Arguably the longest amount of time I've ever spent looking for a specific car... and this one definitely is rather SPECIAL... I hope you guys are excited - it's going to sit on the back burner until after the R34 is finished - but I couldn't pass up this deal! Use "ADAMLZ" at for free shipping!

  • Jalissa Torres
    Jalissa Torres

    What’s an average FD? Didn’t know those existed

  • Whispers iWhisper
    Whispers iWhisper

    How much did you get the car for?

  • Ricardo Magaña
    Ricardo Magaña

    He’s selling it already for 55k, just posted it up on the fb forums a few days ago

  • Tsxtasy1

    6:21 Adam cruising in the passing lane... 🙄

  • DisBee Huy
    DisBee Huy

    4 rotors is the way to go!

  • Arjia

    Don't let it "sit" too long, shit will be busted lol.

  • Aston Lee
    Aston Lee

    I am the second owner of a 16,000 mile 93 r1 bone stock red

  • Aston Lee
    Aston Lee

    Nothing but a rotary belongs in the FD I really don’t know what the deal is with this LS conversion it’s so thank you very much

  • Zevi Savage
    Zevi Savage

    Should of just got a corvette if you wanted a ls ... Just killed the whole experience of driving a driver focus car and the experience of a rotary 😢 so disappointed

  • Tool Time
    Tool Time

    What a joke. Put a rotary back in it. Factory twin turbo is fun enough

  • Tony M
    Tony M

    Was excited till I heard the v8 rumble I have a fc rx7 and nothing beats the rotary feel and if you build it the right way it could have just as much power or more than the v8 in it now

  • Daniel

    Hell Yeaaaah!!!!! I love it the LS is the perfect motor for this car.

  • Michael Holman
    Michael Holman

    K swap

  • Nemo Hoes
    Nemo Hoes

    P.P.R.E will sort out a good 4 rotor

  • Rizwan Imran
    Rizwan Imran

    Throw a turbo VQ35DE in there

  • Patrick Herold
    Patrick Herold

    Dude, put a NA quad rotor in it, please!!!!

  • Richarddd

    why v8 the title should be BOUGHT THE WORST RX7 EVER

  • Josh T
    Josh T

    Keep the rotary

  • Cheezo137

    Wow papa adam money lz finally bought an rx7 lets goooo

  • PaperShred Films-MCN
    PaperShred Films-MCN

    Id say a coyote will go in it.

  • PaperShred Films-MCN
    PaperShred Films-MCN

    Is it me or does adams house look darker since 2017?

  • Stan Chase
    Stan Chase


  • B8hovenMC

    So I'm sitting here, thinking to myself "Why hasn't AdamLZ been releasing content?" Then found that UZload unsubscribed me, like WTF? I'm subscribed again, now for a month of catch up 👍

  • edwin van oers
    edwin van oers

    thank the lord a 4 rotor is going in this baby

  • Liam's the man
    Liam's the man

    My dream car is an FD RX7, but I'm never gonna get it cause I'm not 18 yet and it's gonna be a while to even save up enough money for one let alone find one.

  • Assassins Sheep
    Assassins Sheep

    Do a ca18det 🤘🏼

  • Austin Green
    Austin Green

    what kind of wheel are those

  • person unkown
    person unkown

    Should go with Holden V6 for the engine

  • Golden Crypto Supreme
    Golden Crypto Supreme

    “Nope. I don’t gun it” Much respect to that ute ✊🏿

  • Chris Topher
    Chris Topher

    This is the car that should got the bara

  • Ethan Pinto
    Ethan Pinto


  • Mason Atkinson
    Mason Atkinson

    Adam finally has an LS! I want to see him fall in love with how an RX7 should sound. (Like an LS)

    • Asgamon

      Mason Atkinson nahhh should sound like an airplane

  • Zachary Buendia
    Zachary Buendia

    Looks great on the color but put an rb26 single turbo in it Adam LZ

  • LilDustPan aka LilBroomStick aka LilEggCarton
    LilDustPan aka LilBroomStick aka LilEggCarton


  • Austin Tyler
    Austin Tyler

    I’m sorry but I just can’t watch any more swap builds it pains my heart

  • The NJM Way
    The NJM Way

    Keep it NA and build a short crank Bridgeport triple like mad mikes mx5 drift car

  • Curtis Coursey
    Curtis Coursey

    4 rotor no questions asked

  • Ryan

    4 ROTOR

  • Jesse Gutierrez
    Jesse Gutierrez

    Song at 8:52?

  • khaleel mohammed
    khaleel mohammed

    adam plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz do a rotory plz allof us want it put a 13b or 4 rotor ora 3 rotor plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz all of us want it plz

  • Patrick Raymond
    Patrick Raymond

    What year is this puppy?

  • Luke Sole
    Luke Sole

    26b twin turbo man and it will be awesome

  • Jeremy Wilmot
    Jeremy Wilmot

    K swap it will be light as hell and dependable. beautiful color

  • Brooklyn Chalmers
    Brooklyn Chalmers

    Me: watches the cinematic. “Yo it looks sick”. Here’s him start it up: For F**k sake...

  • Marshall Mills
    Marshall Mills

    Lmaooo 9:20 is where I get my nic from

  • Nuttty5.0

    He’s gonna do a sr20 I’m calling it.

  • henneys_ Johansson
    henneys_ Johansson

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO, it needs rotor engine

  • Russianese

    rx7 feeling big? never heard that before

  • Sweet 57
    Sweet 57

    Honda k series turbo

  • Joe Stan
    Joe Stan

    Shelby swap.... its only fair

  • natewesselink

    Im calling it now, hes going to buy an 86 soon

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow Adam trolled me I fought that car had a rotary in it but a v8 instead wow I got trolled so bad.😂👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice FD rx7 adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • MiD_B3AST

    I will not watch a fd video until it has a rotary in it 🤮

  • Jhovanny Mosquera
    Jhovanny Mosquera

    Why? 😢

  • stormtropper88

    You should do a built 4g63 swap light make a ton a of power. And rev it to the moon ! Unless you go 2jz or rb

  • Joshua Leger
    Joshua Leger

    20B Swap PLZZZ Big turbskis

  • R4 G4ming
    R4 G4ming

    I think you should do a veilside body kit for the fD its one of my dreamz

  • Bram Reinders
    Bram Reinders

    Hmmmm 20B Hopefully adam does go for a rotory engine

  • David Pham
    David Pham

    20b set up leggo!!

  • dduurraannn


  • Blitzkrieg131

    Please put a rotary back in! They are so unique and special! Save the wenkels

  • Innovaspeed

    I'm currently looking for an LS3 and a T56. I'll give you $12k for the whole thing once you pull it out.

    • Adam LZ
      Adam LZ

      Shoot an email to

  • Roy stouten
    Roy stouten

    slab a semiPP 20B in

  • Elyer Torres
    Elyer Torres

    Piece of junk if a 13B or 20B dont go back into it

  • Nick Sperlein
    Nick Sperlein

    I’m the only person that got excited when I head the LS lol. I’m only hurt a little bit. 😂

  • Dup Dap
    Dup Dap

    Adam got a yellow car before jimmy haha

  • The DIY Tuners
    The DIY Tuners

    I'm thinking full PP n/a 3 rotor be perfect for that car

  • Trent Baker
    Trent Baker

    Please just keep the popups, that's all that truly matters

  • Silas

    20B is going in 🥱

  • capncrunch110

    3 or 4 rotor!

  • mike sadowski
    mike sadowski

    " dream " in the titles is getting stupid

  • vClxmps-VS


  • Sir Psycho
    Sir Psycho

    you can put anything you want in that rx-7 long as its a rotary....... "do the FD Justice"!

  • Halid Ramzan
    Halid Ramzan

    Adam and Taylor are officially the rotary brothers from initial D. Except both their rx7s are Ls swapped. So they're the LS brothers?🤔 Am I the only one seeing this? Even the colours are the same!😱 (Euro beat intensifies)

  • Gabe z32
    Gabe z32

    20b ftw

  • Gabe z32
    Gabe z32

    Oh he bought a c5

  • Smokin Hemi
    Smokin Hemi

    Miata swap ?😂

  • Smokin Hemi
    Smokin Hemi

    Keep the LS

  • Rymx5

    20b or 26b that is the question

  • MrPsychoXninja

    Sooooooo does that mean it's getting a doritos ?

  • Lance Short
    Lance Short

    K SWAP IT. YOU WON'T. (Where's Hert when you need him??)

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    Its Got to be a K24 turbo. Lighter than the 13b I believe? Bring back the handling.

  • Cameron Mardis
    Cameron Mardis

    What’s the song @1:00 ??

  • cptLord M.
    cptLord M.

    You better put that Dorito in it or quit the JDM community. Thats not even an FD anymore its some throw up.

  • Bimmer Games
    Bimmer Games

    I want to see a 1.5 JZ in it 😍

  • pnoymatt

    k swap

  • BillyBlitzkrieg

    Do something with the LS don’t sell it find a shell for it

  • Nartnet

    Why do y’all hate reliability?😂

  • Kyle White
    Kyle White

    I hope he does a 3-rotor swap. It's my favorite rotary engine. Anything but a rotary in an FD is a sin.

    • The K18
      The K18


  • Caden Kelley
    Caden Kelley


  • DetroitOnWheels


  • Eric Rosenkranz
    Eric Rosenkranz

    do a 20b best sound ever

  • Logan reed
    Logan reed

    If anyone knows what motors I can swap in my 2006 nissan sentra please let me know

  • Logan reed
    Logan reed

    You have no idea about alignment issues🤣 if you let go of my steering wheel you're turning left🤣🤣

  • Jirka Hampl
    Jirka Hampl

    Man. I hope it's gonna be 20B

  • Beneath Remains
    Beneath Remains

    Power Seals. Best part to give a rotary for reliability.


    Turn it into a billet 4 rotor engine twin turbo sequential transmission Reer mounted intercooler with a scoop for it on top of the car

  • Colton Brydges
    Colton Brydges

    20b swap please

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