Barra Swapped GT350 Hits the DYNO! (Didn't go so well...)
After two pulls we had a mechanical failure. I'm happy we caught it - and still am very optimistic that we'll have it fixed and better than ever very soon! MERCH -
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  • Brayden Parsons
    Brayden Parsons

    So I’m just curious, why did you pay 90 grand for a gt350 if you were just gonna keep the body? You could have just got a gt or even a eco boost and it would be very similar

  • Cortnie Smith
    Cortnie Smith

    Weirdly that 3 exit looked quite cool

  • Jacob Goodrich
    Jacob Goodrich

    Must be nice to be able to ruin a perfectly good car. Not even trying to hate because I appreciate the build but damn. There was nothing wrong with it to begin with.

  • Trevor Simpson
    Trevor Simpson

    1:50 “i know what im doing” yeah ok buddy thats why u using an orbital buffer and not a real mans buffer aka the variable speed buffer 🤣🤣

  • Andrew Meadows
    Andrew Meadows

    The mustang in America LZ

    • Andrew Meadows
      Andrew Meadows

      Tokyo March a mustang LeonVM

  • Buddii_315

    I sorry I don’t know much about a Barra engine but why does it sound like a v8, isn’t a inline



  • Joseph O'Day
    Joseph O'Day

    So no more bmx?!... God your a knob! Nobody cares about cars... Also you have a molester stash!

  • Vance

    Does this swap into an mt82 trans easily?

  • Trapdoor

    the pull at 17:04 right as you let off the gas a shard of metal falls out of the rim.. looks kinda like the metal found later when you had it on lift

  • robin091386

    Hi lz

  • mick666100

    Just found this channel today stoked to see a Barra in America my car is pretty mild compared to this weapon a BF XR6 turbo makes 560 rwhp and 800nm of torque on 14 psi still fun to drive for my daily great cars he should import one to the states ZF six speed auto is a good box if built right Barra the world Australia’s fastest street driven falcon makes over 2000hp and runs 7 sec passes

  • Frost Wafflezz
    Frost Wafflezz

    Am I the only one that noticed how the front side fender was Getting Burnt

  • Tyler Thornton
    Tyler Thornton

    Wrap the roof black or carbon or something cool that would look good

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown

    Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!! Yewwww

  • pricey0986

    Instead of separate spacers for each bolt, why not machine a whole ring spacer with holes for bolts that would go round the circumference of the torque converter..... just a crazy thought 🤪🤪 Edit: I know I'm abit late to the party

  • SilverRaven1959

    What a waste. The GT 5.3 Voodoo has a lot more potential than a Barra...I admit I don't know much about Barra but educate me please!

  • Deacon clark
    Deacon clark

    What motor is that

  • Fredrick Rourk
    Fredrick Rourk

    Well guess you have to do a 2.3L SVO Build now.

  • LJmods

    Fuckin beauty

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that mustang is qwick.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Yes the Dino run on the mustang let’s go.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice mustang Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Jacob Bents
    Jacob Bents

    I like the single exhaust on one side. Makes it look like the monster it is

  • Johnny Burley
    Johnny Burley

    22:50 warranty voided lol

  • Levi Whitman
    Levi Whitman

    How are you going to get the torque converter to be balanced and not vibrate at high rpm if you plan to weld on it

  • Tim Dynon
    Tim Dynon

    Please put a clear bonnet on it for Australia 🇦🇺

  • Thekyle Bryson
    Thekyle Bryson

    Hollow billet?

  • CycloneXCry

    The 6hpzf is found in bmw 335i’ u might be able to pull one

  • YOUNG 365
    YOUNG 365

    Always wondered why people put dual exhaust on an inline motor. Just something to cause restriction or turbulence.

  • Rob Atty
    Rob Atty

    when my brake pedal wasnt holding the bump switch anymore on my old honda, i duct taped a penny to the spot the plug was in lmao

  • Jayy Sheehan
    Jayy Sheehan

    What paint color is that? Very 👍 color code?#

  • James Keller
    James Keller

    That's what we call *self-clearancing*

  • Jace’s Own World
    Jace’s Own World

    The first GT350 to sound worse than it did from the factory...

  • mazibox99

    This is R6 engine?


    The other option would be is to have a torque converter with 6 bolts. Like a 4l80e. You boys are making to much torque for 4 bolts. You could weld 2 more ears or bosses to that torque converter.

  • TurboXR

    Why not the TR6060 and just go manual with it? If you're going to go the ZF route, make sure you get a good trans cooler with it. My XR6T has had over 400HP for the last 13 years, still has the original turbo and motor *touch wood* That or just go a powerglide lol.

  • Brian rapley
    Brian rapley


  • Detailed model cars
    Detailed model cars

    love the video yeah would need a Fg xr6 turbo transmission for sure but I don't think it would work with paddle shifts but wish you all the luck 🙏👍🔥 will be a killer car when done those engine are great we love them down here in Australia 👍

  • Mattmann

    You can see aluminum shavings blowing out of the wheel at 25:05

  • Muhdirfan14

    Get rx7 or rx8 for next project with the rotary engine in it, not some v8

  • batmon26

    detail manager here. thinner will take that completely off in 20 seconds. then polish out any hazing left behind

  • Bennie Medina
    Bennie Medina

    Take the box out of an fpv gt , fg series sould connect straight . cause thats same box but for miami engine. (Aussie coyote blown from factory

  • Soap

    yo the heat mark looks so cool

  • tryistan boushack
    tryistan boushack

    I’m trying to find a place in SoCal that’ll SR20 swap my 240. Does anyone know where’s a good place because I’m having a hard time finding one plz help.

  • Terrence Jefferson
    Terrence Jefferson

    What’s kind of gun is that? I want one lol

  • Jordan's Mobile Detailing
    Jordan's Mobile Detailing

    Its my birthday and all i want is a single turbo setup for my coyote :(

  • Little Rascals
    Little Rascals

    Wasted 25 minutes of my life watching this garbage

  • trianggaindra lukmana
    trianggaindra lukmana

    do t56 manual trans

  • Rob Roy
    Rob Roy

    Found on road dead.

  • Thomas Eisen
    Thomas Eisen

    I would weld the flywheel not the converter,

  • Guillen

    These vlogs would be more enjoyable if they were less than 20 minutes. They have so many boring parts

  • Holzwurm _HD
    Holzwurm _HD

    Why isn't this engine a OEM option?

  • Steve Ramlagan
    Steve Ramlagan

    Bill nye vibes in the beginning

  • HaZz

    Spec tune 420

  • Aaron Vannistelrooy
    Aaron Vannistelrooy

    Honestly buy the proper transmission that comes with it, I got one but you ain’t getting it cause I’m still using my G6E 😂

  • Joshua Furlong
    Joshua Furlong

    Buy the falcon trans and then not worry about the adapter plates should be alot of guys getting rid of them or message Benny's custom works and see

  • Automotive Distributors
    Automotive Distributors

    420 Blaze it Horsepower 69 he says

  • tjbugeye

    Just leave the exhaust. Just so peoples OCD will go crazy. Lol.

  • T U
    T U

    Such a fukin waste

  • John van de Ven
    John van de Ven

    The Barra engine is mostly bulletproof with tons of torque. There are many modified Ford Falcon street cars that output 1,000 kilowatts and are as easy to drive as an unmodified engine. Not sure what that is in horsepower but I am guessing around 1,500. Chrysler Australia manufactured a 4.3 litre straight six back in the seventies with triple sidedraught webers and that engine ran with 400 hp. The Barra engine is thoroughly modern and as long as you are prepared to spend $$$'s then big power will come.

  • DFW Drift Fresh Whips
    DFW Drift Fresh Whips

    Every order I order I request your signature and you still never sign it :(


    Buy and old honda and k swap it pleaseee trust me you wont regret it

  • Allen Potzer
    Allen Potzer

    I came for the car but left for the other bullshit

  • Allen Potzer
    Allen Potzer

    That ping pong gun is legit!

  • Allen Potzer
    Allen Potzer

    The beginning was dumb.

  • Renee Harewood
    Renee Harewood

    I must admit i was never a fan of american muscles cars but this face lift mustang gets my nodd of approval

  • Blindaccuracy

    You say aussie so weird bruv

    • Blindaccuracy

      As an Australian it sounded so weird when you said it haha.

  • Spencer Burke
    Spencer Burke

    Don’t buff adhesive glue into your paint use an alcohol base or solvent first with microfiber comes out easy, then buff if you must. Every time you buff you have less clear coat and if you have a single stage paint you will ruin it and end up on bare metal in seconds if not careful.

  • Driver

    Hey guys welcome to today’s f you that’s funny

  • Joshua Newton
    Joshua Newton

    I love how less pg Adam is gettin

  • David Flores
    David Flores

    that was the voodoo calling for its spot back (jk hope to see a pull soon)

  • Garage Hoon
    Garage Hoon

    If you put a bit of petrol on a rag it would get rid of the glue off the tape off the car just a little tip🤙

  • Elliot Osman
    Elliot Osman

    Get a full on holinger sequential in it!

  • Colin Farrens
    Colin Farrens

    Please put a a big cowl hood on it lol

  • Kewin Stewart
    Kewin Stewart

    Definitely should bring over a zf and build it

  • Scott

    I really watch these for the cute guy with the stash 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Jake Young
    Jake Young

    What specs is a barra

  • Bizerk Inc
    Bizerk Inc

    Zf 6 speed trans Would be best option

  • Cassidy Bonser
    Cassidy Bonser

    The intro😂😂

  • Brad Palma
    Brad Palma

  • Rene Stanneveld
    Rene Stanneveld

    parking lot filled with real cars and this idiot comes up driving his made in USA crap :P

  • Korn Pop
    Korn Pop

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, Adam LZ is the hardest working guy on u-tube keep adding to your super team

  • Frank A
    Frank A

    Prep solvent will take tape glue off in rapid form. Just FYI

  • jonny jo
    jonny jo

    I missed Adam very much 🙂😆😊

  • Harley Reinke
    Harley Reinke

    I'm a new viewer. But wasn't Titan involved in some heavy legal battles with a customer?

  • hansenleal

    What was that burst of pressure escaping from the front of the motor

  • Matthew Coradeschi
    Matthew Coradeschi

    00:01 Ah, I've missed 50th try Adam lmaooooo

  • Killabee-23

    Adam I’m sooo happy you’re doing this build. I’ve been wanting to do a barra build myself but don’t have the resources to do so. So I’m glad to see an American doing an awesome barra build that engine is NASTY!!!

  • DJ Will W
    DJ Will W

    Go take a listen to my new track, on my channel! Much appreciated guys

  • Phillip Jack
    Phillip Jack

    Why not get a zf falcon xr6 6speed, already a factory option that would be a straight bolt on not requiring a adapter

  • Abused Logic
    Abused Logic

    Did that into gove anyone else early 2000s mtv vibes

  • Kyle Adolph
    Kyle Adolph

    Use Ship Station everyday for our business. We are in the vapor industry and we love ship station. Awesome video Adam!

  • The Improvements Guy
    The Improvements Guy

    Go all aussie..zf... or if the budget doesnt matter. Hollinger

  • Matt Ashford
    Matt Ashford

    Please just put the head studs in or you will most likely be making content with another engine removal

  • Brian Jacobs
    Brian Jacobs

    I would actually see you guys fix it for a later day then going all out and totally destroying the car. That sucks though could have been worse

  • TheDrlethalassasin

    Barras are like the name suggests, wet soppy smelly things. Dont do it man its old archaic ausie tech. Ford aus sucks.thats why they are dead.

  • Barefoots Backyardbuilds
    Barefoots Backyardbuilds

    I wish we had all vehicles Australia has

  • jacob brookhouse
    jacob brookhouse

    Zf for sure

Schlatt gets fit
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Schlatt gets fit
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