drive on the streets i drive on all the time!

  • Matt Van
    Matt Van


  • Vladimir Delcin
    Vladimir Delcin

    Must be nice to drive something that fast

  • Mississippi Waterswatters
    Mississippi Waterswatters

    Adam find out who the guy with the F350 is and put him on your channel!! He was hilarious!! Lol

  • Crispy K
    Crispy K

    28:50 For the ones that want to get to the point ;)

  • some young guy
    some young guy

    It's like a 1J but less mate just more stralia!!!

  • Peter Bynen
    Peter Bynen


  • Hester Mofet
    Hester Mofet

    that aussie barra. enjoy

  • Jurie Verster
    Jurie Verster

    From Australia. Well done one the first start. Enjoy the brilliant Barra bro

  • houdini8o8

    that red tint...would give me a headache!

  • Chickens Float
    Chickens Float

    Swapping your v8 for a import? got to be ilegal.....

  • EnigmAPheoniX Truth
    EnigmAPheoniX Truth

    To Americans after hearing barra noise, from Australia, you're fucken welcome mate!

  • y K
    y K

    Small correction: Barra's all came with a MAP sensor stock. No MAF. Awesome build BTW, love the Barra swap. Greetings from Australia 🤙👍

  • Timothy Smith
    Timothy Smith

    ruined that car 100%

    • david7delta

      No, the car was ruined when it burned itself to the ground... Now its been rebuilt with better components. 😂😂

  • Michael N.
    Michael N.

    There is a spot for that line that some of us use for ice tank lines inside the lower rocker... on the S550 chassis... just a idea, I don't know where you could put the filter..🙄

  • Steve Rand
    Steve Rand

    hah! It took me a minute to get that England and delivering mail reference... i'm in Australia with Skylines everywhere so it didn't strike me as odd that you were driving on the right-hand side.

  • Josh Coats
    Josh Coats

    Without a doubt Adam this is the one of best videos that you’ve ever produced the barra was the shit I love it thank you much outstanding! Mate mate mate mate mate

  • Clay Sanders
    Clay Sanders

    When Adam says "deesh works"😂

  • Justin Powell
    Justin Powell

    didnt finish the video.... you lost me at plumbed back screamer!

  • Justin Powell
    Justin Powell

    No nasty waste gate noises???? haha bro barra screamer is one of the best noises in the world.

  • Gaming Dude
    Gaming Dude

    Why not a v8

    • david7delta

      Because the Barra makes just as much power, if not more, but without the complexity and failure points that plague the new v8s...

  • Cameron Grady
    Cameron Grady

    Dude... Shave. Plz. Thx.

  • crodrc51able

    Sad. Thumbs down.👎

  • cj hopson
    cj hopson

    lmao alberto said " yeah the engine cool but its auto"

  • jay

    Why would anyone do this

    • david7delta

      To see how well a mustang goes with Fords best 6 cylinder engine of all time... 😂

  • Ibrahim

    Just why

  • Cole Ughetti
    Cole Ughetti

    sounds so nashty

  • Brian Castillo
    Brian Castillo

    Haha Adam look high af

  • Ricky Vall3y Reid
    Ricky Vall3y Reid

    “You deliver mail in that?”

  • yes

    keen to see this run, happy you got a aussie built motor for once for something different to show america is aussies have a decent engine we designed 😂

  • TrailRecordingsINC

    very rad love the fuel system bits

  • Mustang.lombo_manila lombardo
    Mustang.lombo_manila lombardo

    sounds crazy

  • Patrick Baitman
    Patrick Baitman

    It will blow up in a week!

  • Kyle McBeth
    Kyle McBeth

    What’s a Barra engine and what car is it out of

    • david7delta


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