R34 GTR Build Progress - It’s coming together!
It’s finally starting to look like a car again!!!! NEW MERCH AVAILABLE NOW! Every $5 gets you entered for a chance to win my Supra & 15k cash!

  • Alvaro Bjurö
    Alvaro Bjurö

    you should do a video then the build is done talking about al the components that you have used on the build for now I'm exited on what's to come

  • John Higgins
    John Higgins

    Tie cut Pitanium

  • Rydnorth

    I love watching these because i learn so much from Adam and Johan

  • jhaze918

    Z-tune r34 has the upgraded turbo piping 👍👍👍

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    "True four inch" I'm gonna start telling her that 😏

  • Joshua Watson
    Joshua Watson

    Australia is ten x's more advanced at building GTR:S THAN THIS CAR. Its super nice but like what aussies were building here ten plus years ago.

  • Godzilla

    Can totally understand why Mr Boost jumped ship. Johan is a beast at what he does.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice r34 gtr build Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • DGAF Empire
    DGAF Empire

    Love these types of videos. You guys go so in depth and share tons of knowledge. Keep killing it!

  • Wagwann

    Evo 6 tme videos when???

  • Reclaimer Auto
    Reclaimer Auto

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  • KeithKman

    12:00 and 17:00 - holy shit those tig welds look HORRIBLE! 🥴 Pay a professional tig welder to do it!

    • statement leaver
      statement leaver

      14:32 Oh here we go... I can see some previous filler wire set on the tungsten tip. The angle of the point on the tip is too sharp(weld gap to large to fully fill crevice and achieve penetration in both sides). Other than that it's just steadiness of the hands. "Roll,Set wire,Drip+Roll,Repeat!. Mans rubbish talk about machine finish..... skill and quality finishings are learnt through doing lol.

  • Legolas

    Adam put Mines exhaust and you will be the happiest man alive!

  • motorfanatics

    Pretty interesting to see how the HKS Vcam (Valcon) will work with the other engine mods.

  • Brendan keeno
    Brendan keeno

    Should have gone with R35 calipers

  • Joey Dijkstre
    Joey Dijkstre

    When is brake disc is on the wrong side 🤷‍♂️

  • Timothy Holland
    Timothy Holland

    What’s the name of the song he uses for the putto of his videos?

  • Matthew H
    Matthew H

    Single>twin turbo

  • Tunpaz Yim
    Tunpaz Yim

    Im sick of how many times he says "UMMMM"

  • Alex kirkland
    Alex kirkland

    When is the poster going live? Cause it’s not on there

  • Leland Holton
    Leland Holton

    That’s a great print. Still waiting on the Hot Wheel car.

  • Colin Clarke
    Colin Clarke

    glad it’s getting all mucked up

  • kevin desjadon
    kevin desjadon

    Talks about new merch when I havent even got my order from a month ago yet

  • Garrett Acaley
    Garrett Acaley

    You guys should try out this guys purge plugs for all that Ti work you guys are doing. His IG is @tigaesthetics looks like it might help on the setup a little to be more efficient but you guys know what your doing. It’s just a nice product and supports a friends business

  • michaelmeel

    Would of entered the draft but I don’t want that Supra or the cash. I want that r34!!

  • Lergi 14
    Lergi 14

    Yo hold up, how does ha have an r34 in the us?

  • Nathan

    What does LZFMG mean?... Im new here

  • Studio Creampie
    Studio Creampie

    Holy those brakes are so gorgeous

  • Essvd 沈黙
    Essvd 沈黙

    Does anyone know the music he used in the little montage of him putting on the breaks.

  • Gopro

    Endless boys I have the calipers on my honda

  • Nathan Morley
    Nathan Morley

    Adam buy a aussie made pod filter they are reusable and have a nice finish

  • Tyler Knee
    Tyler Knee

    the audio CRISP, the video CRISP, LZ TV next?

  • TheTavarez01

    16:22 song??

  • Black Thunder
    Black Thunder

    I wish I could do that every day that kind of work is so much easier than being an actual Certified mechanic at a real shop there is no diagnosing or troubleshooting or anything like that to do it's so much easier way more relaxing too

  • Maxime Vhw
    Maxime Vhw

    He's not a certified welder is he. Making that tungsten glow like that when sharpening made me cringe so hard xs

  • Hayden Rasband
    Hayden Rasband

    Don't get me wrong, the entire build is amazing and beautiful, but those endless brakes make me feel emotions I've never felt before

  • Junior Mendoza
    Junior Mendoza

    I love the skyline videos. ❤️

  • Jeremy Gauthier
    Jeremy Gauthier

    why there is no subtitle

  • Kyle Glen
    Kyle Glen

    I wonder if he’ll buy another supra when he gives this one away 😂

  • taur

    I own an R34 and know how expensive this shit is. The amount of money going into this car is unreal.

  • Herminio Alvarez
    Herminio Alvarez

    “Tie cut pitanium” would’ve just flew right out my mouth @ (6:47)

  • Vt Daodao
    Vt Daodao

    when you are done,, mark my words,, this will be one of the best looking r34 in da world

  • M&M M
    M&M M

    Super video👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 uzload.info/wiki/5xXet3KVuD824HL9qjjD_A

  • Bob the Builder
    Bob the Builder

    2 turbos? I thought you was going big single smh 😢😢

  • Luck Duck
    Luck Duck

    Looking forward for the merch to come on!

  • Gavin Viereck
    Gavin Viereck

    This car genuinely makes me Happy.

  • Jody Inna Vic
    Jody Inna Vic

    I wake up everyday and watch your videos even if there old ones😂😂 Im starting my own car channel here soon, going to be building donks with my dads mainly caprices, if your reading this maybe your could check me out🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Terence Y
    Terence Y

    GTRs are life!

  • levi slone
    levi slone

    Sad face i missed the poster 💔

  • TheLetter5

    I’ve completely lost track of all of the cars he has.

  • Hanko Lane
    Hanko Lane

    Watching your giveaways makes me sad

  • Chris Rodriguez
    Chris Rodriguez

    That car is so beautiful 🤩

  • krebs

    we need more prints ! :(

  • Chase Abel
    Chase Abel

    How do you enter

  • ELA DC5
    ELA DC5

    This car is a work of art

  • sawyer tryon
    sawyer tryon

    so he has a s13 and a s15... but why no s14 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Killafoo

    Dude stop acting like you know everything and down play people. Fucking rude

  • jarryd grimes
    jarryd grimes

    How is this R34 legal in the states

  • That Racing Channel
    That Racing Channel

    Hell yeah man, looking great! We’ll have to do a sick shoot with our R32 and R34 when its done 😎

    • BAMY X
      BAMY X

      Nah g sorry

  • iyas haha
    iyas haha

    very clean r34 i like it👍from malaysian🇲🇾

  • Chase Deese
    Chase Deese

    Just asking both my orders saying waiting on fulfillment do you have any thoughts on when the orders will ship I ordered the stuff Nov 8th

  • TS Phantom
    TS Phantom

    its still feed bert 2015 !!!!!! #bringbackbert


    Dude I use to watch this guy so much before he got married

  • Travis Wruck
    Travis Wruck

    Update on the barra please

  • wheelieboiz916

    Who remembers the small house with the m3 s13 and Nicole’s Miata and the bmx bike collection

  • Connor B
    Connor B

    I’m personally sooooo glade you’re NOT going big single 🤙

  • Joe Brother
    Joe Brother

    Omg I thought he bought a Corvette 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Brent Hay
    Brent Hay

    Is anyone else experiencing slow processing times for merch orders? I'm up to 3 weeks and nothing has shipped. I get it, they will be mad busy, but 3 weeks!!!

  • Ryan Garcia
    Ryan Garcia

    I really hope that whoever wins the supra doesn’t just sell it. If I won it I’d own it for like 10 years+

  • C-Jay Milburn
    C-Jay Milburn

    It’s going to be like a Sema car when it’s done

  • Juan Martínez
    Juan Martínez

    There’s nothing better than ITB’s.

  • Javaughn Ferguson
    Javaughn Ferguson

    I think Adam is underestimating his mic cause im hearing everyone also

  • That one guy
    That one guy

    just wondering if there was any news on the rest of the s15 skateboards

  • Seb Doyle
    Seb Doyle

    It’s no nut November and he posts a a slow mo of the brakes 🙄

  • Aidan Bulwicz
    Aidan Bulwicz

    Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t you never make your tungsten get red hot when sharpening it? Doesn’t it burn and oxidize the tip ?

  • churchbo

    Support comment from Guam 🇬🇺

  • lil yayo0
    lil yayo0

    i wanna know more ab cars:(

  • lil yayo0
    lil yayo0

    i have a question, if you have a fwd should you get only the rear two control arms to get more traction?

  • Joshua Morales
    Joshua Morales

    Yo can I work for you bro

  • Firechicken217

    This is so unbelievably amazing it should be a sema car

  • Vance Cook
    Vance Cook

    We loove Yohan.

  • Drew Shepard
    Drew Shepard


  • Nick VR
    Nick VR

    the exact opposite of B is for Build LOL

  • ShakeNBlake

    No lapel mics, to legit for us normal peasants

  • Dalton Hill
    Dalton Hill

    I've always vbeen a huge fan of the Midnight Purple and what you have done to this car is breathtaking. Cant wait to hear this thing chooch

  • Heroic Gamer Plays
    Heroic Gamer Plays

    can someone tally up how many times yohan said weld in the vibrant clip? thanks in advance

  • Tom Groth
    Tom Groth

    Love the engine bay progress! You gotta get the Limited Edition HKS 45th anniversary Titanium cat back exhaust on this build! I have it on my R34 GTR, amazing quality and would fit your build so nicely

    • Tom Groth
      Tom Groth

      Terra Firma has them here: tfaspeed.com/products/hks-super-turbo-muffler-ti-45th-limited-edition-for-nissan-skyline-r34-gtr-31029-an003v

  • Ryan Wisdom
    Ryan Wisdom

    This. Is what. It's all. About. Shout out Johan.

  • TJ Bendall
    TJ Bendall

    This will be the baddest GTR ever built in my opinion. Great work! And go kill it in FD brother

  • Big Boppa
    Big Boppa

    😍😍😍 Adam would you just chill my guy. The r34 is waaaay too clean, why you gotta do it to em like that.

  • En Usko
    En Usko

    man I love Johan. he seems like a great person.

  • tyler dennis
    tyler dennis

    just picked up some merch

  • OnkelSvenne

    Make sure to build a equal lenght downpipe. Then you will have a sound more like the singelturbo sound then the stock rb26 twins.

  • Citrix

    Yo Adam please reply last time I watched you was 2 years ago and you were doing great I come back and see that your building 2 gtrs and I’m like wow your successful man

  • martinmo195

    Brakes are on the wrong side😎

  • Elvis Čukurs
    Elvis Čukurs

    Almost said - TIE CUT PIPENANIUM

  • Austinjames827

    Officially the most expensive R34 on this planet!

  • grQmma

    wauwi that engine bay looks sooo good

  • Bend Brothers
    Bend Brothers

    Send us the specs of what size you need for the Titanium muffler, we will sort you out!

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