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  • Rydnorth

    Adam’s videos feel like a Netflix series and I love it

  • Rydnorth

    Adam’s videos feel like a Netflix series and I love it

  • Expresso FPV
    Expresso FPV

    What’s the computer system talking in the car?

  • Ardi fadel Pratama
    Ardi fadel Pratama

    I just got recommended again by this video for the second time

    • Ardi fadel Pratama
      Ardi fadel Pratama

      @The Expert lol

    • The Expert
      The Expert

      Same i thought it was a new video

  • Mike Eral
    Mike Eral

    Special project will be his moms old engine


    cant you just switch sd carts ?

  • D rock
    D rock

    I had two comments about editing, but that's unnecessary as only one is worth typing. Awesome job Mike.

  • James donaleski
    James donaleski

    You really should purge your welds

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that turbo looks nice.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that rb looks nice.👍😃

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • rokyle2323

    Yeah I weld aluminum everyday and not that I'm the most amazing but there's definitely people that I work with who are machines and make their welds the most consistent possible


    Congratulations on the 3M

  • VANmod Garage: Jpwindsurfer
    VANmod Garage: Jpwindsurfer

    Love LZ, I am subscribing to anyone who likes this comment and subscribes to my channel. 👍 Share the love x

  • Kostas rs
    Kostas rs

    What blow of valve has the r32

  • Paul Harris
    Paul Harris

    Don't Play poker with Freddie, He's got a good game face

  • DasBrando

    That thumbnail tho lmao

  • Nicolas Macias
    Nicolas Macias

    Secret project is something for the rs6

  • Chase Cook
    Chase Cook

    You should get a 1999 Civic Si, that would be sick.

  • Ben Sims
    Ben Sims

    Just started watching Initial d now it all makes sense why you wanted a yellow fd 🤣 you planning to get a tureno next🤞🤞🤞

  • Henk Oosterhof
    Henk Oosterhof

    Suprise? Take all engines out and put pedals in? Back to the bmx times?

  • zzlBOTlzz

    Nobody gonna talk about that midnight purple r34

  • Sean Andersen
    Sean Andersen

    Those of u curious it’s a v8 project of some sort more likely an ls he posted Texas speed parts boxes on Instagram a little bit ago

  • CRASH111


  • Eddie Lalowski
    Eddie Lalowski

    So no head?

  • Bradley Guliker
    Bradley Guliker

    LZ better b putting like 15-30% of his checks away for a rainy day, stay grinding and invest, not only back into the Chanel but into yourself and a salis retirement fund that isn’t selling the cars cuz those your babies

  • Tristan Roleff
    Tristan Roleff

    just buy my 25neo r34 sedan :D

  • Jordan M
    Jordan M

    UZload asked me if Adam's videos are a good recommendation for me and to fill out a little thing as to why. Made me smile because hopefully it pushes your channel to be even bigger and more successful. Love the content brother. 🤟

  • javier magana
    javier magana

    freddy ruined the secret project lol they are working on the yellow FD

  • Josiah Dickens
    Josiah Dickens

    Why isn’t Yohan using gloves while welding

  • Ian Aramburu
    Ian Aramburu

    I like it when Yohan welds but only when it’s for the 34

  • Shaun

    Mikes videos are 🔥

  • Kyle Curtis
    Kyle Curtis

    Merry Christmas from Aus bro, keen for the content in the new year!

  • David Bongartz
    David Bongartz


  • Brendan Vlogz
    Brendan Vlogz

    You should do ur s15 vs the hoonicorn in the hoonicorn vs the world series

  • car stuff
    car stuff

    Drive the 240

  • Bluefyu

    You don’t need a full built motor for the 32, but you WANT one and that’s enough to get one 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Philip-antoine Paquette
    Philip-antoine Paquette

    Secret projet : " 1JZ swapping my OTHER RS6 AVANT "

  • Carl Tolstrup
    Carl Tolstrup

    What hapent to your wife

    • Natalie JJ
      Natalie JJ


  • SAN24

    Hai Adam Lz, Im From Indonesia bro🇮🇩

  • Bryan Dunbar
    Bryan Dunbar

    Supercharger 350z lol 😂

  • Xavier Rodriguez
    Xavier Rodriguez

    The secret project is a corvette saw it in the background last video...

  • lilbettlejuice

    Congratulations on 3.000.000 subscribers!!

  • Schulze Designs
    Schulze Designs

    You need a Björn Pieper (An awesome engine builder from germany) in your life😃 He could modify the pistons so that you don't have clearance issues.

  • luke jonas
    luke jonas

    Voodoo chaser I’m calling it.

  • Roger Griffin
    Roger Griffin

    3:50 What's that LS engine cover doing there is the bottom right???

  • Ben Warnock
    Ben Warnock

    MIKE MIKE MIKE nice welding clips between 2:28 - 2:48

  • jeremy katwaroo
    jeremy katwaroo

    What's the name of the vid where he was in LA and that guy was street drifting his black jz s14?

  • Phoenix PeitaVLOGS
    Phoenix PeitaVLOGS

    Does your dad still have the r32 Adam

  • Junior 249
    Junior 249

    Looking forward to hear about the special build.

  • manny oomrow
    manny oomrow

    What kind car dose yohan drive? Make a video

  • Ethan Sloss
    Ethan Sloss

    Make a 3.4 litre RB and put the neo head on it and put it in the FD car

  • Matt Smally
    Matt Smally

    Secret project is probs yellow rx7 Freddie got pulled over driving it earlier today



  • Landon Marinan
    Landon Marinan

    Does no one notice that Adam isn’t holding that head in the thumbnail lol

  • Jake Small
    Jake Small

    Crazy to think we are at a stage where a 700hp awd car doesn’t feel rowdy enough lol

  • Abdal Camara
    Abdal Camara

    Not gonna lie, Jp’s work being noted during the video... pretty cool

  • Chipp Sholdy
    Chipp Sholdy

    Don't know why youd bother with a neo head your not solving any problems by going to bigger solid buckets when you can use the same bucket the 1jz/2jz/rb26 use with no shims.

  • harleycrx

    Dude wear some damn ppe on your skin when welding, skin cancer is a bitch.

  • Andrew Gaudette
    Andrew Gaudette

    Congrats on 3m followers! Best channel on youtube in my opinion next to mighty car mods and cleetus!

  • Drew Strople
    Drew Strople

    Johans knowledge and skill is mind boggling

  • freeridemachine

    It’d be good to hear an update on the Barra Stang. Hopefully the surprise is the sequential going in and then turning it up.

    • freeridemachine

      @Natalie JJ yep that was a while ago now so hopefully it’s ready to go but I doubt it. There’s probably a bit of custom work to get it in though.

    • Natalie JJ
      Natalie JJ

      He mentioned awhile ago that he’s waiting for the sequential

  • Ismael Mendoza
    Ismael Mendoza

    hey adam give jimmy one of your spare rb manifolds he needs one for the r33


    So when we seeing Matt dial in the new Shop i know it’s happening. 😁

  • Nismoleb89

    Rb swap the z....

  • mathias rahn
    mathias rahn

    love the video

  • Ben Tranter
    Ben Tranter

    Doesn't make any sense imo, if you dont wanna put the neo on because you're unsure if the pistons have valve reliefs, but you gotta take the current head off anyway to put the neo on, you could check the piston clearance? I'm probably misunderstanding something

    • Natalie JJ
      Natalie JJ

      No he’s not taking the current head off, There’s nothing wrong with current head or engine

  • Boston Middaugh
    Boston Middaugh

    papa yohon

  • andrew lukacs
    andrew lukacs

    I love when mike asks questions like he’s actually curious 😂

  • Patrick Stephens
    Patrick Stephens

    A lathe is cheap. The price of tooling is what takes you out at the knees.

  • Axl Metcalf
    Axl Metcalf

    Damn, that lz bmx sticker on the welding mask got me thinking

  • SickFriend1

    Is the secret project Freddy's Leg Enlargement procedure?

  • Matt Frost
    Matt Frost

    You should beef up the Can-am and collab with Danny Duncan

  • Marcio Neves
    Marcio Neves

    whats is the problem of interference? someone explain me please

  • Gerald Rogers
    Gerald Rogers

    Johan got those dimes looking nice👍

  • dadadadankable

    I feel like the "Top Secret" being said at the beginning meant something. The way he said it and the way Freddy Creeper chuckled..


    I’m commenting because 1 good video Adam and 2 cause it helps

  • Von Brook
    Von Brook

    what size is the turbo ?

  • Luke Weinert
    Luke Weinert

    U carnt say yohan isn't o top of his game from changing the dash from the mustang to all the welding come on dude is a gift Adam pay him more money

  • Krishen Gibbon
    Krishen Gibbon

    So is noone gonna talk about the thumbnail ? 😂😂

  • tyler mcisaac
    tyler mcisaac

    Showing all the fab work was really interesting to watch

  • Ilyaas Majiet
    Ilyaas Majiet

    where is elberto like seriously it just came to mind rn 😅

  • Riftzeh

    Song name @ 4:30 anyone please?

    • Riftzeh

      @_AlW_ W Thats the one, you're the best, thanks alot!

    • _AlW_ W
      _AlW_ W

      Prism vision 91nova

  • Dan Nelson
    Dan Nelson

    2:29 you dip that tungsten!

  • noxious89123

    It's great having Freddy around so much. I hope Adam considers adding a dyno to the workshop when he get's a bigger place.

  • Aljaž Ferk
    Aljaž Ferk

    Why dont youtry CryoHeat Metal Treatment for your engine parts and gearbox component?I it works.

  • Anti Power Racing
    Anti Power Racing

    The secret project better be a om606 sitting in the yellow FD

  • Justin Verity
    Justin Verity

    Bring back the longer vids plez 😭

  • Patrick Philpott
    Patrick Philpott

    Any word on shipping for merch 🤧 I haven’t gotten my Christmas gifts yet RIP

  • Liam S
    Liam S

    Mike needs to stop talking behind camera. It’s sort of annoying

    • FMA146

      Totally agree

  • Lucifer for the Street
    Lucifer for the Street

    I need to see you with Taylor ray more again:(

  • Nick Bresnahan
    Nick Bresnahan

    Merry Christmas peeps

  • Rhys Logan
    Rhys Logan

    Man get Johan on the lathe with welding and fabrication skills like his he'll take to it quickly and the possibilities are endless

  • Nemo Speed
    Nemo Speed

    You should just put some gold tape on the part that's burnt.

  • DeVaune Sykes
    DeVaune Sykes

    Can we get some 335 content too? I miss hearing the pops between each shift

  • Shane Kelly
    Shane Kelly

    Gonna use the VooDoo engine for anything?

  • Zane Rasmussen
    Zane Rasmussen

    Dude so I guess that other fabricator is gone huh? I'm cool with that!

  • Torque Monkey
    Torque Monkey

    Take a drink every time Johan says Um. RIP

  • SpAx Kyle
    SpAx Kyle

    What happened with the bmx videos?🥲

  • k k
    k k

    oo secret content! WHATS IN THE BOX