I am so stoked that i can drift all my little heart desires without overheating big smiles yay!

  • T Mac
    T Mac

    Please fix the aero by putting a Silvia front end on it .

  • Ayman Salah
    Ayman Salah

    I have always wondered what's the green thing in Willow Spring's skid pad. Anyone knows?

  • alex mendoza
    alex mendoza

    Adam is like the least loving person on videos lol

  • Daniel Silva
    Daniel Silva

    E_ought 👀

  • Joseph Ornelas
    Joseph Ornelas

    Love that 73 donk in the front neighbor's shop. Sick progress on the beater S chassis!!


    Nice gloves my guy!

  • Drift Monkey
    Drift Monkey

    I’m very curious about the water tank/sprayer setup nick put in there. 50 gallon HF tank/sprayers/lines and wires. I wish nick had a video on it because this setup definitely looks like something worth doing IMO. With the addition of tire sprayers of course.

  • CoreyP

    you are one lucky dude. tons of fun cars, beautiful girl, money, youtube, you are blessed! Please be thankful for the gifts and things you have, dont take them for granted. Own what you have and keep it up. i been following you for a really long time and its awesome to see the big fancy cars, and even the s chassis out whippin.

  • K3LY

    PLEASE meet up and drift with james Deane

  • LA1504

    That mustache you look like some 90's cop lol

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer

    Lol love the ending.

  • FMA146


  • sLAgVbotYT

    Y does Nikes steering wheel looks like Adams old steering wheel

  • Aaron Watts
    Aaron Watts

    Won't that tank slosh?

  • Noah Rodriguez
    Noah Rodriguez

    She scared of the throttle?

  • Mattaywho

    I love the beat up look of the jz car

  • Vencil Porter
    Vencil Porter

    Imagine being able to have a SUGAR MAMMA like that!

  • Dane Jorgensen
    Dane Jorgensen

    Any body else respect the loud 3rd gen Cummins with the 4th gen mirrors lmao

  • OG Mudbone
    OG Mudbone

    First time I’ve seen Colette look hot lol

  • Brian R.
    Brian R.

    Some adult swim vibes on that outro

  • dangus

    ballast for cars is now a thing :D

  • Karlo Didak
    Karlo Didak

    can we get gt3 rs on track pls ?

  • Red Dawn Gaming
    Red Dawn Gaming

    every time. i see an Adam LZ vid it makes me want to play some need for speed sigh!

  • Gio BMX
    Gio BMX

    4:40 you can see adams totally awesome hicky

  • Dave R
    Dave R

    Cute couple

  • Chloe Hennessey
    Chloe Hennessey

    A bigger radiator with electric pump you can run when the car is off will cool that engine. I use a 12 GPM marine water pump to circulate water through my LSX 527 when it’s off as well. It’s called a “Deck wash pump”. It’s designed to be in that environment and it does an awesome job. Anyways I can do lap after lap and it doesn’t go over 180 Fahrenheit w/V8 so it should keep that 1JZ pretty cool. CSF Triple pass main radiator and two remote mount small Tusk radiators and I’m good even in the south Texas heat.


    Collette will have the meanest tan by days end! Keen to see how the cooler holds up in future.

  • Adrian Zikry Noor Hisham
    Adrian Zikry Noor Hisham

    Im from malaysia and im broke and my mum dont trust these cars. Build me an r32 thank you.. HAHAHAHA

  • Drew Shepard
    Drew Shepard

    Hey Adam. Was just watching some of your older videos, and it’s really amazing how far you’ve come. The path you have paved to become successful... it’s just amazing. I just want you to know that while it may seem as though you’ve already done everything in the world, there’s always another path to be paved, and I’ll be here to watch you do it. Can’t wait to see what you do next(: Btw, id be interested in seeing some type of extreme budget drift build and maybe a battle between 3 budget cars? Maybe a drift truck??Idk Sick drifts🤙 -Drew

  • Josh Sonnenburg
    Josh Sonnenburg

    Damn small world seeing the shop adam took his car I take my cars for alignment next door

  • 100summers x
    100summers x

    Wish I could drift like Adam whenever I wanted for fun too. Wait I don’t even have a car🤦🏽‍♂️.

  • 100summers x
    100summers x

    Wish I could drift whenever I wanted to for fun too. Wait I don’t even have a car🤦🏽‍♂️.

  • Luh Mari
    Luh Mari

    What happened to bmx 😐

  • Neo S
    Neo S

    No idea why but lately adam has been giving me major nijel thornberry vibes, now when I see him I am always reminded of nijel 😂🤷‍♂️

  • luis castellon
    luis castellon

    Is it me or is nick high asf? 😂😂😂

  • Douglas James
    Douglas James

    Put ice in the water cooler on track days too. Keep it really cool

  • Rene Gutierrez
    Rene Gutierrez

    That sugar mommy comment doe lol

  • thomas Maguire
    thomas Maguire

    If ur gonna fill that tank to the top you should put something in the tank to keep the water from swaying

  • Vincent Sunday
    Vincent Sunday

    So awesome to see Adam this happy!

  • lars kristensen
    lars kristensen

    that can be dangerous. you need it to be chambered like a tanker trailer. they have half walls as wave breakers. that car can start to wiggle like it had kids fighting in backseat. i think a built in fire suppression setup is needed more on your cars :P

  • The Brass Tack Car and Truck Review Ake
    The Brass Tack Car and Truck Review Ake

    Your 70 miles to Jaz Santa Paula ca

  • Jymi Newtron
    Jymi Newtron

    The smell she described coming from the car sounds like what happened in my G35 when the slave cylinder began to leak a little.

    • Jymi Newtron
      Jymi Newtron

      It was dripping onto the exhaust just slightly and caused a weird burnt wire, coolant and oil smell.

  • Second. fn
    Second. fn

    @Adam LZ when does the formula drift starts?

  • Bass fm
    Bass fm

    Lz is as good at filming outros as Jimmy oaks is at plugging his merch haha

  • Astra_Life 1
    Astra_Life 1

    Whens the next trip to japan ?

  • vibalite

    Wouldnt it make the metails brittle on the brakes if it cycled constantly

  • Jon Rogers
    Jon Rogers

    Chur brotha Adam and sister collete yous are monsters maan. Get back to me ASAP. I have something for yous...

  • Cheezy

    im freaking out because i didnt hear golden brown at the end of this video

  • HunterSkogland

    You should try gatebil in Norway 😁👍 search on UZload and take a look 😊👍 Gatebil

  • Colby Murphy
    Colby Murphy

    No one: Adam every video: "BIG NEWS SOON"

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    wow that's really cool. Im glad you got it to stop overheating

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    nice drifting Adam

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    nice 240sx Adam

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    good video Adam

  • 74bz

    It’s like you lost your balls bro it’s all Cole I have a new girlfriend but she doesn’t need to be in every Vlog come on dude start thinking with the big head

  • 74bz

    Bro your girlfriend on there makes you look like a fool keep your girlfriend off the Vlog

  • Pieterjan Van Leeuwe
    Pieterjan Van Leeuwe

    She kinda reminds me of letty from fast and the furious

  • Because Racecar
    Because Racecar

    Adam in the pickup truck with no seat belt?!

  • Nathan Sol
    Nathan Sol

    Waht car is he driving?

  • James Travill
    James Travill

    You need proper atomising high pressure sprayers. You want the water to evaporate taking the heat away. Spraying with water just makes the water warm and insulates things making it warmer.

  • Tj Rivas
    Tj Rivas

    🔥🔥🔥BEST OUTRO EVER 🔥🔥🔥🤟🏽😂

  • Goofy Gcode
    Goofy Gcode

    Big news ALWAYS coming soon for this guy! 🙄 probably doesn’t even have to say it anymore lol...

  • Xerr013

    I'm glad he admitted those glasses are stupid and it's about the troll. All I see is a mid 90s chick with overalls wearing them .

  • Svary

    How old are you

  • bowlerwildcatGaming2016

    Get a new body kit for her Adam

  • Club Sport
    Club Sport

    The wait transfer when half that tank is splashing around will be putrid.

  • Brayan Mendoza
    Brayan Mendoza

    Love that MotionAutoTv sticker and shift knob 👀

  • BOOT

    People always say their car feels faster after I drive it LOL

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane

    Dude, That is TRACKTOR HACKS... Normally inside car - full with moonshine :D


    caleb quanbeks old give away car?

    • Thatbajancarguy


  • PA Car Culture
    PA Car Culture

    Adam puts a jz in every car let’s see a ls swapped Miata Adam

  • Chargeboy

    Yo anyone esle notice Collete's 350z looks like RAv Ghost from halo


    Nicks a good dude, hook him uppppp

  • Ekedeke Pew
    Ekedeke Pew

    you cud just buy the cheapest washer fluid reservoir

  • DERP

    Windshield washer fluid tank bro

  • Kirill Tokarev
    Kirill Tokarev

    That e46 looks so good bruh

  • Dylan Pledger
    Dylan Pledger


  • type-dRew

    tracks will just let you dump water on the ground?

  • Kylen Collins
    Kylen Collins

    I wish nissan made the Z a targa top.

  • AWOL

    The weirdest outro yet

  • Maverik5124

    The scenes from 13:00 onward seemed pretty stuttery. Were you maybe filming at 24fps and then outputting at 30fps when editing and rendering the video? Otherwise great shots! Edit: or maybe a fast shutter speed because of the bright light. That could also make videos a bit stuttery. Filming in 60fps would be amazing for this.


    All that water splashing did it upset the chassis while drifting?

  • SkidPins

    get Rotational idle, every full engine revolution it cuts spark to 1 cylinder (each revolution is a different cylinder) fuel not being ignited helps cool engines quickly,

  • ES Zaiikgo
    ES Zaiikgo

    I think you should keep the 240 as a drift missile since you already have a missile in the back full of water

  • Zac Abt
    Zac Abt

    When nicks car blow off sounds like it’s saying “ooff” 👏


    Suger mommy is taking me to the track Adam be a good boy

  • Slippery Dreams
    Slippery Dreams

    Hey Adam would you be interested in swapping your Australian evo for a bmw e36 rb25det

  • Adam Swann-Sternberg
    Adam Swann-Sternberg

    This just may be my perception, but you guys seem happier now that you’ve told people you are dating. So, congrats! Oh yeah, also, Collette, you look nicer with your hair up. You should do it more often.

  • Funkin Gonutz
    Funkin Gonutz

    I would pay for an onlyfans account if Adam had a "foot" cam while he was drifting

  • Brendan keeno
    Brendan keeno

    Can not wait for the Barra mustang

  • Mike Bellew
    Mike Bellew

    You should put a second switch that can spray water in the trunk in case it does catch fire again

  • Richard Cleary
    Richard Cleary

    You and cleetus need to do some drifting together

  • Tony Carlino
    Tony Carlino

    That’s the solution for your car almost burning down?! Haha this thing is toast

  • Tony Tone
    Tony Tone

    Great energy guys keep up the team work you guys are killing it

  • cody rosenzweig
    cody rosenzweig

    *Do you get the sprayers from harbor freight too??*

  • Særpingen

    You should drift with corey funk

  • dropping Hertz
    dropping Hertz

    Dang ⚠️ Collete I see u wit dem Beef Cake ARM Muskels Rippin the hand brake in between transitions u definitely be Eating ur Wheaties 🤘 So sick to have someone who enjoys the same things as the other super Stoked 4 the 2 of Y.O.U..🏁

  • Gary_N_ Di

  • Hailey King
    Hailey King

    adam is 100% cali now w those sun glasses

  • Kelan Giddens
    Kelan Giddens

    "she's still in one piece" *s13 in multiple pieces*