Barra Swapped GT350 - First Install!
Who would've thought the Barra fits in the S550 Mustang so well! Beyond excited! LIMITED EDITION FIRE MERCH -
PBH Transmission -
Tuff Mounts -
Plazmaman -
Mishimoto -

  • Bigpond CableGuy
    Bigpond CableGuy

    Hey Adam, what turbo are you using, both hot and cold sides? I know it's oil/water cooled, but interested in all the rest including the core?

  • Darren Sice
    Darren Sice

    If it’s like the Aussie ZF 6 speed the thing that we have found out is because they are German designed and made gearboxes they have a trans fluid heating box in the gearbox and they are what makes them fail as well. They have them because of how cold it gets over there and they over heat in Australia and start cooking the gearbox we service our gearboxes every 50,000 kilometres and then we have no issues and they have designed a aluminium cover and rubber gasket for the ZF to replace the plastic ones they have from factory and they cost five times the amount of the rubber gasket once you replace the plastic transmission cover with the aluminium cover.

  • Dakota Trent
    Dakota Trent

    is there any possible way that i am able to get the discoun t code if there is one so i can order more items and maabe a christmas gift for my self as i have only me to worry about

  • David Lewis
    David Lewis

    Shame no one in Aus can enter for the Supra

  • Monkey Rench Garage
    Monkey Rench Garage

    Yo bro. What are you guys shooting these videos with? It’s so smooth and crystal clear

  • Pablo Santos
    Pablo Santos

    Who makes that Barra to 6R adapter?

  • Jarred

    Yo... did you need an adaptor ring or anything for that trans on the barra? Of you mentioned it in the video, I missed it.

  • Dennis Wenn
    Dennis Wenn

    9:11 it sounded like the kid in gray said oooH God DAAMMM!

  • Nut Ass
    Nut Ass

    They should sell mustangs in Australia with Barras from factory 😂😂

  • 7071t6

    Now you should have put the barra in a mustang ecoboost engine swap and not the GT350, that way its totaly a sleeper, everyone will know a gt350 will have HP figures as they all do it?

  • Austin E
    Austin E

    Parker is so fricken cute, he reminds me of my nephew, hahaha.

  • Garrett Johnson
    Garrett Johnson

    What computer set up are you gunna run in it ???

  • Dani over
    Dani over

    Couldn't you put an external coolant reservoir that was at the highest point in the system instead of swapping radiators?

  • Alex Ferreira
    Alex Ferreira

    Its strange seeing Aussie engine with other aussie companies like plazmaman being installed by people with weird accents talking in freedom units

  • Gage Neisius
    Gage Neisius

    I liked the pink design

  • Henauder Titzauf
    Henauder Titzauf

    I have a 1 of 1 1967 Mustang that has a 200 I-6 that a barra would look like the beastie and have the beast that ford should have built in the USA, BUT, most baddies out there just had to have a v8.

  • i l
    i l


  • young11984

    What transmission adapter/flex plate did you use? Never mentioned or showed anything of it in the video. Edit...just saw it in the first start video👍🏻👍🏻. Dominator Motorsports FTW, Dom is a awesome guy.

  • Tyler Sarcone
    Tyler Sarcone

    Whats the music in this vid? Its dooe

  • Matt H
    Matt H

    Bugga I wanted that GT 350 shirt! Very cool.


    I want to know what American's think of the ozzy barra it's over there ? ? ?

  • Fordman7575

    I've glad you stayed with a Ford engine instead of the ls crap. But come on. An automatic?!?! Automatics are boring! and just add a bunch of weight and even more heat. Not to mention all the issues you are going to have with the torque converter.

  • Chris Broadbridge
    Chris Broadbridge

    That's a sick blue Nismo sweater in the wall in the merch room!!!

  • home sick
    home sick check how the Aussie’s do it

  • Chesspiece

    Please tell me the brake calipers and an accent of some sort on the wheels done in the same color as the valve cover.

  • Spagooter

    It's a Zedd f six speed mate😂

  • Daniel Reynolds
    Daniel Reynolds

    Iv got two Barra’s .... looking good !!!!! So far !!!!

  • Fords4life 91
    Fords4life 91


  • Powersproductions130

    Come on man, why is it pink? 😂😂😂

  • Burnt Chips
    Burnt Chips

    Americans wont know what this engine is

  • Gaza Performance Garage G.P.G
    Gaza Performance Garage G.P.G

    Adam LZ thats a sweet build, is it possible to put a Barra in a 2000 bmw e39.

  • Adam Saxvik
    Adam Saxvik

    Adam the Mustang needs to be named the phenix 🇦🇺

  • Corey Black
    Corey Black

    Can someone get Alberto a damn bandsaw, kinda painful watching him use a sawsall on everything lol

  • Henry_Family_Vlogs !!!!
    Henry_Family_Vlogs !!!!

    I'm loving all the shop work and filming the builds with the guys at the shop.. please keep this content coming bro

  • Sarah Douglas
    Sarah Douglas

    That Barra looks great in that bay, look forward to hearing it running!

  • Tim Curtis
    Tim Curtis

    Man this guy is talented. Seriously cool fabrication

  • PowerTune Digital
    PowerTune Digital

    We make a plug and play digital dash that works with stock barra ECU if you need one gents :)

  • Marky

    race justa6!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ExpWars

    Should've ls swapped it

  • John 5000
    John 5000

    Built Aussie tuff!!!!!!!!!

  • Aidan

    Anyone knows the intro song used??


    This is the engine Ford needs to put in USDM base Mustangs!

  • Brian Brigg
    Brian Brigg

    Use a Haltech ECU and run boost by gear. That should help with keeping the transmission happy.

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith

    As a mustang owner I hope you can just use the paddles to shift cause switching to drive and sport mode throws crap off etc etc

  • Ayewhat5

    6r80s aren't built by ZF, rather they're modeled after the zf 6hp26, Ford builds them under a zf license. They're a little different inside

  • Vito Augello
    Vito Augello

    When trying to hump a product ALWAYS bring in the pretty girl. C'mon guys

  • IIexcorsistPlays

    Adam: I think kids would like this. Me an 12yrold og who has been watching from the start: BOI IF YOU DONT (vine)

  • Keith smith
    Keith smith

    Roberto is the best thing that happened to LZ without any doubt , don't ever fall out dude find someone who can think up Adams crazy ideas and make them cream and work!!!😁🖕🏼✌🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼🤘👌🏼

  • Cameron Mardis
    Cameron Mardis

    Parker is actually the coolest little dude ever 😂

  • Mayjick

    fk i missed the s550 drop... everything is out of stock. fk me

  • Mayjick

    Hands down My #1 UZload channel. especially now that Mike is on fulltime. Hope to meet the whole team one day.

  • casprdfrndlyghost

    Could of also used the tr6060 that was in the car and had it built to stay manual with the Barra haha I had a stock xr6 with a tr6060 and the gearbox could handle 1000hp and my car was lucky to make 260hp

  • Izz Din
    Izz Din

    That barra looks really comfy in that mustang engine bay.

  • Kahu Heta
    Kahu Heta

    This things gonna be awesome!

  • terrance griffin
    terrance griffin

    U just don't no I what to put the barra engine in my dad's 90 tbirdsc and keep it 5spd

  • LYLEE001

    can she clean up her desktop. files everywhere!!!!!!!!

  • Miguel naa
    Miguel naa

    +1 for mini adam

  • Alex McGill
    Alex McGill

    I love how wholesome Adam is, just the fact he put the Australian flag on merch means so much to us here in Australia #yeahthebarra ❤️ 🇦🇺

  • jaylin turner
    jaylin turner

    Could’ve used a 7 spd from a corvette

  • paul Wollersheim
    paul Wollersheim

    lols 26:40

  • Gloves Guy
    Gloves Guy

    The shots in this episode are insane ... looks so much better

  • Urbex . jpeg
    Urbex . jpeg

    Barra with upgraded trans internals and turbo and you have one life

    • Urbex . jpeg
      Urbex . jpeg


  • KatChris Reactions
    KatChris Reactions

    That engine is gay compared to the 5.2 flat plane

  • Kluiber Moreno
    Kluiber Moreno

    great soldering

  • Duncan Donovan
    Duncan Donovan

    I don't think I could even talk at 4 years old..

  • J P
    J P

    Alberto really seems to enjoy playing with that pipe 🧐


    I got this notification 5 fucking days late

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that new turbo is super nice.😍👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice mustang Adam.😍👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that new engine in your mustang looks nice Adam.😍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam

  • Nafees Ahmad
    Nafees Ahmad

    ik im late but holy shit the shots in the opening are fire

  • 177SCmaro

    I'll, uh, take that voodoo off your hands. You know, if you don't want it.

  • Craig Anthony
    Craig Anthony

    That's one smart four year old kid lol.... Kudos to his parents.

  • Michael Riccelli
    Michael Riccelli

    U lost me at automatic

  • Brad's Media
    Brad's Media

    Also being auto I hope you have a trans cooler, if not get ready for a nice milkshake

  • Brad's Media
    Brad's Media

    Its not going to last your using a NA motor (grey top which it was before you painted it) when you should of used a red top (turbo motor) or a green top (LPG motor which has stronger internals)

  • Paul Adams
    Paul Adams

    You should look @ bcw (Ben Neale) Toyota cresta, before you decide to run that... he’s got a crazy setup.

  • Misrain Mike Garcia Rosario Jr.
    Misrain Mike Garcia Rosario Jr.

    You guys are killing it! Alberto's fabricating skills are top notch!💪

  • Trae' Kiser
    Trae' Kiser

    I mean. I’m not gonna hate or anything..but doing this to a gt350 just..seems wrong. A mustang? Sure.

  • Julio Granados
    Julio Granados

    Should’ve gone with a 10speed

  • Tucker Maxam
    Tucker Maxam

    Alberto is so good at his fabrication. It’s so nice seeing how these parts are made

  • goodboycoy


  • ActiveCrypto

    LZ Dictionary: Fac = Stock

  • Isaac _AU
    Isaac _AU

    Making us AUSTRALIANS proud ♥️

  • Marcus Greenidge
    Marcus Greenidge

    Adam: “revealing new radiator for GT350” Alberto: Dude this thing is huge😨 Adam: yea that’s not the first time I heard that buddy🤣🤣 Collete: 😳😳😳

  • Drew Greschuk
    Drew Greschuk

    You really need a powerglide and 8.8 or 9" in the z then you can clock of some low 9s or 8s no problem


    There is a Barra that did 2200HP at the Summernats in Oz, you WILL get crazy numbers from the Barra.

  • Kian Peck
    Kian Peck

    I want to know what the song is called that they use for cinematic shots

  • G.M. Gaming
    G.M. Gaming

    I hope Vaughn gittin jr is seeing this because it's so cool

  • s gan
    s gan

    looks sick, peace from aus

  • Adam Zeller
    Adam Zeller

    First auto? But what about the supra👀

  • vibin

    All the ganadors bruh


    God: yes my child YESSS

  • Melinda Crowhurst
    Melinda Crowhurst

    How did he get a Barra in the states it’s a Aussie engine

  • Devin Oneill
    Devin Oneill

    Big boost could cut anything in half and somehow make it look oe... such a skilled guy


    No way I’d replace the gt350 V8 with a Barra, I’m Aussie and I love these engines in the falcons etc etc but that mustang is unique from when it’s built and it has the best feel and sound! I’ve driven one when I went to America two years ago and they are just unreal honestly

  • OurLivesInANutshell

    Anyone have any insight on what types of places to rent that’d be like a “shop” to do misc. work and project in? Can you get away with welding etc in a general self storage place?


    Some Australian goodness with a German motor! Make sure you get ride of the factory traction control. More Australian goodies then you’ll want to run a Motec M150 to be a true balla

  • Jacob Watters
    Jacob Watters

    The fact that you guys ratchet strapped the transmission on the stand kind of caught me off guard, saws all on the compressor housing... That's my style 🤙😂