Drift Week is off to a bad start...
First day of drift week at Musselman Honda Circuit! One of my favorite tracks - but not the best of luck.

  • Connor Mullen
    Connor Mullen

    Anyone else see the side boob lol

  • Rydnorth

    Adams living the life a lot of people dream of

  • ian sbe
    ian sbe

    bro i missed so much one day i just stopped whatching for no reason

  • Arran Woollett
    Arran Woollett

    I think Adam’s got use to fd, drifting a few corners then drive straight as if he’s finished 😂👍🏻

  • Andrew Hopkins
    Andrew Hopkins

    Omg A10 Thunderbolts 2:30

  • Radioactive Cobra
    Radioactive Cobra

    Yooo Fielding Shredderrrrrrr

  • scooter tricks 69
    scooter tricks 69

    Haley Deegan and adam lz should do a colab

  • Mayjick

    A Year Today Is when I knew Mike was gonna have to join the team permanently!

  • Xander Bn_
    Xander Bn_

    #freddymovement 😂😂🚗💨

  • JScubes

    8:03 I thought he threw something, but then I realized it was a bird.

  • Street car Garage
    Street car Garage

    Love the video only down side is the ending music is so gay and soft :(

  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew Allen

    is that person literally drifting a maseratti infront of adam at 12:41 or it just an s2000?? so hard to tell lol

    • Clayton Kyle
      Clayton Kyle

      It's my Z4m coupe


      i think thats an old bmw z4

  • rick flair
    rick flair

    yeah i wouldn't have uploaded running over my own tools, we can edit that bit out lol

  • sebastien lemieux
    sebastien lemieux

    im not engine technician but maybe not just the elevation...turbo+spinning+dust!?!?

  • Supra_Mickey

    One of my buddies saw you down in Tucson

  • driftprism

    day 2 of asking adam if his girls single?

  • Jamie Ratcliff
    Jamie Ratcliff

    Anyone notice the fart noise at 14:54 when the 350Z goes by?/ hahaha

  • Manny Huerta
    Manny Huerta

    Ahh yes ignore the pig in the beginning

  • Phillip Archer
    Phillip Archer

    I saw that red s15 on Oracle and rudasill right next to my house! That thing is badass.

  • Darius Boykin
    Darius Boykin

    2 steppppppp

  • Sam Fryer
    Sam Fryer

    Everyone needs a friend like Freddy. What a guy

  • LimitWHK

    How rude that someone stole your sign. Real let down in the scene

  • Barrett Hart
    Barrett Hart

    Nice that SAMMIT's gift got here for a driftweek with the JP post being closed down for so long!

  • Gwecho

    freddy is one bad dude

  • JustDrift

    I can’t wait until I’m older and have the money to drift

  • Alejandro Guillen
    Alejandro Guillen

    So it wasn’t a short in the injector harness then ? If it did the same thing after that replaced wire ?

  • Michael Hite
    Michael Hite

    I still keep finding myself calling this Drag Week. Sorry.

  • Alexander S
    Alexander S

    The perfect girl doesn’t exis.......

  • Uriah Cox
    Uriah Cox

    "Driving around with one headlight...like a felon" I dont know why that was so funny. 😂😂

  • OneDay Plays
    OneDay Plays

    Hey man it’s crazy how u went from a kid in college making UZload videos bmxing and now ur a pro drifter holy s$@t

  • Matthew

    id like to know if someone in NZ won what would they do with a LHD supra


    "old reliable is being a little bit temperamental" Well, it got it's "old reliable" name when it was on a whole different and simpler setup... You always talk about keeping cars simple and do the opposite.


    You should do a drift build Toyota altezza or a lexus is200

  • ImTrapzXO-

    Hopefully I get to run into him since I'm in Tucson

  • Josh Keever
    Josh Keever

    Drifting where badass nice and clean cars go to die

  • Kasch Whitmore
    Kasch Whitmore

    Adam plz tell me your still in Arizona plz bro it would be a dream come true to meat you I’ll buy you dinner man I’ve been watching your vids sense you where into bmx and still watch them daily

  • Trevor Turner
    Trevor Turner

    Need to make a tune em all shirt for Freddy 😂

  • Kasch Whitmore
    Kasch Whitmore

    Hey how long will you be in Az I would love to come see you bro this would be a dream come tue

  • Eddie Diaz
    Eddie Diaz

    Love this circuit very technical and doesn't eat up tires 🤘🤘

  • Andre Bassila
    Andre Bassila

    dat gap Collette has... Fire!

  • Tre

    That genesis in the background in the beginning 😍😍😍😍😍

  • 53nd nud355
    53nd nud355

    nice 1 sammit

  • Justin Warden
    Justin Warden

    Man I miss Adam vlogs at the house..

  • Mike Holdread
    Mike Holdread

    I like Collette's Z but the Chaser is growing on me. Think it's becoming one of my favorites

  • Gregory Hurley
    Gregory Hurley

    Greasy fingers on the hids :D hell yea

  • Ryan Wisdom
    Ryan Wisdom

    When you encounter issues, fix them, talk through it and show us the outcome... Its definitely a different level of satisfaction as a viewer than when everything goes smoothly... But either way I'm here for it 🤙🏻

  • Derek Layman
    Derek Layman

    Freddy is so cool and chill

  • essey fsehatsion
    essey fsehatsion

    I rlly wanna see a reaction vid where u surprise people with the power of ur cars

  • SketchySquid_stunts

    I wanted to meet you so bad😭😭

  • Aaron Ford
    Aaron Ford

    We love freddie

  • Sausage Wallet
    Sausage Wallet

    Lets gooo drift week vlogsss

  • Noah Paez
    Noah Paez

    so weird seeing my home city/track in an LZ video...

  • Артем Младший
    Артем Младший

    whos bmw z4 is that?

    • Clayton Kyle
      Clayton Kyle


  • Aj Street
    Aj Street

    Off topic question, where is the red e46

  • Daniel Rapsody
    Daniel Rapsody

    Can he still Tailwhip tho??

  • Alex

    I wish I had a friend like Freddy.

  • MrAzsplit

    Colette’s wheels are backwards and it’s driving me crazy. Flip that shit!

  • Codi Willard
    Codi Willard

    Freddy lookin like he needs an adult at 19:47 😂

  • Jonathon Jones
    Jonathon Jones

    Damn you were here in az

  • Kevin Lopez
    Kevin Lopez

    This was the Freddy episode and it was amazingly put together, Mike!

  • Contas

    Never seen anyone drifting a Z4 before

  • Geo AeroRider
    Geo AeroRider

    Slow motion overload. 🙄

  • sundaydriver_co

    Glad you could get it sorted out there. That lineup looks absolutely insane!

  • Dylan Gordon
    Dylan Gordon

    Is it just me or does Adam look blitzed as f every vid

  • LDN Wholesale
    LDN Wholesale

    Needs a new fuel pump. And it sounds like a diesel.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍


    Post more i luv this content

  • Japheth Bonnema
    Japheth Bonnema

    'This car never has any problems" litterly just had the whole engine replaced

  • OSKO

    Spewing that luke fink can't be there, australia rep!

  • nick mead
    nick mead

    Dog who stole the ebisu sign ya dog

  • Andre Blair
    Andre Blair

    The person who stole the Ebisu tag can never even show it off (pointless smh).. if they do, they will get instant HATE and may even have it forcibly removed from their possession 🙏💯👌 if YOU are reading/watching this please return it to Adam.. not cool.. make it right 😇

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson


  • Lil Yatchy
    Lil Yatchy

    Is Freddy the best tuner ever?

  • Michael Vondrasek
    Michael Vondrasek

    I think Adam's addition of Mike to the team was one of the best choices he's made. Mike's cinematography is great!

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson

    Needs more mountain spray eh😁

  • Automotive Anatomy
    Automotive Anatomy

    drift, break, repeat!



  • Adam Antonacci
    Adam Antonacci

    Where’s my fuel pump 🤔

  • Shawn

    Adam needs to build a s14

  • LegendofCorey

    i’ll be helping out working the event at the Alabama/Midpond drift day, can’t wait to see ya out there Adam🤙🏾

  • Grayson Graddy
    Grayson Graddy

    where did you get those seatbelt covers 🥺

  • Platinum Productionz
    Platinum Productionz

    Can't wait to see you in Sedona

  • temp errr
    temp errr

    Bro you in my town

  • BackIntoGear

    Shout out to Arizona... Its always hot here. Its november and in the 90s this week

  • Chris

    Plot twist, Sammit took the original ebisu reg card. Gave adam a new one, This year he will steal the whole window with the new one.

  • Jon Webb
    Jon Webb

    Man, I wish I had a Freddie.

    • Jon Webb
      Jon Webb

      Also, editing is sick in this one

  • Joseph Abbott
    Joseph Abbott

    Dude that side skirt was doomed anyways lol its drift week

  • Ulises Villegas
    Ulises Villegas

    I still remember the times adam was going to his first drift events with the 240 time flies

  • bowlerwildcatGaming2016

    I love that Grey AE86

  • Knightcan _25
    Knightcan _25

    I just moved to AZ for school and I’m just wondering, are you planning to have a meet of any kind? Because I would be really cool to meet you.

  • Osvaldo Alcaraz
    Osvaldo Alcaraz

    I love the fact that Adam has kept the same outro song since forever

  • Wrex Boosted
    Wrex Boosted

    Mike the vape god

  • That one guy
    That one guy

    Did I see Dwift trok

  • Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas

    The chaser needs a 2J

  • turbomonkey93

    Think we all need a friend like Freddy in our life 👍

  • TheSignifyyy

    freddy remind any one else of a young paul walker here ?

  • Quinton Perry
    Quinton Perry

    I was on my way home when I saw a widebody s15 going down rita and I was thinking oh man there’s gotta be something going on out there and sure enough he’s out there drifting with his girl, definitely the coolest experience I’ve had haha.

  • DR Locario
    DR Locario

    Since drift week is off to a bad start we gotta start UZload with a good start , EVERYONE LIKE

  • Constable

    Who else was hoping Cleeter was coming on this drift week?

  • Nxt

    id love to see you drift the cream s13 again, its the most iconic car of the channel