R32 Skyline Vs. 9 Second A90 Supra
Who's your money on? I knew it would be a close one... and despite my hopes, I'm still surprised at the outcome! This was a fun one to make - and if you enjoyed it please let us know with a comment/like! LZMFG.com


    Just an FYI Tommy was intentionally vaping a lot to be funny for the video 😂😂

    • Russell Bros. Garage
      Russell Bros. Garage

      Perfect amount of douchery 🤣😤

    • Colin Fryar
      Colin Fryar

      Doubie jeez😂😂

    • Old BeanJuice
      Old BeanJuice

      It was a stiizy stop cappin

    • DNA Social
      DNA Social

      If you think that was a lot just wait until you see a Subaru owner fresh out the vape shop

    • Ed H
      Ed H

      You gonna buy a vineyard now you’re down in Florida Mike? 😉 That would actually be sick... 🍷

  • PlayBoiElavate

    That race was like a 2hr movie where the skyline is the underdog and wins last second 😂

  • BR0416

    Actually a new model supra are not toyota , its a bmw😪

  • diki abdul
    diki abdul

    That bmw...Oopps i mean Supra can run 9 second quartet milee??? Really?

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson

    The berea mustangs got me lookin at late 90s thunderbirds and mercury capris all funny

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson

    Ace had an awesome wood pellet fired pizza oven😃👍🍕

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson

    Are the internal still stock Adam?

  • Dakota Trent
    Dakota Trent

    seriously thats so disrespectfull man that's a givaway car

  • Brandon Metalspine
    Brandon Metalspine

    I love the shopping part at the end so much, so much good vibes! Love it

  • Angel A
    Angel A

    What lip kit on the A90? Thanks.

  • Artificial Turf
    Artificial Turf

    “just so people think i have gtr money” also adam: has like 30 cars

  • bal20 Tv
    bal20 Tv

    skyline r32 for me is the best thanks for sharing your time be safe always and healthy

  • Omar Monelle
    Omar Monelle

    Oh dam a preview of the 400z vs the confused Toyota

  • dean hubler
    dean hubler

    Happy the skyline won i know it would! Love the shopping part too how are we going to fit this in the car haha

  • mark cabatay
    mark cabatay

    collete is my ex lol

  • Xify FN
    Xify FN


  • Xify FN
    Xify FN

    Did you and Nicole brake ip

  • Jon Allard
    Jon Allard

    Where has Tommy been?

  • BoostAddict

    My guy if you want good ammo, get some headshot ammo by Out Of Darts. The Adventure Force/Dart Zone ammo is pretty good too, and probably much easier for you to get. Nerf stuff is overpriced. I would know, I've been in the hobby for years now lol.

  • pricey0986

    Rename this vid "living the dream"

  • Justin Tham
    Justin Tham

    4 gear goin crazy 😂

  • Isaak Pitcher
    Isaak Pitcher

    The amount he's puffing on the cape he will die well before that car makes 700hp

  • Ferragumo

    “Gtr Money” but had a midnight purple r34 gtr😂

  • Hotrodanimal

    OMG can we hope for a faster frame rate or is he stuck at 24.........chop, chop, chop, ...........cool with a cam not video on a high refresh rate monitor

  • titties

    Okay but when did Adams supra get a wing?

  • Drifto

    Bruh, just get 2 shopping trolleys.

  • RodMan UpNorth
    RodMan UpNorth

    Most vehicles have a Wot a/c cut out , so Air-conditioning should not be a factor at all. You can easily identify this watching aircon data on a scantool.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Yes finally r32 skyline vs the supra yes adam I been waiting for this.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice supra Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Evan Jensen
    Evan Jensen

    Adam needs a Costco Membership

  • FormerNine 11079
    FormerNine 11079

    damn that lightning tho 22:34

  • Darrin Murley
    Darrin Murley

    Try using paint ball in the nerzf guns

  • Charlie Lim
    Charlie Lim

    Is that a lg motorsports supra front splitter?

  • raph roy
    raph roy

    He almost Adam! 11:30 (had em)

  • MalibuHD

    "wasnt going thaT fast." His dash on the third pull - 100+

  • DaMoNx902

    Adam dragging Colette around target had me dead LMAOOOOOO

  • Russell Bros. Garage
    Russell Bros. Garage

    Skyline is a BEAST!

  • P3t3rrrn

    Adam, the supra's right front tire is on backwards...

  • Ethan Randolph
    Ethan Randolph

    The A/c is actually designed to cut out under hard acceleration. This means using a/c in your case, would have no effect.

  • Coby Wills
    Coby Wills

    at the start it sounded like you said righto

    • Coby Wills
      Coby Wills

      in a very Australian accent

  • Forging Aerospace
    Forging Aerospace

    I left my radio on

  • Tengu Drift
    Tengu Drift

    Wow, I must say I was rooting for the skyline but at the same time I was certain that supra will trash the old 32 really bad, but what a pleasant surprise :)

  • Alex Lau
    Alex Lau

    Watching Adam get cereal is like - “ I just get one box of each”.. 🤣🤣

  • Chickenn

    just me who thinks he should take the mustung to a mustang meet when the builds finished and say its stock

  • Corey Chambers
    Corey Chambers

    No AC more horsepower true facts 👍🏽😄 good one bro

  • Skulldugs KSE
    Skulldugs KSE

    is it a rb25 or 26 in that?

  • adrian dragos
    adrian dragos

    Lol ac disengages at higher rpms on bmws

  • Jack Lamberson
    Jack Lamberson

    Wait..... where’s the bmx?

  • iAMJJdrift jj
    iAMJJdrift jj

    What's the song called at 10:00

  • Braiteyy

    I fucking love the looks of A90 supra with his lip kit.

  • Brandon Metalspine
    Brandon Metalspine

    Navos laugh is just amazing

  • Toogii Saruultuya
    Toogii Saruultuya

    adam in the r33 looked like the old guy in a maxima against a supercar

  • yb 013
    yb 013

    Bmw z4

  • sanjoriot

    Gun fight cinematics were dope

  • Jack Reiske
    Jack Reiske

    you need to get some wind delfectors for the supra

  • JJM

    I liked the family shopping trip part :)

  • Rick T
    Rick T

    FYI corona always taste way better from Mexican stores or corner stores

  • Nathan Countyrman
    Nathan Countyrman

    That’s a lot of nic mines only 5% that’s a crap load of cereal 😂

  • Unreliable Racing TM
    Unreliable Racing TM

    I wanna swing by and do one of these "below the speed limit" races once my car is done

  • Deivy Bueno
    Deivy Bueno

    This video should have being called ¨Good buy Mr. BMCrap¨

  • jesbmxx

    i also like the parts of the videos that are outside of the shop like the end of the video lol

  • jesbmxx

    this is by far one of the coolest races ive ever seen. dont care about the 1000hp 1320 stuff, this put the biggest smile on my face :)

  • KILM

    Racing starts @ 11:09

  • Isidoro Machorro
    Isidoro Machorro

    Bruh when adam suggests using the trash can as a hamper i was like 😱OMG why have i never thought of this it’s genius with the little pedal and everything! Bruh thats so smart legit buying one today 🤣🤣🤣

  • Theron Bacev
    Theron Bacev

    adam if you're gunna use my buddy's song in your edit at least give him credit in the bio man

    • Sauce Dog
      Sauce Dog

      @Ulvis Grantskalns it's a remix of never mess with sunday by yppah i don't think this guy's friend made it at all

    • Ulvis Grantskalns
      Ulvis Grantskalns

      also interested in the name of the song

    • Sauce Dog
      Sauce Dog

      whats the track called?

  • TBxGamingGod

    The Barra sounds like an angry beast

  • JJ Sorenavki
    JJ Sorenavki

    Really want to See Adam Try a RB25/30 build for this with a G42 ;) Nitto Strokers is Life :D

  • SuperKanuuna

    I dont know this guy nor this channel, but what I saw there was a guy, looking like some 80's wanna be Günther with his moustache and wearing some gay looking pink cap on his head.. That was enough for me, this was not a car channel at all

  • Howsurfootballstuds

    Dude..., I almost had you

  • Deandre B
    Deandre B

    just saying this is the video that inspired me to save up to build an is300 brb

  • ChaosZombie999

    Ace Hardware is legit the Best Buy of the car world

  • Cuban

    Adam looks like that juan Mexican dude in the Maxima who dusted the Porsche on the drag strip.

  • Michael Espinosa
    Michael Espinosa

    I love sports cars

  • Apex 2 Apex
    Apex 2 Apex

    you should do more videos like this.


    adam please, song/sample starting at 10:05

  • jalejo4991

    $600 on groceries... #weirdflexbutok


    Really cool Adam I'm happy for you brother

  • Cullin Drake
    Cullin Drake

    Or 2jz wit twin turbskis

  • Cullin Drake
    Cullin Drake

    It would be crazy if u se20 swapped it

  • Jay Burrough
    Jay Burrough

    When money's no problem 👍👊💯

  • Zachary Hughes
    Zachary Hughes

    Tommy should have been like "Monicaaaaah!"

  • Efren Landeros
    Efren Landeros

    Why doesn’t tj hunt do this with his friends and race

  • Warren Chandler
    Warren Chandler

    22:33 anyone else think the lightning in the background of the shot was pretty cool

  • Ryan McCoy
    Ryan McCoy

    The bridge on Alafaya trail is always the spot

  • behradsays

    "Mid-life crisis man junk" is just... idk. Yes.

  • Tu Papi Ale
    Tu Papi Ale

    I love Adam’s sound effects

  • Trey Middleton
    Trey Middleton

    Ngl I really don't like the wing on the supra

  • Gabriel Bare
    Gabriel Bare

    You can bulk order those nerf rival nerf balls. They’re a lot cheaper that way

  • Harry Edenbrow
    Harry Edenbrow

    was it just me who got gassed when the skyline pulled ahead?

  • Josh Smitty
    Josh Smitty

    Slylines my favorite car but a RB30 would’ve been a better choice

  • Rydnorth

    “Sketchiest transaction” 😂

  • Adrian Trd
    Adrian Trd

    Corona ohh yes nice and cold 🍺🍺

  • jami millett
    jami millett

    “We want more pain” 😂😂

  • Peachy Keen Garage
    Peachy Keen Garage

    Gluttony alert! 20:32

  • Schutzs Staffel
    Schutzs Staffel

    Cmon yeah cmon give me some lightning (little flash in the background) “yeahhh lightning” I laughed so hard at that

  • Javier Pagan
    Javier Pagan

    Adam give us a update on the 335i or a race between the 2 cars

  • Shadow-Ninja281

    The pops coming from the skyline are therapeutic

  • We Are rowdy
    We Are rowdy

    Do more videos like this

  • Payne Kaufmann
    Payne Kaufmann

    that shot at 6:01 was so sick