Started going through the car with my friend Nick and figured out why it burst into flames!
thumbnail photo by @kevin_trxn

  • Vid Kolar Bergoč
    Vid Kolar Bergoč

    Adam: has 15+ cars Also Adam: a tire for the trailer is to expensive

  • Karlo Dugalić
    Karlo Dugalić

    Love that song from 0:50 , name ? :D Adam... big hello from Croatia... i have e36 325i drift car.. I love your videos, you motivate me to drive on this level one day and have so many loved cars... beautiful passion really.. Can t wait for new videos , I always learn something , full throttle only !! ;)

  • Justin Trinchini
    Justin Trinchini

    "This hat that I unfortunately rui-" _W H A T Y O U S A I D_

  • Chaos Car Club
    Chaos Car Club

    That S14 looks so good!

  • Kahlil Penaflor-MTB
    Kahlil Penaflor-MTB

    I miss the times when Adam would buy a bike from walmart with his friends and play a game of B.I.K.E

  • Tej Bergin
    Tej Bergin

    4:05 certified FLORIDA MAAAAAAAN

  • Soekhoe Prewish
    Soekhoe Prewish

    Wear is Nicole

  • Tokenpoke

    Think its time for a new mechanic

  • Dronie

    Anyone else notice the long ring snippet on her finger.. These two engaged I wonder 🤔

  • Seth Hollingshead
    Seth Hollingshead

    Or she could just come home move in with U js lol

  • Seth Hollingshead
    Seth Hollingshead

    Please throw those glasses out in the garbage lol. All the money you have I say no haha just no

  • Cameron Nagy
    Cameron Nagy

    U both have tire sponsorship yet u have a flat tire for a trailer

  • Daniel Weiss
    Daniel Weiss

    that 240 is living it's best life now that adam has it

  • Andy Amezcua
    Andy Amezcua

    0:52 oh man! that late model corvair! i need one of those to build into a road race car

  • Best Damn Shingler
    Best Damn Shingler

    Nicole gained some weight

  • AlbeeFrom 335
    AlbeeFrom 335

    Im a car guy and I was just getting into BMX and i just found out you used to do BMX videos 😅

  • Adam Joy
    Adam Joy

    I wish I had an s 13

  • Dücky Bikes
    Dücky Bikes

    Need more bmx videos

  • Jeremydebragg Bragg
    Jeremydebragg Bragg

    Collects wants Adam to move to cali

  • Kyle Gant
    Kyle Gant

    build a s14 brooo!!!

  • Arpaton

    Is adam doing fd this year?

  • Cody Blankenship
    Cody Blankenship

    Abrupt ending bud lol

  • Esteban Rodriguez
    Esteban Rodriguez

    Who is the owner of the s14

  • Rewerb

    Hey Adam I know your busy and everything but it would be awesome to see some bmx stuff in a vid sometime soon for old times sake it’s fine if you don’t

  • Chase Mitchell
    Chase Mitchell

    200k on a Cummins is still a baby those thinks can go to 1mill

  • Garrett Monk
    Garrett Monk

    Adam saying people with older trucks have spare parts like he doesn't have a enclosed trailer with parts in it for the drift cars

  • AudibleVisible


  • AudibleVisible

    More street drifting

  • konamad

    You bought a Turke'd truck! uh oh

  • Jason Walter
    Jason Walter

    Got my banner and it's dope, I was pretty impressed with the quality... But also super bummed I didn't get the wheel with it lol

  • Gerald Rogers
    Gerald Rogers

    Adam and Collette are double negatives in luck on driving lately 😄

  • fastestaventador

    Adam: we got some problems. Me: you think

  • Keith diamond
    Keith diamond

    Can I have you messed up hat for work at the shop!!?!?!?!?! #beebeautomotive

  • purplecorn1234

    Nick's a savage

  • Mike Holdread
    Mike Holdread

    226,000 miles nothing to sneeze at...things going to go bad. It happens.

  • info

    Australian evo needs registration, i heard.. ^p

  • Phymatic

    10:10 favourite mac miller track ayyyyy

  • Dan 284
    Dan 284

    Were any of those gaskets melted? Maybe there was only a small leak/loose fitting and the fire ruined all of the gaskets. You surely would have smelt fuel in the cabin if it was leaking that bad

  • kyzable

    put a dump tip on the 240

  • ZaRa1FPS

    This guy buys cars like woman at a shopping mall..

  • cob:of:games :
    cob:of:games :

    U bought a e36?

  • Justin Boyd - Medina
    Justin Boyd - Medina

    Anyone else notice Colette is wearing a ring... , promise ring from adam?

  • Nelson Sosa
    Nelson Sosa

    dude you guys caught a fucking blessing bro please get this shit fixed 100

  • Dylan Burch
    Dylan Burch

    The new is a white turbo Subaru brz seen it on his instafame 😏

  • Chase Godwin
    Chase Godwin

    Adam lz im interested in working for your company...if your curious about my possible skillsets and ideals and my motivations my insta is @chase2jz

  • dondo

    Great vid Adam

  • Madmansmitty


  • BM Bolt
    BM Bolt

    I have a old truck I keep 3 alternaters 2 belts 4 starters a jump box 3 quarts of oil some brake fluid a impact gun a 22mm socket and a few spare tires

  • Monkey With A Bike
    Monkey With A Bike

    I want more BMX videos 😭😢😭

  • Alive Above 8000ft
    Alive Above 8000ft

    I have a 2005 f250 I keep spare used alternator and starter. Sleep belt and all the bearing on front got used good parts cheap. Now I have a new truck . . It was nice having spare parts on road trips

  • Chris Goff
    Chris Goff

    He got that extendo tip

  • AdrianHeredia_AC

    Haha yess, my sticker! 5:25

  • josiah jones
    josiah jones

    Wait asec, are they engaged? I saw she was wearing a ring on her ring finger

    • Ron T
      Ron T

      Nah she always had iit lol

  • Nicolas McCord
    Nicolas McCord

    Watch adam just buy her a truck and trailer

  • _Kyle_Paton_

    E46 in blue coming soon?

  • Jaybird

    Holy quanjz 😂😂 WHAT A HEAP

  • DashYT

    How long would it take to drive from CA to FL?

  • Horace Jenkins II
    Horace Jenkins II

    Yooooo you need to hook up with Mike myke a fellow UZloadr in California he has a siiiiiiiiicccckkkkkk. Sc300

  • Tim Grimes
    Tim Grimes

    03-05 body style 5.9l Cummins common rail inj, alternator right on top wicked easy 🤘🏼


    surprised to hear Adam listening to mac miller 10:26

  • Mason Medeiros
    Mason Medeiros

    what kit is that s14????

  • Sergio Blackman
    Sergio Blackman

    Ooooof the teasers at the end there #Friday

  • maxx

    Who is the girl at 3:12

  • Mighty

    Adam wassup

  • Joseph Spann
    Joseph Spann

    Did anyone else here, please take me home by blink 182 or was it just me, just before they took the red thing out the 240sx

  • Tiago Silva
    Tiago Silva

    That was an abrupt ending


    4:49 to 4:54 was just awkward

  • Pitti xD
    Pitti xD

    That S14 Zenki 😍🖤🖤🖤

  • Lefty G
    Lefty G

    Sure hope the new project is a mk4 supra

  • Kevin Villagomez
    Kevin Villagomez

    Lol that’s pioneer high school

  • Billy Smith
    Billy Smith

    I think you need to send this 240 back to FL for Alberto and the crew to go through and spend like a week or 2 just on it

  • Jais Hammer
    Jais Hammer

    So pathetic every time you feel the need to trash Caleb......

  • Dean

    Wonder how many miles is on Adams truck

  • Rainbow Cadaver
    Rainbow Cadaver

    If you're not fixing something with Adam then did you really hang out with him

  • Mike Fick
    Mike Fick

    220k is not alot

  • aSLOTHx -
    aSLOTHx -

    Hey Adam i know your S15 is your comp car but could we get some content on it? I haven't seen that beauty in a while and its my favorite car in your collection next to your GT3 RS 😀 thx nice vid btw👍🏼👍🏼

    • Omar Leyva
      Omar Leyva

      It’s getting rebuilt for the FD season

  • Andrea Williams
    Andrea Williams

    That dude is gay and useless? Wtf?

  • Paul Bravo
    Paul Bravo

    Santa paula,CA✌️🤘

  • Krashsx P
    Krashsx P

    I thought I was watching LZ vid not Taylor ray work on his fummins.

  • John Bravo
    John Bravo

    ------------------------------------> When is the Audi RS6 coming ?

  • ColoradoMK4

    Adam bring the long t shirts back 😫😫😫

  • Josh Keller
    Josh Keller

    Where were those shades during the year of flex though hahaha 💪😂😂😂

  • Cory Halvorson
    Cory Halvorson

    plastic fuel cells always leak, needs an aluminum one.

  • Kaedran Humen
    Kaedran Humen

    Dude can u just date her. Like please

    • Ron T
      Ron T

      That been his whole woman for a while bro lol

    • Omar Leyva
      Omar Leyva

      He is

  • Sam Demarco
    Sam Demarco

    adam, you not coming to FD atlanta this year??

  • life of a Carreiro
    life of a Carreiro

    Do u still ride bmx

  • Cap'n Ridiculous Witts
    Cap'n Ridiculous Witts

    I HATE YOU sooooo much...not really im just extremely envious of all your sucess and ability to have so much fun building so many cool projects to earn your living. All in all you are an inspiration for what I want to be so thank you! Love the cars!

  • Ditto Bagaskoro
    Ditto Bagaskoro

    The way Adam says "You're Worth It" omg

  • Turbobrz

    So youre buying the 4586?

  • Johninatoooor

    Adam you say you want an s14, Jimmy Oakes just recently bought a s14 zenki that he doesn't want to keep. hint hint

  • Yoeri van der Vliet
    Yoeri van der Vliet


  • Illuminated 671
    Illuminated 671

    Engine swap ? 2jz in a huge truck like that ? 😂😭 a lot of room to do something crazy

  • Naren Taiju
    Naren Taiju

    Where is the s15

  • Soul Muntean
    Soul Muntean

    My 94 GT Mustang has over 230,000 miles on it. Still runs an drives.


    with the fuel pick up line i use a special plastic line thats can handle e85 worth it because that line you have in your tank deteriorates and junks up the fuel pump and snowballs from there

  • iRacerTyler

    Alternator on a Cummins: Easy to change. Serpentine belt replacement: Why would you do this, Chrysler!?

  • Samuel Morrison
    Samuel Morrison

    Those are both ware items so its not a bad thing

  • Odin ōðr
    Odin ōðr

    No more blitz till you use the other set

  • Automotive Anatomy
    Automotive Anatomy

    Caught on fire bc fill sent 🔥

  • Devin Buchhorn
    Devin Buchhorn

    *Deatschwerks has entered the chat*