Building a 1200HP Barra (GT350 Engine Swap)
With 99% of the parts in our hands we can finally go full speed ahead with the Barra swapped GT350! Alberto did a phenomenal job filming the assembly while we were at Klutch Kickers over the weekend - enjoy!
Golebys -
Dominator -
Kelford -
Tuff -

  • TrustMe357

    I wish we had that engine in the US.. when I went to AUS a few years back they opened my eyes to how awesome it is!!

  • jack Medford
    jack Medford

    5:07 “My banana!!!” 😂

  • Jordy Tumes
    Jordy Tumes

    Us Aussies hold that engine very dear, take car of it😥❤️

  • Fishing with Dj
    Fishing with Dj

    Looks like Adam wanted to hit him with that hammer🤣🤣

  • Cain Fast Ford's
    Cain Fast Ford's

    Awesome build boys,the mighty barra, atomic is good,but I think pro west is just as good. Especially when it comes to piping and intercooler set up.venom dumpers and exhausts are good aswell. Battery relocation with pro west pod ram filter can work well.with the larger injectors you need a performance chip ,and a fuel pump booster and a dynamic tune.with gauges go to SaaS applications, that will let you manual change boost. I actually have a fpv fgx xr6 turbo pushing over 1000 can also play around with nitrogen fuel mix with turbo larg...happyness from Australia fellow barra lover.

  • How not to fall
    How not to fall

    Adam picks up the hammer and seems mildly threatening

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe

    Dude you've got to say it right. No "Beara" it's "Barra" Ba ruh. Like a yobbo Aussie. Manley and Diamond make really good pistons for the Barra but top class will be the Atomic (Cosworth made).


    Here's the next hidden easily 1000hp deck, straight six beefy engine answer to RB26 and 2JZ!!People start learning about this newcomer 😉!!!

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson

    Lol always get an extra set of rings for this reason, next time😄

  • Darren Sice
    Darren Sice

    I asked about getting lumpy cams and Lee at real dyno performance said they would be of no benefit because they don’t like them with twin cam’s and if you want that sound then you should get a PCMTEC multi 4 tune software which you can have low boost 1st setting high boost 2nd setting ghost cam 3rd setting or drive by boost which starts at 33% then gets higher with each gear change depending on what you choose for 3rd setting and then for the 4th setting it’s basically for when you are getting something done to your car or valet parking and then your engine is programmed so the engine stops producing power if the engine revs past 3000 rpm this software is programmable into your cruise control.

  • Panagiotis F
    Panagiotis F

    Gm dashes are def worse

  • Cody Barrus
    Cody Barrus

    Anyone know that pink paint code is?

  • sigma1239

    can you p,ease explain what the machine shop did? did you send the block and crank and new pistons and they set the clearences? then you just assemble?>

  • Lucas Foster
    Lucas Foster

    Yo love the Goleby's shout out! Those guys are total legends

  • Tirah5

    Nice Papadakis copied/inspired video. Hes overlooking you kids with a smile on his face

  • Carlaxel Dinesen
    Carlaxel Dinesen

    respect to him filming and exlpaning every step

  • jabu mabhena
    jabu mabhena

    i appreciate the time u took making us understand how to work with a barra

  • Peter Vossos
    Peter Vossos

    The bloke sitting down looks like he’s in big trouble.

  • Fin Houston
    Fin Houston

    Fucking hell this made me miss working in a garage 😥😥

  • Crabclaws

    It still bothers me that he grinds his piston rings incorrectly.

  • Mark Maxwell
    Mark Maxwell

    Better than a 2JZ 😂😂😂😂

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones

    This is great! No oil pump gasket??

  • Vance

    I’m assuming this cost you a small fortune?

  • CaptainJack

    Whats a bearer? Down here it’s a Barra and it belongs in a classic falcon Ute!!

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    I think I can...I think I can...i think I can...

  • Derek Lalande
    Derek Lalande

    You guys prolly know what youre doing but make sure not to get full boost at half throttle could be dangerous

  • Dennis Wenn
    Dennis Wenn

    is there a build list of parts for the barra?

  • Leith

    So all you did is squash the lifters when fitting the kelford 280s, did you have to run shims or anything, or they just pump up and are good to go

  • Blitzkrieg131

    I genuinely learned more about engines from this video than any other reading or media materials😂

  • Stoicday

    engine building ASMR

  • Michael Harrison
    Michael Harrison

    Why has nobody considered the idea of building a V12 Barra engine? This would be 8 liter displacement and with twin turbos you should be able to build a 3,000 HP reliable engine. This would be an excellent motor to go in a street driveable car.

  • 7071t6

    Americans, how on earth can you get the piston gap wrong, you start off with one get it right and then just put each other piston ring under the one you have gapped and cut its that simple lol :)

  • Cesar Ortega
    Cesar Ortega

    Let me buy the purple 240sx

  • Giuseppe pippo Izzo
    Giuseppe pippo Izzo

    A wooden hammer to knock pistons in?

  • Isaac De la rosa
    Isaac De la rosa

    Alberto building engines is my favorite series

  • Methmal dhananjaya
    Methmal dhananjaya

    Alberto turned into Chris-fix quality real quick.

  • sLaPnUtZ rAcInG
    sLaPnUtZ rAcInG

    Raise your hand if u want to see a import 1200hp n/a engine

  • What you mean Thirsty?
    What you mean Thirsty?

    Holly tiny lifters batman

  • MickyHands

    Fair dinkum mate, a Barra is never gonna run with a bloke in an arm chair wrenching spanners. 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Oz Cars
    Oz Cars

    I love how they struggle to get barra engines, but all us aussies over here can go pick up a good Barra for 350 of market place

  • StreetStang

    Keep that crap out of the gt350.

  • Travis hut
    Travis hut

    any other aussies on here praying to god that he put the cam caps back on in the right order as they are cross bored, and they might fit the wrong way but it will kill that head.

  • ChaosZombie999

    Hell if your gonna make it 50PSI... you might as well say 51

  • Patrick Kirk
    Patrick Kirk

    I want one. How much!

  • Matthew Pierce
    Matthew Pierce

    Alberto is truly the star of the channel

  • timothy logue
    timothy logue

    What is the song in the video around 13:00 ? Please it was relaxing.

  • Shaun Dunford
    Shaun Dunford

    One of the most detailed build vids on the tube 👍

  • m 88
    m 88

    Wait he broke up with nicole ?

  • m 88
    m 88


  • Ric James
    Ric James

    New to this build. Is it going in an old or new GT350 Mustang?

  • MattyMatt’s Bavarian Builds
    MattyMatt’s Bavarian Builds

    @adamLZ what color is that on the timing cover and valve cover? I'm extremely colorblind... it looks amazing to my eyes! Love your content Bud! Excited to see you in FD! Congrats!

  • d.r paul89
    d.r paul89

    #barratheworld . good old aussie barra.

  • Go4BrokeOffroad

    congrats to the guy who built the engine and not the idiot talking.

  • The Projex
    The Projex

    🇦🇺That’s us lads

  • Do a Skid
    Do a Skid

    Atomic make awesome Barra long and short blocks, and parts for that matter.


    if you's need any spare shit from a falcon( like barra stuff ) let me know.

  • Rob Mackay
    Rob Mackay

    the atomic gear is soooo good. that head gasket is beautiful.

  • Pete Weby
    Pete Weby

    I think there will be a shortage of Barra blocks here in Australia in the not to distant future. 😆🇦🇺🇺🇸👍

  • Liam Holder
    Liam Holder

    What turbo they using?

  • DeHaas

    really cool to see an aussie legend introduced into the states

  • Gaza Performance Garage G.P.G
    Gaza Performance Garage G.P.G

    Adam LZ thats a freaking beautiful motor, in actually in favor with the ford Barra motor than the 2jz. wicked content brother

  • Nick Paternostro
    Nick Paternostro

    It would look way better if it was the same grey as the car

  • Stephen Page-Murray
    Stephen Page-Murray

    Would have been easier to get a motor from people who actually know what they’re doing in Australia...


    you need a bmw m6 as a drift car 😍

  • Jason Gledhill
    Jason Gledhill

    Stop stealing all our barras! (love the hot pink, looks rad)

  • Itr 1244
    Itr 1244

    someone did this 5 years ago

  • CB

    I know I'm a while behind but please tell me he also did head studs

    • david7delta

      Yes, but only aftermarket 12mm studs. He really needed to go to 14mm for the power he wants to make. But for that you need to drill and tap the block, and then also drill the heads to accept the bigger diameter studs.

  • tbnrplayz 14
    tbnrplayz 14

    I never thought of adam as a video game type of guy

  • Dylan Leedell
    Dylan Leedell

    I’d love to see more videos from Alberto or his own channel! I actually learnt a lot and really enjoyed this video!! Great work

  • Lewis Radbourn
    Lewis Radbourn

    Alberto mate well done on the filming great job

  • Reid Foster
    Reid Foster

    Everyone: Alberto did a great job filming and explaining. Me: I wonder what Adam LS would look like shirtless.🤭

  • Félix Audet
    Félix Audet

    isn't the barra same as the Ford inline 6 found in earlier E150?


    You will have to change your name to Adam Barra once it's gets it's teeth into you. There is a Barra that ran 2200HP on the dyno a couple of years ago at the SummerNats.

  • Mayjick

    Straight up Kudos to Big Boost ALBERTO! That was awesome footage I would love to see more.

  • SIMSpec Racer
    SIMSpec Racer

    just so you know there is a big fork lift in the states that uses a version of the barra motor. A lot of the parts are interchangeable

  • Robroy1985

    Kelford cams are from New Zealand I believe.

  • Jim Clarke
    Jim Clarke

    Atomic are the leaders in Barra parts! Good mechanic, oi oi oi

  • Brendan J
    Brendan J

    you gonna love these engines will be cool seeing what build path you guys go haha

  • Auto Mafia Racing
    Auto Mafia Racing

    Cant wait to get our S550 and S197 Barra swaps done!

  • Zukes454327

    LZ reminds me of one of the dudes from the village people lol

  • Ryan Gorges
    Ryan Gorges

    If y’all don’t keep 5:10 handy imma be pissed😂😂😂

  • yeetus59


  • jordan cicchesi
    jordan cicchesi

    Alberto is a legendary flimer

  • Ronan Davies
    Ronan Davies

    Can we just agree 110ft lbs isn't that much?? Truck alone are are like 500ft lbs and minimum of 60 per truck

  • David Thompson
    David Thompson

    Awesome motor Adam,Alberto's doing a great job.shes a beast!!.barra the world.


    Meanwhile in Australia, im rebuilding my Barra cause POWER!

  • Weaver H Christ
    Weaver H Christ

    You should always put the tappets & rockers back in the bores they came out of....just sayin!

  • Angel Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez

    I “bruise” my banana every night ;)


    Why doesn’t he have his own channel? He needs to!! Makin Adam a bunch of money!!!!

  • Emils Kurpnieks
    Emils Kurpnieks

    Let's be real, we all are here because of Alberto

  • The Tall Guy Z
    The Tall Guy Z

    Everytime I have an engine swap idea that I dont have money for someone that does have money goes and does it first 😂🤔

  • Safet Dauti
    Safet Dauti

    Barra the World. love the vidz down under approval

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice mustang Adam love the look of your car Adam

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that new engine looks nice Adam love the look of it.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam

  • Patrick Hopkins
    Patrick Hopkins

    This was very interesting because I’ve only worked on dirk bike engines and they usually only have one or two piston rings and seeing all the different oil management ring and stuff was really cool

  • rucrackas

    Stock cams are good for 700+ hp

  • Anthony Watkins
    Anthony Watkins

    The best bit about this is that it's sooo technical...but u get bogan Aussies building these like a turbo ls chev like most Americans do 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • HOT SHOT 1500
    HOT SHOT 1500

    I love this motor is it discontinued?

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark

    Nobody else is going to berra swap a s550, because its stupid...

Schlatt gets fit
270 ming
Schlatt gets fit
270 ming