First Official Pro-1 Practice in the S15!
Beyond excited to get out there for my first battle.... it’s going to be a tough one! Use “AdamLZ” for free shipping at

  • Kroh シ
    Kroh シ

    Bro is it just me or is Adam always on the outside trying to cut his apponent up 😂😂😂

  • adnan.

    I'll give advice! Don't always pull the handbrake just swing and hit gas !!!

  • Rafael Apolinar
    Rafael Apolinar


  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice drifting Adam I really enjoyed it.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice s15 Adam love the look of it.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Rydnorth

    Dude you are honestly living the life, only going to get better from here!

  • d00m

    What's the objective for each car in a drift battle? I assume if you're the chase car it's to follow the other car as close as possible and match the angles of attack. And for the lead car it's just to run the same line with the same speed consistently, staying sideways as much as possible on the course. Is this correct-ish?

  • Vishnu Panwar
    Vishnu Panwar

    What’s the song at 21:57?

  • Blazin Off-road
    Blazin Off-road

    Hes getting left in the dust coming out of that first hairpin every time. Maybe they need to grip it up more?

  • Afflict

    Too think how far you have come in such a short time. been supporting since 20k! Going from skate parks on push bikes too driving a 900hp enjuku fd car! More than proud for you my bra keep smashing them milestones.

  • INT Crafted
    INT Crafted

    what happen to nicole?? can anyone help me im confused

  • Tony TBone
    Tony TBone

    What happens if they hit each other? Is one responsible for the damage, or does the team have to suck it up and repair?

  • Freddie Montes-Gonzalez
    Freddie Montes-Gonzalez

    i think you should put more power towards the end on that last turn

  • Freddie Montes-Gonzalez
    Freddie Montes-Gonzalez

    adam what happened you flew into the grass. i need to finish round 2 of st louis and then catch on round 1 bc i forgot to watch round one.

  • titanium blood
    titanium blood

    Adam's S15... "Vrooom yeengyenyeeeee" Supra... "WAHHHPOP POP POP POP"

  • SFG Mercs
    SFG Mercs

    Dos he look like hitler or is that just me

  • Jonny Z
    Jonny Z


  • Josh G
    Josh G

    I like the speed 3:)

  • D Nukem
    D Nukem

    We all love his little legs ❤️😂

  • SwiftSloth

    You never change man. Your personality, more specifically. That’s why I love your channel. Keep on keepin’ on. Btw use a little Lo-Fi (Low Fidelity) for the background music. Check out Your Best Friend Jippy.

  • mrlithium

    @2:48 Really thought it was Adam sliding down... he could be his stunt double...

  • TAKA.verfied

    I can’t wait to learn to drive lol

  • Bad Panda
    Bad Panda

    Sorry adam :(

  • Jensen and Vanessa
    Jensen and Vanessa


  • PatoS

    Why you drive a rhd in competitions?

  • frederic dansereau
    frederic dansereau

    jump in the mustang at the end look almos like jackie chan stunt lol

  • RockettMotorsports

    Tommy has for sure lost “sleep” over those wheels

  • Devin Richard
    Devin Richard

    I wanna see that crazy drone footage

  • Ranga Racing
    Ranga Racing

    Why is it Adam rides the most bmx at fd?

  • LurkMoar101

    On a side note, congratulations on making it into your first 'WATCH PEOPLE DIE INSIDE' compilation, thats how you really know you've cracked the big time.

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward

    I feel like you're a bit anxious when driving the s15, you're other cars you seem much more comfortable.

  • PabloDorifto

    at 16:00 he was tandeming with odi right? damn man he living my dream drifting with my heroes 🥺

  • Bombaclock

    Dig your drivingstyle and the livery!

  • Loris Foucart
    Loris Foucart

    It was so enjoyable and heartwarming seeing you ride your bmx.

  • Jonathan Lavergne
    Jonathan Lavergne

    Adam if you see this comment please like it. You should seriously get a wrap for the rig and match your gorgeous s15👌 btw awesome job keeping up with the pros this weekend, there's only up from here on out🤘

  • Reidinson

    dude all i can say is this is amazing. congrats !!

  • J D
    J D

    Adam, just wanted to say the #LZGang is proud of ya. Keep your head up, your going to do great in Seattle! #AdamLZ 🤙🏼😎

  • StinG

    Killer 2nd run in FD against fredrick, super commitment -> this guy posted your run

  • Nigty

    why everybody hatin u rn?? cuz u lost????

  • Trinny smitty
    Trinny smitty

    imagine it with a barra.. AdamLZ should Barra the s15

    • Liam Williams
      Liam Williams

      theres a barra s15 drift car here in new zealand search it

  • Bloging D
    Bloging D

    Best Part Beginns at 22:00

  • MI7

    Adam LZ can be good but It looks like he does bad under pressure.

  • manolooo1

    I don’t understand drifting

  • Monkey Rench Garage
    Monkey Rench Garage

    Car sounds healthy. Good job bro.

  • Cris

    It seems like a lot of the other drivers are sending it much harder in practice, hope Adam can keep up with all the issues the car's been having.

  • Rally

    Just got back from the stadium watching you sad you lost really rough chasing run you brought it back in the lead but just lost to much on the chaser good try though!

  • realnigashi


  • chandler1289

    Dude can you please shave the just doesn't...

  • Mihnäinud

    Good luck man, sky is high🤩

  • Jason Stroup
    Jason Stroup

    Nobody: Adam's transmission: *heard across the compound*

  • LokoMoshun

    shirtless adam shirtless adam shirtless adam shir-

  • Otis Horne
    Otis Horne

    that ending though 😂😂😂

  • RichJuan123

    6:30 that didn’t age well 😂 he got forsberg and asbo lmaooo

  • Francisco Zamora
    Francisco Zamora

    How did your journey start, to go to all those drift event and having all these cars n a shop

  • s e n d f o o d s
    s e n d f o o d s

    I'm sorry to inform you but, you have received the clap today . Better luck next time

  • Rogelio Chavarin
    Rogelio Chavarin

    What sunglasses are those??

  • Tunahan Yıldırımlar
    Tunahan Yıldırımlar

    I hope you fix that power steering issue this such a bad thing in the Slide and transission

  • AaronYsb

    Is AdamLZ the David Arquette of drifting? ( /cam3 )

  • crazy fast
    crazy fast

    Officially looked dumb out there today what a damn clown..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • crazy fast
      crazy fast

      @RichJuan123 I know I could I just can't afford it

    • crazy fast
      crazy fast

      @yvng fiji you must not have seen the pro 1 race today

    • yvng fiji
      yvng fiji

      you jealous 😭

    • RichJuan123

      Like you could even compete, lmaoo stfu kid 😂😂

  • Andrius meh
    Andrius meh

    the stang exit is a ''W'' stylish flex

  • Ziiyla

    Unlucky Adam. Better luck next time

  • L33T

    Hard to drive with that power steering..feeling it...

  • Joyroc

    Looks like fun. Only shame is how short the ride is. My dream is to learn to drift one day. Have been fascinated with it since before it got popular in the US.

  • _OviedoBuilt_

    The e92 needs some love!! Bring back it back soon

  • joey barrett
    joey barrett

    Yoo for the people who ARENT methodical and mathematical about drifting... THATS WHY YOU'RE SHIT lol (jk you're all amazing!) But it really pays to actually get down to the nitty gritty with your car than to throw it together and rip it to pieces, Adam is a perfect example of BOTH hahahaha

  • Tyler Massie
    Tyler Massie

    That last corner was your kryptonite... too much speed!?

  • Dusty

    Anyone else notice that LZ never has a shirt on if he can get away with it?

  • Tyler Massie
    Tyler Massie

    Awesome to see hard work pay off for people, proud of you man!

  • SR Entertainment
    SR Entertainment

    Christ that trailer setup looks like a nightmare😂. Give me a wedding tent pop-up and i’m chilllin. Good driving tho man!

  • nordicfn

    I saw an r32 in utah yesterday :))))

  • E B
    E B

    glad to see you enjoyed granite shitty!

  • William Wright
    William Wright

    greyson roberts replied

  • Ambitious

    Shame Adam went out in the first round 😂

  • Allu

    Toyota s15

  • Juan Martínez
    Juan Martínez

    Who else finds it cool/crazy that most chassis are old 90’s stuff. Not much new age stuff

  • matthew wiedre
    matthew wiedre

    Need more power baby

  • Brandon Lewis
    Brandon Lewis

    Stop being so excited LZ, those pro1 guys just waiting for you to messed up 😂

    • Chris

      Jealousy will do that, some kid who got famous giving BMX tips instantly doubles the viewers on the live stream over the world champions that have been there for years ...

  • skylite yt
    skylite yt

    21:58 yoo the NOSTALGIA

  • andrefilms1

    So close to 3 mil 🙏🏼😎

  • ShawnL49ER

    Love all the James features on this one!

  • Owen Balzan
    Owen Balzan

    I can't believe only a few years ago you were merely DREAMING to have 10k subscribers... look at you now Adam, you did it man and you're inspiring so many people!

  • FR1553

    Who else remembers when Adam posted his first tandem comp video, who would of thought that cream 240 would lead to this

  • ela main 235
    ela main 235

    You have achieved what most couldnt. You have obtained the unobtainable. Im only twelve but i hope to one day be even 0.01 percent as succesfull as you are

  • Bur-D

    2:49 Luigi joined the LZMFG crew

  • Paul Weaver
    Paul Weaver

    Who's arms did Adam borrow?

  • Corey Carter
    Corey Carter

    Adam shirt off=holocaust

  • George Dimov
    George Dimov

    Adam you are doing so good on the practice, even better then the people who got on the podium! What happened on the actual race?

  • Endule

    The blitz are a flex. You win.

  • Gabasto

    crazy too see how far u have gone with drifting, i remeber watching u back in 2015 drifting

  • prob 897
    prob 897

    Someone should make a hot wheel out of adams cars instead of other silly youtubers adams cars are 🔥

  • shannon lee
    shannon lee

    For the power steering issue, could you not run two power steering pumps to smash more fluid through

  • DeVaune Sykes
    DeVaune Sykes

    Need more 335i content. 😭

  • Pyro31

    I understand the opportunity you had and the reasoning behind your decision, but I think you should’ve give Pro2 one more shot before going pro1. I guess we’ll see what happens

  • M1racleY _
    M1racleY _

    Good luck today I want to see you knock at least one of the guys out

  • Golden Bullet
    Golden Bullet

    its the guy in the viper at like 20:30 the same thats doing dde's twin turbo f12?


    You know it just made my day to see Adam riding. When Adam was a pro bmx rider I looked up to him so much. He got me into Bmx. Frankly he got me into cars when he changed his focus onto cars. I just wanna say thank you Adam for being a Hero of mine. I still own one of ur signature frames and seats. Its actually fully built up and it just sits in my room. I love it to death becuase of what it symbolizes. Im older now and I dont ride as much as I used too. I actaully have moved onto cars. I bought a 03 Mustang back in March. Its got an LZ sticker on the back and I love it. Thanks for being a Hero to all of us viewers Adam! You deserve all of the success that you have worked for.

  • EternallyFaithful


  • Chip Grip
    Chip Grip

    waiting on the lz feature length, turbos and temples style

  • Rens

    You should also update the stickers on the rig