Bought a Second CYM FD RX7!
I've been on the hunt to assemble my dream FD... and it just might take a few cars to get there. Stoked to have a rotary this time to play with!

  • David Calderon
    David Calderon

    Rx7 are the most greatest car EVER


    barley any LHD FD RX7's for sale!! so many got snapped up over the last few months across both coasts

  • GodlyRyZe

    How much for one of your rx7??!

  • Joseph Gilpin
    Joseph Gilpin

    Why is there the same clip in this vid

  • Sheldinator

    How much cars do you have now ?😂about a year ago this man had 43 i think?😂


    Adam how do you like Connecticut it’s suck to live here

  • Kdplays16 7
    Kdplays16 7

    Double clip cuz

  • Tesla 167
    Tesla 167

    Four Door Papi Approved.

  • Rydnorth

    Should Adam start a new stash for movember? Haha

  • Angry Bull 1
    Angry Bull 1

    So this is why my dream car keeps going up in price... shesh

  • Andrew Goodspeed
    Andrew Goodspeed

    I thoght i was tripping for a sec lol and then i realized the double clips LZ Striked again lol

  • hunter delperdang
    hunter delperdang

    we got one in arizona for you

  • RioDon 1UP Racing
    RioDon 1UP Racing

    Love the blow off valve.. need one like that. Whats the name of it?

  • random guy
    random guy

    The RX-7 and R32 are my favorite cars

  • dirtytrispokes13

    4 door gang 💪

  • pricey0986


  • Donald Alm
    Donald Alm

    Ferrari fly yellow FD

  • Donald Alm
    Donald Alm

    Adam professing Freddie’s tuning knowledge and his own about cams.... Adam and his little legs 😉

  • Devon Mck
    Devon Mck

    LS > Rotary all day eveyday... LZ hates LS's so much it's annoying.

  • Anthony Bazina
    Anthony Bazina

    Doesn't the turbo sound like a kawasaki ninja h2, anyone?

  • Mckoy Ostler
    Mckoy Ostler

    Adam:Starbucks got mad at us the dunkin donuts cup😐: as I a joke to you

  • privatejesus

    Bro buy a fucking Datsun goddamn

  • Brandy Nethers
    Brandy Nethers

    I love hearing you laugh and have fun with your friends and family. Glad to see the gt3rs I was wondering where shes been.

  • Myles Woltz
    Myles Woltz

    thought i was tripping til i went back lmao

  • Jason Baird
    Jason Baird

    River miata

    • Jason Baird
      Jason Baird

      Ricer ^*

  • Raphael Gilyazitdinov
    Raphael Gilyazitdinov

    Double trouble😊👌

  • rotor13

    I guarantee you, the car feeling slow/laggy is because of the Charge Control Actuator is sticking. The CCA controls a sort of throttle plate inside the Y-pipe, that joins the boosted air in both turbos before it goes into the intercooler. When the CCA gets stuck, you can feel the car still has good bottom end power, but after 4500rpm when the second turbo should come in - feels like it takes ages to get to redline. The Charge Control Actuator getting stuck is also a bad thing for the secondary turbo, because Mazda designed the FD's sequential system to have the secondary turbo operate "in surge" under low RPM and at WOT so that it has power all through the RPM range. I had this issue on a few FD's I've owned and the fix is to remove the Y-pipe and disassemble the CCA and clean it all up and also look at the vacuum solenoid that controls it, which sits under the intake manifold. I've bought a lot of FD's for cheap because a lot of people thought their FD had a blown turbo or motor because it felt lazy - turns out it just needs some TLC and addressing the CCA.

  • Danny Wanny
    Danny Wanny

    I’ll be honest I would have kept the shell in case the other one gets a lot of damage or frame damage or burned. Hoping it don’t happen tho

  • SavyWic

    I thought I saw you in East haven a couple days ago tbhh

  • MRxinsanity 831
    MRxinsanity 831

    Add a third 😭 I just saw one on my delivery route that is literally just sitting and it’s falling apart wish I could buy it

  • Braden Gibson
    Braden Gibson

    Did he say starbu

    • Braden Gibson
      Braden Gibson


  • TeamA99E - ドリフト☆ウォリアズ
    TeamA99E - ドリフト☆ウォリアズ

    It's not an adam lz video if we don't have double clips😂😂

  • JCU

    You better not be doing a f**king K24 build like Jimmy & Taylor ray!!

  • Turbo Dreams
    Turbo Dreams

    Tommyboy sucks

  • Josh Mccarty
    Josh Mccarty

    Anyone peep the chris rednucks Miata at 3:32

  • Eve9N

    how much did e pay for it ?

  • Reese Gassert
    Reese Gassert

    Whats her channel

  • i cuinix
    i cuinix


  • Cameron Mardis
    Cameron Mardis

    Adam definitely set the record for how many ads he can stuff in one video..

  • Luke White
    Luke White

    someone not doing their editing job well or was they just late for school lol . j/k

  • Julio Aparicio
    Julio Aparicio

    Double clips again lmao 😂

  • Nissan 300zx
    Nissan 300zx

    So you were the one who bought this junk

  • myknickers

    Tommy definitely looks like he's an undercover narco.

  • HypeType

    Another yellow FD? Would love to see the look on Jimmy O ' s face. Or not. 🍍🍍🍍

  • Brogan Gannon
    Brogan Gannon

    Restock the S15 hoodies!!

  • killerBEE0777

    WTF... the Double clips... lol... Adam does it again...

  • Easton Rheaume
    Easton Rheaume

    Just a thought a fd fd formula drift fd rx7

  • James Dean
    James Dean

    Lol 3 weeks ago mybe

  • JakeIsWayBlack

    What an asshole lol. I paid money for a superchat to get tommy to sell me that evo 5 front clip LAST YEAR. HE SAID HE WOULD THEN GHOSTED ME, and now he tells Colette that she can just have it 😤

  • Jayquan Richards
    Jayquan Richards

    Who remember when they use to race

  • Brad Ebright
    Brad Ebright

    You and Tommy need a shop together. Or at least be in the same state and hang out more. I love the vids in Connecticut

  • Trenton Collins
    Trenton Collins

    Im quite confident that this is the longest double clip to date 😅 Adam out here breaking records

  • Madmansmitty

    I think this is officially the longest double clip Adam has done

  • JDM Justin
    JDM Justin

    I thought I was trippin when that shit started playing the double clip lmao

  • Tomas Alvarez
    Tomas Alvarez

    What blow off valve is that one? It sounds so cool.

  • Catch Some ZzZ
    Catch Some ZzZ

    My guy Adam was drunk editing this😂

  • Mr. StealYourGrill 1
    Mr. StealYourGrill 1

    No wonder I cant find a rx7 to buy.....

  • Trent Cardwell
    Trent Cardwell

    Not your car but you sure drive it like it is RUDE!!!!! 🤣

  • mywhitewrx

    What in the loop? Thought the matrix glitched again.

  • Sterling Piggott
    Sterling Piggott

    Give tommy some officer lz glasses

  • Xander Payne
    Xander Payne

    Y us there a loop

  • Eli Wolf
    Eli Wolf

    Give the rx7 to collet as a daily

  • Jevta PLK
    Jevta PLK

    Wish i could have one car

  • isakxandersson

    why did the editor put in the same clip 2 times?

  • William Lambros
    William Lambros

    look on they have two or three bone stock fd rx-7s

  • Doomed To destroy
    Doomed To destroy

    Adam double clip lz

  • Enemy Spotted
    Enemy Spotted

    Always weird seeing the home town in videos. I'm just glad their introducing at least some car culture into the community.

  • Son of Switchinlanes
    Son of Switchinlanes

    Yah should all race, you in the FD, Collete in her new Evo, and tommy in his FD

  • Tucker Hall
    Tucker Hall

    That is a dream car for me. Where can I buy it...

  • Michael

    make a bmx video

  • Te Rira Paikea
    Te Rira Paikea

    Mikes probably like look at this noob haha 😄 😆 😂

  • Kris Buckton
    Kris Buckton

    Holly repeat batman

  • Robert Toppin
    Robert Toppin

    Remember rotarys are redline happy

  • Des Kirchhofer
    Des Kirchhofer

    can't wait to see him go all initial d on an FD but I really hope he keeps the pop ups

  • based_money510

    I like the videos where Tommy shows up

  • ツMrZeno


  • Nino Luba
    Nino Luba

    Hey Adam, need a good mechanic? Been with Benz for 15 yrs. I'm the in the Orlando area. 😁👍

  • Carlos Quintana
    Carlos Quintana

    double clips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cade Ingle
    Cade Ingle

    I love watching a narcissistic man raise hell in someone elses car when he was told not to give it to much hell.

  • Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas

    RX7's suck

  • Big Paco
    Big Paco

    Rudnick Must have backed out cuz originally Tommy bought this fr Chris to fix up. Then all a sudden Chris gets destroyed and Adam is now buying while tommy is co signing the lie about how originally Adam called tommy to go buy it lol smdh....Tommy made a entire video about getting the car for Rudnick

    • tommyfyeah

      @Omar Leyva lol this dude thinks i bought this for rudnik

    • Omar Leyva
      Omar Leyva

      It was pretty obvious that tommy was joking, he said “LZ” a couple times and blocked it out then he said that the buyer was in Cali yet Rudnick was in Connecticut. He only said Rudnick to throw people off .

  • Matt P
    Matt P

    where in CT?

  • Jayye


  • C4tZ

    Ohhhhh yesssss

  • rhino bedford
    rhino bedford

    I knew when I watched Tommy go get it

  • M

    Angel Motorsports 20B incoming!🗣

  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams

    Adam had to give that 32 some lz love

  • Daniel Oosthuizen
    Daniel Oosthuizen

    Classic double clip adam

  • Howee

    Goddam, I miss my r32 4 door neo! Also ran a 20box for about 3 years and only blew 2. It was mainly used for drifting That neo will blow in a few weeks if he doesn’t do head studs and gasket. Also miss tommy. He’s aggressive in the way he talks but I like it haha Will sound mint with 3-4” intake

  • Bobby Beeton
    Bobby Beeton

    wow who edited this lol

  • ItzSath

    hes dropping a 4 rotor in it, calling it

  • Tony Collins
    Tony Collins

    Please update IG bio with all your cars

  • cozy

    adam Double clips

  • Natalie JJ
    Natalie JJ


  • Jake Martin
    Jake Martin

    Whoever edits needs to be fired!!!! 😂😂😂 lame

  • Thechileno007

    You gotta make one of the fd’s keisuke’s fd with the redsuns logo and rage the mountains👌🏻👌🏻😎😎😎 make it your Connecticut FD

  • Kolour

    keep it 13b please

  • JayShmurda

    Theres 2 more for sale in the northeast!

  • Dr Gilfberg
    Dr Gilfberg

    Why does Tommy pick his nose every 30 seconds?

  • Lonely NB
    Lonely NB

    Can never have too many cars, they always are worth somethin!