Reunited with our Subaru WRX Beaters!
I traveled all the way to CT to partake in some VERY EXCITING WRX activities... so happy to be here!

  • JahJai

    i love the effort they put in for just a thumbnail ❤️✊🏿😎

  • Drifty Bulgarian
    Drifty Bulgarian

    Ya gave me enough motivation to start saving up for a Subie. Thanks pal


    Connecticut gang

  • Hank Richardson
    Hank Richardson

    I daily drive an 04 hatch and this kinda hurts to watch...

  • Kenny Daniel
    Kenny Daniel

    Mini Truck horn = Buzzer for apartment entrance 🤣

  • Evan Pate
    Evan Pate

    How’s your dad doing and the r32

  • Jeff Jordan
    Jeff Jordan

    Why did that cop,say don’t ever fuckin call me a cop again?

  • Arkadiusz Kuzebski
    Arkadiusz Kuzebski

    Ayo Connecticut gang

  • Randy & Jayden Comedy
    Randy & Jayden Comedy

    more subi videos

  • てFlights

    shes so annoying


  • YEEET3000 baker
    YEEET3000 baker

    have u changed the fuel pump?

  • Xxkillerzz Codie
    Xxkillerzz Codie

    I want that white Subaru so bad😩

  • Anthony Matola
    Anthony Matola

    Clutch kick it to get it to go

  • Julio Rivera
    Julio Rivera

    Damm car to nice for all that lol

  • EFlem

    I wonder if that Subaru has a 2.5 block swap and has ringland failure in that cylinder. The ej205 didnt really have that problem but the 2.5 oh yes

  • Alpa Chupapi
    Alpa Chupapi

    You should have a ebrake

  • JT A
    JT A

    I’ve been to that shop all amazing people there


    Lol Adam likes Connecticut but I sucks to live there

  • snicker poodlez
    snicker poodlez

    plz shave

  • Matt Baxter
    Matt Baxter

    @ColetteDavis ... You're an amazing piece of God art! 8)

  • Jack Mihoff
    Jack Mihoff

    ill take one

  • S.GP

    just disrespectful lol

  • DarkAngelGaming


  • Kodi Pike
    Kodi Pike

    Does anybody know what sunglasses Grant has on around a minute in to the video?

  • Time

    Is collette supreme patty in disguise ??

  • Emanuel Gabriel
    Emanuel Gabriel

    What kind of sti is that?

  • micheal miller
    micheal miller

    I subscribed for the subi shit.

  • Luiz Hiroshi
    Luiz Hiroshi

    Amazing Completely amazing! Nothing more to say! Team was incredible such as your driving, my friend! So happy to see where you are going to!

  • Joe's Junk
    Joe's Junk

    Me over here in a snow covered wastlend, with a 2wd 93 ranger , eating ramen ,Saving for 5 years just to get a BEAT wrx...STILL DONT HAVE BEAT WRX

  • The Yaso
    The Yaso

    I feel bad for the poor Subaru those car are worth a lot here and he’s just trashing them

  • Lord Gunther
    Lord Gunther

    Didnt he have a wife? I thought he was married and i thought the girl didnt look like that

  • william deaton
    william deaton

    Side feed injectors like to stick. Literally tap on it with an extension. Probably clear it right up.

    • william deaton
      william deaton

      Could also be the connector going to the coil. They corrode inside occasionally.

  • thecrow

    adam you should restore the subaru to working order and do a drift build series with the wagon

  • 100summers x
    100summers x

    6:49 Just chillin in the back , a beautiful baby girl called SS.

  • Rydnorth

    This content is the best content! 😂

  • kyle fournier
    kyle fournier

    Yo adam! i’m from new milford! sick to see content here

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams

    Adam's laugh is hilarious!!!

  • Matt Engelsman
    Matt Engelsman

    adam and jimmy are secret lovers.

  • crimescene25

    i can tell when you're stonned lol

  • Freezzbee Jenkins
    Freezzbee Jenkins

    I love family reunion :)

  • island club
    island club

    1 x thumb down just for you toomy f no....

  • CyberDragonKing

    Collette as she watched the Subarus take a beating: WHY JUST WHY? The Subaru community: Omg she gets us!

  • charlie l-v
    charlie l-v

    Cop spec

  • James S.
    James S.

    8:00 LMAOOO Look at Adam

  • Hennricc -
    Hennricc -

    Nice video? So you suck at driving Subaru’s?

  • Mentals

    I love watching Adam because he’s a true car person because cars make him happy

  • Cameron Holler
    Cameron Holler

    Soooooooo how much does he pay for insurance👀

  • Konstantin Nikolov
    Konstantin Nikolov

    To me it sounds like the subie has issues with timing so probably a good idea to check if the timing belt jumped a tooth

  • garrett lindsey
    garrett lindsey

    Also id fucking kill for that k truck. New dream truck. That thing is fucking sick. Would be an even sweeter slammed drift truck....

  • garrett lindsey
    garrett lindsey

    I wish I could beat the balls off that car on a gravel road but in reality it would be the nicest car I've ever had out of 27 cars. So id definitely beat the balls off it on a gravel road lmao. Make it only rwd and pin in

  • aleksi haapasaari
    aleksi haapasaari

    Why are you trashing those subies around :( I would do anything to have a wrx, but I can't afford one :(

  • Slushii Man
    Slushii Man

    Jimmy brings out more personality in Adam would be cool to see more of them

  • Tom Lenza
    Tom Lenza

    I guess When you’re rich you can have a pervert mustache. Jk lol. Kind of looks funny but to each their own

  • Neli Playz
    Neli Playz

    what a waste ive been loking for a blob eye forever and you guys are just breaking them

  • Mason Martin
    Mason Martin

    That body kit on the gtr looks good except for the rear bumper

  • Bugg TM
    Bugg TM

    Come to Monroe CT

  • AyeStudios

    It’s 5am, come down on a tab of acid ah

  • Vincent vallis
    Vincent vallis

    Adam should put a barra in the subie🤣🤣

  • fresnored

    Bro, Shell in Bedford Hills. I am there every other day. Can't believe I missed you.

  • Omar Caballero
    Omar Caballero

    *Adam completely does not acknowledge almost crashing the wrx*

  • Febreeze Ads
    Febreeze Ads

    I like how Collete pointed out the supreme flex.

  • Ethan L
    Ethan L

    Honestly, those wrxs don’t even look that shitty or beat up.

  • K0bo0m

    This vid made me mad my dream car getting beat



  • Bsclly

    How do I get a lifestyle that I can leave a GT3RS in another state and forget about itlol

  • .Anonymous

    Ik that gas station!!!! That’s the gas station in my home town of Bedford Hills!!!! Can’t believe you were in my home town!!!

  • Ryan Wagnblas
    Ryan Wagnblas

    I would be so happy if Adam dabbled in some off-roading. His vibe when doing in it the brand new upload and this with the k is so awesome I would love to see a Jeep or pickup truck

  • Dyylan Kraft
    Dyylan Kraft

    Yo what is type of volkswagon

  • Dyylan Kraft
    Dyylan Kraft

    Yo what Volkswagen

  • 2012rexdog

    Colet mcrea

  • Ollie Curry
    Ollie Curry

    Where did Collette get that jacket from ??

  • Mark Santana
    Mark Santana

    Ivveeeee beeeennnn waiting for this build lmao

  • AutoBez 313
    AutoBez 313

    His beaters my dream car 🚗 🚘

  • The_Ringster

    i didnt realized a lot of my favorite youtubers are in my state lmao

  • Mick Dees
    Mick Dees

    Reckon Adam and his ex wife will ever get back together? 😭💜🤣

  • Christo Vas
    Christo Vas

    Grant: i literally humped the steering wheel. Adam: it was so cool.

  • Cody Walker
    Cody Walker

    What issues are you having my man? Miss fire?

  • Clayton Womack
    Clayton Womack

    Did I hear Lorna shore in the background when he’s driving the Porsche. Cause damn that’s a good band.

  • Michael ebeling
    Michael ebeling

    Shiiiiiiiiiittttt girl I got a Subaru 😏😂

  • Marty Considine
    Marty Considine

    I like your videos but damn in this one you seem to have an annoying laugh, holy shit.

  • Welcome 2 My World 1.o
    Welcome 2 My World 1.o

    Yo!! I totally forgotten about these cars!!! That's so funny haha

  • Tyler Brooks
    Tyler Brooks

    Causally has one of my dream cars

  • Will

    We need more vids with these cars.

  • joshua torres
    joshua torres

    bro i wanna see a video with jimmy, Adam, Evan, and TJ again

  • Belleveric

    LZ's videos never been this good. I love Connecticut LZ.

  • Belleveric

    His face at 14:38 made me cryyyy XD

  • Unknown Vibes
    Unknown Vibes

    I'll take the subi!!!

  • Sebas

    3:25 that’s laugh tho

  • Jay Themusicman
    Jay Themusicman

    The plants they're running over in the forest are Japanese knotweed which is an invasive species that is causing a lot of problems so like, don't feel bad

  • Michael Abeloe
    Michael Abeloe

    Weren’t those the budget giveaway cars they were building?

  • George Spicedaddy
    George Spicedaddy

    I literally thought that horn was a bad starter lmao

  • Nicholai Ramroop
    Nicholai Ramroop

    13:42 it looks like Nicole’s 240sx

  • Aaron Vang
    Aaron Vang



    I like this

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S

    10:26 you won't regret it

  • Christopher Campbell
    Christopher Campbell

    I want to see more Subaru videos

  • Ricer Racer
    Ricer Racer

    As a blobeye wrx wagon owner this makes me happy 😊

  • Caiden Bradley
    Caiden Bradley

    Hey Adam you should turn the Subaru into an actual rally cross car and jump it

  • Landon Schmidt
    Landon Schmidt

    This girl is so annoying

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