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Nothing like some fancy new parts and subframe content! Definitely the longest we've ever taken to piece together a build, but I think it'll be worth the wait.

  • Drifto

    "You can't really have too much oil pressure in an RB, they get mad." Facts lol.

  • Isaiah D
    Isaiah D

    Idk bout yall but every time i see the r34 i smile😌

  • dabeast 2
    dabeast 2

    Buy a real supra when you give that one

  • Charlie Shomette
    Charlie Shomette

    Love the build! But I was hoping this would be a hicas included build, sort of a bummer. Believe me I understand the reasons for a delete kit but the theoretical benefits of rear steer make it worth while to troubleshoot a highly functional hicas system. Idk people just think it’s a bad idea in general if it was why would Porsche still be using rear steer? Idk that’s just me 🤷‍♀️

  • Ryan Wisdom
    Ryan Wisdom

    I've just bought my first car it's a little mitsibishi colt. I wish I knew wish parts are best to clean up first and being to pristine condition if possible

  • Chris Mccullough
    Chris Mccullough

    Good looking cars

  • jjdoubleog -
    jjdoubleog -

    Hey pls go collaborate with a friend of mine her insta is @snowwhitesupra she’s in Florida and has one of the only white Supra’s in the city of Orlando there aren’t a lot of those! It would be super cool to see her in one of your vids, she has an awesome car.

    • jjdoubleog -
      jjdoubleog -

      Like the iconic Supra not gen 5 😂😂

  • 邹凯文

    that's some Dom&letty moment.

  • Jordan Cherrington
    Jordan Cherrington

    Love your video’s bro, they make me happy. Really looking forward to getting my first s15

  • miguel ariel Santos lopez
    miguel ariel Santos lopez

    I hate really hate building subframes

  • BassManBobBassCovers

    All I could think about was good that paint correction came out!

  • Godzilla

    Engine looks beautiful!

  • Nexzy

    dam bro ur girl pulls better than you lmao

  • Tim ImInvisible
    Tim ImInvisible

    Even though that GTR is beautiful in that colour, sometimes I wish the body panels could be clear because the amount of effort and work that is never seen is just such a shame. Plus I love the filming of things like putting the bearings in and the explanations as well. 10/10

  • Nick Conley
    Nick Conley

    She handed you your gapplebees To go with a side of clutch smoked gap and cheese

  • Thatguywithnopancreas


  • ILoveSheep 0121
    ILoveSheep 0121

    Going fyeah spec on this build! 👌


    Anyone else misses Nichole?

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez

    Adam puedes hablar español????

  • David Juarez
    David Juarez

    Where is the hot tub Adam?

  • edc_aquariums_

    Soo still nobody knows the song @6:00

  • Reeshab Maharaj
    Reeshab Maharaj

    We need longer vidoes man

  • Ethan Pepper
    Ethan Pepper

    The patience behind this build is incredible.

  • Shay Oneill
    Shay Oneill

    Red means stop green means go lol

  • Kristy Martel
    Kristy Martel

    Like the stash

  • DeathRowRecords

    Do an is300 drift build

  • Martin Wink
    Martin Wink

    Why not swap an engine on the side of the road?

  • Steven Nunn
    Steven Nunn

    Content as high quality as yours needs to be 4K 60, Adam.

  • Luke Mckee
    Luke Mckee

    Gtr r32 for life

  • Lucas Kuerten™
    Lucas Kuerten™

    it would be cool if adam brings the Z instead of the chaser so he and collete could match

  • Tavian Scharf
    Tavian Scharf

    *will you get any more hats on the site for the supra giveaway*

  • billy bando
    billy bando

    Almost at 3M bro congrats on yet another milestone.

  • Bot Oliver
    Bot Oliver

    you and her reminds of letty and don

  • Y3arZer0

    How do you not have a detailing sponsor yet? Horse poop good sir, horse poop.

  • kyle fournier
    kyle fournier

    i have a video of his GTR irl. i was working at a house right next to his in CT!!!

  • Oscar Frost
    Oscar Frost

    Cant wait for the "building a R34 GTR in 10 minutes"


    i coulda bought a v spec nur about a year ago at 100k just seen some going for almost 5 times that nowadays :'(

  • Kenny Hennig
    Kenny Hennig

    If the chaser kills another jz Time to bara swap it lol

  • Yardman Mike
    Yardman Mike

    Yohan is cool, but what happened to the other guy??

  • Natalie JJ
    Natalie JJ


  • Stephen Moyer
    Stephen Moyer

    those welds at 7:16......interesting

  • Josepino Rizal
    Josepino Rizal

    @6:25 thought he counting the turns 😂 😂 😂 why he going slow

  • Loanys

    You should do a r35 build

  • Loanys

    R34 and s15 is my favorite

  • Brian Cave
    Brian Cave

    Build a Benz. Old school 2000 c280.🤣🤣🤣 clean cruisin car.

  • Diego Gonzalez
    Diego Gonzalez

    alright but who misss the bmx adam lz

  • Hifes

    Yo does anyone know what sunglasses those are? Please lmk

  • Burch Garage
    Burch Garage

    Homie got almost 3m subs😰

  • Ricardo Vallejo
    Ricardo Vallejo

    U should do a complete vlog in spanish with johan 😂😂

  • Devon Yarnell-Scott
    Devon Yarnell-Scott

    Absolute dream girlfriend ripping on the street with her

  • ItsTrulyJ

    I wanna have friends like this 🥺

  • Brandon Gill
    Brandon Gill

    Does the drag setup come with the Supra???

  • Adam Antonacci
    Adam Antonacci

    I better find a adamlz official hair in my fuel pump box

  • Deadm00n

    Seems like the GT3 needs some turbskies.

  • Mike Holdread
    Mike Holdread

    I like Collette's Evo...

  • Mr Flynn
    Mr Flynn

    2:49 lmao I thought it blew up 😂

  • Wavey On
    Wavey On

    Yo why does tj hunts new video look familiar

  • Darvid Augustin
    Darvid Augustin

    I remember a video couple years back of Adam driving someone else's R34 GTR and now he owns one himself, all the best Adam, keep making your dreams into a reality🙌🙏

  • Franco

    Use the cream s13 for drift week!!

  • 91ludesit

    You forgot to drill the holes in the pan divider that tomei specifies in their instructions...

  • clinton boheler
    clinton boheler

    Man I'd really like to win this

  • RoaldJ

    THANK you for pressing the wheelbearing right. Seen way to many videos of doing it wrong..

  • Kayless

    I like the cloudy romantic dream effect for the Porsche backing up

  • andrew lukacs
    andrew lukacs

    You guys need to restock the RB problems shirt I need a xl

  • Gidge

    nothing like a little humidity fogging up the lenses, to say THROWBACK

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward

    I got a Barra T and a R34 T with some stickers!

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward

    Of course it'd sh!t on the ls, 4g's to the front!

  • Christopher Harmon
    Christopher Harmon

    I bought the freaking the vandal and I still didn’t get it yet

  • JR K
    JR K

    Wait are you blowing the water of with a leaf blower this might sound stupid but I actually am curious what that does for car no joke does it leave water spots Adam LZ

    • Omar Leyva
      Omar Leyva

      It dries it

  • Patrik K
    Patrik K

    Please set up Johan with a camera for quick updates

  • Rícé_Duck Gaming
    Rícé_Duck Gaming

    2:48 When you’re trying to fart quietly but this comes out

  • M B
    M B

    Adam looks bald??

  • Dylan Yuen
    Dylan Yuen

    Okay so noted, don’t run a similar setup on my Jzx100 lol

  • Chris

    When this thing is done you are going to get so many offers to buy it, fucking stupid money offers.

  • matt hughey
    matt hughey

    Holy foook I drove past your house yesterday while at work saw the evo 350 and sc clean asl

  • Alexander Reyes
    Alexander Reyes

    Are you guys restocking any other clothes?

  • GoneGinish

    Can’t wait to meet you at FDTX ❤️

  • JACK04 _
    JACK04 _

    Are you guys gonna start recording in 1440p or 4k antyime soon?

  • lukas gramsel
    lukas gramsel

    Get an rwb

  • Ne Gro
    Ne Gro

    you look bald in your dad hats now

  • Jack Aranda
    Jack Aranda

    0:16 I stopped my job because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas

    The GT3 is the only nice car Adam has

  • Pkeniukokito

    the Evo front looks so good! definitely a dream car

  • Cheeki Breeki
    Cheeki Breeki

    Had i known you would have dropped the new r34 merch and restock the s15 merch again in October for the giveaway I would have not ordered my s15 merch in September and couldve not only got both the s15 and r34 merch but also get entered for the giveaway and I would have my merch right now:///()

  • Stampz

    PLS! Get z-tune aero for the r34

  • Cheeki Breeki
    Cheeki Breeki

    I ordered an s15 hoodie and t shirt on September 18th when u did the restock on them after they went out of stock so quickly the first time you dropped them The fact that you dropped the new r34 merch and restocked the s15 merch again and the fact that people ordered the new merch and the restocked old merch and got there stuff shipped faster than my stuff which still hasnt shipped its been over a month its a little upsetting seeing Mr lzed repost people on his insta story who got the new merch already and im still over here waiting for my merch that i ordered a month ago :/

  • Jensen and Vanessa
    Jensen and Vanessa


  • raees ally
    raees ally

    Can someone please confirm that he is getting a rs6

    • Natalie JJ
      Natalie JJ


  • V K
    V K

    Did u just get smoked by Collette ooo boy, don't sleep


    Please please please show to to install a BOATS engine in a CAR....PLEASE 🙏

  • TB Pewch
    TB Pewch

    When is shulmans channel gonna get a shoutout!?

  • Noah Quezada
    Noah Quezada

    i get paid tonight so imma cop one of those r34 t shirts

  • sickpalms

    Skin head!

  • tommyfyeah

    its funny because both of those pans were made by the same guy. he just kept changing his formula until he got to where he is today. thats evolution at its finest

    • Jonas Van Horn
      Jonas Van Horn

      @BIlly Race Hey thanks man! Will do!

    • BIlly Race
      BIlly Race

      @Jonas Van Horn hey, it's the homie, keep cranking out content man.

    • Jonas Van Horn
      Jonas Van Horn

      That’s killer!

    • Tinytony Withtinytestys
      Tinytony Withtinytestys

      Badass as hell

    • Adam LZ
      Adam LZ

      That’s what I thought, but wasn’t sure and didn’t want to say anything

  • Phillip Kruger
    Phillip Kruger

    These days Adam loves his porch 😂

  • Wesley

    Ordered my R34 hoodie last week, still waiting for it to ship out so for now I'll take a video

  • Cathan Reid
    Cathan Reid

    If you dont like Yohan theres something wrong with you

  • Rayen Balkaran
    Rayen Balkaran

    Finally 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • RJ Wittmann
    RJ Wittmann

    I doubt I'll get a response, but where did you end up sending the OEM hardware to get refinished with the zinc plating? I'm looking to reuse the OEM hardware on my car but get it all restored.

    • H H
      H H

      Ask tommy he got it done for adam

  • Hyper Nexoius
    Hyper Nexoius

    waited forever for the s15 hoodie to come back in to stock and i finally got it

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