Klutch Kickers Round 5 (Raw Drift Battles)
Well... my GoPro was acting up almost the entire video - and most of what you missed was nonstop laughing and excitement coming out of my mouth. I've had such a blast competing in this series and growing as a driver! LZMFG.com

  • Mathew

    cannot believe you got zero points for the active aero trunk thats crazy

  • Lil T
    Lil T

    Tht low hurt my feelings when he dang it didn’t count

  • Dona Phillips
    Dona Phillips

    We hope you have a great November 🍂 IG: the_plateau_perfectionist 🎨

  • Pablo/Michal Letkiewicz
    Pablo/Michal Letkiewicz

    17:59, someone isnt happy 🤫

  • Glenn John
    Glenn John

    adam is looking old bc he is getting skinnier

  • de Moritz z
    de Moritz z

    The way you are left foot braking so hard your inside frontwheel stops spinning lamoXD

  • Young Reckless Nation
    Young Reckless Nation

    That run against the ls 240 🥵🥵🥵 talk about applying that pressure

  • Bryson White
    Bryson White

    That joker performance s13 needs a whole new rear end or something I see it move back and forth between acceleration and deceleration 18:55

  • Avinaash Sookdeo
    Avinaash Sookdeo

    Nice car Adam

  • Noah Bonte
    Noah Bonte

    U sure u don't have a loud bird in your car😂

  • SKir schner1
    SKir schner1

    I dont get why Adam gets hate in fd live stream comment sections, hes a great person and great driver, haters gonna hate ig

  • Jack

    i forgot how much i love the sound of this car

  • Ridah Manuel
    Ridah Manuel

    You should have a peddle cam for next event, some hand movements and footwork would be choice bro👌

  • Dante LSX
    Dante LSX

    Wicked driving man! Love the E36

  • Rydnorth

    All the turbo and supercharger sounds from all the cars 😍

  • Josh t
    Josh t

    guys just walking in the background trying to get into the video i see you

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson

    Collette Boucher with the water lol

  • Gingerdread

    Collet would make a cute librarian with them glasses on. :D

  • iLLaGe ViDioT
    iLLaGe ViDioT

    19:30, when you're all out of suspension so you make one out of zip ties.

  • Moiez T
    Moiez T

    Where did you get that hood. Cause I’m looking to get one myself

  • Daniel Schultz
    Daniel Schultz

    Vroom vroom and a great line

  • lab zee
    lab zee

    Love driving this track in asetto

  • Rongraal

    Adam LZ I understand you want to get some good clips but i want to see you win thats what im all about.

  • Jeremy M.
    Jeremy M.


  • lee seavolt
    lee seavolt

    I'd bowl against lz! A beer would be shared and my 230 average would be tested.


    So no hot tub?

  • Leo Lopez
    Leo Lopez

    I can image how hard it is to keep it from spinning out in that rain

  • Karlo Didak
    Karlo Didak

    i was so sad when you went off, you drove so good, but keep on going, we want the win in Klutch Kickers and FD

  • Dan_the_drifter

    Until I watched the on board I didn't realise how tight the circuit looks, not much room for error! Just watched the official film and this just looked an amazing event!

  • Vishnu Panwar
    Vishnu Panwar

    I like your mentality, thinking about the win like it should be!

  • Nathan Nasian
    Nathan Nasian

    anyone else see adam flip off the other driver at 18:00 😂😂

  • WaterMelonWolf

    5:27 mans in the back has a "Don't lose sight" T-shirt, love us some Gavin merch on a adamlz video

  • odi e30
    odi e30

    2:12 BMX, so fucking dupe and clever!

  • Vonday

    15:40 Does anybody know the song? I usually don't have trouble finding them but I can't understand the lyrics lol

  • MasteR of69
    MasteR of69

    Sounds like a 1.5jz . New to the videos so don't know cars and specs

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice drifting Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Juan Smit
    Juan Smit

    what the hell was up with flipping the dude off ?

  • Mitchell Accor
    Mitchell Accor

    Felt that frustration and saw it even more on the chase, never lost a single foot of proximity

  • Mitchell Accor
    Mitchell Accor

    At 11:00 min Adam turned it to 10 for qualifiers and they had to throw the zero because of a fucking trunk🙄

  • NJT

    Im glad Adam how you grown up though all those years and found some kind peace in your mind and you care about ppl close to you and making your own perfect world. #respect br0 ^^ keep it like this btw your are great drifter as well

  • mikeXpapa

    insane car, insane driving

  • MSF_Crazy

    Bro at 15:29 I fucking love that he said the bro’s first lmao he knows bro’s before hoes 💯😂😂 Nice Job Adam been watching for about 4 years awesome to see you have gotten into formula drift after just drifting your old 240sx btw where is that at now? I fucking loved that car. Keep up the great work man💯

  • eel1331

    Why did the trunk popping open give you a zero? Where's the logic in that?

  • Chris Mannifield
    Chris Mannifield

    Adam LZ...proving with money that you dont need skill to be consistent... just consistent money......too bad it actually takes skill to run FD tho

    • luga nis
      luga nis

      that makes zero sense

  • eel1331

    That's pretty impressive to be driving on a track that patchy, that good

  • Adam Pearce
    Adam Pearce

    So much lateral speed in this car compared to other cars.

  • Thomas Sanders
    Thomas Sanders

    Looked like Huffman (s14) broke a rear control arm on his lead run

  • Cameron Heiss
    Cameron Heiss

    Some GREAT driving there. You were practically pushing the lead cars in all your chases.

  • lucas ocampo
    lucas ocampo

    when ur too good for the bros, but can’t win against the pros. :( #sadamlz

  • blood red98
    blood red98

    Anybody else wondering where the other 4 rounds are?

  • MotorsportJa

    uzload.info/fun/gKKaaJOpzrKfyGA/video #motorsportja

  • VRheem

    Crazy how this used to be a bmx channel

  • firewall

    A hottub for every round 😭😭😭😭

  • Mike Sheppard
    Mike Sheppard

    19:28 that rear wheel 😅

  • Anthony Scardina
    Anthony Scardina

    Anyone see the middle finger at 18:00

  • Driftjunkies

    Adam, please give me your e36🤩🤩

  • Derek G
    Derek G

    can anyone explain why he holds the handbrake down before he goes?

    • JAMES TV
      JAMES TV

      So this is a drift race and to drift you must not have traction so when holding that handbrake actually called the hydro brake it causes him to lose traction and have better more controllable drifts

  • Kyle Phillips
    Kyle Phillips

    What’s the logic behind a 0 when the trunk opens??

  • Chris Alvarez
    Chris Alvarez

    That save for the 240 SPIN OUT at 9:05 was amazing...

  • MoMo

    Amazing video, but you should add a pedal camera too. :)

  • Raffael Leon
    Raffael Leon

    Does anyone know what music at the beginning of the vid..

  • i am the wolf
    i am the wolf

    street drifting is more my tast feels more natural

  • scott tim
    scott tim

    For a guy that drives so many chassis I say congrats!!!! As a fan to see all these awesome builds I say congrats!!!! As a fan of yours choosing to go pro I feel let down... I love the chassis and the team but I feel shorted when I give up my weekends hoping you challenge taking on the new license. Honest to god I feel like I’m more committed to that S-chassis and pro then you are. I ain’t leaving but I felt it fair to voice my opinion with ya. keep up the dope content.

  • Jack Walsh
    Jack Walsh

    Anyone else see the back left hand wheel of the s14 in Adam’s top 32 battle moving around like mad something sure broke in the back of it

    • JAMES TV
      JAMES TV

      I noticed it too i forget the drivers name but I seen some of his UZload videos what he did was build a custom axel and DS for the rear wheels and they have their own drive shaft that connect directly to the front differential which helps him have more control when drifting and loses traction easier

  • my friend
    my friend

    Adam built a perfect car for this event🤝

  • Lerqk

    ayo i drift this on assetto corsa lmao

  • EnchantedBrwny

    Can someone explain y Adam was chasing so close? I kinda clinched my buttcheeks when he got close to the leaders plz explain

    • EnchantedBrwny

      @JAMES TV tanks g

    • JAMES TV
      JAMES TV

      It’s a drift move I think it’s called chassi chasing or something like that but it causes the opponent to lose control and if the opponent hits you they get disqualified so that’s why.

    • Kivob

      because he can

  • Silver Atom
    Silver Atom

    Anyone notice the 32 battle the cars rear left wheel moved back and forth

    • Silver Atom
      Silver Atom

      @JAMES TV that’s cool 👍🏽

    • JAMES TV
      JAMES TV

      Yea the dudes a youtuber Ifg his channel name but I seen some of his videos he has a custom drive shaft and rear differential but with his custom drive shaft instead of horizontally locking them his made them straight and they spin on different shafts so it helps lose traction easier and have way better control but it decreases the speed majorly and could never be driven in the street

  • ObeyAstroBoy Garcia
    ObeyAstroBoy Garcia

    Can somebody tell me what wheels are those ?

    • JAMES TV
      JAMES TV

      But they are indeed sport wheels if your looking to buy some for fashion

    • JAMES TV
      JAMES TV

      They all got different ones and it’s hard to tell but if you plan on drifting I suggest you just buy some used tires with a little bit of thread enough for you to have traction but not to much to the point you can’t get your back tires up

  • Lee Mcelmeel
    Lee Mcelmeel

    Your driving was definitely on point!!!

  • Josh Dreiling
    Josh Dreiling

    35 drifts better than the s15

  • Max Fathi
    Max Fathi

    Wouldn’t small track tires perform better in the rain than normal drift tires?

    • JAMES TV
      JAMES TV

      No they probably could handle the rain better but the big tires are better for control

  • James

    HAHAHA the BMX badge made me smile

  • cody simmer
    cody simmer

    I want wheels for my e36😭😂

  • Sarah Dell
    Sarah Dell

    What song plays at the beginning?

  • Andrw

    I think Adam is getting a speech impediment

  • MinesBetter

    Damn that last run!!

  • cuco jr
    cuco jr

    Bruh you jink your self

  • Logan Snow
    Logan Snow

    You need a Milwaukee tools sponsorship!!!

  • Erd Geschoss
    Erd Geschoss

    That's not driving on the door anymore, that's living in the doorlock. :-P

  • john martin
    john martin

    Clutch Kickers is the new FL2K!!!

  • Abe Boeve
    Abe Boeve

    Aaaaaa hell with it get the hot tub anyway lol

  • Spooky Cactus
    Spooky Cactus

    12:30 the judges are just jealous they dont have a e36 with active aero

  • bradley Beukes
    bradley Beukes

    Adam if you sell your E36 i will unsubcribe your channel😂😂

  • miojanjic

    Your videos makes me happy:)

  • sleepycb7

    21:20 battle with the s13 with the damn near same livery graphics at lz'sr32...is it me or did "mr flex" flex WAY!! harder on the lead and follow with that car then the others? Could it be cause it looks like lz's 32?🤔hmmm...

  • Little

    E36 backup formula drift car


    Excellent choice of tire for the battles🔥


    Have never been so hyped up while watching a video,literally shouting and going crazy. Absolutely love the vids adam❤😍

  • Rick Rothstein
    Rick Rothstein

    Adam, you still have any of the BMX/BMW emblems for sale? Getting back into BMX with my daughter here in CT and would love to swap one out on my car..

  • Thomas Lindsey
    Thomas Lindsey

    I love the way adam was standing next to his car in his skinny jeans like, hiiii everyone, I'm a drifter.

  • Sandro 29
    Sandro 29

    what color is the e 36?

  • Jaden Anson
    Jaden Anson

    Dude Adam is such an amazing follower in tandems

  • Matthew VanEpps
    Matthew VanEpps

    Barra swapped hot tub content!

  • Thomas Couzner
    Thomas Couzner

    Oi nah Adam mate, you ever rocked the weldy or what brah, Australia wants to know m8

  • Chad Riddle
    Chad Riddle

    Lmao the nooooo practices had me dying

  • * Antonio*
    * Antonio*

    18:00middle finger? hhhhh

  • Paul Langlois
    Paul Langlois

    13:10 - 13:14 should be a meme.

  • Dylan Croxton
    Dylan Croxton

    who else wants to see a bmx sesh at the lz house

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