Scaring my Mom in my 900WHP Mustang! (Barra GT350)
One of my most terrifying cars to date - and you know I had to share the experience with my mom! Afterwards we had some fun with the LS3 FD RX7 to! Support my channel -
Forged Barra (4.0L)
Garrett G42-1450
Low boost ~ 950WHP
Ignite Red Fuel
Kelford Cams
DW 2200cc Injectors
Built 6R80 Transmission
Plazmaman intercooler/intake manifold
6boost exhaust manifold
Turbosmart BOV/60mm WG
Haltech Elite

  • Andrew Hopkins
    Andrew Hopkins

    braap for a v8 is called chop.

  • Damien Blackmore
    Damien Blackmore

    Your mother is such a good sport about this. :D

  • Dyllz

    19:10 is that vehicle virals ?

  • Alexander Vasquez
    Alexander Vasquez

    Love the vids Adam!!!! You gotta explain to your mom more in depth on what’s happening with the smoke! She was so worried because she didn’t know what popping a ring was 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kakawa The Kawasaki
    Kakawa The Kawasaki

    “I think this is the fastest car I own” Her face🤣

  • kinshawable

    Lol she acts scared but she smiles after every pull

  • 732 ZIP
    732 ZIP

    Scar my mom she’s scared of her 140 hp 6 speed Elantra

  • Johari Ali
    Johari Ali

    Jennifer Lopez

  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner

    Let me know if Mom comes to Hawaii? I will take her out in 40' North Shore surf on my Jet Ski so she can be scared in the Pacific! Mahalo for the fun video-New Fan in Hawaii...

  • Chads3283

    Love the vids with mom! What an awesome and good looking lady 👍

  • Juzo S.
    Juzo S.

    I Think i need to turbo or supercharge my BMW just to scare my mom lmao

  • Jason A
    Jason A

    There was a shelby truck behind you at 5:52 kinda surprised no one caught or mentioned it lol

  • Jackson Bilbow
    Jackson Bilbow

    Peep the Shelby truck when you did the uturn trying to race lol

  • Ron Branscome
    Ron Branscome

    Is that Lunkers Cami

  • rhino rinds
    rhino rinds

    Does it have an eco boost?

  • Robert Defoor
    Robert Defoor

    Hahaha when she started cutting Adam off with the reving......I choked on my coffee

  • Nene273

    Does the car shift ?

  • white male
    white male

    A Ford problematic transmission shocker

  • Just A Car guy
    Just A Car guy

    7:38 that pickup truck has Shelby on it...(to the right top). And now I’m confused as a European

  • David Kelm
    David Kelm

    Mean ole mom scarer you 😨

  • Ryan Walter
    Ryan Walter

    The body language I'm getting from Adam's mom is I'm wondering whether she has had a nervous breakdown due to the traumatizing experience in the car

  • Jackson Hamer
    Jackson Hamer

    Anybody else see the Shelby truck next to him

  • J Rock3091
    J Rock3091

    Adam's mom secretly hoons her Pontiac

  • Bostonterrier97

    Your Ma looks pretty hot....uhmmm...does she like her new Solstice Engine? I kinda wonder how she would react doing...uhm....over the limit on the back of a motorcycle splitting lanes...with about 1-2 feet on either side......

  • vogue mist
    vogue mist

    The abortive apology aetiologically tire because ceramic technically worry above a cloistered sand. sleepy, cheerful volcano

  • Games and stuff Balcer
    Games and stuff Balcer

    The Shelby truck behind them is pretty sick

  • Magnus lind
    Magnus lind

    "car go vroom" *does pull* the funniest shit ever

  • Elie Constantine
    Elie Constantine

    Young adam is hilarious

  • Conner Harns
    Conner Harns

    Who’s watching this in 2021 happy new year’s

  • RCLB

    Check out this full throttle compilation i made please!

  • Cory Malloot
    Cory Malloot

    Anyone else see the Shelby f150. I think he was tryna race but then you took off on the first real pull😂😂

  • TrulyUnfortunate

    Your Mom is cool as Hell!!!

  • Roger The gummy bear 210
    Roger The gummy bear 210

    I remember the 240 reaction

  • JohnnieJohnnie

    Hey Adam, i'm Australian, I have an LS2 SS Holden Ute, my mum is just like your mom, says i'm terrible. In the 80's I took her for a ride in an RX-4 with a TO4, set the brakes on fire, that was cool. Mum didn't think so. Told my mate who owned it his fast car needed better brakes. Hey MOM, he won't get any better, i'm 54.

  • Eion Keener
    Eion Keener

    Anyone notice the Shelby raptor trying to keep up ?

  • DoberTv

    He hinted at the ls swap for his moms

  • 5oh_trashboat


  • unnew

    5:56 that shelby truck was like da fuq?

  • Brayden Dunlap
    Brayden Dunlap

    I miss the bmx

  • nicholas abston
    nicholas abston

    Shelby truck quickly realized it's place on the food chain.

    • Evan Wittig
      Evan Wittig

      For real 😂 got all close and then was gone

  • frank torrez
    frank torrez

    She has nothing to worry about my god

  • frank torrez
    frank torrez

    U need custom sway bars

  • cjm081

    That truck on your @$$ at 5:55 thought he was a bad@$$.


    U need pink tsurikawa for passengers.

  • Rory Murray
    Rory Murray

    Gotta love the Barra glad to see it making its way into the American scene it’s an awesome Aussie platform from Ford to say the least!

  • Timothy Shanahan
    Timothy Shanahan

    Adam lz your in the s15 please

  • Hochimin Rodriguez
    Hochimin Rodriguez

    She gets so scared lmao this is great

  • Fungus Fanaticus
    Fungus Fanaticus

    I want to thank the gf for bending over there at the end 🙏

  • siege is suitable
    siege is suitable


  • Rev Junkie
    Rev Junkie

    5:56 imagine being the truck being a “mustang” and then see it fucking rip like that😂

    • Gavin Yutzy
      Gavin Yutzy

      “That’s a quick eco boost” 🤣

  • curtis ames
    curtis ames

    21:28 thank me later lol

  • Nikolai Bonnkarovsky
    Nikolai Bonnkarovsky

    "It's kind of like your solstice but it has a corvette engine in it *eye things*" I now see that this was planned far in advance lmfao

  • 2016 Chevy Silverado
    2016 Chevy Silverado

    i guess i havent been up to date on the channel. What engine is in the mustang? Is it still the voodoo?

  • CorvettstingerMC

    Any one see the shelf f150 in the background at 7:40?

  • VXKorea

    I feel old when i saw the clip from the 240

  • Zach Shaw
    Zach Shaw

    I REMEMBER THE S13 video damn you were so young man look at u now

  • Phil Green
    Phil Green

    How’s it auto all 350s are manual aren’t they? Or transmission swap?

  • Dilly Dilly
    Dilly Dilly

    The Barra is such a sick motor, sounds soooo good

  • Bomann DK
    Bomann DK


  • Roman N0oB
    Roman N0oB

    5:50 hahaha

  • Unis

    adams little Ha hA killed me

  • Justin Klebieka
    Justin Klebieka

    Adam I thought you said you can't take a perfectly good running engine out of a car..... next Mom video takes her perfectly good running engine out of her car... Lol

  • Robert Flenke
    Robert Flenke

    the shelby f150 there probably the only thing out there when driving that would have a chance haha

  • Shawn Hill
    Shawn Hill

    Did anyone else notice the Shelby truck

  • Mason Scott\
    Mason Scott\

    Do a straight away on the highway

  • Robert

    5:37 the look he gives her when he says its got a corvette engine, 2 months later he LS swaps his moms car lol

    • Popcorn Central™
      Popcorn Central™

      @Michael C he was talking about the v8 rx7 not the barra gt350 lmao

    • Michael C
      Michael C

      Yeah still confused about that one, what Corvette has a Barra engine?

  • Bryan Lietzau
    Bryan Lietzau

    Well now my mom wants a ride!

  • Fortnite Chillin
    Fortnite Chillin

    We just going to ignore the Shelby f150?

    • Flying Sloth
      Flying Sloth

      what time?

  • Frank Palermo
    Frank Palermo

    Dude your mom is cool

  • Lexander Heng
    Lexander Heng

    Did anyone else notice the shelby f150 that he was next to at the intersection?

  • TOP 100
    TOP 100

    Who remembers when Adam put a LS3 in his moms solstic

    • Jahvis Richards
      Jahvis Richards


  • SAM

    At 5:55 a Ford F-150 Shelby pulled up behind to get dusted.

  • Landin Corvin
    Landin Corvin

    9:06 she was really trying to hold back from yelling at adam.

  • gaurav khurme
    gaurav khurme

    Ahahaha love this guy

  • DeTuned Art
    DeTuned Art

    That ford track was a great reference point for the speed. Wonder what the driver felt xD seing U pull

  • smoozzums

    this is how my mom reacts when i drive my car at 25 mph with her in it

  • Peyton Walters
    Peyton Walters

    7:55 peep the Shelby f-150

  • Wildout Tankk
    Wildout Tankk

    So nobody noticed at 7:55 he was leaving away from a shelby supersnake f 150 those are rare asf to see😂

  • Ty DahGuy
    Ty DahGuy

    I like how their riding around and Adam is like “BRAP BRAP, BRAPPP it”😂 he’s like a kid I love it

  • Sean Lasala
    Sean Lasala

    No one going to notice that Shelby truck?

  • Jacob Donnelly
    Jacob Donnelly

    Imagine if it was right hand drive

  • Yadatme

    love the casual Shelby Truck next to him.

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward

    NO NO NO!!!! ADAM!!!!

  • Shawn Strigenz
    Shawn Strigenz

    anyone notice the f-150 shelby?🤤😍

  • Sean Ramdhanie
    Sean Ramdhanie

    Anyone see the super snake f150 tryna get next to him

  • Jonathan Palmieri
    Jonathan Palmieri

    These videos are wholesome vibes

  • Chris Villeda
    Chris Villeda

    @7:35 did anyone else see that super snake that pulled up beside Adam

  • Hayden Mills
    Hayden Mills

    He should take her drifting in the 240

  • Youtubehasaids

    YES!! Great to see some Barra love from over the ditch :)

  • Nathan Peachs
    Nathan Peachs

    Had no idea you had a dirty barra 😄🇭🇲 Well played sir!

  • Seth Carr
    Seth Carr

    i love the subtle hint about the LS3 swap in your moms car

  • Tony Ponce
    Tony Ponce

    Bro Adam looked so sus when he was talking about the fd and the ls Bc of his moms car💀

  • CjArentsenVlogs

    The Shelby truck wanted the smoke

  • Josh

    lol your mom reminds me so much of mine, cool af, and even says 'im not worried about your driving, its those other idiots on the road' lol comical i love it

  • String Bean
    String Bean

    5:35 i think adam was hinting at something....

  • Isaac Weidlich
    Isaac Weidlich

    Funny watching this video and hearing them talk about the ls after watching recent videos😂😂

  • Jasper Duetz
    Jasper Duetz

    Every time you gun it she looks like she’s going to scream at you hahaha

  • Jasper Duetz
    Jasper Duetz

    Seeing the 240 reaction literally made me cry lmao

  • landen p
    landen p

    Mom wants a truck next

  • gb wilson
    gb wilson

    I love how she tries not to curse but she still dose