First Drift Comp in the 1.5JZ E36
Took the e36 up to the Klutch Kicker's comp to see if I could come home with $10,000. I'm beyond happy with the way the car performed and how I drove. Hope you enjoy this!
Additional footage by @christiancotrone
Thumbnail by @robgoodwinphotos

  • David Grant
    David Grant

    I wonder if the fpv drones are ever like super distracting

  • A O
    A O

    Adam lz kid was so funny 😂

  • vogue mist
    vogue mist

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  • PetrKlicz

    IG petr_lukaszczyk

  • Jack Holloway
    Jack Holloway

    7 96TT9

  • Gar Field
    Gar Field

    Fly me down I’ll cut n Polish it!

  • Cole Shenberger
    Cole Shenberger

    Bro that little kid is adorable.

  • Asrt0

    What wheels are on the e36?

  • French Banditi
    French Banditi

    Gaad, what I'd give to learn to drift like that.

  • Saske Petit Frere
    Saske Petit Frere

    The Turbo in The E36 Sounds Like a little UFO

  • 2bidfilmsguy

    Damn that drone pilot is gettin rowdy

  • Bigimiz 808
    Bigimiz 808

    Adam gose _ I don’t know but the car makes cool noises 🤟🤣🤣

  • Evan Field
    Evan Field

    You just need another 150 to 200hp and more grip and that car will be a beast

  • Rrdison Kryeziu
    Rrdison Kryeziu

    Parker is a real g

  • Vancent Truong
    Vancent Truong

    For 3k id include the paint my man, my pops can do a better job for you

  • Connor Crago
    Connor Crago

    you know whats more impressive than the drifting is the drone foll;owing him lol

  • doT zyroz
    doT zyroz

    Hey bro u should start doing more clutch kicks and less ebrake that what I learned

  • Adrian Jensen
    Adrian Jensen

    "tu,..... tutut.... tuttu"

  • Niko Bertozzi
    Niko Bertozzi

    27:45 that boy sean got me GEEEEEKED 😂😂😂

  • Longboioaks

    Shoulda took it to 2sikkcustoms

  • Kevin Higareda
    Kevin Higareda


  • Nope


  • Ewins 121
    Ewins 121

    U can’t be mad he’s in a pro car your in your not pro “but still crazy” he also has almost Double your horsepower “most likely”

  • kyle burdine
    kyle burdine

    Parker literally just made my week so much better

  • Jake Clauson
    Jake Clauson

    Wow they fked you hard on that job. I work at a body shop which is really expensive compared to other local shops and we would not have charged nearly that much.. probly half althat and would have come out perfect. Perfect as in no dirt, no orange peel and 100% for sure no over spray. And it we only ppg liquid/paint supplies and everything else 3m

  • Upsong

    you should have let me powder coat it

  • Killian O'Reilly
    Killian O'Reilly

    okay i NEED to know how he makes his garrett g25-660's have such a unique flutter

  • Lesley unicorn
    Lesley unicorn

    Does he sold the s14?

  • Bailey Sharp
    Bailey Sharp

    You look better without the weird mustache



    • SHADØW


  • Aidan 91
    Aidan 91

    That was insane!!!

  • Demonspeed 86
    Demonspeed 86

    hell of a life you got there mate, so lucky 👍

  • Zeb Goody
    Zeb Goody

    The e36 sounds so gooooodddd 🤤🤤🤤

  • Emil Barvehed Degebergaskolan 9A
    Emil Barvehed Degebergaskolan 9A

    Can you try to drive street race with one of your Cars i haven’t seen you race🥺❤️

  • Visual x Limits
    Visual x Limits

    15:40 @ryanacevedo 👀👀👀

  • Edwin Garcia
    Edwin Garcia

    Thank god the dude helping you out with the overspray is a Rupes. That guy definitely knows what he’s doing

  • Prophet 710
    Prophet 710

    Awesome video. Last season was a bumpy start to FD and that’s totally okay. I can’t wait to see the progress this season

  • grimzv

    Remember when Adam didn't know a thing about cars? Damn lmao

  • FREN - OGY
    FREN - OGY

    Not a fan of e36's or BMW's in general. but that z4(or z3) looks nice going sideways

  • Wokks

    4:35 thats a strange turn from a kid to a full grown mans arm i had to double take it

  • Enda Mcgrath
    Enda Mcgrath

    Parker was raised well ( James deane t-shirt)

  • Joshua Cantrell
    Joshua Cantrell

    You should take it next time to tommy the guy who does Chris’s cars

  • Noah Cardenas
    Noah Cardenas

    Parker makes these videos more wholesome

  • Fahre Films
    Fahre Films

    2019 - The Year of the Flex 2020- « I love taking shower with everyone»

  • Henry Su
    Henry Su

    Was trying to imitate your hand work through the video, would be cool to see you get a pedal cam so i can study drifting footwork too.

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer

    Damn I thought my 160 IATs in my jeep was bad lol

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer

    Damn I thought my 160 IATs in my jeep was bad lol

  • James Kurz
    James Kurz


  • titties

    We need more Parker in the videos 😂

  • titties

    Should've just taken it to Rand 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • lol per
    lol per

    Why own a toterhome if you just go to hotels?😂 UZload money 😂😂

  • Susp3cct

    Havent had time to check the channel in a sec but dayummnnn the e36's new carbon bits and livery is cleannnn. Also I frickin love the kids J. Dean shirt

  • Nathan

    why aren't you running the car that you had built by enjuku racing?

  • Chris Himself
    Chris Himself

    Adam don't apologize for being uncomfortable when it's hot, or having standards in today's world. It's really important that you live the way you want to live. You paid a shitload of money, money is something you have. Wasted time or knowing you compromised somewhere on a build where you otherwise went all-in isn't something you can afford.

  • ClutchKickerNation

    good video ! honestly everytime i seen you start i kept thinking in my head start in second. I have a s13 with a 1jz zf5 transmission and i usually just go 2-3 since im running s13 4.08 final drive atm and first is just useless. i dont even have anywhere near the hp you do so i could only imagine how a 2-3 felt in your e36

  • naivay

    Any quality painter would cut out the shit with 1500 then 2-3000 and buff it back up?

  • Ezra Dehaan
    Ezra Dehaan

    Wait did he say showers with EVERYONE

  • Cykaurot

    18:20 this run though, look how close he got to the first cone with his nose, omg...

  • Spark Speed Shop
    Spark Speed Shop

    Shout out to @drift.hq 💚💚💚💨

  • J BannermanVlogs
    J BannermanVlogs

    It would be a bit of a road trip but Texas Wrap and Detail in Watauga, Texas looks like they do great work and they’ve done all sorts of cars. Hit them up on Instagram or call them and they would probably be willing to get it done

  • Shift One Photo
    Shift One Photo

    I definitely liked the like button

  • lars kristensen
    lars kristensen

    lol for that price i could do whole car in a stock color :)

    • Omar Leyva
      Omar Leyva

      The car is already fully a stock color

  • averagemodeler

    Awesome video,fantastic driving , getting the generation involved in the sport, whats not to love? Great video man

  • kobe newman
    kobe newman

    Best video yet 🙏

  • Dalaney Dunn
    Dalaney Dunn

    adam you have a mini me

  • Sully Does YouTube
    Sully Does YouTube

    Good comp

  • Kymani Waldron 121
    Kymani Waldron 121

    much respect to this man and his amazing skills

  • Eli Herman
    Eli Herman

    Maybe hit up street bandito? Dude is very meticulous and has the cleanest z on UZload

  • Anthony Bowman
    Anthony Bowman

    Too bad the DriftHQ donks were such whiny bitches about the actual competition.

  • Devon Newman
    Devon Newman

    That kid is having the best time of his life 😂 amazing video and amazing clips, loving the cockpit view.

  • DJ Sheep
    DJ Sheep

    I like how u chase for the door

  • Chris Votour
    Chris Votour

    Love the e36 but what happened to the s15

  • MartinAv_ Official
    MartinAv_ Official

    Once u separated from nichole, vidz became rad & cooler

  • BA#97 Racing
    BA#97 Racing

    Doin' it for dale in that Cadillac.

  • James Hasko
    James Hasko

    auto effects paint and body in gainesville fl

  • 2JDM

    I remember when i took my son to his first drift event. He was a bit scared at first but loved it in the end.

  • hey lets play this
    hey lets play this

    Parker is the best “ mascot” ever.. Loved the “Adam LZ” attempts get did. 😂 You should get him one of those drift carts..

  • Starship FPV
    Starship FPV

    Mini Adam was awesome 🤘🏾😎

  • Justin Eid
    Justin Eid

    Were is the 200 sx

  • Memo Sanchez
    Memo Sanchez

    If your ever in southern California hit me up. I just bought a jet ski also. We can take out the units. Lmk Adam. And great content bro.


    One day Adam is gonna have every 1 and 2 Jz and when nobody can find them he gonna have a load of them

  • gweedo 357
    gweedo 357

    That kid is definitely gonna be a drifter when he grows up good stuff man

  • xsliick

    Bruuuh, I should of went. This was pretty local to me and I was jealous to see all the homies get pics with you.

  • John Higgins
    John Higgins

    Take it to Tommy the painter lol

  • Liam Mccann
    Liam Mccann

    Omg it sounds so mint

  • AE86 Driving Club
    AE86 Driving Club

    Great driving Mr LZ! - Love the inclusion of the lil one in the videos

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz

    Adam shrunk lol

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz

    No need to explain yourself, especially if you’re paying for quality work. You pay for it, you get to complain.

  • awestyrabbit

    if all the videos dont open and close with the kid as adam lz from now on it'll be really disappointing lol

  • Faded Echoes
    Faded Echoes

    The imperfections make the car. Still better than some of the paint jobs done here in South Africa

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones

    Lz is for the kids♥️

  • The Champ
    The Champ

    that kid is so cute!☺️

  • Rocket Benno
    Rocket Benno

    $3000 to paint an engine bay!?!?! Wow.....

  • Sean Henderson
    Sean Henderson

    I just love that Adams drinking a PBR

  • Tim Leming
    Tim Leming

    Adam bro!!! You can wetsand all that out. I've painted many cars. Hardest color was that crazy iridescent color 03 cobra.

  • Jose Alba
    Jose Alba

    The kid is the new star of the channel

  • joshua collins
    joshua collins

    The camera placement is 100% it looks like a video game

  • JT Sneaky
    JT Sneaky

    Should have taken the S15 in my opinion 🤷‍♂️


    So pro drivers showed up to the event and won... Go figure 😂

  • 1981gMachine

    As a professional painter that puts show quality paint jobs on award winning antique cars. You got hosed for the $ spent. Being in PA I can't help you out. If local, I'd wet sand and buff some of the upper spots for you to remove nibs. Just hate seeing people get hosed.