Adam LZ | Best of 2020 Pt. 2
The second half of the year was jam packed with quite a bit! It was a blast rewatching all of the best moments and I hope you all enjoy it too. Curious what your favorite clip in this video is!

  • Andre Vlogs
    Andre Vlogs


  • Adrian Nathan Fullero
    Adrian Nathan Fullero

    Favorite moments keeps going and going

  • D Drap
    D Drap

    Bennywise chilling in the sewers. Adam LZ: 27:53

  • Andy Peak
    Andy Peak

    Would love to come skate in your back yard one day I'm in Clearwater

  • Ricky Lovick Jr
    Ricky Lovick Jr

    My favorite moment was your mom's reaction when you engine swapped her car.

  • vogue mist
    vogue mist

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  • Philli Ramirez
    Philli Ramirez

    everyone did a 2020 recap...but this is the only one i watched fully..both parts lol..can't wait for 2021.. collabs with jimmy were th best parts!!

  • Dark Boi
    Dark Boi

    The Barrett also known as the Australian 2JZ

  • dirty dangles
    dirty dangles

    Lol the bit with the mic was funny shit

  • WestenRBLX

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  • Lisa Otis
    Lisa Otis

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  • Mattnys

    me and my whole squad watch the 2 parts like a movie.great vid. stay save

  • Cams House
    Cams House

    Dude we love you guys so much that we were inspired to make our own channel. I hope you can check it out. Videos coming soon of my JZ swapped Benz 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • tml

    the amount of cars set on fire in this video is crazy

  • Quinton Daniels
    Quinton Daniels

    Coolest clip is of the s15 with the new paint and Widebody on it babyyyeee🔥😍🤘 And ofc the videos with your pops and everything love the fam videos

  • JoshPawz

    The municipal water system will never be the same... 27:50

  • Frederik Bahnsen
    Frederik Bahnsen

    5:13 why would he take his time to take of the wheel for legit no reason lol?

  • PayItForward

    I have so much respect for those drone flyers! The skill is unmatched

  • Rio Austin
    Rio Austin

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  • Rio Austin
    Rio Austin

    The fluffy unshielded quickly trust because guitar ophthalmoscopically stop by a homely raincoat. miscreant, ubiquitous cable

  • Rytis Rytis
    Rytis Rytis

    22:50 most underrated joke ever lol

  • qqunee

    36:07 100% my favourite moment

  • Omari Blake
    Omari Blake

    I loved all the fd clips and e46 content

  • Chilly Vanilly
    Chilly Vanilly

    "I like it black from the back" - C. Davis, 2020 "I hate it when my [big black] shaft is sad" - Adam LZ

  • Jeremy Stephen
    Jeremy Stephen

    ive seen the enjuku racing car at timaru levels raceway was thet you? adam

  • Kiolin Gonaseelan
    Kiolin Gonaseelan

    Literally every moment is my favorite

  • Steven Cracknell
    Steven Cracknell

    Definitely loved pt 1 3rd gear in the truck that thing sounds evil

  • SwegMonkey22

    I have the same guitar as that dude at 17:38!! so cool lol

  • Johnn E-Boy
    Johnn E-Boy

    When you and jimmy both went, "Gringo's? Gringo's." Also the Whole Audi bit with the dry ice was hilarious.

  • Dinesh Brahmam
    Dinesh Brahmam

    The jetski video with Grant has to be my favorite video of the year

  • dvixes

    bro i loved the FD content

  • Rae x
    Rae x

    58:28 such a jesse pinkman face XD

  • Jacob Simonsen
    Jacob Simonsen

    When the kei truck and the chainsaw sound exactly the same

  • Drag Racing Nc Chapter How's those tail lights
    Drag Racing Nc Chapter How's those tail lights

    Hell yeah brother I like the little remix you did here

  • Drew Veitch
    Drew Veitch

    does anyone remember when he rode BMX and put a massive back yard skatepark in his yard, now he doesn't even ride what a waste of money the dickhead

  • Cameron Herrod
    Cameron Herrod

    Didnt think i would make it all the way through but it was well worth it brilliant round up of 2020 👌

  • Ryan Braun
    Ryan Braun

    Hint the red evo and blue Audi in the background of the intro

  • Local Citizen
    Local Citizen

    the bit where your talking about the rb26 in the nizmo jumper hahaha

  • CoronetFan

    I love all the FD content. Im new to this channel. Also that Audi Avant looks sexy asf

  • Elliot F.
    Elliot F.

    tbh I was always on the fence with your content because I'm not big on the drift scene, but I watched some more videos recently and I just finished both of the 2020 vids and I'm beyond convinced that you are the most authentic car youtuber out here right now and you deserve each and every one of your 3 million subs. Watching the garage grow (in cars and in crew members) was awesome and it made me emotional watching you live the dream. Keep on going brother.

  • billy bunta
    billy bunta

    I'm in new Zealand I liked the Barra build

  • Always Driving
    Always Driving

    01:54:15 lol "I like it black in the back. " Gold. Adam like 😐😑😐😅

  • Levi Alexander
    Levi Alexander

    “”I buy them to sniff them” “I’m going to change his name from officer farva to Joe Biden” I’m dead lol

  • Kyle DiFrancia
    Kyle DiFrancia

    Did anyone else hear the robot sounding “Jesus Christ” from the wind? 🤣 20:45

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith

    Can we make a compilation of Collette's "WHYYY?!?! WHY?!?!?!!!"

  • Wesley Murdick
    Wesley Murdick

    favorite part was when we got to see adam the rally driver, and lumber jack jim

  • Glockspecific

    I'm here for the Barra!!

  • Unknown LC4
    Unknown LC4

    there where so many great moments. But Country nearly crying in the driftcar. That was so crazy to see.

  • ben taylor
    ben taylor

    Favorite moment = all of them!

  • Josh

    Cleet sounds like he certified it as a ripper.

  • seVen


  • Naithan Sischo
    Naithan Sischo

    You should do another tour once the r32 and Barr’s are completed, well more of full update tour 😂

  • WizZarD102

    keep up the good work man loving watching you drive

  • Leonardo m
    Leonardo m

    Bro the one hand drift was epic 👌🏻👌🏻

  • Zach Hanson
    Zach Hanson

    When the truck almost rear ended you but then you stabbed it on them and I saw him slowly disappearing to the background

  • Michael Hodgson
    Michael Hodgson

    “I like the black in the back” Collete 2020 😂

  • Ethan Clampitt
    Ethan Clampitt

    Watching the hole video then hearing the song at the end gave large throw back vibes to the bmx days

  • Trial N' ERROR
    Trial N' ERROR

    33:09 When your tuner tunes himself into the backseat. LMAO

  • The Eturn
    The Eturn

    also i had to make one more comment. Collette was an awesome addition to the channel!!!!!!!!

  • The Eturn
    The Eturn

    the aero on the s15 grabs my eye everytime!!!

  • L.R _beastmode
    L.R _beastmode

    Do you BMX anymore

  • DriveHub

    Take a shot for every time Adam says "Oh sh*t it's on fire"

  • Dang Drewgun
    Dang Drewgun

    The metal band was great I'm dead 🤣😂

  • Ridge

    27:05 is that a red Porsche 944 I spy? 😍

  • Puppy Staffordshire
    Puppy Staffordshire

    Z i love ya n dat but bro 2 hours thats way too long..

  • Jesse Rutherford
    Jesse Rutherford

    9.4k like more nowwww he deserves like so he can do more projects like these

  • Jaxon Tanner
    Jaxon Tanner

    I liked getting to watch you drift at fd Texas in person lol


    27:52 RIP IT

  • Brett Pinkston
    Brett Pinkston

    All I want in life is Adam’s relationship

  • Petrolheadcorey corey raeburn
    Petrolheadcorey corey raeburn

    What are u doing with the red a white evo in your garage at ur house

  • Rustusgang001electric

    51:41 mmmmm that car looks So clean

  • DrivingThruMyPOV

    When the mustang is finished you have to race Ken Block. Either the mustang or S15 :)))))

  • Mike Holdread
    Mike Holdread

    Scariest moments of 2020 was Collette's mustang thermal event and the fire with Adam. The Oscar moment belongs to Adam and Jimmy in the kei truck.

  • Teodor Oprev
    Teodor Oprev

    Anyone noticed what Collete said i think im the only one "i like it black in the back"

  • Reachdominator8

    The nerf fight is my favorite

  • Jake Small
    Jake Small

    The fact that shulman won’t shave his head if adam with is ridiculous. Show some allegiance to your boy!

  • Realistic Opinions
    Realistic Opinions

    I was really sleeping on ur channel this whole time only video I ever saw pop up of urs was turboing ur moms car had no idea all the other crazy content you was putting out 🤙🔥 ur gonna be successful competitively man I know it 💯

  • John Peterie
    John Peterie

    The whole "don't sleep" segment with the zinc v. vapor hone bit. I recognize the sleep deprivation.

  • robert ellis
    robert ellis

    Top year for you Adam fd was great to watch and cheered you on at home every time love what you have done with the r32 it’s sick all the best for 2021 keep it up

  • John Rolko
    John Rolko


  • beau ingram
    beau ingram

    Definitely the no lift shift on the skyline 😍😍

  • Pepjunk0481

    When Colette said "I like it black in the back" , cracked me up

  • John Rolko
    John Rolko


  • Broke GamerAF
    Broke GamerAF


  • Ryan Parker
    Ryan Parker

    I love your mom's reactions

  • Jon Lucero
    Jon Lucero

    Adam and James look like brothers with their mustaches lmao!!!!

  • Brandon duran
    Brandon duran

    I miss the tik Tik lol

  • Str_ Mystic
    Str_ Mystic

    Was waiting for part 2 thanks Adam

  • Jacob Karch
    Jacob Karch

    I have been watching for years man I love this channel and my favorite moment is all of it my guy keep up the great work I love it 🤘🤙👍👏

  • Darian Campbell
    Darian Campbell

    That FD keep up with the s15 bro love the street race bro lz for life

  • Holden Froemke
    Holden Froemke

    I remember laughing until I couldn't breathe during your little offroad excursion in the Kei truck

  • TurboDragon66

    man you gotta visit jimmy more often lol those are the best videos and also tj even tho he wasn't in this video

  • Simen Hanssen
    Simen Hanssen

    2020 the year of the fire! Thank you Team LZ for making solid content and can't wait to see what will happen in 21!

  • Darian Campbell
    Darian Campbell

    Yw bro this is the life the next best part was the birthday burnout sweet

  • dustin fontana
    dustin fontana

    Love all the content

  • Chaos kart
    Chaos kart

    1:58:25 it is so funny as German to hear his German 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chaos kart
    Chaos kart

    1:27:45 the "haaaaaa" killed me 😂😂😂😂

  • Craig

    Adam. You are such a legend. I've watched all your video's since you took your moms car drifting in the snow. So my best part........................ALL OF IT. Looking so forward to seeing the Mustang ripping the streets with the new gearbox. Stay safe. Say Hi to Collett.

  • Edward 392
    Edward 392

    Shout-out to the little kids parents clearly doing it right💪🏼

  • Michael Beard
    Michael Beard

    Whatever happened to the turbo van?