Lit my 350Z on Fire & Started a Band
Just a casual weekend with the boys. Had a blast relaxing with some good ol' fun - hope you enjoy the video!

  • gillian watson
    gillian watson

    Mike stop drinking alcoholic drinks.

  • Bagel Media
    Bagel Media

    I have that pearl blue drum set

  • Nasahawks


  • Crocket

    i remembers when this man spun out in chrisfixs driftstang look at em now....

  • Jonathan Gibson
    Jonathan Gibson

    The ending best described is ANARCHY

  • The Helpful Gamer
    The Helpful Gamer

    you look like my dad but younger and not dead

  • Almost Canadian
    Almost Canadian

    Adam Lz has the sickest editing style change my mind

  • Joaquin Inigo Sto Tomas
    Joaquin Inigo Sto Tomas

    16:01-16:18 same thing happened to damon fryers lambo he rammed it into the wall and damon made a 6th gear burnout

  • INuk3dOniphone

    i thought it said brand i was like you already have a brand

  • Chad Brieger
    Chad Brieger

    Yo adam im curious what specs you run your coilovers on .... CLICKSWISE>???????

  • ACB

    Adam LZ and fire should stay in a relationship they look happpy together lol

  • ACB

    adam is the most lit drifter i know on youtube

  • Ali Naqvi
    Ali Naqvi

    so are u dating yourself now?

  • Gilbert Arias
    Gilbert Arias

    12:33 the entire z community 😂😂😂

  • Pure SwankyHD
    Pure SwankyHD

    the montage that starts at 14:25, is the music a remix of king krule?

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice 350z Adam love the look of it.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice drifting Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • PACH Films
    PACH Films

    thats how i've aways imagine my life crysis at 40's :D :D :D

  • 130 GAMING YT
    130 GAMING YT

    I will always come and look for a vid that shows the 240sx its my favorite one of all :)

  • Matthew Schlosser
    Matthew Schlosser

    I love that the one voice of reason on crazy cart adventure is Collette.. ( the pro rally cross monster truck driver)

  • Evolution Garage
    Evolution Garage

    I feel like I could be really good friends with Adam we have the same taste in cars and music🤣

  • Alex Beats
    Alex Beats


  • Dad’s Always Hurt
    Dad’s Always Hurt

    01:47 that follow! Who is that in the blue??

  • its barcode cuh
    its barcode cuh

    This video made me cry no lie

  • leo senpai
    leo senpai

    Drifting was cool and all but the band at the end though is very impressive 😂

  • paddywagon Kerr
    paddywagon Kerr

    That poor car 😂

  • tonypengo

    Wow the ginger has gotten really good at drifting

  • Robert Heindl
    Robert Heindl

    If Adam starts a band he’s gonna sing about how he hates car fires

  • Robert Heindl
    Robert Heindl

    Dude Adams relationship with car fires is so unhealthy but he refuses to break up with those fires

  • Reed Neudorf
    Reed Neudorf

    Remember when we didn't believe Adam when he said this car was going to be a drift missile

  • IceSilvia

    Looking forward to more band videos

  • Thomas Couzner
    Thomas Couzner

    Y'all see how much Ben and Taylor's miatas were squatin?👀 Bro those LS's were HONGRY for the win

  • Kaleb Freund
    Kaleb Freund

    That was lit as heck

  • N-JOI


  • vinash pachai
    vinash pachai

    The more Adam gets better at drifting is the, more he will rock the stache

  • lucas van domselaar
    lucas van domselaar

    This guy used to be such a good biker

  • Fazr

    Adam my guy, you got the China upside down! You'll be going through sticks if you dont flip it over

  • New Age Culture
    New Age Culture

    Can i please be in your friend group?? lol

  • KingofBS

    WTF? No El Zed raps??!!!!

  • prodoubt

    Adam in a non-black t shirt is so strange.

  • Zest Fallen
    Zest Fallen

    You want me to show you how to setup that set homie??? XD

  • Zest Fallen
    Zest Fallen

    Yamaha?? :[

  • Zest Fallen
    Zest Fallen

    He said 'Big snare, china" fool there is different sounding chinas and snares haha.

  • Marley_S

    I was watching some old videos (like 2 years ago), and dude... you seem some much happier these days man! The glow up is real

  • sean loves big booty bitches
    sean loves big booty bitches

    Love the danny duncan reference

  • Nate K
    Nate K

    One of the most entertaining videos I’ve watched this week from any UZloadr

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas

    Where's the s15

  • Damion Withers
    Damion Withers

    If y’all want some music lessons lmk!

  • Remington Koenig
    Remington Koenig

    Adams band is shitty just like girl keeping skills and his driving skills

  • 716 TG
    716 TG


  • Tyler A.
    Tyler A.

    Where is all this drone footage posted? I bet those shots are crazy cool.

  • Keith Nguyen
    Keith Nguyen

    Pulled a DAmond lol

  • caleb moore
    caleb moore

    He love them fire’s

  • Tesko 249
    Tesko 249

    why do i wanna base my life on this videos title😂

  • Dandals

    Adam drives anything with 350 in the name and somehow get it to catch fire

  • Rayyan khan
    Rayyan khan

    CEO of fire

  • Tyler Bradley
    Tyler Bradley

    i hope grant stays man, he seems like he fits in really so well and is loving it down in florida.... - the heat lmao

  • Diaz

    Videos come out much better when you're just having fun rather than doing things for UZload.

  • Savage GTI
    Savage GTI

    The passing ball really shows what distracted driving does lol

  • ES Zaiikgo
    ES Zaiikgo

    14:42 gave me some prostreet vibes

  • Raymundo Rodriguez
    Raymundo Rodriguez

    You should recreate your ending song with the band

  • Zohaib Ullah
    Zohaib Ullah

    Were is nicole

    • Zohaib Ullah
      Zohaib Ullah

      Haven't seen her in a long time

  • 4FHIII 1
    4FHIII 1

    @Adam Lz this time u completely drift like Arabs .😍 love your videos keep them coming . Love from pakistan 🤩

  • SackPack

    Where you guy located in ct

  • SackPack

    I live in ct bro but we have no power because iseasa

  • elijah hernandez
    elijah hernandez

    adam is the ceo of fire

  • Jeff Hirata
    Jeff Hirata

    Is the 350z engine still stock? Added nitrous? Tune? Thx!

  • darcy gray
    darcy gray

    Can’t wait for the 2021 tour

  • Max Hennum
    Max Hennum

    Yo lemme cop that rhythm guitar spot 😂

  • Aaron Watts
    Aaron Watts

    Can you imagine the drone filming fly's through the windows passed the driver and out the other side

  • The Chosen Kiwi
    The Chosen Kiwi

    I've been to that guitar center in Winter Garden!

  • Euro Shane
    Euro Shane

    Dude whats the deal with everything u own catching on fire? U should start building shit super fire redundant lol

  • BMX JT
    BMX JT

    Am I the only one who wants Adam to ride BMX again

  • retro slave
    retro slave

    I love the spec on the supra

  • Koop

    You can't tell me you guys don't do drugs :P

  • Steven Killeen
    Steven Killeen

    I guess was trying to blow up or burn it to ground

  • Lukas Johansson
    Lukas Johansson

    More band content!

  • Scott-Michael

    I'll never forget when I heard Trevor said vq's sound like a pissed off elephant.

  • BlakesOG

    Can someone link me to the video where he was messing around with windshield banners on the brown chaser? Please & thank you

  • Aiden Saralegi
    Aiden Saralegi

    Adam should get a integra or a civic for the fun of it

  • F4isalKSA

    Just a kid with way to much money

  • Dickerlump1277

    one thing in life you will learn by getting older, there is no need to can or make everything, coz other can it better and share it with you, and at this moment you should notice, that you are a great driver but will never be a great musician ;) XD god no, pleeeaaaasee no!!!! XD

  • Jeremy New
    Jeremy New

    This vlog was a fucking banger

  • Peurala

    I work in asbestos removal and inside the suit you can get high temperatures like 130'F, 95'F would feel so effin cool lmao.

  • Vampyrate XD
    Vampyrate XD

    can adam go a week without setting one of his cars on fire?

  • วรรณดี กรกัน
    วรรณดี กรกัน

    Im gay pls help me

  • Calum Rojas
    Calum Rojas

    wonder if adam will ever put vskf's on one of his cars. CREAM S13 ON VSKF'S?????

  • GGF6T

    Best vlog in a llllooooooooonnnggggg time!

  • VeRiittyyy


  • ramairetransam

    i loved the letting loose at the guitar store and then playing at home . more of that.

  • harold warner
    harold warner

    Way too many ads

  • Raw Dog
    Raw Dog

    Adam "Excuse" Lz

  • M Maxe
    M Maxe

    Where is the cow Bell?

  • F B
    F B

    What’s the name of the beat at 14:20?

  • F B
    F B

    What’s the name of the beat at 14:20?

  • Otis Horne
    Otis Horne

    collettes face when you said “probably the first time i’ve heard that in my life”

  • Nathaniel Thomson
    Nathaniel Thomson

    Oooooo damn that's a quality video. Excellent filming.

  • ottowalburgskates

    Love the ramped slow mo’s, give’s me old skate video vibes

  • Jacob West
    Jacob West

    How much for one of those bmx frames and what’s up with the s15

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