FD Irwindale Round 7: Competing in a Rental! (900HP LS S14)
After our backup engine let us down... we went to plan B. Thanks ODI!
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  • Tristan Valenciano
    Tristan Valenciano

    Not gonna lie that blue is kinda WET 💦

  • saku

    I think a way to keep it up is by popping that baby into reverse mid drift thats sure to help i graduated from uti btw so i k ow what ik talking about

  • Juan Santino Fernandez
    Juan Santino Fernandez

    Lol this is odi bakchis car with a different livery

  • Team Power Drift
    Team Power Drift

    Hello. i love your onboards!! what cam do you use?

  • PotatoAim416

    If you need to keep it up I suggest Viagra. Lmao sorry.

  • Rad

    Why did you take odies car from last year?

  • Rydnorth

    LS coming to an LZ S15 soon

  • AcE Rez
    AcE Rez

    17:27 viagra bro

  • Silverado Outdoors
    Silverado Outdoors

    This really makes you wonder why he hasn’t gone Ls in his S15 yet

  • Shane de Bruin
    Shane de Bruin

    That last part cracked me up for shure!!!!!

  • Tony Bornfleth
    Tony Bornfleth

    Needs help keepin it up ah!!

  • mx 46 videos
    mx 46 videos

    Sr 20 s15 next year😉

  • Jblah Nblah
    Jblah Nblah

    Odi is the man

  • Egg Smith
    Egg Smith

    he just jumped from a RHD to a LHD is legit, true talent!

  • The Codex
    The Codex

    I didn’t know it’s was odi’s s13.5

  • Xantteboy

    Wannabe race driver haha

  • Damir Selimovic
    Damir Selimovic

    Hit the bank at an angle after co I g off the brake

  • john rosciolo
    john rosciolo

    That Cadillac though

  • Cameron Ray
    Cameron Ray

    That made my night at the end of you just being all weird 🤣

  • ElasJUUL

    I came to the comments to see if anyone said “viagra” when he asked for tips to keep it up

  • Zach Hanson
    Zach Hanson

    I wonder what the average speed is during drift is it like 50-60mph or like 70-80mph??

  • Jason Moser
    Jason Moser

    So... a 900HP supercharged LS S14 is N/A? 7:40

  • vogue mist
    vogue mist

    Insurance company: Does it have a turbo? LZ: Nope. Insurance: So it's NA? LZ: Erm, Ok.

  • Fi77on

    Dan is 4 wheels off already way before he spins on the last turn (13:14)

  • ROB

    LZ curse strikes again☝

  • Kris A
    Kris A

    so to hit the banks better adam is to open up that nitrous lmfao great driving as always man keep it up

  • StuntBoyRez


  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget

    Go NA v8 next season. Less complication, more seat time. Keep it simple

  • Terrance Herrera
    Terrance Herrera

    "Just put it in your mouth" - Collete Davis

  • FastChevy Z28
    FastChevy Z28

    Driver mod

  • Lukas_is_boss 23
    Lukas_is_boss 23

    What rims on are that ??

  • Piotr Kopczyński
    Piotr Kopczyński

    2JZs are awesome! BUT... For street... LS is powerfull, easy to work on and hard as nails... It makes for beter race engine...

  • haris sisic
    haris sisic

    chase cams are 2 exciting

  • Austin Pfahler
    Austin Pfahler

    17:30 viagra😂

  • Stella Marque
    Stella Marque

    second time I'm watching... and again what the hell is that ending clip lol

  • Shadow 51x
    Shadow 51x

    I watched this live and I was super confused on why it was blue and not orange

  • MxchaelD

    just the seemingly effortless power out of the ls always amazes

  • Nick Perkins
    Nick Perkins

    Proud of you for making it go right to still compete man. Nothing but respect for you!

  • Trippn Out Motorsport
    Trippn Out Motorsport

    Thought you couldn’t change cars if you’ve completed a lap during practice.

  • Jayden Ortiz
    Jayden Ortiz

    In the final cutscene Adam looks so funny, 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez

    Commentator really said that the judges would deem adam at fault for leading aasbo off track. Thats FD for you lol

  • Adnan Rasool
    Adnan Rasool

    I love to drift

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    nice drifting adam.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    good video adam.

  • Daniel Clanton
    Daniel Clanton

    Seems like you are right in your element with a blown LS!!

  • Carzanex

    Can I rent a 900hp fd s15??!!??!!!!???!!😮

  • VANmod Garage: Jpwindsurfer
    VANmod Garage: Jpwindsurfer

    Adam killing it as always. I am trying to promote my channel which helps people with mechanical issues etc VANmod, would really appreciate subscriber's to help me out 🙏. Stay safe all

  • Christopher Pitt
    Christopher Pitt

    That shreds tyres so hard😩❤️

  • Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas

    Time to put a V8 in the S15

  • Rikster

    26:52 on had me dead 😂😂😂😂🤣💀💀

  • Cian Farrell
    Cian Farrell

    Why did you have change the livery

  • Arden Nielsen
    Arden Nielsen

    like driving a motorcycle... balance.

  • Zeb

    good driving adam!

  • jrm_ayun

    Even the oracle guys were helping. Saw Dean in the last video hanging out with the crew. This is what's awesome about that whole scene

  • The_Fbaum

    Seeing Adam drifting an LS car is weird af lol

  • Rivs Rettew
    Rivs Rettew

    My favorite part of the drift community is how nice the competition is to each other and how helpful they are amongst the community. Not the first time I've seen an FD driver give up the keys to his backup/spare to another driver just so they can still have a chance to compete.

  • Tony Harrison
    Tony Harrison

    Like I have said and I'll say it again u need to DRYSUMP all RACE ENGINE if u want them to last ......good job on the weekend it's all experience go hard for next year...

  • Lee Mcelmeel
    Lee Mcelmeel

    It should feel like your s15 but with a way more reliable engine

  • Wade Manning
    Wade Manning

    17:30 Ive heard Viagra helps. you should talk to your doctor before using it and if it lasts for longer than 4 hours you should seek help.

  • ASB 1192
    ASB 1192

    17:35 put some extenze , viagra or shit put some blue chew in the gas tank and it should help maybe put all three in together that’ll do the job

  • Mikica23

    HAHAHAHAHA the end of the video is legendary

  • Will W156
    Will W156

    Adam did better in the s14 than s15. Who thinks Adam should go v8? 1uz?

  • TrailRecordingsINC

    4:21-4:27 sooooo spicy might as well smokem if ya gotem!!

  • Justin Dsm
    Justin Dsm

    I was today years old when I realize the whole car was painters tape😂😂🤣

  • Aj bautista
    Aj bautista

    Super happy for you Adam. I've been seen you evolve as a drifter and now you're pro. Super excited to see what's your next move👍💯

  • Aj bautista
    Aj bautista

    "Its not the ride, it's the rider"..

  • RedNeckNinja29

    Well good thing you didn’t mess it up like you did Logan’s 240. Cause I heard you don’t like to hold true to the deals you make and didn’t pay him for the damage like you said

  • TobiasM

    You bought Odi’s car? I never knew that! I should keep up with the channel more when I have time! Great work, to you and the team

  • xXxSINNER1818xXx

    Supra was kinda twitchy on the second round

  • Austin Huffman
    Austin Huffman

    Would be nice if some other event organizers could take a bit of a page from FD’s ‘rona playbook. You know, like not having a crowd, and some semblance of mask and distancing guidelines.

  • kyle08

    I wish i had the money to get cars like yours. I would do anything bro 😂

  • Uffe Madsen
    Uffe Madsen

    Adam you schould consider a electric drift car for 2021 😉uzload.info/fun/o6yqa4S4y6N23ps/video

  • Julian Burns
    Julian Burns

    What do ya know another broken car

  • SiN Loud
    SiN Loud

    youre also way too on top of your steering correction on corner entry, its like youre trying too hard to flick it hard and not allowing yourself to get to the line, so my tip to you is steer less into your turn, be less aggressive aggressive on throttle and steering and you'll find a smoother line

  • SiN Loud
    SiN Loud

    better smoother throttle control, you need to try to limit your throttle as much as possible so that you can ride the limit of the tires grip while in lock

  • TBAuto

    Get some blue chew to help keep it up

  • Just Another slow Hemi 300
    Just Another slow Hemi 300

    Says it’s NA right after showing a clip of the blower in plain view

  • FexionN BlackShot
    FexionN BlackShot

    Am i the only one who feels that odi is the father in drifting. His such an inspirational driver !

  • VividTape

    Video title should be, Adam drifts a car with an actual engine

  • Brandon Mitchell
    Brandon Mitchell

    Please build a 2020 supra next

  • SpiffyDay

    Adam you’re hilarious lol

  • Duh Rye
    Duh Rye

    Turbo LS pro drift car build next?

  • Blazin Off-road
    Blazin Off-road

    20:23 "its na" wtf dude. 5 seconds before that you can clearly see its procharged. Lmao. C'mon Adam

  • Cecil French
    Cecil French

    That car sounds sick should go to a v8 more reliable

  • Aaron Bsnger
    Aaron Bsnger

    Time for v8 drift car

  • Sufyan Sauri
    Sufyan Sauri

    I'm tryna play it safe, that was cool

  • Drew_Tega

    Best ending ever ahahah

  • Matt Streetman
    Matt Streetman

    Love the format of this video

  • Nathan Jernigan
    Nathan Jernigan

    Maybe you could get a front wheel hand brake or make your car be for front brake bias to slow down the front but speed up the rear. just a thought>

  • Simple Jaydan
    Simple Jaydan

    A V pill helps me keep it up

  • HornetXHD

    If Adam keeps doing what he’s doing he’s gonna be one of the best with in 2 years

  • Connor reid
    Connor reid

    Adam: yeah we added a few things and tweaked the car What adam is actually saying: we turned on the nitrous.

  • Carmelo Encarnacion
    Carmelo Encarnacion

    I miss your old videos your teaching bmx tricks.

  • Jake d
    Jake d

    bit of viagra lol

  • Reclaimer Auto
    Reclaimer Auto

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  • Hexsa peddy
    Hexsa peddy

    Once again you are amazing Adam sir ♥️

  • nxk skid
    nxk skid

    I love watching the fd videos it shows a more personal view into what happens at events and the amount of people it takes to make one driver!!!

  • PayMan

    the only thing i liked about this clip was that blond girl (2.36) working. so hot. damnn

  • Joey Corsi
    Joey Corsi

    I’d love to see a pedal cam

  • Vulcanasis

    Forever screaming Adam’s outro song.