My JZX100 is faster than your uncles supra
The missile chaser and e36 comp car hit the dyne with their new garrett G series turbos. Tuned by Freddy @spectuned (Specs below)
G25-660 .82 AR
ECU Master EMU Black
DW 1200CC injectors
DW400 Fuel pump
Stock fuel lines
R154 ORC twin disk
Stock unopened long block
3" Exhaust
1.5JZ (1JZ head 2JZ bottom end)
G30-770 1.01 AR
ECU Master EMU Black
DW 1200CC injectrs
DW400 Fuel pump
-6 Fuel lines
ZF 5 speed
BC 264 Cams/springs/retainers
ARP head studs
3" exhaust

  • BBOZGamer2017

    better than phub

  • BBOZGamer2017

    this car makes all the whistles we want

  • SpeedBeast 70&30
    SpeedBeast 70&30

    Chaser огонь

  • Nyroh

    My fathers Supra is 1,783hp and is awd are you sure you want to test that😂

  • J- Paul
    J- Paul

    No matter what I do, UZloadr engine bays always look better then mine

  • Neringa Petraitienė
    Neringa Petraitienė are you sure?

  • Ako Cummins
    Ako Cummins

    Excuse me, all of my uncle's are broke so like nahh

  • Nick

    My dream car is a Jzx, and to see one like that makes me so happy

  • Noah Cardenas
    Noah Cardenas

    Jokes on you my uncle doesn’t have a supra😏

  • Phat_Media

    Love how this car sounds

  • Ghostbot17

    Uncle has Toyota Caremy

  • Vlone Tyler
    Vlone Tyler

    this didnt age well.....

  • Hector Salguero
    Hector Salguero

    Lucky for you. My uncle doesnt have a supra

  • Osaka Mohammed
    Osaka Mohammed

    What’s this dudes job ?

  • Jack Twomey
    Jack Twomey

    What wheels do you have 🤔

  • TDawg YO
    TDawg YO


  • TDawg YO
    TDawg YO

    I am def even

  • TDawg YO
    TDawg YO

    Nitrous bruh

  • TDawg YO
    TDawg YO


  • TDawg YO
    TDawg YO

    Hahaha been on a roll lately

  • J a r H a c h i R o k u
    J a r H a c h i R o k u

    I Like Toyota Chaser

  • mahkum M
    mahkum M

    But its not 1000hp though

  • BigTings

    Boi cams or naw

  • Zapple

    You can rev to 15k?👀

  • Evan Kimbrough
    Evan Kimbrough


  • Moya

    that thing sounds like it makes way more power than it actually does...

  • Baller

    Bruh my nephew showed me this ☠️⚰️

  • Antony Lopez
    Antony Lopez

    Yea but it’s not faster than my cousins best friend neighbor

  • 11 343
    11 343

    I just wanna flex real quick by saying: in germany we have 102 octane gas on basically any gas station ;)

  • Raw Dog
    Raw Dog

    WOW adam youre a mad man, the pink drink? omg that was crazy, youre crazy but whats really crazy is that the drink wasnt even pink ahahshwhshshwhshdhsbsjs

  • LowLifeSlides

    Thats quite literally 1000 more horsepower than 80% of your subscribers have xD

  • Andrew Foster
    Andrew Foster

    Is he still together with nichole

  • OldHunter Raziel
    OldHunter Raziel

    My favorite build on UZload by far. Such a sick setup. Wish you had a log of what’s been done to each one to see progress of each build. Keep it up man!

  • wkachikyan

    I wish my uncle had a supra

  • Seth Hollingshead
    Seth Hollingshead

    I would not be hanging on that fiber glass door but lol

  • CDT-Nathan

    fun fact my uncle actually has a 600hp supra lol

  • Bruh Momentum
    Bruh Momentum

    What bov you running

  • Jack Tamales
    Jack Tamales


  • Brennen Bogue
    Brennen Bogue

    Adam needs a shop truck. Toyota mini truck with a rotary

  • Anvil

    my uncle does actually have a Supra lmao good one

  • LickTheDiff

    Weird hearing e36 with a bob and not compressor surge

  • Writative

    I saw this thing outside your shop while I was not looking at the cars at your shop 👀. This thing is sicckk though

  • Kacee Cruson
    Kacee Cruson

    Everybody hates how the new Supra has a BMW engine... Meanwhile.. Adam has a BMW with a Supra engine....

  • 50cc and 125cc garage
    50cc and 125cc garage


  • Don't Rage Kid
    Don't Rage Kid

    “Safe 15k rpm” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love it

  • Ej_Tunez

    But my uncle doesn’t have a supra

  • Theo Punisher
    Theo Punisher

    Is he running a bov (which one?) or is it surge sound ??

  • jamie moore
    jamie moore

    Where is the fd car

  • Jake Ramirez
    Jake Ramirez

    High rev v8 swap the e36

  • daggerd skull
    daggerd skull

    Why dont you turbo the Porshe ?

  • Jerome Gonzales
    Jerome Gonzales

    2JZ always

  • Charles Switzer
    Charles Switzer

    Please get a Lexus sc300. Stock engine, turbo, and straight pipe

  • Daniel

    Dyno Videos > Ear Drums

  • Adib Muhatasim
    Adib Muhatasim

    Can anyone please tell me which strut bar he's using in his jzx100 chaser?

  • menambre

    I wanna see you go street race for money

  • Car Guy
    Car Guy

    Who needs bags o lower their cars. Just give it more power and let er squat

  • Esteban Campano
    Esteban Campano

    Meeen that instant response!, lo lag at all!? What a machineeee 🤙🏻

  • imbatmans

    Yooo where’s that intake from it’s dope

  • Aero

    Yeah cause my uncle's supra doesn't have a engine

  • Nicholas Hamilton
    Nicholas Hamilton

    Things is fucking mint, chaser is like my dream car

  • Jerrod Senuk
    Jerrod Senuk

    Adam, by looking at it, your Porsche has Michelin Pilot Sports. I've had slow leak issues with mine and its caused by the soft sidewall rolling over slightly when cornering and dirt gets into the bead. Might just need to be remounted and cleaned!

  • Travis Johnson
    Travis Johnson

    Adam L ”1J” Z

  • Eric Y
    Eric Y

    I started watching LZed for BMX tutorials prior to having a driver’s license. Now I have a new found love for imports and the drifting scene. Thanks Adam👊🏻

  • lillowdown

    18:00 , scrim Delusions Of Grandeur. Only real ones know

  • winter

    but my uncle doesnt have a supra

  • SupaAwesomeFace

    6 ads in 22 min 😍

  • Vaddy

    its not faster than my uncles supra cause my uncle supra runs 5s and has over 1400 HP

  • antonio khemdat
    antonio khemdat

    Where’s the mustang gt??? Want to see that build !!!

  • gate access
    gate access

    what BOV is on this car and why does it sound so fucking good?! i can never find a bov that sounds this good.... wtf! must have!!!!

  • Layla The Naked
    Layla The Naked

    i love edgy adam

  • Duncan

    ima be the one to say it, Adam looks so happy

  • gopro shreddits
    gopro shreddits

    He should be called Adam jz

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    wow that bmw makes so much power😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice bmw e36 Adam

  • Alex MC
    Alex MC

    but is it faster than my senator

  • Ross Siggers
    Ross Siggers

    Yoooo that wheel is bobbing backward and forwards a TON at 3:40 does anyone know if this car runs uprated bushes in back?

  • Nikolas Sager
    Nikolas Sager

    i aspire to have as many jz engines as adam

  • EZ_Claps

    unless you got a supra with 2 big turbos a nitro bottle and 1,500 hp

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that car is fast it has 1100hp that car is really qwick.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice jzx100 adam

  • Noah Carroll
    Noah Carroll

    Weres the gt500 at

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video adam

  • Craig Farquhar
    Craig Farquhar

    Are you running a external wastegate on the orange chaser? if soo what one?

  • Nathwan Lx
    Nathwan Lx

    Spicey quote on merch surely

  • BNE Exotics
    BNE Exotics

    You eyes are telling us you rolling 420 brother 😂

  • Mmm Mmm
    Mmm Mmm

    42069%? Is that @davie504 approved slapper?

  • Rory Munroe
    Rory Munroe

    Adam, when the last time you went riding BMX, it seems like so long ago there has been a bike video

  • SystemFroze


  • Simon Watling
    Simon Watling

    never mind the power... this has to one of the best sounding 1J's out!

  • Jaden Petersen
    Jaden Petersen

    I love this format Mike is showing us. Didn't lose the "Adam quality" of his videos one bit, if anything it showed us more. We wouldn't have ever seen Adam's reaction like that with the head-studs issue if he was still recording.


    WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Empty Empty
    Empty Empty

    11:00 she squattin'

  • Brenden McIntyre
    Brenden McIntyre

    The videos are much better. Not that they were bad before but yeah lol. Big moves.

  • rory needham
    rory needham

    What was that red mk4 supra?? 🤔🤔

  • matthew jalomo
    matthew jalomo

    My boy is always stoned lol

  • Austin Axelsen
    Austin Axelsen

    well now we probable know which car is going to be adams new daily

  • Kevin Daley
    Kevin Daley

    You know how this tuner is legit...he stands around eating chips lol

  • Super Nova Gaming
    Super Nova Gaming

    Damn that dose sounds sexy af...

  • Eddie Lalowski
    Eddie Lalowski

    Adam tiny turbo LZ

  • Cesar Mercado
    Cesar Mercado

    Whoever stole Adam’s ebisu sticker is a pos😐 imagine stealing a sticker off a car. shit meant a lot to Adam

2.5 mln
2.5 mln