FD Texas Round 6: My First Top 4
SO MUCH FUN! Words cannot express the collective emotion from myself and the team!
every $5 spent on LZMFG.com gets you entered for a chance to win my Supra & 15k cash!
Such an amazing feeling to get into the top 4 amongst legends. Unbelievably thankful for the support from my team, sponsors, and each and every one of you! Let’s keep this going!

  • Adam LZ
    Adam LZ

    I’d like to address quite a few comments I’ve seen regarding the “toxicity” in the FD livestream chat. First and foremost: I want all of you to know I am unbelievably grateful for all of your support. When I’m in my car on grid I swipe through social media and am always overwhelmed with all the positivity being sent my way from you guys. With that being said, I am being told I have a toxic fanbase and that the livestream chat is ruined because of it. I truly believe that you guys, my true fans, would never intentionally make me look bad and there is a large likelihood the toxicity is from haters mocking my fanbase. As with any professional motorsport - there are tough calls and even us drivers have a hard time understanding them sometimes. There are instances where rather confusing judging criteria justifies a decision - and I believe both myself and FD themselves can do a better job at explaining this. I am embarrassed at how the live chat has been moderated - and numerous times we have noticed that they chose to literally ban anyone from commenting “adam LZ, LZ, etc” instead of timing out or blocking toxic commenters. This just agitates people more and makes you guys feel excluded. We were given the opportunity to moderate the chat ourselves, but we simply did not have an idle staff member that could take it on during the event. I know it is frustrating - there have been many internal challenges we have been facing as a team behind the scenes because of how different our socials are to other teams. We are working with FD for solutions on many fronts and can only hope it improves the viewing experience for everyone. Thank you guys again for everything - I would not be here without you and all your support

    • Ayden Lovdahl
      Ayden Lovdahl

      You got robbed so hard for that third place there shiuldnt have been a omt

    • Rydnorth

      Well said man, people need to grow up and be more respectful to everyone

    • Rene Rosales
      Rene Rosales

      @adamlz anyway you can start adding subtitles? My gf has a hard time hearing you with all the car noise lol.

    • Bell Motorsports
      Bell Motorsports

      Keep up the good work. Totally enjoyed seeing your improvements on track💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽


      At 9:20 you can actually see that he is indeed scrolling through social media while his car was getting a once over.

  • Kasper Storsve
    Kasper Storsve

    im just waiting for the : My First win in Formula Drift Pro-1 :D

  • Viby

    I hope they put your car in forza horizon 4 next

  • Lachlan Witten
    Lachlan Witten

    42:49 I think its a little past the 10 minute mark

  • Fake Reload
    Fake Reload

    Is that LZ new girlfriend

  • RavenousBane

    NASCAR in the background?

  • Nitro MPF
    Nitro MPF

    I hope they add your fd car to forza one day

  • Francisco Forte
    Francisco Forte

    Bro, i love this

  • Crazycamber 4
    Crazycamber 4

    His car looks so small compared to the mustang lol

  • Berkan

    What hold up isnt country the "body guard" from roman atwood? :S

  • Alex Hoenie
    Alex Hoenie

    How fast are you usually going throughout the track

  • Noah Melsom
    Noah Melsom

    You are insane! Great driving! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time

  • HσƖƖσω

    is that country from romanatwoods vlogs??

  • wyattgamingYT

    your insane love your drifting I’ve been watching for 2 years and I want my own project car and I remember the video you did of you doing your first tandem event in the 240z it was cool I want my own project car and I’m only nine ima huge fan your amazing have a amazing 2021

    • wyattgamingYT

      oof I realized its not a 240z it’s a s13 lol still your the best I’m a huge fan!

    • wyattgamingYT

      Oh and forgot to say your poor car is ruined 😭😭😭

  • Graham Russell
    Graham Russell

    Epic driving LZ Up there with the big dogs

  • Lormo -
    Lormo -

    Contact with Ryan, “ahhh that was really fun”

  • Mazda Miata
    Mazda Miata

    🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 heres some popcorn while you watch

  • alex Munich
    alex Munich

    NO V8

  • LachieT

    Adam: Vlogs and talks alot. Also Adam: uuhh having fun

  • Billy Duck
    Billy Duck

    1:22 finally an Australian car

  • Stefan Johansson
    Stefan Johansson

    Livin’ the dream. Awesome channel. Keep it up. Cheers from Sweden.

  • Repeat

    ive watched this video at least 4 times this gets me so hype big up Adam

  • xoltlul

    This is his s15 right?

  • Pad _
    Pad _


  • Drifto

    Formula D has changed since I last watched. All I see now is some drivers trying to get ahead and running a line close to the apex in order to blind their opponents with a tire that produces the most smoke in order to win. Might as well watch James Bond.

  • Drifto

    How's Forsberg's car soo quick out the hole. He's soo fast off the line and always gets the jump. Must be good at roll racing.

  • Drifto

    Happy to see Cleetus there.

  • wnracing

    This one still bugs me. The original battle with Chelsea should not have been OMT. I love Chelsea, but you won that one without a doubt. He also grabbed the brakes at the end of the final run, you could see the LF tire locked up.

  • grant jones
    grant jones


  • chen fla
    chen fla

    Too slow looks sleepy.

  • Kyle Burks
    Kyle Burks

    her excitement for him is great lol

  • Vicente Soto
    Vicente Soto

    NGL the roush team lined up at the ceremony looked sick

  • Nelson Metumo
    Nelson Metumo

    It’s so fast on the outside


    Bro wen u tap the car is not ur falt its hes i saw him turn to early and forgot got to hand brake i think

  • Aiman Hakim
    Aiman Hakim

    go win adam Lz

  • assassin gaming
    assassin gaming

    Was there country in the video from smile more

  • 2000 RPM
    2000 RPM

    WOW!!! Amazing!!!

  • Stella Marque
    Stella Marque

    Видео, которое никто не видел, на нашем 2 канале SANIDAY: uzload.info/fun/r6ymhV7YlJKOtYE/video А ещё там есть много других видосиков, которые не попали на основной канал) Всем ДОБРА!

  • yaboiitristan

    You're the best Adam👍🏼❗ And you great👍🏼❗

  • Arctic_Waist YT
    Arctic_Waist YT

    I like how lz has a bike grip for his hand brake lmao!!!

  • BT YoungVM
    BT YoungVM

    Rowley looks different

  • Car_ForceTV

    Can someone please tell me if he's is running a supercharged 2jz gte or turbo 2jz comment if you know

    • Abhishek Raj
      Abhishek Raj


  • Rydnorth

    The interview was the best 😂

  • Andrew Hopkins
    Andrew Hopkins

    Question, how much of that Ignite Red do you use in a single run?

  • Tonyboi 69
    Tonyboi 69

    Forseburg playing dirty from break checking you lol. Homie did that on purpose

  • FBI Agent
    FBI Agent

    Tries to get ten minutes 40 minutes into video

  • Billy H
    Billy H

    bro going from drifting in forza to seeing lz compete with top level cars and drifters is absolutely mind blowing

  • Martin Benham
    Martin Benham

    great driveing skills keep up good work cant wait to see more

  • shane bakley
    shane bakley


  • Jeremiah Joseph
    Jeremiah Joseph

    keep up the great work adam

  • TJCS Gaming
    TJCS Gaming

    it won't let me log in to LZMFG.com RIP

  • Chris Dunlap
    Chris Dunlap

    Honestly this was amazing. I didn’t even care it was a 40 min video. Thank you Adam

  • Ziyad ART Chanel
    Ziyad ART Chanel

    nissan silvia 15 yellow

  • Yaboi Destructions
    Yaboi Destructions

    Imagine drifting on f1 tires

  • OwenAvrellYT _
    OwenAvrellYT _

    I love how you can see shredded parts of the tire in adams pov

  • hugomao1304

    Unlucky loss though. Overall did great.

  • Tts

    rip u could see forsberg slowed down a lot and adam sped up but the smoke was in the way hence the contact

  • B1ue1ights Builds
    B1ue1ights Builds

    I didn’t think I was going to watch this 48 minute video but I was so proud of Adam that I had to see this all ‼️ to see how far you came from buying your 240 cream to this 🐐🔥 and every time you where done you where happy no matter what it’s unbelievable your happiness ‼️

  • Dennis Goldberger Jr
    Dennis Goldberger Jr

    Chelsea denies and gettin. And forseburg are all left foot over throttling to tuck in on fast turns to smoke you out brother. Their cheating you. Do the same. Left foot heavier and roast them tires even more. Doin good. Keep learning

  • Jason 2.J.Z
    Jason 2.J.Z

    Just got to part where he said 10 minute video, bruh I’ve watched this for almost an hour 👁👄👁

  • Dennis Goldberger Jr
    Dennis Goldberger Jr

    It’s funny. If your highly familiar with what left foot technique and trick ebrake/left foot and clutch dump techniques do to a vehicle. It’s actually pretty fun to watch these pros do their lead runs. Their always messing with the follow driver. Left foot on final turn exit from demons screws everyone everytime

  • Dennis Goldberger Jr
    Dennis Goldberger Jr

    24 minutes in. Gotta look at it like this brother. Start giving them slower lines. As you know it’s awesome when two cars actually tandem. If you stop going “ it’s time to go fast”. They will. The goal is to put down a followable run. Not the fast run nobody can follow. Treat everyone the same. And I think you will go further brother. There’s more respect in character and sportsmanship when your able to give everyone the same chase. Go as fast as you want when your chasing

  • Youtuber funny moments
    Youtuber funny moments

    This is a new track since I have seen FD for a while,keep up the good work Adam Lz but I feel like this track is Texas motor speedway

  • dylan

    forsberg hard parked for the win

  • Dominic McDaniel
    Dominic McDaniel


  • Jalen645

    Brooo your a beast

  • GymforRex&Stocks

    Please eat more homie be more carefull of your healt.

  • helmracing

    Please , can anyone tell me the brand/model of the onboard camera mount ??!?!!!?!?!??!?!?

  • Spectro Racing
    Spectro Racing

    looking good ginge!

  • Spectro Racing
    Spectro Racing

    congrats on top 4 bud!

  • Corey Sleap
    Corey Sleap

    Yea man that was one of the best UZload videos I’ve seen. And I’ve seen a lot.

  • bebespurs

    I think, in the battle for 3d place Chelsea was using left leg braking and decel a bit (36:40), where it's prohebited. So for me, it's your 3d place! Nicely done Adam!



  • likeapuma251

    Isn't that roman atwood old security gaurd?

  • 863 Music
    863 Music

    If anyone was wondering, Adam is having fun😂

  • Bradley Guliker
    Bradley Guliker

    New ritual, must Wrestle chipmunk man before tough competition

  • william mendez
    william mendez

    Dude you killing it out there. 🤙 Keep sending it.👍

  • Moto_Nerd

    "Uhhh...having fun has been working for me so i will just continue doing that" That is like one of the most mature answeres

  • VeRiittyyy

    gets on podium "so adam how doesn it feel to make your first top 3" adam: "Car go BRTTTTTTTTTTT"

  • garygsp3

    So Cleet is friends with Adam LZ and team RTR. I can't help but wonder how long before he's running FD with these guys.

  • Kyle Montgomery
    Kyle Montgomery

    Why is collete filming when you have a filmier???

  • Mint.

    Chris the brake forsberg.

  • Kerzy Zero
    Kerzy Zero

    He do be DRIVIN doe

  • hexlgaming

    That car looks so quick and nimble. Almost like the playback speed is altered.. 😅

  • Nicholas Oberhofer
    Nicholas Oberhofer

    You are chasing my dreams congrats!

  • Nicholas Oberhofer
    Nicholas Oberhofer

    Congrats keep up the good work!

  • Chewy Arellano
    Chewy Arellano

    i think you won vs forsberg before there was a OMT.... awesome to see your progress. thanks for tunning us in..

  • JimBwest

    Bro you're an animal! The way you stayed in it going blind through the smoke so many times is just insane. I've been here since the bmx days and as a driver you've just grown soooo much its a pleasure to witness. Keep it up dude🔥🤟

  • Gopherchucks Gaming
    Gopherchucks Gaming

    I watched it live, nice work Adam. That was some great driving under pressure.

  • Logiic NT
    Logiic NT

    Time to Rock some LZ merch in New Zealand 🇳🇿💪🏽

  • Alfi Solomon
    Alfi Solomon

    You are very crazy, brother Bravo Lz👏❤️✌️

  • Tobi Adams
    Tobi Adams

    26:28 was that the dale truck i saw up on the bank? hahaha

  • fxriouz

    what is this sparco thing attached to his arms?

  • Jaylyn Robinson
    Jaylyn Robinson

    Now you need to put out ‘fun run’ merch

  • CasuallySad

    Dam that tire smoke is crazy!

  • Jaxon Case
    Jaxon Case

    The scream with the beaver has me dying 😂😂😂 he said “OMT UGHHHH” 😂

  • Lucas Vandergrift
    Lucas Vandergrift

    Adam I stopped watching this video at first, idk why. I am SO glad that I came back to watch tho, all of the seat time that you have really shows how amazing you really are. Good job man, your a trooper

  • Jared Gines
    Jared Gines

    Proud of how far you’ve come! Amazing. Keep on keeping on man! 🤘🏻

  • Bradley Deault
    Bradley Deault

    this video should have 50k likes

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Omg it’s cleetus wow that’s a brilliant collab dude hope he’s done s’more of that.😃👍

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