Secretly Engine Swapping my Mom's Car!
Let the fun begin! Last year we put a turbo on it... this time we're getting a bit crazier. Tune in tomorrow at 3PM to watch us build the new engine and install it in the car! I just gave it to her on Christmas - and her reaction was priceless! Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Rydnorth

    They should of came with an LS

  • Joe

    is it still considered purity because its just a bigger gm engine lol

  • Phoenix Ascendant
    Phoenix Ascendant

    I love you saved that lizard. XD

  • testicular oxide
    testicular oxide

    We can build her better, stronger, faster... We have the technology...

  • testicular oxide
    testicular oxide

    Stripper I knew back in the day had a 289 stuffed into her miata n that was a kool lil monster!

  • Yianni Papiomitis
    Yianni Papiomitis

    Get back into bmx

  • CJ Colvin
    CJ Colvin

    I would love to do a 480 HP LS3 swap in my mom's 2010 Camaro RS.

  • Dimetime thompson
    Dimetime thompson

    I really hope that was a backfire and not that lizards friend going through the engine.

  • Alex Russett
    Alex Russett

    Idk I think shes going to think you ruined her car. Im here for it though! This thing is going to be a monster

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer

    Those little 2.0L in those can make some good power

  • Crispy K
    Crispy K

    Makes at least 20k a month and gives us the poor man speech. 2:04 Lmao, let me buy some of your merch real quick, i'll just eat noodles for the rest of the month, all good ;)

  • Dont Care
    Dont Care

    I don't know, if I was his mom and he did this without me knowing I'm unsure if I would be happy or not!

  • Chubby Sayian
    Chubby Sayian

    That lizards probably deaf now

  • Keith Gill
    Keith Gill

    What are you doing with the old engine? I'm looking for one for an Opel wagon project.

  • Faizaan Quraishi
    Faizaan Quraishi

    I'm guessing your swapping the engine with an LS?

  • vickplayzyt

    this is the content we need

  • Not David
    Not David

    were you a bmx youtuber at one point?

  • samuel valencia
    samuel valencia

    start making more bmx videos these vids suck

  • Dillon

    Time to build a solstice missile

  • dont even worry about it
    dont even worry about it

    why would you do that?? (comment made before watching the video im sure you had a great reason)

  • The Jynxtherat
    The Jynxtherat

    if you're going to put an upgrade engine into that small package, you might want to think about larger brakes and rotors. :)

  • Dalton Osborn
    Dalton Osborn

    Should've titled this video "how many times can i say "this thing rips" in one video?" 😂

  • Kester 135
    Kester 135

    wants to do it in a short timespan, needs to be done quickly therefore there needs to be a lot of information and availability on this specific swap which he definitely seems to be talking like there is, keeping the American gearbox, cutting to fit a wider engine, can easily get a bellhousing adapter... must be an LS

  • jllucas39

    Hellcat swap

  • Fall Front 21
    Fall Front 21

    Mechanic is a boss in a major way

  • George Ridenour
    George Ridenour

    Spoil little rich boys

  • EThan spaziani
    EThan spaziani

    Four people put the money in time to do this and the skills and or equipment this is an awesome prank

  • Jason Lyle
    Jason Lyle

    Adams mom: "I'm so tired of these pesky check engine lights!" Adam: *swaps engine*

  • Lance Tamplin
    Lance Tamplin

    Those enkie wheels look so great on this car

  • Ethan Loughlin
    Ethan Loughlin

    One of my favorite cars

  • Panda Scripts
    Panda Scripts


  • Kevin Reed
    Kevin Reed

    Can you give me the full specs on those wheels please? Got my own solstice gxp and the factory wheels need replacing soon and I'm not sure what specs to look for. I figured out the lug spacing is 5X110 but I'm not sure what backspacing I need or the center bore size. Please and thank you.

  • NahuPlayz

    Secretly Stealing my Mom's Car!

  • lasse thalberg
    lasse thalberg

    This is by far the cleanest showcase/introduction to a car i've ever seen wow!!!

  • Isak Laursen
    Isak Laursen

    Who Else is just loving the fact that you love the BMW more than the pony?

  • Sibren Rongen
    Sibren Rongen

    My mom would thank me and fucking start racing, that woman ISN'T OKAY! SHE FUCKING SMOKES 19YO'S IN TUNED SUBARU'S WITH A 2017 KIA CEE'D.

  • Kai West
    Kai West

    Doesn’t your m watch your videos ???

  • Ollie Badstue
    Ollie Badstue

    Dude, can I adopt you and be your new mom? My little 1,2TDI Lupo could do with an engine swap😂

  • Jeremy Robbins
    Jeremy Robbins

    Only one choice in this world matters: 1) Will you build YOUR kingdom and serve yourself as you prop yourself up. 2) Will you serve God and submit to His Kingdom. Serving others than yourself. Get to know Jesus before it is too late. 8)

  • ToniCipriani

    Next year: swapping the stock 2.4L back in with no turbo for a reaction.

  • Vladislove ALBE
    Vladislove ALBE

    Adam you are flashed the bmw e24, and now we want to see this car in your video 🙏

  • ᒍᑌᑎ駿

    1:12 I really like the intro❤️❤️

  • Foleyt2015

    You should put a train horn for your moms car

  • no_you

    you know urs mums cool when her car spits flames

  • Casimor

    mid vid music: Cushy - Focusing

  • Ollen Bollen
    Ollen Bollen

    Imagine adam's mom drifding and then 7:51

  • Noob_Driver

    You should change your name to "Adam LS"

  • Bobby Rice
    Bobby Rice

    What are the wheel spec?

  • YaBoiDustin

    I would want a solstice but I always mispronounce the name I always say solicsist

  • Jenkypoo

    like mother like son lmao

  • Michael Navarro
    Michael Navarro

    I think a vq would be sufficient

  • Mike Carrasco
    Mike Carrasco

    Secretly deposit money into your moms account and watch her reaction 😂😂

  • Prestige World-wide
    Prestige World-wide

    *spoiler* She hates it.

  • Samar Gupta
    Samar Gupta


  • xalan x143
    xalan x143

    Adam! Nice spanish 👌 xd

  • Aadam Hughes
    Aadam Hughes

    Imagine he just slaps a Rb26 with a single bald eagle now that sh!d would rip 😁🤷🏽‍♂️

  • MeanTeddyKiller

    He is just ruining his moms car and trying to kill her

  • Benjamin Fretz
    Benjamin Fretz

    1:39 he bought the load-out drop

  • Courtney Hines
    Courtney Hines

    i think it is an ls3 engine

  • Rihito Kimura
    Rihito Kimura

    Definitely the coolest solstice in the world. Turbo, shoots flames, lady driven, and even comes with geico in the car so u save money on car insurance.

  • methpoptarts

    he said the n word at 14:50 😐

  • Rihito Kimura
    Rihito Kimura

    I wanna see Adam building a formula drift solstice😂

  • David Sanders
    David Sanders

    Gotta be LS3

  • Ludwig Rotin
    Ludwig Rotin

    6:39 Literally, he hit the G spot.

  • Tayler Darlas
    Tayler Darlas

    He said it has 20k miles on it does he mean 200k??

  • Theo petersson
    Theo petersson

    Can you do coustom weels on it

  • Kaiden Jeansonne
    Kaiden Jeansonne

    WTF was that laugh?

  • Colton Wristen
    Colton Wristen

    Yo adam, i have a set of Blitz 03's, 18x8.5/9.5 PM Me.

  • Alan Lopez
    Alan Lopez

    might as well put a wide body at this point

  • yeahboyyy123

    If you go against my BMW you are going to lose

  • yeahboyyy123

    It sounds good

  • Snowing Python81
    Snowing Python81

    Year 250: Secretly putting a rocket engine on my moms car

  • Kane West
    Kane West

    dude how long have you had your drivers license, because going around corners in the car how the rear loses grip. its suprizing how you can control it and prevent it from spinning out. i also loved it when you drifted a long time ago

  • Muhammad Harith
    Muhammad Harith

    6.22 yo is dat a soopra

  • Graham Russell
    Graham Russell

    Looks like fun tho hahahhahahaha

  • Graham Russell
    Graham Russell

    Adam your acting like a little kid in your mums car pmsl 😹

  • Beau Kelly
    Beau Kelly


  • TheHandyGuy

    I love this series

  • Ali Eldick
    Ali Eldick

    Is that a pontiac solstice

  • Diced

    This car low-key cool I’m also impressed with the build quality

  • King Sabi-G
    King Sabi-G

    i wish i was adam mom right now

  • Frank Sedivy
    Frank Sedivy

    It’s like a American made Miata 😂

  • Jane B
    Jane B


  • [Ventus] Naoka
    [Ventus] Naoka

    Plot twist: Mom pranks son with a 500hp car

  • Mutombo Says
    Mutombo Says

    I thought it was a Saturn Sky

  • Master Basser
    Master Basser

    first thing i noticed, holy crap were really close to your face lol

  • Nate Walsh
    Nate Walsh

    350 Chevy small block

  • JackCarver10

    inb4 LS swap

    • JackCarver10

      Oh man I just realized it's the 29th already and HE REALLY PUT AN LS IN IT

  • Carter Jones
    Carter Jones

    scared to do an oil change? Does she k ow what U Do?? U SWAPED THE FUCKING ENGINE. Probably fake to match that other video u were talking about but still dope what u did FOR YOU MOM but whatever happy pay day lollll

  • Oriel Gmez
    Oriel Gmez

    Did they test the compression on the engine?

  • Proximity Hail
    Proximity Hail

    Went from turboing it to swapping it

  • Roflmfaoftw

    damn that E24 is looking fire

  • TechWithRodd


  • jonny boyce
    jonny boyce

    That is a rape moustache

  • Johnathan Ramlal
    Johnathan Ramlal

    That camo hoodie isn’t on the website anyone know where I can find it

  • Oscar V.
    Oscar V.

    that rs6😫

  • Steve Lowe
    Steve Lowe

    This makes me want to buy a Solstice (or a Sky).

  • SpoT

    Best Video idea ever

  • Julian Saiz
    Julian Saiz

    That lug nut packaging would piss me off lol

  • FlowPV

    widebody it in the next video :)