R34 is coming together! + barra goes to car meet
Just a chill weekend with the boys! LZMFG.com

  • Louie

    Gotta try botan rice candy if you haven't already. Favorite Japanese candy that I always get when down in Florida.

  • Kool-Aids Phuckery
    Kool-Aids Phuckery

    Lean hood would look amazing. The engine bay is a work of art.

  • J- Paul
    J- Paul

    When the cam switched at 4:35 I thought the candy was in his ears...

  • AG62

    Ahlgrens Bilar is veeeery popular in Sweden.

  • Dta Jakobs
    Dta Jakobs

    I like him because he doesn't have those Ferrari's and lambos. He has the finer better cars that u can or dare put your tools in. That you don't have to have skills in electronics just to change the plugs. No I mean a Mitsubishi or Nissan or Toyota are the cars. For us the regular dude's not the n born rich kid (oh sorry some here are rich and love his cars I don't mean everybody). No I mean he went from skateboarding and bmx to drifting and racing. Now have a UZload channel with a couple of million subscribers. U rock. And love Starbucks 😂

  • 1984

    So how did you import a R34 into the US? it's not 25 years old yet.

  • CallMe Colin
    CallMe Colin

    How did u get a r34 in America

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice barra Adam love the sound of the engine.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice mustang Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Dahlin


  • KrazySeb

    ahlgrens bilar is pretty najs

  • Erik Hysing
    Erik Hysing

    That Candy is really popular in Sweden

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P

    @tommyfyeah is rubbing off on you

  • Olle Dahl
    Olle Dahl

    HAHAHAH seeing you talk about Ahlgrens Bilar as a swede was truly heartwarming. I'd love to send you some, there are a bunch of diffrent types but you got the OG which remains one of the best!

  • Mr Siggy
    Mr Siggy

    I don't know if its just me or I would personally paint the Mine's strut bar Brushed Gold

  • Rune Boritz
    Rune Boritz

    Ikea sells Bilar (The candy) in most countries :P

  • Gavin Rowe
    Gavin Rowe

    The shaft is to long ;)

  • Rich Corvil
    Rich Corvil

    Adam Will the R34 going to be the next give away

  • BenTheMighty

    The "Bilar" candy is very good, I agree :D

  • eloc801 c
    eloc801 c

    Can we get a old school bmx video just a short sesh on the backyard park

  • Ice cream truck Gang
    Ice cream truck Gang

    Rule 34 barra

  • Philip Nörager
    Philip Nörager

    4:10 Ahlgrens fucking bilar

  • Lincoln King
    Lincoln King

    Hummm Barra r34 sounds alright

  • 1of1 Daniel
    1of1 Daniel

    Am i the only aussie who thought he was going to an australian car meet because of barra in the title

  • Daniel Lynch
    Daniel Lynch

    I'm new to the UCF area where is that meet at

  • Nathan Jernigan
    Nathan Jernigan

    Low key the montez's are taking up to too much of the and there's not enough of Adam talking

  • Fast Lexus
    Fast Lexus

    When are u gonna buy an is300? 👀

  • ITSLukexx 1
    ITSLukexx 1

    That r34 is one of the best looking jdm cars. So nasty it’s insane

  • Noah Kälin
    Noah Kälin

    I wish I could see this bild in real life one day cause I am absolutely in love with how Adam is doing the r34.

  • Noah Collazo
    Noah Collazo

    1:20 if you know what movie that’s from leave a like, you’re a legend.

  • Adrian Hernandez
    Adrian Hernandez

    I got a little too excited to see Adam hop on that bike I was already anticipating a hop bar for good old times sake😭

  • Jaden Chackonal
    Jaden Chackonal

    I can here for bmx and what i found was gold

  • Mas Khecil
    Mas Khecil

    Plis putting barra into the GTR

  • enriquecrivera

    Love it so freaking clean

  • xsliick

    The R34 needs some titanium bolts.

  • flamboyantjew w
    flamboyantjew w

    Who thinks he should race it'sjusta6 twin turbo gt350?

  • Havok

    I just realized how much money this guy has

  • bmx_bot 18
    bmx_bot 18

    hmm that game of bike with Greyson Robert's sounds good ‼

  • Kyle Bergstrom Jr
    Kyle Bergstrom Jr

    Greyson Roberts Game of Bike 🚲

  • Eddie Orellana
    Eddie Orellana

    Adam is the best builder and the best biker

  • Gašper Šavle
    Gašper Šavle


  • Alexander Traficante
    Alexander Traficante

    Play the game of bike!

  • Caleb Crouse
    Caleb Crouse

    #playgameofbike. @GreysonRoberts

  • Avon R
    Avon R

    New video????, absolutely nothing to watch apart from PC repairs and Goonzquad's new house.

  • Anton Hedblom
    Anton Hedblom

    vart är alla hypade svenskar över att han åt bilar?

  • Jake Kaye
    Jake Kaye


  • dwayne Eee
    dwayne Eee

    Hey, just wondering what camera are you using to capture your vlog images? I am amazed by the quality!

  • Gio_cant180

    Bro you got to play the game a bike

  • Wokks

    7:54 all I hear is GRAVY. TRAIN.

  • Dan Southwell
    Dan Southwell


  • corey knight
    corey knight

    Check grayson robert

  • Carabbit

    Game of Bike with Greyson Roberts! Cant wait!

  • Martago Hicks
    Martago Hicks

    Crazy to go back n see how you first started out biking now to this awesome man.

  • Kent Nilsson
    Kent Nilsson

    Ahlgrens Bilar (Ahlgrens Cars) is a real classic in Sweden, They came 1953 and is still a favorite for many Swedes. And we don't have Swedish Fish in Sweden, they are produced especially for the US market.

  • Reece Parks
    Reece Parks

    1:45 is only in Florida lmao


    Greyson Roberts challenged you

  • Joseph Bond
    Joseph Bond

    Wish I had cars like this and just had people that could do this with me

  • mrjordy512

    Can anybody tell we what song is being used at 10:10?

  • bergi85

    Bilar is amazing candy!! Bilar in Swedish means "cars". My favorite candy out there.

  • Lonnie Hutchinson
    Lonnie Hutchinson

    I wanna see that game of bike between you and Greyson Roberts !!!

  • Vrofessor

    Are you doing the game of bike?

  • Logan Bates
    Logan Bates

    I see you sneaking that game of bike in here bud 😉

  • cooolsimon282

    That sway bar be looking like a snacc

  • C4yn3N


  • Sam Drake
    Sam Drake

    The sweet you had is very similar to the UK banana and shrimps. You should be able to get them over in the US

  • Frank

    Content for days with the s15 man keep us hyped...PLEASE

  • Ruben Sousa
    Ruben Sousa

    Where the blond girl with the neon stuff go?

    • Omar Leyva
      Omar Leyva

      She lives in California, but right now she’s in Saint Louis with Adam for FD

  • Nightz

    omg i got so hyped when adam mentioned the ahlgrens bilar , it is sooooo good! love the barra content , keep the good work up !

  • Karl lorence krokmyrdal
    Karl lorence krokmyrdal

    it says Sweden beat cars

  • Chilly Clashing
    Chilly Clashing

    I wonder if I can go as a spectator at FD Saint Louis 🥺

  • Pointern

    Hey Adam.. get me some nice merch ill get you some swedish and norwegian candy ! Deal ? :D

  • Brandon Lockard
    Brandon Lockard

    What is the song at the end of Adams video

  • ryanjones55

    This gon be one of the sickest r34s out there

  • bmx sunday
    bmx sunday

    Get back into bmx lz please

  • Brian Frisbie
    Brian Frisbie

    Adam is the Joe Biden for car parts. XD howd that headlight smell?

  • Dystinct Auto
    Dystinct Auto

    "The shaft was a little bit too long...😉"

  • Aronspecialherba 01
    Aronspecialherba 01

    Adam, I hate to tell you this but I hate what you did to your cream s13

  • David Fakhimi
    David Fakhimi

    4:25 ye bilar is awsome Swedish candy

  • Viggogoransson ?
    Viggogoransson ?

    My proudest moment as a Swede 4:20

  • Oliver Eriksson
    Oliver Eriksson

    Ahlgrens bilar is good shit🇸🇪

  • golfer9419


  • Josue Sanitize your
    Josue Sanitize your

    Mike is a great camera guy, he really lets us see what we usually can’t see

  • Josue Sanitize your
    Josue Sanitize your

    10:14 Adam taking a deep breath of covid-17

  • Justin Malone
    Justin Malone

    Imagine if these guys did some good with all the money they have. Some people can’t even afford ONE car. This kid has about 47

    • Omar Leyva
      Omar Leyva

      Justin Malone Just because someone doesn’t post on the internet about doing a good deed doesn’t mean they don’t

    • Justin Malone
      Justin Malone

      Omar Leyva 😂😂 I care about the people struggling to eat right now, I just know if I had money like that I’d feel obligated to help some people out. Who needs that many goddamn cars anyways.

    • Omar Leyva
      Omar Leyva

      Imagine if you stop caring about what other people do with THEIR money

  • miicro wa we
    miicro wa we

    ahlgrens BILAR

  • BJK

    @ 4:35 after Adam talks about the lollies I thought he had them in his ears.

  • T-west

    Ahlgrens bilar is awesome and quite common over here, both the sour ones and the normal ones on the video!

  • Danger M
    Danger M

    Best sounding barra I've heard hands down. Box sounds mad on full noise gear change but a bit weird on that.. I'm not revving hard enough to change, 3rd to 4th.

  • Justin L
    Justin L

    Wheres the e46

  • Jay Good
    Jay Good

    Keep it burnt looking!👌👌👌

  • Jawan Dent
    Jawan Dent

    Hey think I saw you to day you and your wife and you drifting down here in in Charleston it was your wife

  • Aaron Kase
    Aaron Kase

    R34s are so incredibly over hyped and I've never cared much for that but damn that car is gonna be absolutely amazing

  • Kyle W
    Kyle W

    As soon as you put that hood on it brought me right back to fast and furious when brian brings dom the 10 second supra! "Pop the hood" "2jz no shit" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Navjot Chaggar
    Navjot Chaggar

    That R34 is pure car porn, I need some chill beats and MORE R34

  • Riley Branson
    Riley Branson

    Bro, do what us aussies do, put an rb30 bottom end with the skyline heads on it. Stock bottom end handles shit ton of power.

  • Fobian

    "Ahlgrens bilar" swedish candy, from 1953! Greetings from Denmark 🇩🇰🇸🇪🇩🇰🇸🇪

  • Ttop

    Just got divorced and have been super depressed, watching your videos is all that’s somewhat distracting me

  • Racks47

    should do the same with the good ol 240

  • humboldtef

    Wait... what if you take a clean hood and then paint it to match the small fender burn marks? Or maybe even burn it for real?