Back and better than ever thanks to Titan! Super stoked to have the car again - and we got it looking sick too!

  • Alan Loyd
    Alan Loyd

    Adam: "imagine buying a supra that some youtuber drilled a bunch of holes in" Also Adam: "im giving away my supra!"

  • Connor Robbins
    Connor Robbins

    i cant be the only one watching this dreaming about winning the giveaway

  • Scathing Keyhole
    Scathing Keyhole

    What a car for the giveaway!

  • diki abdul
    diki abdul


  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson

    Open it up and smile😁

  • 無敵五十


  • J- Paul
    J- Paul

    When they showed the A80 I was so confused on when Adam picked that up, lmao

  • Zx Racing
    Zx Racing

    What side skirts are these ?

  • 06Vfr800

    Adam :what camera are you using? image quality is legit . thanks. Love your channel .

  • alex mendoza
    alex mendoza

    You should probably air it up though to prevent bad scraping

  • alex mendoza
    alex mendoza

    Looks good bro

  • alex mendoza
    alex mendoza

    Lol Colette saved the day

  • alex mendoza
    alex mendoza

    Lol he said I'll remind you periodically 🤣😂

  • acloudboy V.1
    acloudboy V.1

    what seats are installed on this supra?

  • alex mendoza
    alex mendoza


  • Patrick Comac
    Patrick Comac

    Who makes the front carbon splitter ? Thanks

  • Patrick Comac
    Patrick Comac

    What wheel/ tire size is he running ?

  • SupraMane69

    That wing ruined that sexy car...🤧


    I wanna get this intake for my a90, i’m running ab 550whp

  • Samuele Schlögel
    Samuele Schlögel

    22:34 gives me goosebumps everytime :D

  • Josh Martinez
    Josh Martinez

    What front lip does he have on ?

    • Zx Racing
      Zx Racing

      Lg heritage

  • Dingus Tardo
    Dingus Tardo

    Song at 32:00 = Goin Strait - Outbreak

  • One Nation Under Duress
    One Nation Under Duress


  • Vertical Equation
    Vertical Equation

    Everything he says I dont understand I just think hes got cool cars

  • CarnageAsada


  • Shane de Bruin
    Shane de Bruin

    You should do the wing in a two tone! Paint the outside white like the body but leave the inside of the wing carbon!

  • Mario Munoz
    Mario Munoz

    I think the Supra will beat the skyline. Why? Easy. Trans in the Supra shifts FAST.

  • Richard Powell
    Richard Powell

    Get a Hunt&Co wing...would be super spicy

  • Norman Bates
    Norman Bates

    It's just a BMW

  • Justin Harmon
    Justin Harmon

    Look up “europeanautogroup” they have the first manual 2020 Supra.

  • Joshua G
    Joshua G


  • Rocco Bergen
    Rocco Bergen

    best supra on yt

  • Tre Webster
    Tre Webster

    I want one😭

  • KingofBS

    Those carbon pieces have transformed your Supra into a SICK car!! Stance BOI for life!!!! LOL

  • MALVERN0100

    how people can hate on these cars amazes me just look at it !!!

  • ID

    Looks really good.

  • Rafael Bustillo
    Rafael Bustillo

    I don't think anybody would want to trade such an iconic car as the MKIV, for the new supra.. well at least I wouldn't..

  • Danny D
    Danny D

    should have used a step drill for the holes....

  • Chesspiece

    How about more info on the Grand National. Next time you go to Titan if that belongs to someone that works there you should see if you can drive it.

  • 209 Garage
    209 Garage

    @33:00 looks like a video game! 🤯🔊🔥😂

  • Curtis New
    Curtis New

    Waiting to see that race yes please..... I also like the black wing if it was white would be way to much white looks sick.!.!.!.!

  • Car K
    Car K

    Hi there! Please watch a full description of 2021 Supra here:

  • Jullian Paras
    Jullian Paras

    what is the exact set up is he running!

  • Paul Womack
    Paul Womack

    am I crazy or is there the faintest bit of music playing through this video

  • Jesus Campos
    Jesus Campos

    “I hate people who like carbon” 😂👍🏼

  • Hotrodanimal

    Just a thought, those carbon pieces would look sick painted in a translucent blue that matched the wheel color but still lets the weave show through

  • r e v e l a r e_ XVII
    r e v e l a r e_ XVII

    Great news guys, there are rumors that Toyota may offer a factory manual and new 500+ HP M3 engine in the future.

  • Austin Ahlin
    Austin Ahlin

    A lot of movement in the rear end for a daily, Check out APEX video on there thought of the suspension on the car.

  • brooke robertson
    brooke robertson

    Whats with gay tash.. ???


    Toyota should do like porsche they make the same old model like targa classic

  • Daniel Clanton
    Daniel Clanton

    Man that nitrous bottle was feeling the Gsssss

  • jarrod bedard
    jarrod bedard

    Shoulda hit up your boy teeg for the street hunter wing!!!!!

  • Lonnie Hutchinson
    Lonnie Hutchinson

    The Supra is looking hard af !

  • joão rodolpho Porto d'Ave
    joão rodolpho Porto d'Ave

    1up for the wing

  • StrangerOfficial

    Sick kit! But the Streethunter wing is better IMO.

  • Jack Mino
    Jack Mino


  • Jack Mino
    Jack Mino

    Wide body

  • TheLamboShow


  • Yutezu

    He has a mk4 sup. That's where the head sized turbo is going! 😋

  • Art Sal
    Art Sal

    Can you please tell me who makes front lip and side skirts it look so awesome 👏

  • Steve Hartles
    Steve Hartles

    That rear wing looks shit take it off Adam 🙈

  • Jonathan Herring
    Jonathan Herring

    I wanna see that race!🤘

  • Us3rNaMeD

    Why adam gotta flex on me with those mag blue te's :(

  • sirstatetheobvo

    go to the strip next to the freedom factory hit up old boy cleet

  • Kimbo Slice
    Kimbo Slice

    Still wild to think that this man just casually has wheels worth 6 grand on his daily

  • Brian Velez
    Brian Velez

    Supra looks fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Mister_Dani_boy MDb
    Mister_Dani_boy MDb

    You should meet up with illiminate ;-)

  • Zachary Farnham
    Zachary Farnham

    I had an 02 g20 with an sr20de and I beat on that thing so hard, it had 235k on it and ran like a champ, too bad I fell asleep and rolled it on the highway

  • James Dye
    James Dye

    How have I not noticed the wheels are blue?! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • DeWeberis

    25:40 🛑 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑 NEVER blow pressurized air straight to your skin. Some might pass throw your skin and cause thrombosis in your arm and doctors might have to amputate it. I know a person who had to do it in one of my previous jobs. 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑

  • Peyton Brimmer
    Peyton Brimmer

    Gotta love the background noise 4:11

  • Tristin Vollmer
    Tristin Vollmer

    loving this music adam has been using

  • __l.666.l__

    Bruh everyone is complaining about him not getting streethunter aero but like it's his car let him do what he wants...

  • Tom Taylor
    Tom Taylor

    You need to street hunter this car!!!!!!


    Pls do all us irish people a favour and buy a twin cam

  • Bryan Gordon
    Bryan Gordon

    Oh my gawd 😍 your supra is so amazing

  • Justin Parker
    Justin Parker

    Yo Adam u shpuld ask titan were Shawn is that worked with them he had a hatch supra n all gears it riped.he worked with them don't know if he does still.but I'm a FL boy born n raise n live in TN watching ur videos since u first started.seminole County FL bokey race n drift life all day every day

  • Luis Carrion
    Luis Carrion

    such a beautiful unit men

  • Tango Miki
    Tango Miki

    To the 1% of people who see this have a great day and I wish you the best stay safe and be grateful for everything in your life! BYE

  • Fishing Sunshine Coast
    Fishing Sunshine Coast

    Wtf is with mike scratching his hand the whole car ride? 😂

  • chase pecore
    chase pecore


  • Prophet 710
    Prophet 710

    Anybody else notice that little hiccup when Adam took the turn after the vette rolled up? Possible issues not yet resolved? Maybe I’m wrong

  • Jasper

    Hope Adam gets a mark 4 already

  • Josh Raju
    Josh Raju

    looks dope, might need to get a front lifter haha

  • Matt Gray
    Matt Gray

    The carbon on the supra did it all for me... Looks so good! Begging you!!! Please don't paint it!!!

  • Dana Cruickshank
    Dana Cruickshank

    I hope that's not makeup U are wearing gay move bro

  • Paul Sandoval
    Paul Sandoval

    Sorry bro but thst bmw is just not working for me...nice rise though

  • Trent Crompton
    Trent Crompton

    Love that you’re using a lot of parts from Australia 👍. We make some good stuff over here

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward

    And I'm not talking about my mk4 supra that I don't have lol

  • Low BodyFat
    Low BodyFat

    Forget the Supra... I’m eyeing that Grand National.

  • Grandma3stro

    Watching that drill bit breach the rear hatch interior trim panel is when I knew you reached the point of no return, lol. No guts, no glory. You know what they say.

  • Henry Fung
    Henry Fung

    I wanna know what do think about the new supra its better than the MK4? Worth it?

  • Thomas Mortinger
    Thomas Mortinger

    Should have bought the street Hunter stuff especially since you're building your super to look exactly like TJ's RX7

  • Joghurt

    Im not sure about that wing but the rest of the car is just perfect

  • Justahighguy

    Is it just me or is adam half baked in the begining lol

  • junior3815

    The Drag Supra phase lasted a long time😂

  • Kris Barnard
    Kris Barnard

    Way better before the spoiler

  • Diesel_Andrew

    Somebody tell Adam he needs a step drill bit🤦🏽‍♂️

  • JustenG

    This Supra is insane!! I want one!

  • Alec Oberle
    Alec Oberle

    The Grand National in the beginning is so clean