Took the Barra GT350 to a JDM Meet...
LS RX7 go burrrrr skirt and barra go vroom. Its good to be back and having fun at home - especially in this weather! Hope y'all enjoy!

  • cryptic styles
    cryptic styles

    my man freddy is a pretty genuine guy

  • BurningBroom

    Freddy looks just like Billy Corgan.

  • Karma Comments
    Karma Comments

    Roses are red, violets are blue, the part you came for is -> just watch the video 😐

  • David Z
    David Z

    Is his rx7 rotary or cylinder?

  • J Mon
    J Mon

    *Why the homustaches*

  • Taylon

    The first 2 minutes of this video was gold

  • Hellboy

    man that RX7 is fucking gnarly

  • Jacob Donnelly
    Jacob Donnelly

    Yeah didn’t think Americans have barra’s

  • Fin27lay

    Change the rx7 into a Rotary

  • JG

    ive been waiting so long for a static vip build on this channel, Florida boys do it best!

  • Colin Wade
    Colin Wade

    Why put Nissan sticker on a ford engine

  • iiBoogieman

    Im not convinced that Freddy isn't a wizard.

  • de Moritz z
    de Moritz z

    I'm sorry but how could sb actually like his car so low he can't even drive over flat ground?! Stupid in my oppinion

  • Eddie Ramos
    Eddie Ramos

    At 11:02 you can see the mouse lol

  • Jake Richardson
    Jake Richardson

    2:14 “expeeriment”

  • Seth Hollingshead
    Seth Hollingshead

    Uh ya you lifted that head lol

  • Broken Smokin' Spokes
    Broken Smokin' Spokes

    Loosening head studs in the incorrect order can warp the head just as easy as tightening them in the wrong order...yikes.

  • Christian Bourne
    Christian Bourne

    Imagine they do a giveaway on a car and like your 16 with a 900hp barra swapped mustang 😂

  • VO20b Linus Roum
    VO20b Linus Roum

    anyone else started thinking about the rx7 with granade tune when u saw the yellow rx7 in the parking/outside his shop ?

  • IIexcorsistPlays

    Petition for Adam to buy a Honda Nsx aka long boi

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    broo i went from watching you ride bmx to you buying you first drift car and learning donuts and now ur a fd pro doog stuff bro i hope u see this

  • Hecks_ B_Rex
    Hecks_ B_Rex

    Damn i missed the meet at Ace. Looked lit as hell

  • Corey Stanley
    Corey Stanley

    I remember my first time experiencing LS torque...

  • rbjones1996

    RX7/LS my dream combo

  • Bryson Bloomfield
    Bryson Bloomfield

    dude standing like NBA youngboy

  • otto_

    that tail light shaking at 6:35 haha

  • Rydnorth

    Static life! 😂

  • Obsidian Nebula
    Obsidian Nebula

    What happened to His back ?

  • Taine Manaena
    Taine Manaena


  • Murdered5.2 Ram
    Murdered5.2 Ram

    That rx7 definitely sounds like a LS

  • Antonis Sekeris
    Antonis Sekeris

    Hahahah I wanna go home

  • Jackie_v8_d

    1:34 bridal car 1o1? :P... 10:36 hmm where did i hear that recently?? oh ya mafia definitive :D...

  • cj alvanos
    cj alvanos

    you need to relocate the fuze box to the trunk.

  • TheHandyGuy

    I'm oldschool from the early bmx times and I love the new car content, but it always brings me a smile listening to that song at the end

  • Cameron Kovatovich
    Cameron Kovatovich

    people are going to hate me for this but, the Lexus is to low

  • Mac Mann
    Mac Mann

    my name is freddy and people kidnap me because i make shit go faster with tsututu's lol

  • JTXP

    Someones gotta be pretty silly if they believe its a nissan engine... that has the Ford logo embroided into the head 😂

  • Lachlan Moloney
    Lachlan Moloney

    2:49 it's just a jeep thing, you wouldn't understand

  • carguy 101
    carguy 101

    hate adam for not racing these street cars at signals.

  • rayhaan301

    love it, wanted to wear a sub hoodie at mitsi owners day

  • BackIntoGear

    Need to bag that Lexus..

  • Sidewayz JZS161
    Sidewayz JZS161

    Stop saying "its not that" till u bring danny duncan down to the shop😂😂

  • Davis Lambert
    Davis Lambert

    if someone made a movie about adam and the gang, Leonardo dicaprio would play Freddy, its just fact, he's built different.

  • thatsimracer 666
    thatsimracer 666

    i need warning before oulls please my ears need the warning

  • Pedro Vale
    Pedro Vale

    Adam has so many cars that everytime he goes to his garage its a meet on its own🤣🤣🤣

  • Michael Delgado
    Michael Delgado


  • SupremeFox

    Adam needs to put a power glide trans on the barra mustang because it would be soooo much better than the current automatic thats in there currently

  • RideOfWay

    The doors on the chaser was missing, that’s why it made more power

  • Vilius Beniušis
    Vilius Beniušis

    Adam lifted a head and pulled his back 👀😂😂😂

  • lincoln rankine
    lincoln rankine

    Just slap a supercharger fixes top end an u have instant boost but no turbo noise

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    yesssssssssss the barra gt350 is go to a car meet. yes adam.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    nice gt350 adam.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    good video adam.

  • Ollie Denniston
    Ollie Denniston

    hey adam wanna give me your rx? lol

  • G Rapids
    G Rapids

    Goddam, florida's car meets are on a different level than ours...Michigan meets are weak. Bunch of kids in lowered focuses

  • Steve VAG-tuner
    Steve VAG-tuner

    Bro what are you doing you don't loosen a head like that too loosen start from the outside in a x pattern so say Intake side.1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Exhaust 8,9,10,11,12,13,14 You should do it like this to remove so you don't warp the head 1,14,8,7,2,13,9,6 3,12, 10,5,4,11 And to tighten 11,4,5,10,12,3,6,9,13,2,7,8,14,1,

  • Vincent vallis
    Vincent vallis

    No no nooooooo the barra in mustang yes a v8 in rx7 no

  • Vincent vallis
    Vincent vallis

    Only ford makes engines faster than Holden or Chevy bc Holden needed nissan and Chevy don't eavan use turbskiees

  • Camden Sheppard
    Camden Sheppard

    @ 3:44 adam lifts his hat... looks like a strip of hair is shaved... did he bet someone he was gonna win fd?

  • Capitan Ryan
    Capitan Ryan

    At the end you looked like a grown backpack kid, just needed to floss

  • NZbreedsarerare

    Just gotta watch out for the rear axles hitting the chassis on that Lexus haha bent an axle from hitting a speed bump too fast in the past

  • Acropodium

    wait an auto gt350??

  • Oliver Cullen
    Oliver Cullen

    Just put a 3 speed power glide or something. Big barras work really well with long af gears

  • Callen Hurley
    Callen Hurley

    I think Adam is starting to love ls engines. He has way too much fun in that rx7

  • Royal Fitment Photography
    Royal Fitment Photography

    im low key mad he didnt give the amg a gap

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay

    Manual the barra

  • Team Slap
    Team Slap

    Get better Adam

  • Brock Gleason
    Brock Gleason

    Lmao I remember when u only did bmx

  • Coddy Copeland
    Coddy Copeland

    Need to make the wheels nice and tucked on the ls400 👌🏼 that thing is noice

  • Ricardo Perez
    Ricardo Perez

    That car is freaking ridiculous 😂

  • Jackson Miller
    Jackson Miller

    I can’t get over how absolutely insane the barra sounds when you mash the gas to the floor

  • nīru

    Took the LS RX7 to a USDM Meet...

  • Westy Luke
    Westy Luke

    18:07 I still got nooo.....”puts seat belt on” confidence in this build


    V8 in a rx7 pft

  • 10secCarOwner

    14:39 Adam's Lost Twin? || Adam LZ

  • Tree Hay
    Tree Hay

    Bro when are you going to race cleetus with the barra? Im so keen to see it go down the 1/4 mile.

  • 402CarKid

    I can't fathom why people think making your car un drivable is cool. Like it looks ok on some cars but it completely defeats the purpose of a vehicle if it can barley do what it was built for.

  • Nate Sanchez
    Nate Sanchez

    “Florida please give us more of this” knowing damn well it won’t 😂😂

  • Geoff Infield
    Geoff Infield

    Damn that was an enjoyable video lol - nobody sprang the Barra?

  • Conor Costello
    Conor Costello

    13:45 did no one see the bullet hole in the door

  • wrxmann

  • Brian Underwood
    Brian Underwood

    Damnit look do you guyz not see or even understand how much this freddy dude is making I mean looks every other vidja is him tuning/dyno all his cars

  • ENUMeRs

    duDe thIS wHAt wE beEn tELLiN u, pUt tHe LS iN uR DRiFt cAR!! 😂😂😂


    6:35 peep the wobble in the tail light💀

  • Blurry. Media
    Blurry. Media

    Wish my s13 was that good looking, Fuckers Mint** keep up the good work Adam 🙏🏻💯

  • xXxAxsthxticxXx Misty
    xXxAxsthxticxXx Misty

    19:12 (adorable)


    Anyone notice Adams Bruised knuckles??

  • D Nukem
    D Nukem

    I think that’s the first time I seen Freddie’s legs 😂😂

  • Jonathan

    I don’t like Engine swapped rx7 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • M361

    A suggestion for Adam: E46 is weak, put the LS from the RX-7 in the E46. Put Rotary in RX-7, because that’s the only way.

  • Dagan Dudson
    Dagan Dudson

    Find bert 2020

  • Capt. Tyler Beck
    Capt. Tyler Beck

    I’ve been trying to figure out why Freddy looks so familiar to me. Went to Middle School with him, Glad he’s doing well. He was always talking about cars in gym class 😂

  • EastKoma

    rx7 without dorrito in engine bay cant be spicy :D

  • Cris 3
    Cris 3

    It’s was cold for 1 day then went back to hot in Florida 😪😒

  • coldcutcombo withcheese
    coldcutcombo withcheese

    Nicole's peppers

  • Jay Ca
    Jay Ca

    I thought you were in the passenger and driving for a sec lmao

  • Quest

    I'm getting worried, it seems like he's starting to like the LS in the FD... Can't have that happen

    • evokur

      Rotards punching the air rn aka me

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez

    Not low enough 😂

  • naivay

    in Aus its basically Barra vs LS at every traffic light lmao

  • shadow idiot
    shadow idiot

    4:39 when the turbo kicks in