FD Irwindale Practice - Blew my Engine! SOS!
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  • Adam The Turtle
    Adam The Turtle

    "Don't show this in the video" Me: Oh ref, look!

  • Wisdomty

    23:37 we just not gonna talk abt 3 wheels?

  • Greg Marquez
    Greg Marquez

    I live near Irwindale, California

  • Rayhan Ramkissoon
    Rayhan Ramkissoon

    If ur here from the BMX days u are a true legend

  • Kristian Bonis
    Kristian Bonis

    Dude I've noticed that every mechanic I know whether they specialize in bikes or cars are always the biggest kids when they get around other mechanics lol it's amazing they are always so happy because typically every mechanic is a mechanic because they love working on shit and are doing what they love to do. It goes to show that doing exactly what you love doing is the spice of life.

  • Rydnorth

    The car looked so sick with the underglow on at night

  • MMRiDerr 69
    MMRiDerr 69

    there is a man jump roping in the background

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    The clip with him beating the door adding the tiktok clip had me dying

  • Brian Alvarez
    Brian Alvarez

    Damn I think I’m the 1000th comment

  • Aaron Rekker
    Aaron Rekker

    lmfao johan playing jump rope haha

  • D.T.B

    Bro this dude is a legend and has came so far holy F#*k bro this dude Aced Bmx , UCF Grad, and is a monster in the UZload world and is making FD his bi#*h like holy moly dude!! Is this dude gonna become president next or what🤷‍♂️!?🤦‍♂️😂😎🤙💯🙏

  • Joshua Gaming
    Joshua Gaming

    Adam buy a Corvette in twin turbo it 😁

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice drifting Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Timothy Carter Jr
    Timothy Carter Jr

    Aye you be rotating your turbo after a few constant heat ain’t too well

  • vepelex of legend
    vepelex of legend

    I love the silvia s15 its just so sick my dream car

  • Ryan VWilly
    Ryan VWilly

    does anyone know what helmet Adam uses?

  • Reclaimer Auto
    Reclaimer Auto

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  • Doob

    Time lapse was crazy, like a squad of tuner ants 🐜

  • Road Warrior
    Road Warrior

    Adam says he needs to buy a corvette, to join the corvette club, and by owning his CYM LS swapped FD, basically already owns one lol, probably has a decent selection of angle kits to add on I'd imagine

  • Dylan

    engines dont just blow all the time get some proper builders and tuners ffs

  • hexlgaming

    0:06 that wrx on rpf1's looks like a pretty solid daily

  • motorfanatics

    You can do everything right with your engine from building, to mapping, to driving. Sometimes they just break. Usage is wear after all.

  • Dominik Balaban
    Dominik Balaban

    I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 9 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link minepi.com/DominikBalaban and use my username (DominikBalaban) as your invitation code.

  • occupo

    Anyone happen to know what the song at 6 mins in is?


    if you dont dry sump the S15 after losing another motor you are an ignorant smoothbrain

  • Steven Garcia
    Steven Garcia

    Anyone else see the tie rod microphone at the beginning

  • qu1cks1lver56

    The under glow was a nice touch but those headlights need some LED bulbs

  • Tom Budin
    Tom Budin

    dry sump

  • Rawr Sigil
    Rawr Sigil

    Coil lovers

  • lynda jones
    lynda jones

    bro ur check made me want to murder you something about people repeating themselves when they think they are being cute is the worst mood i ever get in

  • Ethan Kim
    Ethan Kim

    How many E30 M3's are in there? Give me one.

  • Fozzybear

    I can't fully tell what the switch powers or know if it made the engine issue worse but if you checkout the console switches at 23:14 on the top row second from the right the light is lit. When the engine fails at 24:14 that light is off so I'm guessing one of the systems wasn't running at the start of the run just before the engine failure.

  • Andre R Memories
    Andre R Memories

    The blue under car lighting actually looks really cool

  • Kadain Smith
    Kadain Smith

    Oh damn... and right before comp day too. I hope you guys sort this out as it would be a mega disappointment if this ends up putting you out of the running. I know you'll work this out!

  • Fionn

    What happened today's video? Just started watching and now it's saying video is private

  • Sajid Tahsin Khan
    Sajid Tahsin Khan

    So it wasn’t just me who found the new video deleted.. Although I’m glad I finished watching the whole thing.

  • Joel van der Voet
    Joel van der Voet

    yes finally e36 m3 look

  • Not Street Legal
    Not Street Legal

    The ginge is such a great addition to this team and probably the main reason Adam is driving so good. Those 2 have a great dynamic not only as friends but their experience driving together I think ginge just knows his driving style and what corrections he needs to make

  • Not Street Legal
    Not Street Legal

    The ginge is such a great addition to this team and probably the main reason Adam is driving so good. Those 2 have a great dynamic not only as friends but their experience driving together I think ginge just knows his driving style and what corrections he needs to make

  • Trey

    Glad I got to see the video before it was taken down, it was a classic, the end with Collete was so funny lol.

  • Kingsmen

    Your newest video with the rental won't let me watch it as it's been blocked or something

  • sid 18
    sid 18

    Why is the new video private, noooooo

  • Mathew Gerald
    Mathew Gerald


  • Tuur Van Gucht
    Tuur Van Gucht

    what happend to the next video?? i accedentaly closed it and now its gone

  • Ethan Simon
    Ethan Simon

    Bruh am I the only one who was watching the vid he j upload and now it’s gone

    • ASB 1192
      ASB 1192

      I was about to watch it but I started watching another video then when I went back it was gone I knew I should’ve watched it and recorded it like I usually do

  • Sean H
    Sean H

    Did he accidentally post a video LOL.

    • Patrick Olsen
      Patrick Olsen

      I was just wondering that, I was watching it then it went private

  • Blown Budget Offroad
    Blown Budget Offroad

    Love these FD videos. So cool to see the behind the scenes of what goes in to running this level of drifting. 🤘

  • Free RaDiCaL
    Free RaDiCaL

    I definitely hear and see the 200 hp decrease, but I also think you have too much grip Adam. I understand preference, so no shade but that's my opinion.

  • Jim Nordquist
    Jim Nordquist

    Absolutely the best content under these FD rounds! Suuuuper exiting!!!!

  • Melvin Frazier
    Melvin Frazier

    the local home putting in work on that car i live seeing that. hoon performance

  • Roland Holczer
    Roland Holczer

    I love this team so much. I am sure the other teams also have a good bond and teamworking jazz but THIS team... is something else. Keep it up squad

  • lillj jr
    lillj jr

    does collete hve a twin sister (srry if i misspelled ur name) if she does i call first haggies (dibbs)😏 adams a lucky dude man keep up the good wrk

  • Mark Swaim
    Mark Swaim

    @adamlz could you maybe do a outside shot of drift with the audio from the vehicle?

  • Eno Hatake
    Eno Hatake

    Your team probably hates you 😭😂

  • Guro

    i wish there was GIF's in comments :D

  • Jamaine kelly
    Jamaine kelly

    Freddie is so cool such a nice a guy

  • Jesse Miller
    Jesse Miller

    You would use a tierod as a mic

  • Potent Pudz
    Potent Pudz

    A rotary seems more reliable then any off Adams motors


    I this s15 is the one he gave away am i right ? 🤔

  • erik7191

    16:31 - THAT'S a fucking poster right there. I'll buy that shit in AN INSTANT

  • Matthew Martin
    Matthew Martin

    Let cleetus drive the pro 1

  • Risk

    now that adam puts in work at FD i think they should atleast add his fd car to FH4, i know the games kinda dead but it would give me a reason to play it again and the s15 is beautiful

  • brex

    Anyone els miss his bmx days

  • Leonardo Alves
    Leonardo Alves

    well i guess time to change the engine on the s13 ? get a more reliable one or a v8 Lmao

    • Leonardo Alves
      Leonardo Alves

      can a JUDD engine be used to drift ? i wonder

  • Port City 209
    Port City 209

    do a c6 z06 build high HP NA

  • HYV0

    Hi 🙂

  • Garvin Smith
    Garvin Smith

    I know this track form a game what I does play😎

  • Garvin Smith
    Garvin Smith

    I love the blue lights under the car!

  • Danny Gal
    Danny Gal

    Good luck LZMFG homies

  • Blake bateson
    Blake bateson

    Mad respect to the whole crew y'all are killing it and you got this lz I got faith

  • Argument Starter
    Argument Starter

    Just v8 the damn thing it's your comp car it needs to be reliable 🙄

  • Rich Washington
    Rich Washington

    thats lit

  • Abi Mahmud Maulana
    Abi Mahmud Maulana

    love your neon

  • Zhcinc

    The in car footage is mint. Great job diivine media.

  • J W
    J W

    Adam just buy a corvette. You clearly want one.

  • Nick C
    Nick C

    Bruh I just realized where irwindale is where nascar is I go there every year an didn’t even process that where I go

  • Zachary Anderson
    Zachary Anderson

    Barra the s15

  • taj_garage

    The adjustable microphone interview 👌🏼 Appreciate you breaking down the team effort required to make it happen. @divine choice edit, as always. And Johan 😆

  • Cheeki Breeki
    Cheeki Breeki

    U need to make a limited edition print with the s15 at night with the underglow😍😍

  • DxCBuG

    Blue underglow on a yellow car is so 2000s hotboiiii - love it, 😂

  • LS the World
    LS the World

    should just do a ls swap

  • Mavrick Harding
    Mavrick Harding

    hahaha, 3 or 4th engine now racing with an expensive 2jz is just stupid... Just LS swap make the same power more easily parts can be found anywhere cheap as shit and the car can be fixed very easily in the pits its just mind blowing that people keep wasting 3-4times the money on a engine package that really is 3-4 times harder to work on and more expensive... racing is quick fast

  • Justin Wiley
    Justin Wiley

    Goo C6 bro. Would be sick. Love your S15 but damn those C6s are awesome. N/A Power for days

  • Matthew Donaldson
    Matthew Donaldson

    2:16 Johan skipping in the background???

  • Rainbrothers

    at 23:37 Adam was just flexing on those BLITZ

  • Hammy

    Adam keeps say he wants a corvette but he doesn't realize that he has one. His ls swapped rx7.

  • Sam

    get rid of the 3.4 and go forged 3.0L

  • churchbo

    Support comment from Guam 🇬🇺

  • Dylan Wilcox
    Dylan Wilcox

    Cool guy Chris.

  • Lucusc400

    All I know is I'm 100% putting under glow on my car for next season!

  • Kakibrun1

    Such a cool shot at 16:29


    I remember you still being a bmx kid, good old times

    • Jordan Szaszy
      Jordan Szaszy

      People grow out of things, I was once hard out into bmx, grew out of it got sick of the injurys and got more into cars, still go for the odd ride but it's definitely not my main hobby anymore

  • garrett kneedler
    garrett kneedler

    Andy with the party foul dropping the wrench in the bay

  • Tony Björkskog
    Tony Björkskog

    Why dont u use crazy carts instead of scooters to go around the track before practice😂

  • Caleb Caron
    Caleb Caron

    U already knew everyone was getting scared because the title when Adam said it feels like 400 more horsepower

  • Adrian Parkin
    Adrian Parkin

    Loving the underglow


    Much respect to the guys on the tools

  • Athem

    2:17 they´re vibing in the background xD

  • Carlitos Gonzalez
    Carlitos Gonzalez

    I was up in Santa Fe dam cycling and there was a crazy amount of smoke coming from ISW. You can hear the drift cars from there. Now it’s crazy to know Adam was there!!