Cop VS Drift Week!
On the way to have some fun at Speed Sportz go kart track, we encountered a very cool police officer. Only on drift week!
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  • Southern Indiana outdoors
    Southern Indiana outdoors

    The fella in the copper lexus looked like he was steering with an Xbox controller

  • Jaime Fdez
    Jaime Fdez

    please Adam Lz you can put subtitles in spanish? please

  • Stanislav Radev
    Stanislav Radev

    This is fast I furious this is amazing cshenal please share your friends and other drifters...create this band your old jdm cars is very good you have amazing life this is very very amazing I love this jdm world...

  • Crazycamber 4
    Crazycamber 4

    That’s legal? Ok....


    What camera do you record with ?

  • Blake Cassidy
    Blake Cassidy

    86 look clean as hell

  • Orlando Blanco
    Orlando Blanco

    Thaa cop got fired lmaooo 😂💯

  • Josh Gutknecht
    Josh Gutknecht

    Hey Adam. This might be a dumb question but when you’re chasing someone how to you know you’re not gonna end up sliding faster than the person in front of you and hitting them? Definitely some skilled driving, keep it up 👍🏻

  • vinny101gen


  • Rydnorth

    Mike your b roll for these videos are so dope! Love every shot 🤙💯

  • Jared Prather
    Jared Prather

    Adam makes driving look east asf😂😂

  • Damir Selimovic
    Damir Selimovic

    My 26th

  • JnaDayy

    all of em are taking video like bruh, enjoy the ride

  • Starling Cross
    Starling Cross

    This is the video where I fall in love with the chaser

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Hey Adam I am I long time subscriber here hi.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Amazing a cop letting you drift around him that’s so cool.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that’s a cool cop.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • vw sw
    vw sw

    insane man youre a legend

  • DirtxRider 333
    DirtxRider 333

    I was laughing at your racing seats with factory seat belts bc my street truck is the same way. 😅

  • Clayton Kyle
    Clayton Kyle

    Follow my Onlyhands page for more golf clap videos

  • Bigron_1212 0
    Bigron_1212 0

    Bro best cop In the world

  • Thomas Smith-Migneault
    Thomas Smith-Migneault

    Yoooo how much these kids pay for these rides??!

  • Phillip Jack
    Phillip Jack


  • Jordan Rouse
    Jordan Rouse

    Awesome backward entry’s !!!

  • Stephen D Surowitz Ormond Fin Fractal Cus Woodwork
    Stephen D Surowitz Ormond Fin Fractal Cus Woodwork

    Hell ya !!!

  • Devin Dees
    Devin Dees

    Yo mike that section at gas

  • Enkhmani Bayarsaikhan
    Enkhmani Bayarsaikhan

    that tandem with hert !!!!

  • Killer Sbc
    Killer Sbc

    Drifting is the WWE of Motorsports

  • Synfuhl

    bro started cheering with that line with fielding!!! so fucking dope! now backwards entrys!!!!? bro... cant wait to drift my car if i can finish it...

  • jordan moore
    jordan moore

    We all love the same thing takeovers or drifting car meets at the end of the day we are all the same we love are cars we love wah we do and all we want to do is have fun 💯 wish there was more cops like that

  • Jared Cuevas
    Jared Cuevas

    The cop so chill


    Cops like donuts nd 🍩 s . . . Thats cool.

  • Rexzety _
    Rexzety _

    3:05 rip headphone users

  • Miguel Andres N
    Miguel Andres N

    The truck was like sii Quema cuh

  • JacketedSoftPoint

    I'm a die hard fan of my Nissan Skyline R32 Sedan, but I will openly admit my love and affection towards Toyota Chasers. Both the JZX90 and JZX100 with full body kits is an extremely appealing appearance to me. Its tempting me to put a Vertex Body kit onto my car.

  • Lyvynwyld

    Looks like the car that Taylor ray is building.

  • Ronny Faber
    Ronny Faber

    Bra you bursted my eardrumms please give heads up 😂

  • James Roberts
    James Roberts

    Lad in the Pink. “Yeah bro I actually drift I have a Miata” Google Translate “Yeah bro I drift a miata on forza horizon.

  • Tts

    anyone remember watching when he literally just started drifting

  • eel1331

    Eww an Astros fan.

  • Brandon Ramsey
    Brandon Ramsey

    That gs was rubbing tires hella hard. Rip to his fenders


    it was nice meeting you at speedsportz bro! i have a hella good picture w you on my insta @713bando

  • simo 3z
    simo 3z

    “this thing is fast as *beep* , oh yeah”

  • Dustin Hendrix
    Dustin Hendrix

    What was up with adams window

  • jack mehoff
    jack mehoff

    Put your phones down. Enjoy life in the moment

  • fragd

    remember when adam was like extremely socially awkward during ride alongs like 2 years ago, now he's so much better. Proud of u adam

  • tbnrplayz 14
    tbnrplayz 14

    I think the chaser looks better when it has the dents and scratches plus the zip ties

  • Peachi_

    That’s the coolest cop ever

  • Joe Wilmar
    Joe Wilmar

    That little kid in red, at the end fighting 😌😂🤣

  • Carlos Aponte
    Carlos Aponte definitely killed it..came long way..this is soooooooo awsome...wish to one day get a ride in the s15 in Orlando one it possible to do this at OSW?..

  • Mvn_uel Gaming
    Mvn_uel Gaming

    I want to drive so bad already it kills me to watch then and know I can’t go out and do the things he’s doing

  • Slidwayz

    Rip headphone uses @3:00

  • Nick Higgs
    Nick Higgs

    RIP to that cop, he lost his job

  • Beast 3225
    Beast 3225

    I literally live here where the cop let them do that it’s all anyone is talking about and I don’t think he got fired but he did get in trouble

  • Tanner Bruington
    Tanner Bruington

    Bro that’s my home town and I went to school with that cop. He’s an idiot lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Jay Vasquez
    Jay Vasquez

    This was in my home town that’s amazing at the 1:00 - 2:00

  • Corey Rios
    Corey Rios

    Passed through Fort Stockton where I live. Just missed y'all by a couple hours

  • Mackjay1997 S
    Mackjay1997 S

    Dude I was at work and I saw y’all I wanted to stop in and say hi but I couldn’t it sucked

  • Gaberiel Deckard
    Gaberiel Deckard

    do a biking video for the og viewer's

  • Kyle Thomas
    Kyle Thomas

    LUL cop got fired. What was he thinking...

  • Sebastian Gismondi
    Sebastian Gismondi

    aaannnd this cop got fired

  • OneWay Peter
    OneWay Peter

    Now this puts a smile on my face

  • PaigePlex

    dude if you and your girl and all those drivers are not pro by the freaking end of this .. Jesus that's alot of driving and sweat and omg no like those tires and all that. kudos to y'all

  • PaigePlex

    can you drift in reverse

  • PaigePlex

    lil barbie and ken to cap the last round around the car

  • PaigePlex

    that truck tho

  • PaigePlex

    that's fucking neat

  • CHOPPER Smith
    CHOPPER Smith

    Cop of 2020

  • Altezzaddiction Corona
    Altezzaddiction Corona

    Jz la ley !!!💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • Eschelonistic

    Adam LZ you know how to drive! Very impressive absolutely loved it.

  • Richard Fernandez
    Richard Fernandez

    Lol I think the cop got in trouble for this

  • hydro delta
    hydro delta

    70 psi ?

  • John barfneck
    John barfneck

    super spreaders of the coronavirus looks like lawsuits will be coming next after the AG/cdc/governor/the officers bosses/bosses/boss sees this...... sees this video.......

  • John barfneck
    John barfneck

    cop fired next day loses his career in law enforcement....loses house/vehicles/wife/family....idiots in drift cars try to apologize for losing him his job ...............doesnt help at all......

  • Geo Monkey
    Geo Monkey

    Cops"psh hey guys I'm gonna afk for abit" "Comes back"

  • Michael Glass
    Michael Glass

    What is the story on that crazy like 50s truck that was drifting with you guys around the cop car? That thig was sick!


    18:37 I think I came from that entry... hot af

  • GLOW_OG_KILLER Sanchez
    GLOW_OG_KILLER Sanchez

    If I was there I’ll tell him he has all my year checks money


    Takeover vibes 🕺💨

  • Rendi A
    Rendi A


  • Travis !!
    Travis !!

    What are the audio's for these videos? I love the beats. They sound so fantasy and cool.

  • David Juarez
    David Juarez

    Hey Adam where the hot tub

  • cameron cantrell
    cameron cantrell

    Damn would have been cool to have came to this event it was right by my house. Makes me want to build a drift car for sure

  • Clayton Mireles
    Clayton Mireles

    That's was in my home town fort Stockton tx lol wish I was there

  • Crazi Ly
    Crazi Ly

    Beautiful jzx90❤️

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    MONSTER with the chase!!!

  • Jason Heller
    Jason Heller

    Lol...nice 👌

  • CB45G

    Ayyye Fort Stockton, represent!

  • Danny Wanny
    Danny Wanny

    B20 swapped 350z

  • Tristian Barragan
    Tristian Barragan

    From the dept: "FSPD received information about one of our officers being involved in a social media video while on duty. Our department was never notified or aware of our officer’s action in this matter. FSPD does not condone our officer’s participation in the video, and we will address this issue administratively. By Authority, Chief Robert Lujan"

    • Orlando Blanco
      Orlando Blanco

      Ohhhh juss stfuuu 🤦🏽‍♂️💀

  • zevi 2000
    zevi 2000

    The cops should arrest that guy filming vertically to interrupt their video

  • Magnus Høyer
    Magnus Høyer

    Your handwork is amazing to look at🤩

  • Jesse Evans
    Jesse Evans

    Shout out Austin texas love your videos man keep at it bro!!! should do some kinda meet while your in town probably hard because covid rn stay safe man keep at it !!!!!!!

  • Julian Ontiveros
    Julian Ontiveros

    Ayo your in my town😂

  • Abel Lopez
    Abel Lopez

    Hey i live in fort Stockton

  • Divine Drift
    Divine Drift

    The truck drifted better than all the cars lmao

  • Alex Montano
    Alex Montano

    Sad part about all this is the cop is about to lose his job. Lol awesome video though

  • NEON_Yipzil

    Is that a frog on Adams shoulder

  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    5:38 I want this same energy for my 25th Adam 😂 GIMMIE THAT HEAT!! 😂😂