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  • EchoLiteral

    Adam 12:12 “I can now drive the crap out of the car I’ve always dreamed of owning” we haven’t seen it on the channel in six months

  • Rodrigo Pinto
    Rodrigo Pinto

    I’m no expert on evos but isn’t the Evo 6 supposed to have fog lights?

  • Originale 21
    Originale 21

    whats the song at 17:41?

  • Artyom S
    Artyom S

    No, only stock

  • T Mac
    T Mac

    Looks great !!!

  • Jim Hiscott
    Jim Hiscott

    You two should hug like the ladies in the background did Lol😅🤣😂. I had to say it lol

  • Jim Hiscott
    Jim Hiscott

    If i remember correctly there were only 218 6.5's made. There incredibly collectable and this one is FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • Gabe A.
    Gabe A.

    Classic, love red in general anyway. Adam talk to Matt at OG about Halo, it's a ceramic coating for PPF and wraps. It will keep it looking nice and easy to wash

  • adrian S
    adrian S

    you helped inspire me into getting a 335i and now and an evo is definitely on the list

  • abin thomas
    abin thomas

    Evo is best

  • Deletedpeanut


  • riku leino
    riku leino

    Daam Adam i love you more every tme vid that is only color/sticker combo you can get on that... now you just can't crash and destroy you I am in loveee😍😍😍 also tommi is from finland near town of me so emotional dream car❤️

  • alex mendoza
    alex mendoza

    Lol trunk pins

  • Trent Webb
    Trent Webb

    He can wrap my cl9 p.s im in sydney, Australia hahah

  • lagunaschristian19

    He didn’t wrap the door jams, get your money back Adam. I know a spot 😉

  • Nick Farris
    Nick Farris

    So glad you finally went to premium I’ve been watching them for years and have been hoping you’d get one of your cars done by them.

  • Pedro Amorim
    Pedro Amorim

    Adam should give an evo for her

  • Pedro Amorim
    Pedro Amorim

    I would chose te rx8

  • Helen Goad
    Helen Goad

    You should make a rally car

  • Ya Boy G
    Ya Boy G

    😂 i see Okinawa military plate

  • Alex Terrel
    Alex Terrel

    Rasta boi gonna smoke da weed and stop YouTubing. Thanks coalelite

  • Slick

    Looks like a fruit roll-up, “real fruit flat out” !!!!

  • garnarr


  • It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry

    Who's the Sailor Moon fan? DOPE yo!

  • It'syeeOLEDskoolFurry

    Duuuudddee! You should TOTALLY Get Doug Demuro to review this car and some of your other vehicles!! He's in Calli. uzload.info/wiki/sqjHFMB_JYTaEnf_vmTNqg That EVO is SSSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCC though.

  • Liam Doyle
    Liam Doyle

    That wrap is siiiiiiiiick

  • Nathaniel Chang
    Nathaniel Chang

    0:00 Casually has Sailor Moon in the background.

  • Slammed Eg8
    Slammed Eg8

    Looks beautiful keep up the sick work bro.. definitely take your evo. Keep the dope work coming

  • AdsTrapatony

    My first one was also red. Red Evos are the real OG ones!

  • logandonovan pillay
    logandonovan pillay

    The Evo looks stunning

  • Gabriel Q.
    Gabriel Q.


  • Honda Rob
    Honda Rob

    Sounds very nice and sounds so much better under load.

  • Peter Dexter
    Peter Dexter

    Woulda looked dope like the Rasta color in the thumb nail

  • Matthew Meuleman
    Matthew Meuleman

    is it true that Adam and Collete Davis a boyfrend and girlfrend

  • Connor McColligan
    Connor McColligan

    I love how Adam & Collette play around 🤙🏻 definitely goals for sure

  • Brian Guevara
    Brian Guevara

    That GTR in the back tho

  • Tyler Honeychurch
    Tyler Honeychurch

    Evo and white gtr in the background of the garage maby the rat bunny

  • Tsuiso Sim Drifting
    Tsuiso Sim Drifting

    Haven't checked to see if their video was up on wrapping it but did they clear over the primer before wrapping? I have always heard that vinyl has a terrible time adhering to primer. I've never wrapped a car so just curious, I'm sure these guys know what they're doing.

  • SprungCookie81

    Man it’s so nice seeing Adam happy like this

  • Romann Limacher
    Romann Limacher

    i just wonna say that adam made a big mistake with the paint. the 6.5 tme edition came in red 2500 cars fir made and only 500 white tme 6.5's therefore white is much more rare and to change that to a more popular paint is just stupid. but who am i to judge its not my car

    • Romann Limacher
      Romann Limacher

      @Omar Leyva that makes more sense i skipped through to the e.d to see that was too triggered to watch it through my bad lol

    • Omar Leyva
      Omar Leyva

      It’s wrapped not paint so he could just take it off and it would still be white underneath

  • rxmike87

    the 4g6 brap evo

  • J R
    J R

    Absolute dream car of mine almost tears in my eyes its that perfect and original Tumbs up Adam

  • Luis Vieira
    Luis Vieira

    Evo over Bentley for sure

  • JJ Sorenavki
    JJ Sorenavki

    I was about to cry from the thumbnail.. but i had a thought he probly was just being cheeky!, Now it looks the Part Here in Australia this is what my Old TME RS looked like minus the japanese plates, an i still had rear seats

    • JJ Sorenavki
      JJ Sorenavki

      LOL Adam has done it now.. Evo 4 is her's! Sadly wont make much power on the Stock engine, lots of issues there,

  • William Cruse
    William Cruse

    What happened to the inline 6 Ford motor from Australia build.. STILL WAITING

  • gwEm’s gwEmbassy
    gwEm’s gwEmbassy

    Looks dope

  • Stupid Fast
    Stupid Fast

    Not liking the video

  • Kieran Terrett
    Kieran Terrett

    The car sounds like the 2fast2furious r34

  • eletor

    Gross looking


    Awwwww it's so cute its trying to brap like a rotary priceless

  • Clinton Fouché
    Clinton Fouché

    Tommy Fyeah is gonna shit himself when he sees this!!!

  • ShiFtY 1
    ShiFtY 1

    hell yea giving gran turismo like 2 or 3 vibes i remember driving this

  • evan kammerer
    evan kammerer

    So it’s a real tme rs? You just changed the color?

  • LUXE Performance
    LUXE Performance

    Agree looks rad as f


    I hope Mamma lz still watches Her son's videos

  • Random Rivas5
    Random Rivas5

    “Magazine we were reading last night” guessing they’re officially together?

    • Random Rivas5
      Random Rivas5

      RED PLAGUE 👍🏽


      watch his last video before this ones he admitted she was his girl

  • Fearless Drift
    Fearless Drift

    rather have the evo

  • Kasualty

    Am I the only one that thinks that Adam should stop playing an put a ring on that finger or give her a baby lol Shes a keeper 💯💯

  • Robin DuJardin
    Robin DuJardin

    They knocked that outta the park

  • Jerrid Snow
    Jerrid Snow

    iPhone life broken charging port

  • Phil Iott
    Phil Iott

    @12:24 did Chris need his back cracked?

  • El Espiaa
    El Espiaa

    I choose the evo 😂

  • Anthony A.
    Anthony A.

    I like Collet now after pulling Adam in the wagon. Shes pretty sick. Def a keeper.

  • Glenn 9K
    Glenn 9K

    I'm so jealous. thats insane

  • Jose Omaña
    Jose Omaña

    The damage under the side skirt is from a lift truck?

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor

    Evo all day

  • Paul Lachman
    Paul Lachman

    I am the most jealous man ever THAT IS THE CLEANEST EVO 6.5 EVER Awesome job adam So wont 1 😎😎😏😏

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez

    The white guts reeeeally do it👍

  • New Ray Tv
    New Ray Tv

    One of my dream car 6.5. ❤️this channel

  • Kyle Yang
    Kyle Yang

    He should try to find an FTO

  • Homicides

    In TJ Hunts new video he said “ Adam Lz and Miss LZ

  • mighty4what

    remember when his channel used to be about bmx

  • Andrew Ortiz
    Andrew Ortiz

    Haha I see you and Colton are buddies. Now there’s one on the west and on the east coasts 👍🏽

  • alex

    Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

  • VF6

    that is one sexy wrap

  • miakovic van gool
    miakovic van gool

    evo 100%

  • Jordan Garcia
    Jordan Garcia


  • Quitnten Hull
    Quitnten Hull

    Collette + Adam = Perfect Car Coupe

  • David cee
    David cee


  • Paul Harsh
    Paul Harsh

    Day 1, Adam needs a first gen GTR!

  • Rylan Naidoo
    Rylan Naidoo

    Adam whrs the 335i n s15???

  • Tim T
    Tim T

    Content suggestion, build the berra gt350 and take it to drag week.

  • killersushi99

    *Thomas has never seen such BS as this.*

  • Sally The Scorpion
    Sally The Scorpion

    Looks awesome mate, just needs the tail light extensions👌🏻

  • Undiscovered

    Man it looks so good, looking at the car an Adam and Bucky collab would be amazing.

  • Methmal dhananjaya
    Methmal dhananjaya

    Judging by Adam's past with Evo, I assume that 3 color Evo in thumbnail is another one he bought.

  • ian

    Genuinely thought he got a Rasta wrapped Evo

  • Andrew Collin
    Andrew Collin

    Who remembers the good old days of Adam riding bmx

  • Build Status
    Build Status

    Bring the Evos and GTRs to the dsm/gtr shootout in Norwalk in August. Drag and time attack

  • Matthew Schlosser
    Matthew Schlosser

    Evo4 GSR is my Evo of choice the TME was done very well

  • Steff Playz
    Steff Playz

    Still waiting for the giant time attack wing :)

  • Bobby Beeton
    Bobby Beeton

    Damm i love u 2 so glad for you brother

  • Bobby Beeton
    Bobby Beeton

    Her bro is in the know black ice smells gd

  • Reza Hardjuni
    Reza Hardjuni

    You should put ADAM sticker the front hood in honor of Tommi

  • Eli Carey
    Eli Carey

    SOOOOOOO happy that you went with the original TME graphics on red! definitely my favorite evo of all time.

  • michael stevens
    michael stevens

    oh good, a beautiful rare car that Adam will destroy. such an F boy.

    • michael stevens
      michael stevens

      @Omar Leyva but he trashes his cars cause he doesn't know what he's doing. just buys cool cars for views then they die. This car will blow up in a week. its abuse, not skills killing these cars

    • Omar Leyva
      Omar Leyva

      The car was made to be driven that’s like him buying the GT3 to just drive it on the street

  • cmonwork

    Doesn't it look like the hood is wrecked??

  • Luis Carrion
    Luis Carrion

    They did a stunning wrap job

  • Eddie Lalowski
    Eddie Lalowski

    Dude adam even started using collettes time lapse music (i dont mind)

  • R Dogg
    R Dogg

    tokyio drift

265 ming