S15 Oiling Fixes + FD TX Practice
Quick update on some of the new changes to the car as well as my first laps. It's an interesting track for sure! Every $5 spent gets you entered for a chance to win the Supra & $15,000 Cash LZMFG.com

  • FishingFrenzy

    This guy is living the dream

  • Drifto

    The rotary pig was cool.

  • twartra

    What does lzmfg stand for

  • Buffum Auto racing team
    Buffum Auto racing team

    Who else remembers this thing when it was white and on jack stands

  • Rydnorth

    You did so well man! Congrats! Rookie of the year for sure!

  • yellow

    와 카메라 돌아가는거 신기하네

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith

    Freddy is like that one creepy uncle that's actually the sweetest guy 😂

  • DoeBoy 407
    DoeBoy 407

    the grill on the black chaser looks good, you should find one for your orange one

  • DoeBoy 407
    DoeBoy 407

    Adam.... Tokyo Drift....Mona Lisa....that's it. that's the comment. Don't destroy Mona Lisa !

  • Eric’s BBQ And MORE!
    Eric’s BBQ And MORE!

    Is it just me or does Freddy look like the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins 🎃?

  • James Chandler
    James Chandler

    Aristo is the real Japanese 4 door Supra...

  • jarryd grimes
    jarryd grimes

    How is his jzx100’s legal in the states

  • Halid Ramzan
    Halid Ramzan

    I love how Adam and his team are pretty much family.

  • Actkalm

    just got some stuff off your store and noticed there isn't any chaser merch on there, my recommendation would be some white chaser merch that thing is SICK!! just got one for myself and would love to rep the chaser merch! :)

  • cracklingice

    Not a fan of this layout. It's not very entertaining to watch.

  • Brian Alvarez
    Brian Alvarez

    3:31 Adam when the teacher is explaining something and you in your head thinking about how to drive manual

  • TurboDieselDan

    Spend the time to hook up your strain gauge. The slower acceleration can easily cost you places in the ranking.

  • Lester Lesoine
    Lester Lesoine

    You look like davey Allison, looking for your stock car

  • Logan Acott
    Logan Acott

    If l live in Australia do u think u could ship it

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan

    Straight nasty with it

  • FlipnKraut

    What jacket is that?

  • Natasha Stewart
    Natasha Stewart

    We need a new fd car other than the s15

  • dian pratama
    dian pratama

    Is she(collete) wearing a batik mask ?😂

  • Ben Halligan
    Ben Halligan

    Adam did you guys end up changing the front control arm setup or what not??

  • miguel Oliveira
    miguel Oliveira

    i feel like you read my comment about the ebrake and it looks like its helping :) you won that that battle btw!

  • gloriana chavarria
    gloriana chavarria

    que chiva

  • Jeremy Rice
    Jeremy Rice

    Yoouuuu cann doo it i want ta see u on the podium good luck

  • iyan manzano
    iyan manzano

    S15 cloud maker.

  • Dillon Boucher
    Dillon Boucher

    I just took a picture with you today Adam

  • jmpascoal OiO
    jmpascoal OiO

    He hurt my heart when he mentioned a giveaway and the said 2020 supra when there is 2 FUCK8NG CHASERS BEHIND HIM

  • Tariq JZX
    Tariq JZX

    Zzrghomongtfxv sttttuuuuu. Nice noises

  • Sevens

    they robbed him from the win smh

  • Soarer Dave
    Soarer Dave

    You’re making me miss home Adam!!!

  • Cooley 2151
    Cooley 2151

    I’m watching the drift pro competition right now . I like Chris a lot but you got him but let’s see how the OMT goes but I’m supporting you bro . Let’s go

  • Lesley

    adams s15 has decent camber but like the other cars are like / \

  • Pedro Partida
    Pedro Partida

    PM me so I can send you or Collette the picture I took today

  • Jamie.Conayne

    That car looks so sexy being thrashed unreal mr lz

  • Albert

    17:51 Why’s your steering look like it’s fighting it’s self, You can also see the wheel going left and right right after that to..

  • Slipalong

    So they judge who is the best drifter, on a course where there is 3 corners and its over in about 10 seconds? Or am I missing something? Shouldn't the best of the best be doing long technical courses that really show up consistant quality driving?

  • Matthew Hatton
    Matthew Hatton

    He should take this thing to thr strip just for fun

  • matt hill
    matt hill

    You finally look like your getting to grips with the car

  • DaGrumpz

    All you southerner's can't handle the cold lul.

  • 3z willie
    3z willie

    Why is fd track lay out so short?

  • Natalie JJ
    Natalie JJ

    Good luck today

  • King RJ
    King RJ

    Country!!!! Just seeing him in the video has made my day!!

  • Sam Fryer
    Sam Fryer

    You could do with that hot tub now 😂 ❄️

  • Connor Mullan
    Connor Mullan

    Did you get the steering sorted?

  • Johnny Blanche
    Johnny Blanche

    "Avery not yet" when you said

  • Elijah Miles
    Elijah Miles

    Im still waiting to see your car in Forza horizon 4

  • Somphoth B Siratsamy
    Somphoth B Siratsamy

    Thats nice keeping the drift, but u will never know until u punch into the mid turn @ 80mph w/ every single inch of the road eating up all four tires out of the turn, ppl better learn how to keep the ebrake up on fwd

  • Somphoth B Siratsamy
    Somphoth B Siratsamy

    hahhahahahahaha who doesnt understand...

  • Paul Bravo
    Paul Bravo

    Freaking love FD content !!!

  • Joe Brother
    Joe Brother

    I will from now on refer to the s15 as "peach ring"

  • Putra Yuda
    Putra Yuda

    That mask colette use is indonesian batik right?

  • HeathYoung

    Did Adam ever adjust/ fix front end steering and suspension that pat was talking about?

  • Eliza Williams
    Eliza Williams

    #TRUMP2020 If Adam wins in TX then Trumps going to win the election :)

  • Tyler Godwin
    Tyler Godwin

    The follows runs for everyone look a harsh. Lots of smoke to follow.

  • Eric Broten
    Eric Broten

    “They call me Adaam Hussein cuz I’m craaaazzyyy” 😂🤣 that FD stress in full effect

  • The Eturn
    The Eturn

    that entry point does seem short

  • The Eturn
    The Eturn

    HELL YES!!! . . Bucky's nuts

  • slingshot

    I bet he wins this weekend

  • The Eturn
    The Eturn

    damn, i love this S15. . . cant believe i am saying this . however; i think it actually passed my former favorite. (the bronze chaser) peace, Eturn

  • The Eturn
    The Eturn

    that oiling piece in the "trunk" is a decent idea. . . looking at how it works is really cool. . It is sort of like an electronical Capacitor in normal, "everyday" life. . .lol and it does seem like it should work fine

  • LandEHn 12
    LandEHn 12

    Shits crazy how many times I’ve been in that buccees

  • Tanner M
    Tanner M

    Wonder if you should try a orange or yellow helmet visor ,See if it helps with the smoke!

  • Jason Moser
    Jason Moser

    Welcome to my neighborhood! Everything is bigger in Texas. Go Big or Go HOME! GL!

  • Adam Fletcher
    Adam Fletcher

    Well technically the Japanese 4 door supra is the aristo 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • 666Satan666

    Someone please make a compilation of adam saying “spool aid” 😂

  • edwin carcano
    edwin carcano

    we better see you in at least top 8

  • pXXXurp

    I cant believe I've watched you go from bmx to this crap, keep it up man

  • Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson

    Adam looking like alfalfa lmao

  • Beto Duran
    Beto Duran

    Love the vids man !!

  • Akex Mkrynn
    Akex Mkrynn

    Can I please have your bmw

  • JoWEEnaa

    better stop by buc-ee's

  • Ron T
    Ron T


  • JJM

    Wtf is that layout? It's 3 fucking turns lmao fd is a joke

  • CeeJay

    cant believe adam disrespected the IS300 in Murda's state...

  • Oscar Reynoso
    Oscar Reynoso

    You should do a video with Evan Shanks

  • Jordan B
    Jordan B

    i went to the track today and saw you guys in person. didnt say hi cuz im shy maybe next time

  • Reypure207 DR
    Reypure207 DR

    See ya tomorrow

  • Cesar Landaverde
    Cesar Landaverde

    getting lost in the smoke looks terrifying

  • MysteriousKyle

    y’all need carharts for when it gets cold

  • Florian

    the S15 without the rear bumper looks like an e36 compact lol

  • Lxma

    we need an updated peanut butter pizza vid

  • NJT

    You got this ADAM :D sound of your engine in this stadium is insane !!!

  • essey fsehatsion
    essey fsehatsion

    You should do a video when you take one of your most powerful cars into the City and get people's reaction

  • bjorn janssen
    bjorn janssen

    sunday oef letsgooooo ADAM vroem vroem ADAM braaaaaaaab

  • Cory Blakely
    Cory Blakely

    They are building a bucees in Daytona if you haven’t heard about it yet.

  • Allen Barnett
    Allen Barnett

    Good luck Adam.

  • Nitro123

    not sure if this is a frequently asked question but are you ever gonna get a matching fd livery for the tow rig?

  • Lugubrious Motorsports
    Lugubrious Motorsports

    Also looks like your still fighting power steering a bit. Car looks real heavy to drive.

  • Lugubrious Motorsports
    Lugubrious Motorsports

    That layout looks super fun

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    Jimmy O needs to be on your FD team

  • Zachary Root
    Zachary Root

    I love Bucc-ees!

  • Drift 240sx
    Drift 240sx

    The run up does look too short

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Hmm, Adam's last 3 runs were great, only thing I see that will be a problem, are his follow runs, he will do good in lead, but follow might be an Issue, I mean it's just what I've seen from this clips.. But leads he got them

  • Backstreetbob

    Love the tash

  • Braxon Barth
    Braxon Barth

    Race team parkas??

  • Pierre Yvens
    Pierre Yvens

    6:04 was that a 360

  • Gabriel Michel
    Gabriel Michel

    Gs300=4 door Supra