Found some surprises in my oil pan...
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  • riyad yusuf
    riyad yusuf

    What ever happen to Martin the tuner ?

  • Tyrone Nisbett
    Tyrone Nisbett

    Precision Sports and BC Racing Right Cross The Street From Each Other. I Got My BR Series For My VW GTI MKV.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    nice new engine in your chaser Adam it looks so nice.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice chaser Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Drifto

    Adam is the Nissan guy who really loves Toyotas.

  • Joey Ries
    Joey Ries

    Damn 🤦‍♂️

  • joseph guzman
    joseph guzman

    bro no way your shop is right down the road from my apartment

  • Every day life with me
    Every day life with me

    New parts are always better clear coat these new part so they don't rust or tarnish aluminum also..

  • Hyariah


  • Jensen and Vanessa
    Jensen and Vanessa


  • bighampton1017

    Can mike use a low pass filter to filter out the evo brakes lol

  • Jack Hunter
    Jack Hunter

    adam please let us all know when you are coming to Austrailia

  • Ziyaad

    Some1 get adam a new door cover for the evo

  • Sebastian Correa
    Sebastian Correa

    Where el señor boost

  • Scirollo

    Something satisfying about putting small brand new trim pieces in an older car lol

  • zekki

    johans getting more comfy with the crew, such a good addition to the team

  • Getwrong

    its amazing how humble you are Adam, I do not think you ever need to justify why you buy something brand new... but you still do!!!! you actually amaze me!

  • RCStiggy

    Toyota century v12 in the white chaser?

  • Devon Marchand
    Devon Marchand

    Is it impossible to find an r34 at this point?

  • James Francisco
    James Francisco

    Valve float doesnt have anything to do with valve lash. Valve float occurs when the spring is unable to keep up with the camshaft when rotating at high rpms. The valve is not constantly in contact with the camshaft when this occurs (On a pushrod engine the rocker/pushrod/lifter not making constant contact with the cam), hence "float".

  • Mario G
    Mario G

    Love how Adam has a radar detector in his cars and still speeds on camera 😂 😂😂😂

  • Grant Hide
    Grant Hide

    That gap on the buckets on the high revving bikes of the nineties was call valve timing. Needed to be done after high mileage. The right gap would allow the valve to open at the exact time required, if the gap was to big the valve would open a fraction of a second later than the designed spec. Valve timing job.

    • Grant Hide
      Grant Hide

      When the cam moves out the way the spring slams the valve shut, and the constant slamming starts to strech the valves making the gap smaller too the cam surface. So under the buckets would be a shim you can order in various sizes. So too big of a gap would mean someones put too small of a shim in or didnt take the time to take the cam on and off multiple times measuring and swapping out the shims. Tedious process of note. The motorcycle i was working on revved too 20000rpm 4stroke 16valve. Valve timing More critical at that kinda rpm.

  • Sam Fryer
    Sam Fryer

    Johan a beast! Proper down to Earth good guy

  • Dj Fabico
    Dj Fabico

    Adam build a b5 s4


    I am your biggest fan from South Africa 🇿🇦 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 i love your R34 thats my dream car wishes i can get one like you 🥺🥺🥺 my dream must come true one day

  • Noah Kälin
    Noah Kälin

    Is there any way of getting to see Johan's supra?

  • corey knight
    corey knight

    I only subbed to you for bmx

  • corey knight
    corey knight


  • corey knight
    corey knight


  • corey knight
    corey knight


  • corey knight
    corey knight


  • corey knight
    corey knight


  • corey knight
    corey knight


  • corey knight
    corey knight


  • corey knight
    corey knight


  • corey knight
    corey knight


  • Tim Inuk Larsen
    Tim Inuk Larsen

    Just a fast question... How’s Nicole? Dont relæet see her anymore... os is it just me?

    • Tim Inuk Larsen
      Tim Inuk Larsen

      Nurhh sad

    • corey knight
      corey knight

      They broke up

  • Scotties Lit
    Scotties Lit

    Do all performance brake pads squeak like that??? It seems like it would get annoying.

  • Harvey Cruddas
    Harvey Cruddas

    You looked good in your formula drift mach I love you chanel BTW 😅

  • J. Gibão
    J. Gibão

    Where's the M333333333

  • Tony Gibbons
    Tony Gibbons

    Adam the only problem with fitting new hub is it won’t take long for them to go rusty powder coat the new ones with clear coat

  • Nathan Countyrman
    Nathan Countyrman

    Where did johan go to school to learn everything he knows??

  • Nathan Countyrman
    Nathan Countyrman

    She doesn’t use the brakes no I don’t need them 🤣

  • Nathan Countyrman
    Nathan Countyrman

    I haven’t seen oil that bad in a long time 😂

  • Tyrone Denechoan
    Tyrone Denechoan

    Time to grow out that beard el zeeed

  • Natalie JJ
    Natalie JJ

    When are you going back to CT

  • ObeyAgonysDad

    If I’m restarted . Does that make me rich or lean ?

  • manolooo1

    Keep the ls

  • Jay Mainey
    Jay Mainey

    Put the stroker in the white chaser😎🍻

  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams

    Johan is da man!🤘🏼

  • Lawsyy 1
    Lawsyy 1

    Would prefer it if whenever someone is explaining something to Mike he doesn't respond, like Johan is talking to us the viewer, not Mike.

  • Alec Siegel
    Alec Siegel

    Me: "Damn I wish had sick heavily modified cars making big power like Adam" Me seeing Adam ruins his umpteenth engine: "You know what, maybe stock is good enough" 🤔

  • Brad Bradshaw
    Brad Bradshaw

    This build is going to be fire can’t wait to see the end product

  • Aid0ss

    Shoelman does a good job at cleaning everything up. I think he needs some recognition

  • Ali Alazzawi
    Ali Alazzawi

    Turbo ls build in the white chaser? 👀 Im just saying, that would be sick 🤷‍♂️


    Do a like a 4 rotor in the fd

  • Joe Reeves
    Joe Reeves

    Boosted bois: 4 cylinder men Adam lz: 6 cylinder man Cleetus: 8 cylinder man

  • _richtah

    s/o to mike for the awesome montage music

  • dwayne Eee
    dwayne Eee

    Make this a Netflix show

  • Karl lorence krokmyrdal
    Karl lorence krokmyrdal

    So what is gonna happen to the white chaser

  • RyGonnaTry 01
    RyGonnaTry 01

    This is the favourite part of the day is being able to sit down/lay in bed and watch Adam keeps my mind distracted from everything going on love Adam lz and his vids would love to meet him keep it up man

  • The Nut
    The Nut

    Can I live in the R34 engine bay? I promise to pedal as hard as I can and scream plenty of cool noises!

  • UnO


  • Small Block Big Bang
    Small Block Big Bang


  • lewis smith
    lewis smith

    You sir would really benefit from an English motorsport engineer building your cars, the bullshit I hear on your vids makes me cringe

  • Nathan Hinds
    Nathan Hinds

    Adam does collette drive your cars and does not use brakes

  • SZN JP
    SZN JP

    I always learn something new from Johan in every video, pure quality content

  • ThatOneCel _
    ThatOneCel _

    Typical evo brakes mine were the same on my 9

  • Yaseen Ali
    Yaseen Ali

    👁 👄 👁

  • Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas

    Adam and all his shit Mobile's

  • Ludwin Martinez
    Ludwin Martinez

    Can you hire me adam lol

  • Kingsmen

    Adam Would A Golden Nismo Spec Rim Setup Be Ideal For The Midnight R34??

  • Mr Lee Farms
    Mr Lee Farms

    Is johan from Sweden cuz Johan is a Swedish name

  • ToWi1989

    Most of these parts are gonna look just like they did after 1 drive and sitting in the garage for a month

  • Nick Haynes
    Nick Haynes

    Adam keep the Ls for some diversity

  • Giannis S.
    Giannis S.

    Yo thats a filter for your ignition system so there are no interference to near by tv and radios when u pass the street. Mine is broken for like a decade. 😋 Νο , issues so far except that my neighbor's radio doesn't work when i park the car in my parking lot 😅

  • P1RuKa5

    *sad noises* I really need a face mask for driving school but i want it to be stylish and i need it to have a mustache :()

  • Alex M
    Alex M

    Gas is cheap at wawa !!!!!!

  • Stephen Admire
    Stephen Admire

    Johan we need to hang out I haven't seen you in for ever bro! Since you had the single cam at osw and I had the 280z

  • Adrian Trd
    Adrian Trd

    Adam what car from all you have drink less petrol !!??

  • Radwurks

    Lol. Stuck at home working on back end stuff... okay okay, I see you

  • TheVideoChannel

    Ahh Chris Money rodnik move right there. Dont change oil and just beat it. Thats why youtubers engines only last 1% of any others, the basic stuff they skip.

  • Geesy C
    Geesy C

    No way you guys got a wawa 💀 I thought it was only east upstate

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts

    You should think about ceramic coating the bare aluminum and other parts that get nasty looking over time that isn’t painted or powder coated.

  • Brian Proffitt
    Brian Proffitt

    Hell yeah the LS RX 7 is dope asf, I understand you like JZ an import stuff. But you can’t deny that LS/LT are some of the best motors you can get.

  • Joseph Lech
    Joseph Lech

    Can we just talk about the lan evos wing specifically the the cut in half upside down sticker cause it’s the little things that matter

  • Benjamin

    could u ask johan (idk how to write his name), how long his hair is at the top (mm) ? Bc i rly like his haircut and just wanted to know :)

  • xraison 44
    xraison 44

    I love this ignorant squeaking brakes :D

  • Brian Proffitt
    Brian Proffitt

    I don’t blame you for buying little things like window switches, when I get my dream car I’m buying every single thing I can for it.

  • Alan Cris Largo Jr.
    Alan Cris Largo Jr.

    a perfectionist working on a car is GODLY

  • BlackSmocki

    what kind of Brake pads and rotors is Adam using in the white evo ? Love the SQUEEEEAAAAKKKKKK *.*

  • Chris Rich
    Chris Rich

    clear coat the shit outta everything new so it stays that way or it'll be a waste in quick order

  • Massive cocked Man
    Massive cocked Man

    I love how u have all 3 of the legendary inline 6s

  • Oscar Guerrero
    Oscar Guerrero

    I wonder how joe-han started working on engines and became so good at it.

  • Jack Toom
    Jack Toom

    It lets me slide it in

  • Shane Petty
    Shane Petty

    So you should buy all of the inventory and sell it at reasonable prices? YOU CAN DO IT 😘

  • Joan Pons
    Joan Pons

    So where is his wife? they ended?

  • Brad Collins
    Brad Collins

    No lie if we all had that money we would do a build like this

  • Nismo X
    Nismo X

    Question is there a reason offer than your Access to Titan that you went or go with Toyota engines