Mom's LS3 Solstice Street Rips + S13 Cruise + 2021 Updates
Barra GT350, Cream S13, FD Program updates, and some rips in the spec tuned solstice!

  • The Sharp Shooters
    The Sharp Shooters

    Adam got a new girl???

  • michael wolejszo
    michael wolejszo

    Wheels are perfect

  • lame solame
    lame solame

    nice car.. body kit looks like shit

  • justin baird
    justin baird

    This gonna sound funny but I used too use my Garmin for a Speedo on my s13 lol

  • justin baird
    justin baird

    Have that many awesome cars is such bullshit. My life's villainy lol

  • Diet Moe
    Diet Moe

    Since you pointed it out, I will be the smartass that says your speedometer is not working.

  • line, rod, real
    line, rod, real

    quick question what part of Florida do you live in i wanna meet you so bad bc i love cars and i also just wanna meet you

  • steve bullock
    steve bullock

    Hello I like ur work I have a 2005 Infiniti G 35 I need a new motor but I have to wait until I get d money keep up the great work

  • Lisa Otis
    Lisa Otis

    The evanescent bucket inexplicably hook because breakfast univariately trap anenst a gaping tent. far-flung, pushy felony

  • Ghost Infernum13
    Ghost Infernum13

    Collette's next drift car v8 solstice

  • Ghost Infernum13
    Ghost Infernum13

    For every video I watch of yours! im going to ask you if your speedo is working lol

  • Kenny Van Herck
    Kenny Van Herck

    Rsx is a honda. So where is the honda?

  • Dave Ryan
    Dave Ryan

    Butt Dyno!!!!!! Lmao

  • Даниил Плетюхин
    Даниил Плетюхин

    Возьми трубку стилов звонит☎️☎️☎️

  • jwright650

    Solstice looks like a fun car.

  • Dee D
    Dee D

    Absolutely beautiful cars. I would love to own one of them

  • Supreme Media
    Supreme Media

    Dope tail whip

  • Drew

    Silly boi listen to yo girl!!

  • ScramJamJohnson

    "I beat you off the line in the Porsche with my Evo" *Adam goes quiet*

  • Edmund Kim
    Edmund Kim

    There's an app for that!! 😂🤘

  • The Roaming Gnome...Glenn Munro! VRCM/SkyWarn
    The Roaming Gnome...Glenn Munro! VRCM/SkyWarn

    Are there cops around? Always 👮 The solstice isnt that loud... Only when you bury it. 💥💨 Your mom was freaking... She'll get used to it the more she drives it. Yeah definitely put the glow kit on it..though.

  • Logan Garbiso
    Logan Garbiso

    I missed him riding I remember when you joined stranger only og

  • Christian Tally
    Christian Tally

    Oh damn is she on nicoles old bike?

  • 808 ReMy
    808 ReMy

    This a vibe The s13 sound good as always bro keep up the good work 🙌🏾

  • alan blair
    alan blair

    forget the mud flaps go for a wide body kit to compensate for the wider wheel base

  • Christian Johnson
    Christian Johnson

    Hey Adam please get back on a bike you still got it man please

  • Sumnaung Oung
    Sumnaung Oung

    We got Kyle with the board and Adam with the bike 😂😂 Edit- if you know, you know 😂😂😂😂

  • Zack Miller
    Zack Miller

    Did anyone else notice when he was revving the s13 in the shop colletts laugh sounded kinda like a turbo flutter

  • Alejandro Galvan
    Alejandro Galvan

    Are you guys bring the Evo to M.O.M event on the 27th of Feb @ Ace Cafe? would love to see you guys.

  • alex gannon
    alex gannon

    What engine does he have in the s13? Been so long since I've seen that car

  • Talisman1957

    You should try my 600hp LS7 Sky with a T56 Magnum. Oh and its loud too. And on stock tires.

  • Cobalt Raven
    Cobalt Raven

    A good quiet exhaust might be from the Cadillac XTR or XTS they have very quiet mufflers you might wanna try possible will fit since there almost the same size as the corvettes just a thought

  • William Cooksey
    William Cooksey

    did u and whats her name get divorced


    So awesome! Your moms reaction is epic!

  • Clark Derks-wyatt
    Clark Derks-wyatt

    Anyone else want to see the gt3rs a little bit too?

  • Zxnski

    Broooo Adam on a bike takes me back to webisodes

  • Toxic Senpaii
    Toxic Senpaii

    She can shift it better than Adam no pun

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana

    Easy fix for the exhaust: put on stock mufflers Adam. It's a street car

  • Josh Roney
    Josh Roney

    This is the first vid I’ve watched in a few years and collet looks way different

  • Marc Alvarez
    Marc Alvarez

    Need a gf like adam’s

  • Offerman Garage
    Offerman Garage

    Love the Pontiac, please no mud flaps... lol

  • Aiglos

    Gawt dog. Got some Initial D in the house. Hit the Eurobeat.

  • Divine Drift
    Divine Drift

    Find some 2 foot glass pack mufflers. My dad back in the day with his '70 charger, cops always knew where he was by how loud his car was, so he tried everything to quiet it down, he ended up with like 3 foot long glass packs from a motorhome lol. Yeah that was back in late '70s.

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez

    Seeing Adam bmx is so nostalgic it actually put a smile on my face

  • Kohle Kennedy
    Kohle Kennedy

    Nice to see LZBMX again

  • Mr.brizzo

    Adam get a subaru wrsti

  • Daniele R
    Daniele R

    Trump 2020? !!!

  • jshirk

    Lzbmx yeet

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    If the rear suspension wouldn't fley so much under the acceleration i bet those beefy tires would spin ^^

  • lsxmack

    You probably wont' see this, but to fix your speedo easily on the S13, you could just put a GPS speedo in it. I had one in my old car and it worked fantastically.

  • SiN Loud
    SiN Loud

    Makes fun of rotarys not running good with a sr20. Bruh. If you had someone go and rebuild a 13b and put the same work into it, it would be golden

  • Joshua Nicolai
    Joshua Nicolai

    The "cream" 240 is really more of a banana pudding color

  • Richard Christianson
    Richard Christianson

    Not mud flaps, fender flares.

  • Waldo's Computer Tips
    Waldo's Computer Tips

    Just connect GPS to a display to show mph. :)

  • Taha .Y
    Taha .Y

    get the longest cherry bombs you can and put them on is the best bet

  • draggy 17
    draggy 17

    Body kit and underglow

  • Kelly Hamilton
    Kelly Hamilton

    Fun video with you & your gal but no to mud flaps there tacky yet I think mama LZ would love some lighted underglow ( maybe purple) and for safety of moms just call the wheels beefy so has traction and holds with all that horse power and torque to the road, instead of tail whipping and I personally think your more so in love with American Muscle 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁😆

  • Connor

    he had the coffee in the holder wrong lol c'mon adam

  • Natalie JJ
    Natalie JJ


  • Melih Rides
    Melih Rides

    Man was it dope seeing adam ride again

  • Black Thunder
    Black Thunder

    That last camera angle that you apologized about was an awesome angle showed how much suspension and Chassis Flex you were talking about I thought that was on purpose

  • galihxtreme

    You know those two streetbike stuntriders who got married and performed 360 wheelies with their bikes at their wedding? Well you two should do donuts with your cars when you got married. Kinda like this:

  • Orozconleche

    What does this guy do to own all this cars?

  • Orozconleche


  • Brock Adkins
    Brock Adkins

    Without Adam I would not like riding bmx or cars

  • R Smitdog
    R Smitdog

    Anyone that puts a LS3 in their moms car has y Subscription , Cool stuff Smitty

  • Shaun Perry
    Shaun Perry

    you're really not selling the Audi to us aye mate lol is the evo actually quicker?!

  • ricardo v
    ricardo v


  • Ryan O'Donnell
    Ryan O'Donnell

    She def fux other dudes behind his back 🤣😂 she young n immature and Both of them have. Always had EVERYTHING handed to them smh

  • Ryan O'Donnell
    Ryan O'Donnell


  • Rafael Flores
    Rafael Flores

    How did you get into racing what where the steps bro pls let me know

  • Dope Edits
    Dope Edits

    Already know cleet dibs zeroy

  • Kevin Figueroa
    Kevin Figueroa

    that zv1 changed the game got the same one !!!

  • Z Gutierrez
    Z Gutierrez

    See now you need to build another solstice for yourself hahaha

  • Frank The CADD Monkey
    Frank The CADD Monkey

    You should save a car for Roman! Is it possible for him to appear in your videos?

  • Naeem Dalwai
    Naeem Dalwai

    at this stage I would suggest starting your own series where you race your cars against eachother lol

  • DiBellio

    More Evo vids pls!

  • braydan b
    braydan b

    yes go back to bmx bikes and you can drift to

  • Jack Schitt
    Jack Schitt

    Serious question, I've been looking to do an ls3 swap. How much would one cost built? And different prices

  • Private Qtip
    Private Qtip

    Dam I remember when adam had just gotten s13 hes gone so far honestly when I saw his channel I didn't think it would go so far... congrats man.

  • Angelo Brignoli
    Angelo Brignoli

    Love to see you riding in a video, would love to see collete riding your ramp

  • Drake5153

    What about the varex x-force mufflers? Those seem to tone things down and keep flow

  • Dylan Pearson
    Dylan Pearson

    Pulling cars in and out the shed like we all used to with our hotwheels

  • shrimp diccc
    shrimp diccc

    Best video in a long time bust out the og drift car then hit it with the bike

  • Wayland C
    Wayland C

    You'd get a lot less chassis movement with the Solstice if you were double-clutching instead. Why don't you?

  • Wayland C
    Wayland C

    Adam, easy solution for the speedo. Garmin DriveSmart 55 (not the 52 or 65). $100 on ebay, probably less.

  • Chris Woolvin
    Chris Woolvin

    DRAG RACE THE FLEET cough cough Freedom Factory cough cough

  • Yianni Papiomitis
    Yianni Papiomitis

    Get back into bmx

  • Jonay 19
    Jonay 19

    Hey Adam when you hitting the skatepark again?😂

  • Ayden Workman
    Ayden Workman

    anyone know what happened to the e92?

  • mcgubber3500

    This video makes me miss The last girl

  • Charley Betts
    Charley Betts

    MORE @AdamLZ BMX please!!!! Hell yes!

  • Takumi VS
    Takumi VS

    using Arduino board with a rotary encoder to the gearbox, which can tap into the speedo signal wire and should be sorted.

  • AWBurd

    Hit up the hoonigans and race the hoonicorn with the barra stang


    I was hoping to see new mom footage.

  • Pierré Grobbelaar
    Pierré Grobbelaar

    Your Mothers gonna be a Granny on a Move 😁

  • Strictly Street
    Strictly Street

    Your girl is so sweet and adorable.. just a complement nothing else... moms cool too you guys are all chill 👍👍

  • Luizanjel Ayon
    Luizanjel Ayon

    Total sleeper

  • Dup Dap
    Dup Dap

    Mustang barra vs Hunicorn??

  • Jaylon Soares
    Jaylon Soares

    Its really great to have a girlfriend that loves cars the way you do😄😂