I owe you an explanation...
Broke the JZX... Johan got some more R34 stuff done... and some big news potentially brewing!

  • Rydnorth

    The editing keeps me intrigued, these videos have been 🔥🔥🔥

  • Grant Adams
    Grant Adams

    What is that keep floating song that you had on one of your vids of the day in the life. Please lmk

  • Zayden Peters
    Zayden Peters

    Yoo last time I watched him was when he was with tanner and it was his first time seeing the bmx park for the first time and it was raining everywhere so it was so slippery god dam I’m old

  • Damian Sebastian
    Damian Sebastian

    Joe-Hans welding is insane, just look at those pipes!!!

  • Jack JD
    Jack JD



    Johan has one of the hardest jobs in the world, pleasing adam lz by building the perfect GT-R 😂😂

  • Patriec Ratliffe
    Patriec Ratliffe

    How do u have an r34?! U can't import them until 2024?! Ik cause that's my all time dream car

    • Patriec Ratliffe
      Patriec Ratliffe

      In order to import them legally the car has to be 20 years old to import or it has to be a rare car or a collectors and if u do it that way u only can have 10000 miles a year

  • Thomas Miata
    Thomas Miata

    Best of luck with the new place and new engine sir!

  • Bob Higgison
    Bob Higgison

    No explanation necessary. I now how hard it is to work with sponsors. They want their product out there, and you have to do your best to achieve that. Broken cars do little for sponsors. My line of work as a crash rescue person attracts very little sponsorship as nobody likes broken cars, but they do enjoy the heartache when someone crashes. I have a naming sponsor only, they gave me my fire gear but no further support. Keep up the good work, maybe catch you down under at a New Zealand drift round sometime


    So sick to watch the mass amounts of growth this channel has been through just over the last few years keep pushing yourself and your brand!!

  • Patrick Hopkins
    Patrick Hopkins

    Can We get a full car tour again sometime soon

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    Drift a viper ?

  • charlie pay
    charlie pay


  • Liam Maddox
    Liam Maddox

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  • Perhk Rocket
    Perhk Rocket

    can i visit i live in the area

  • Z33 Garage
    Z33 Garage

    How much will you charge me to help me drop a clutch in my Z guys? I hear Porsche exhaust every time you all drive down the road XD. My boomer neighbor keeps asking me if I know who it is hahaha ...no

  • Skate for Life
    Skate for Life

    So many different colors😍🤩

  • Daniel Kippen
    Daniel Kippen

    Bro!!! Mikes editing sooo good 😁

  • Priscilla Adderley
    Priscilla Adderley


  • lethal

    I miss when you used to ride bmx

  • Mike Mills
    Mike Mills

    throwback to when adam use to BMX. darn time flies, stay safe homie.

  • kevin

    I think you need a personal apology from aaron ross from that diff

  • AYPOD Media
    AYPOD Media

    isnt that kind of welding negative for the airflow ? The neats are inside causing a turbulence at the airflow which then causes a negative factor on the turbines

  • Robert Rivera
    Robert Rivera

    I know im a little with this question but adam if you see this and you happen to get the new shop would you eveyr consider getting your own dyno so you dont have to go to say other shops like titan?

  • gravityze

    Adam telling Johan he broke the car is like a kid telling his dad he hit a mailbox

  • XxmrsnipesxX

    Adam upload tryin to find If I won

  • ben taylor
    ben taylor

    Watching old videos and you need Parker back😅, was a good video but he made it so much better👍🏻

  • adri

    The background music is: Ballpoint - Things to Do Thank me later

  • pietu87

    That slip yoke is the weakest link on whole JZX100 driveline. Driftmotion sells a stronger aftermarket forged yoke.

  • justin seenath
    justin seenath

    is how i learn to do bike tricks from you, now cars... damn bro you forgot what started you up :(

  • Jeffrey Caves
    Jeffrey Caves

    We need some more of the white chaser content! She’s missed.

  • 2008gsxr1k

    The way you're doing the drivers intercooler pipe, won't help with flex. You should use the mounting hardware for an airbox on some Hondas. I can provide you part numbers if you need...

  • Ian Pizzimento
    Ian Pizzimento


    • Natalie JJ
      Natalie JJ

      It won't be legally allow to the US until 2026..

  • Владимир Акимов
    Владимир Акимов

    adam, why don't you use vr38 on s15?

  • heavyq

    Sad-am LZ

  • Initial Engineers
    Initial Engineers

    Man where do I apply to work at the LZ compound ?

  • Garrett’s gaming Channel
    Garrett’s gaming Channel

    Can u do a update on all of your cars

  • Speed Culture Studios
    Speed Culture Studios

    Sounds like you need a manager. Or business director? We can discuss appropriate titles, but Someone to work those sponsorship deals for you and draft those reports and “sell” for the business. I can make myself available to discuss further 😉

  • Sean Giese
    Sean Giese

    The sound from the weld fading out was probably the greatest noise from 2020

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Michael McDonough
    Michael McDonough

    Build Brother Build!

  • Zachary man
    Zachary man

    What happen with nikkopotomous.

  • Savage Trucker
    Savage Trucker

    Still waiting to see who won the Supra...

  • Slobodan488

    Where is the 335i????

  • Simon Dowley
    Simon Dowley

    you look at a company called SUMO

  • Utsav Mamtora
    Utsav Mamtora

    "That's an expensive one..."

  • Twosixk

    stay safe adam

  • dust

    Looks like a drive line not a diff

  • dust

    Why you sound like a girl

  • Thomas Amorosso
    Thomas Amorosso

    Adam, when are we gonna find out the winner of the giveaway ?

    • Thomas Amorosso
      Thomas Amorosso

      @Natalie JJ Thank you

    • Natalie JJ
      Natalie JJ

      He already said on twitter they picked the winner and it will be announced today

  • Luis Carrion
    Luis Carrion

    The shop is a car meet itself hahaha

  • Stan Chase
    Stan Chase

    I love new shop build/setup content..

  • Chris Kheluram
    Chris Kheluram

    Those welds though 🔥🔥🔥

  • ryan Herbert
    ryan Herbert


  • Childish Pambino
    Childish Pambino

    can someone help me out where adam got the seatbelt cover for the chaser???

  • Adam Lockington
    Adam Lockington

    We gonna see more stuff on the Barrastang?

  • Dlo 510
    Dlo 510

    Put an LsX In The Chaserrrrrrr

  • Perry Shawana
    Perry Shawana

    Keep it 💯 👌 live fast.love life. coming from bmx to FD. Knew youd be there. One love.

  • Braaap industries
    Braaap industries

    Hey guys, anyone know INTRO song?

  • Stephen Blackstock
    Stephen Blackstock

    “I hate it when my shaft is sad.” 😂😂😂

  • JJ Sorenavki
    JJ Sorenavki

    CRD, Matouks, MSM, JEM, Team Karam, Best Shop's in Australia for GTR's All in New south wale's Maatouk's did my engine for my R32, :D CRD tune in Usa you going to be loving life,

  • anarchyr32

    Still prefer your self video stuff personally. Still Mike edit but not him filming

  • ThatHondaGuy !!
    ThatHondaGuy !!

    Any car guys needing some custom headlights built? I am in NC but if shipping is an option we can arrange. My IG is @Luminousworkz. Thanks.

  • Yeaman947

    What happen to bmx

  • Eurk Ray
    Eurk Ray

    F1 Drift is a great opportunity, do what you have to do Adam!

  • Eddie Lalowski
    Eddie Lalowski

    Ur almost at 3 mil subs !!!

  • Prince 7P
    Prince 7P

    Almost 3m

  • Cody BMX
    Cody BMX

    Is Adam still doing freestyle?

  • CaseyVII

    Adam went straight don vito on us when he broke the chaser 😂

  • Timothy Bungato
    Timothy Bungato

    3 million subscribers before the new year is possible

  • Kenji._X

    adam is buying a racetrack

  • Nathan

    Adam is by far the best UZload car channel out there.

  • Hyppeerr車

    Who peeped the stock z33 in the back 😙🤌🏾

  • Leeland Gambler
    Leeland Gambler

    More raw videos like this plz

  • Jon Gib
    Jon Gib

    He looks painfully thin 😧

  • Ark

    3:10 hahahaha

  • jzbmx2

    Johan better wear some gloves while welding!

  • Avia Desingus
    Avia Desingus

    Sell you're selfe...thats the spirit 😁😁

  • Andrew Welch
    Andrew Welch

    Anyone remember the cream Z giveaway?

  • casper vlogs
    casper vlogs

    Suggestion:you should wrap the rig

  • Jordan Ryder
    Jordan Ryder

    Adam I love ur videos so much ur such an awesome guy 😎

  • Shawn Joseph
    Shawn Joseph

    must be nice to have the money u got, buy what u want when u want, lol, im running some 19 year old winter tires on my car thats only 17 years old, and il be ruynning them until summer, cuz i cant afford used tires even at 50$ a tire

  • luke jonas
    luke jonas

    Can we all take a second to appreciate how non dramatic and straight forward Adam is? No bs just cars, friends, and laughs.

  • Willem Vandessel
    Willem Vandessel

    Good luck finding sponser for FD , i realy hope to see you in pro one again!

  • Shaq-boost

    thanks for the green apple Hi-chew , its my favorite flavor .

  • Kiddepuffers VR
    Kiddepuffers VR

    3:10 I love the sub titles 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dakota Zegarelli
    Dakota Zegarelli

    Those gold wheels would look good on my VW just sayin

  • bentley sayachack
    bentley sayachack

    Have any tips for someone who wants to do a UZload channel? I have a channels name in mind that I want to pass over to my two girls as they get older. They love cars like myself and the channel is geared to young kids and adults. Packed with diy and getting dirty to influence youngsters not to be scared and get out there and help. For the grown ups more detail build and specs. Right now I have a is300 I bought to be the first channels car. Have a spare motor that’s ready to be put together and semi done heads with cams for a na-t 2j. I alway been a car enthusiast since 15 years old. I have had s13/s14/Miata/gs400/is300. I done engine rebuilds. Engine swaps. Custom work like gen4 in a obs Chevy. I know wiring and I’m very passionate about automotive. I have built a few custom 80s motorcycles.

  • Kade Plummer
    Kade Plummer

    Hey I have not seen big boots in a long time

  • The Brass Tack Car and Truck Review Ake
    The Brass Tack Car and Truck Review Ake

    Mini spare uzload.info/fun/gpqimZ3W1omerac/video

  • The Brass Tack Car and Truck Review Ake
    The Brass Tack Car and Truck Review Ake

    Love it check out mini spare how to

  • Alex Petruzzi
    Alex Petruzzi

    what happen to the mustang

  • A deer in headlights
    A deer in headlights

    That song in the beginning is fire. Things to do - Ballpoint

  • The Brass Tack Car and Truck Review Ake
    The Brass Tack Car and Truck Review Ake

    How many Cubans love this channel to learn English

  • Chuck T85
    Chuck T85

    Miss when you bmx bro 🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥. Wasted talent


    What's a car???

  • Spencer Singer
    Spencer Singer

    Gt350 needs 15in drag pack!!!!

  • Spencer Singer
    Spencer Singer

    Mad Scientist Logic 👨‍🔬😈

  • Thomas McPhee
    Thomas McPhee

    Johan better be getting a raise after this, watching him work so hard makes my day because he looks like he’s enjoying everything as he’s working so hard.

  • mick muller
    mick muller

    I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm.