Crank it up!!! Let her rip! Send a skid! CHASER CHASER CHASER
I like this car a lot and I don't know what I'll end up doing with it, but this is sick :) G25 - 660 .72AR V Band on bone stock pump gas stock ecu VVTI 1JZ - ~380WHP???

  • Ahmed

    so that means stock 1jz vvti internals can handle the 20 psi normally?

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson


  • charlie de la cour
    charlie de la cour

    Question how is mr adam lz getting above the 1bar boost cut ?

  • Ryan Chastain
    Ryan Chastain

    Hey Adam I know this is an old video and I hope you see this or anyone who could answer me but what’s your wheel and tire setup In the video?

  • Lolipop Sweet
    Lolipop Sweet

    whats a good looking rearbumper for jzx100 chaser?

  • Sylvan Sandilands
    Sylvan Sandilands

    I come back to this video every now and then just for 4:30

  • Matthew Villa
    Matthew Villa

    I’m looking into getting a Chaser and you have made me want one so bad 😂

  • Zihan Chowdhuri
    Zihan Chowdhuri

    15:40 the datsun overtook the CHASER!

  • Sergio Sanchez Jr.
    Sergio Sanchez Jr.

    So how do you have jdm cars that are not 25yrs old yet. I want one lol

  • juvi22003

    Saw this on Ig wanted more info but never got any response. Do you care you share your wheel and tire specs and also is that the vertex aero kit?

  • Sweggy Reggy
    Sweggy Reggy

    Why does a Japanese woman speak at 5:43?? It sounds so cool!

  • Broken Gaming
    Broken Gaming

    Hey adam, how is the innovative gauge holding up? I started looking into one after i saw this video but reviews are mixed. How has it worked for you?

  • Fernando J. Diaz Nin
    Fernando J. Diaz Nin

    Hellooo, need to know please which fuel pump and how many cc injectors or stock. Do you have SAFC or any fuel controller? Thanks

  • Its Silxnt
    Its Silxnt

    Adam fr did a pull after he just saw a cop at the light 😂😂😂😂

  • sheik salman Shariff
    sheik salman Shariff

    Hy i am intrested on how you managed to solve that MAF issue or the coupler that popped. Can you please elaborate on that a little further. I have a similar setup and i have a very similar issue on mine. Hope to solve it soon

  • DMS 544
    DMS 544

    Stock clutch?

  • zach paiz
    zach paiz

    I just scooped one of these up..... Where are y'all ordering jzx100 specific parts?

    • Shift Automotive
      Shift Automotive

      zach paiz nice man

    • zach paiz
      zach paiz

      Israel Clarkson I’m stationed in Japan . So I got it off some dude here

    • Shift Automotive
      Shift Automotive

      where did you bought it from?

  • MrIrwin97

    Wheel specs?? Anyone...

  • xxxEnDekSion x
    xxxEnDekSion x

    How to register states?

  • Rey Deschamps
    Rey Deschamps

    HOW CAN I GET A JZX100 to America !?!?? Any

  • altezzaDRAGRACER

    I'm looking to buy an Chaser Tourer V. How can I get one imported to the US?

  • TnlVsnMedia

    More of this please

  • HeyZeus M
    HeyZeus M

    How the heck does this doucher afford all these cars??

  • Chilli Taco2113
    Chilli Taco2113

    4:33 was my favourite part

  • Gallo 24
    Gallo 24

    Instantly liked after 4:30

  • Shankar Nandram
    Shankar Nandram

    I can’t wait to buy a jzx100

  • Ryan Wells
    Ryan Wells

    Size turbo? Type fuel?

  • trucks suriname
    trucks suriname

    God i own one its super fun

  • Philip Crawford
    Philip Crawford

    Hey Adam I would luv to get my hand on a JZX 90 or JZX 100 how would I go about that?


    Is that a Grande cluster in a Touring V?

  • Perseverance

    Honestly would rather have ine of these than a skyline

  • tanveer khan
    tanveer khan

    Beautiful motor just on question why did the gear shift shake in second gear

  • HG Channel
    HG Channel

    wait where's the chaser?

  • joe schmoe
    joe schmoe

    Sub to jzx

  • chappy2121

    Is that boost on the stock turbo??

  • surryj

    do you use an external mic for the exhaust?. if so which one?

  • TeeMuumi

    13:50 shame :( was looking forward this to choose which turbo to put on my JZX100

  • Telmen Budsuren
    Telmen Budsuren

    So interior fabric is literally Tourer but i see Avante badge on trunk... lol bruh

  • Aaronvoraboud

    The reason you are getting different reading on psi is because you’re pulling in different gears, normally people use third gear to set up and se show much psi you get

  • jesurun barnes
    jesurun barnes

    coiuldve bought some peanut butter carrots for homeboy adam

  • latuba247

    I gotta follow the mods brooo! Cuz I’m looking to get a vvti 1j soarer

  • Simonin Productions
    Simonin Productions

    those cars look like older infiniti's

  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday

    Close that door next time you film

  • mythos89tko


  • Slinky

    I know they definitely have speed limiter at 180km or like 112mph. Stock ecu can be a bit rancid like that.

  • Sam wolf
    Sam wolf

    Do you own the work shop ?

  • Dad

    14:43 In the distance behind him just ad he does a pull 😂 pretty sure thats a cop (Edit: commented as i saw it)

  • Dad

    MY GUY

  • Hail Christ
    Hail Christ

    Put a duck bill spoiler on that shit

  • moto-gte

    Sick noise from that 1j.

  • Drew Mattson
    Drew Mattson

    This car is so rad!

  • Justin Blake
    Justin Blake

    Spends all that money gets all excited on getting that titanium work done. Spends ages with big boost fixing everything 🤔🤔🤔 Someone explain to me the logic in that?

  • Jbray DA9
    Jbray DA9

    So you can boost a car on the stock ecu and the ecu will boost cut its self?

  • liam meath
    liam meath

    What shifter is that? i like it lmao

  • maxpower700

    No recirculating blow off valve on a maf car =stalls. And as for the not yesterday, but today... Its a hit and miss. Some people can drive for years without the enrichment, backfires and stalls, and others get it the second the bov is removed/plugged

  • Torque and Beans Sauce
    Torque and Beans Sauce

    Goodness you shouldn't be worried about fuel as much as you should be worried about timing on pump gas with that much psi.

  • Jairo SendsIt
    Jairo SendsIt

    So in the land of aussies do they pronounce it zedbra?

  • Travis Toole
    Travis Toole

    I think you should change the name of the channel to Adam AZED.

  • Gunnutz520 GUNNUTZ520
    Gunnutz520 GUNNUTZ520

    get rid of your stupid mustache

  • Rezeem Rampersad
    Rezeem Rampersad

    17:24 RX7 FC👀

  • A.J. Constantino
    A.J. Constantino

    What transmission are you running?

  • KrazySeb

    14:39 who else saw that cop creeping up in the back

  • Dreydon Blain
    Dreydon Blain

    15:20 i was watching the cop in the background i was waiting for him to light you up lmao

  • khaled almahbob
    khaled almahbob

    So scg1 tuneabel like apxi fc ?

  • Samuel Meyer
    Samuel Meyer

    please don't drift it, keep it as a street car its soooo mint

  • Kingz Magic
    Kingz Magic

    When you were talking about losing your wallet you should try Tile. They’re kinda pricy for a pieces of plastic that makes noise but if you ever lose your wallet, keys, etc. you can just open the app press find and it’ll start playing a tune to help you find what you’ve lost. Not sponsored by them just thought this may help you.

  • Nocturnal ___
    Nocturnal ___

    Do more BMX videos!!!!

  • Rick te Kronnie
    Rick te Kronnie

    That dashcluster is the coolest thing on that car

  • Thomo_46

    The Chaser is so sick man

  • J.Hunter

    15:37 cop was just 20 meter away and you mad it, youre the best hahahah

  • Christian Raschella
    Christian Raschella

    This video makes me ticklish

  • v Youngie
    v Youngie

    "It's still to high" meanwhile in Australia our cars look like trucks at lowest legal height 😪😅

  • Dave Williams
    Dave Williams

    3:32 this is how children behave. Not business owners with employees.

  • andrew w
    andrew w

    Adam LZ when you want your gear shifter to wave goodbye just slam second gear and axle trap while giving a smoke show like us down under’s 😁👌☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️🤙

  • J R
    J R

    8:42 when you’re making sure it’s in neutral 🤣💪🏼

  • Ruphea-Media

    With all the boost leaks, this is why is Aussie weld and pie-cut, only use silicone couplings when you really need them

  • Google Yeah
    Google Yeah

    where is bert bring bert back plz

  • Nélson Alexandre
    Nélson Alexandre

    I wish tuning was legal in my country :/

  • ChardTV

    bigger turbo is nice

  • BrandonMcNasty1

    I made 404 on stock injectors 1jvvti. probably a bad idea lol

  • blkmustang007

    The old squealing boy....... ? LOL what does that mean


    Best car ever !!????

  • Marc Flameling
    Marc Flameling

    How are you romping it like that without tuning it

  • JustBeingTrini

    Who’s 2nd Gen Rx7

  • Fat. Noah!
    Fat. Noah!

    It sounds so good I want this car but I have no money and can't find these cars any where

  • Ron T
    Ron T

    Keep it as a nice, comfy clean & fast daily.. no deed 2 drift it & hurt it 😂

  • Shaun Ryan Lonsdale
    Shaun Ryan Lonsdale

    So who's is the RX7 FC ??? That thing looks sweet 😁

  • Loren Kuckuck
    Loren Kuckuck

    Anyone catch that fc in the background at 17:19?

  • Doug Cohen
    Doug Cohen

    @14:43 when they pull into the street with the cop behind them, then he rips first an the cop puts his lights on. Then Adam gets away with it an proceeds to do a 1,2,3 full pull. Nuts for someone with no wallet

  • Chase G
    Chase G

    4:07 lololol

  • Stefan Pargoo
    Stefan Pargoo

    Where u get ganadores for the s13

  • Kaden Trenker
    Kaden Trenker

    Keep the Chaser clean, it’s the perfect street car and daily

  • Jean Dufresne
    Jean Dufresne

    All the comments about the one two shift are really funny. Im laughing at my phone like a weirdo in the breakroom. Lol

  • Frank Kavanagh
    Frank Kavanagh

    That car is 👍🏼

  • Ricardo Quezada
    Ricardo Quezada

    I don’t understand why manufacturers like to make everything fwd

  • Austin Higgins
    Austin Higgins

    I love mad scientist Adam, you’ve come so far in the last two years.

  • Edge

    sounds good on rev limiter

  • Elopo BaconForPigsQc
    Elopo BaconForPigsQc

    you should put Mexican Hoon Cartel sticker in the back of the JZX

  • TwoÒn Robotix WR
    TwoÒn Robotix WR

    This is not a txting moment!!

  • Gene Stella
    Gene Stella

    Don’t drift this car. Just keep it as a super clean street car