FD Texas Round 5 - My First Big Crash
My first big crash and my best finish yet! It's been an insane event and I'm stoked to compete again tomorrow! 15% off w/ free shipping & returns @ mvmt.com/lz Every $5 spent gets you entered for a chance to win the Supra & $15,000 Cash LZMFG.com

  • Off-road Adventures
    Off-road Adventures

    When Adam verses Chris forsberg why does it say in the information thing thing that the car is a Toyota 😂🤨

  • dropp

    That was not an OMT you had him adam. I love your content

  • Jimmys Jamin
    Jimmys Jamin

    Wowza Adam So what your learning and your enthusiasm is off the chain it was the most Awsome thing I've seen in a long time. Im Still trying to understand drifting but great job brother so damn cool your blessed stay stoked dyammmmmmm !

  • Eclipse. Void
    Eclipse. Void

    I miss bmx Adam lz... you were the reason I got into it and you’ll probably be the reason I get into drifting

  • Ricmaniac

    having a mask on... high fives everywhere =p

  • Cameron McLeod
    Cameron McLeod

    That's crazy. Haven't watched you for about half a half a year. You come up in my recommendations and your full pro!

  • Crazycamber 4
    Crazycamber 4

    9:11-9:18/9:20 the big crash

  • SchwuppDieWupp

    Toyota lol

  • Jalynn Weitekamp
    Jalynn Weitekamp

    Who else watched him when it was a BMX channel

  • Drags S
    Drags S

    The seating was so bad

  • King Rin
    King Rin

    Yooo I havent seen Country ina long time

  • Evan Grance
    Evan Grance

    I respect the judges but my fourth time watching this it’s not a omt...

  • Kane West
    Kane West


  • iskalex 2907
    iskalex 2907

    I wanna ask a late question is there a NASCAR race when the fd event is happening?

  • Arabela Nakano
    Arabela Nakano

    The grouchy ambulance interestingly report because supply willy present regarding a cuddly straw. groovy, spectacular catsup

  • vbbbbbbbbbbbb

    We need a giant killer tshirt

  • ᴄᴅᴍ ᴛʜᴇᴋɪɴɢ
    ᴄᴅᴍ ᴛʜᴇᴋɪɴɢ

    The LZ ARMY💪💪

  • Josh Rogers
    Josh Rogers

    I still say adam won against forsbergin the first battle.... LONG time fd fan adam made a mistake in the follow but still had an overall better folllow and the leads are comprable

  • JiggaJu1ce

    What is the outro song its sooooo good!

  • Joshツ

    Luckily Dean's bumper didn't hit the wheel! Btw congratulations Adam!

  • Greg Baker
    Greg Baker

    The probable museum bareilly irritate because wine pathomorphologically head aboard a wild pea. trashy, bite-sized owl

  • Rees Smith
    Rees Smith

    It’s company from Roman Atwoods vlogs

  • Nayeem AK
    Nayeem AK

    lzarmy . cringe 😬😬

  • StealthWolf1eZ

    i did that on a quad with my friend we were doing a tandem and my front tire collided with the rear tire snapping the tire rod

  • Stitch

    "so my first lap was definitely my best lap yet" no shit it is your first lap HAHAHAHA

  • XJiggleJelly YT
    XJiggleJelly YT

    Adam: “How was your day?” Me:“Oh it was good, fixed some stuff on the car and got some ice cream, you?” Adam:“Pretty good, also fixed some stuff on the car because... ...I crashed into Dean kearny”

  • Tumi Mojaki
    Tumi Mojaki

    25:30 sounds like something you'd yell at Ebisu

  • gillian watson
    gillian watson

    most supportive girlfriend of the year goes to the and only Collete Davis 🏆

  • oSyfic


  • ZackNasty

    Broooo! You need to do more politicking because you definately won that! But you're showing up and showing out my dude! Im a fan!

  • motorfanatics

    Wouldn't call it big, but it always feels different when you are the one in the hot seat.

  • Evan Hillier
    Evan Hillier

    Been watching your videos since it was a bmw channel love watching you grow as a Channel and your progression in drifting u have come so far love your videos

  • Drifto

    I felt that lead run against Forsberg like i was in the car with him. Adam absolutely killed it. Was like a revenge run for throwing him into the deep end the first time. But Forseberg jumped the start and Adam had to play catch up and went off. Judges were biased af.

  • raXXe 0
    raXXe 0

    9:10 crash

  • Rafael Leite
    Rafael Leite

    Bro. BMXer to UZloadr to Formula D driver! What a journey! Congrats

  • Ophir Jackson
    Ophir Jackson

    u won that 😫 the judges tripping

  • Jezzplays

    holy shit the amount of commiment you need to have to stay in that chase when you literally cant see anything cause of the smoke

  • Lukey pookey
    Lukey pookey

    dont know much ab drifting but love these videos

  • Dwyane Wade
    Dwyane Wade

    Trash judging once again. OMT was called on a cut and dry battle, they did that because they wanted Adam to choke.

  • Unity__

    What car are you driving? It looks like an s15 but the thing says it's a toyota

  • Weisstag

    Collette is such a team player man, what a good girl

  • Static_SE

    Such crap man Adam had Chris forsburgh by a landslide then that call OMT. I would have been heated but you see how calm and cool Adam was about the situation respect!

  • Alex Valhalla
    Alex Valhalla

    congrats on ur first top 8

  • Martin Mercado
    Martin Mercado

    I’m rooting for you Adam. Always keep God first.


    That omt wasn’t needed you definitely had it the 1st time them judges 🧢’n

  • Ix-_Failure Gaming YT
    Ix-_Failure Gaming YT

    just seeing this but dang from last year to this year you got alot faster happy thanksgiving to you an your team


    That lead against Forsberg was baller!

  • Xavier Enno
    Xavier Enno

    You had that battle in the bag smh



  • Rydnorth

    Dude you killed it! congrats man! That OMT was not needed at all, you had it in the bag for sure!

  • Tonyboi 69
    Tonyboi 69

    “Maybe could’ve gotten to it a lil bit earlier, because he didn’t transition at the same time Adam did”. What in the bullshit did I just hear, just completely ignores the fact cuz straighted out

  • FIZZY Attackera
    FIZZY Attackera

    What are thoes rims called i love them.

  • The Sneakyfox
    The Sneakyfox

    When he went off track D:

  • KrustyPickle

    You could tell Adam was pissed about the decision on that first battle. I was too. He should’ve won that

  • Thomas Redden
    Thomas Redden

    I’ve actually watched a lot of FD, and usually when they call OMT I agree, but straightening out is usually a big no no I’m lead or chase, and The Force was pretty much straightened out entering the second clip in the backside long sweeper

  • Isaiah Adams
    Isaiah Adams

    Hope your cars good my dad loved drifting he’s died drifting sadly and your videos remind me of him love you and be safe

  • Gaming With The Pros
    Gaming With The Pros

    Oh damn your tandeming with that American drifter matt?

  • Erick Arevalo
    Erick Arevalo

    Pro drifting has never done it for me. Its more about the grassroots, weekender type street beaters. suspension and great brakes is what ya need. y un casco

  • 7xzm1 Dark
    7xzm1 Dark

    Door go brrrrrrr

  • Matt Media
    Matt Media

    Amazing Adam, sick tandems and keep it up!

  • psylo shroom
    psylo shroom

    Foresberg actually straightened no shit. his rear wheels weren't smoking, i guess maybe he didnt straighten afterall, Foresberg just drifted without smoke on the rear wheels for a split second on a sunny day in a sticky track.

  • Owen Schmidt
    Owen Schmidt

    Why does this look like it was recorded on eyes the quality is so good

  • Сергей Иванушкин
    Сергей Иванушкин

    Ебааать, стилов

  • Dustin Day
    Dustin Day

    I feel like Adam will one day be one of the best FD drivers to ever do it

  • itzjdm__

    "Dean's a Pretty good Driver" *Dean crashes into Adam*

    • Tamara Jackson
      Tamara Jackson

      dean bean

    • WEED 4 DAYS
      WEED 4 DAYS

      U cant be perfect all the time

    • Exo Graphic
      Exo Graphic

      That doesnt make someone a bad driver

  • MK4 J
    MK4 J

    poor dean

  • DriftaholiC

    In addition to double elimination fd needs a pace car for starts lol

  • Youtuber funny moments
    Youtuber funny moments

    Adam Lz! I didn't know you were in this world!

  • Rylan Snider
    Rylan Snider

    All butt hurt Lz fans in comments, LZ did put up a good battle but the one more time was legit and Chris had taken the one more time so don’t go around bashing judges because your blind in one more time LZ zeroed which equals loss

  • Matthew McGill
    Matthew McGill

    That sucks I hope you you and the other driver we’re alright


    thats bs forsberg lost the first time, period you deserved the W

  • DKSkates

    Is that a miata ur drifting, looks kinda slow

    • DKSkates

      @Boop lol

    • Boop

      900hp s15

  • Its-Big-Rick-Son

    Bro you got fucking R O B B E D. 1, you had more angle, stayed on his doors, and stayed on line 2, you had him literally trailing, he straightened the car out completely, he was all over the track, and you had more smoke. And lastly 3, in what fucking world is that a “OMT”, except for 2 forsberg fanboys literally crying because a rookie beat their god. You got robbed, I’d be pissed.

  • mirage 267
    mirage 267

    4:10 that what Matt field right

  • Big____Rich

    FD Needs new judges man this was such an obvious favoritism situation

  • SNZTR Fx
    SNZTR Fx

    Big oof

  • B

    Forsberg thought it was a drag race @ 19:46

  • Relox20k

    ok so i didnt watch adam for a while and i come back and hes profesional drifting with a s15. the 240 is gone and so is his wife. can someone explain? please and thank you

  • DM Nazaruddin
    DM Nazaruddin

    Well done Adam LZ I believe on you hope one day you will be FD champions. Keep that hard work.

  • Arcadian

    It's so weird I first started following you because I wanted to learn how to bunny hop on BMX. Proud of you Adam.

  • FireWolf

    Why did Dean’s Viper span out for no reason?

  • Logan Csl
    Logan Csl

    21:08 "toyota" wait, what ?

    • David Strasky
      David Strasky

      I think it refers to the Engine

  • Dan Trubnickov
    Dan Trubnickov

    Come to Russia and join RDS GP!

  • Crowd Control
    Crowd Control

    Damn bro this is so crazy I never would’ve thought you’d be a fd pro been watching you since bmx 👍🏽❤️

  • the tirados
    the tirados

    1:07 is he from roaman out wood

  • Ethan Tagari
    Ethan Tagari

    road to 3m

  • The one
    The one

    Im sorry normally i stand by your losses, your bad decisions, your bad moves but that should never have gone to OMT, because you absolutely slaughtered him in both rounds! That is ridiculous to be honest!!

  • Camel Fetus
    Camel Fetus

    Dumb OMT

  • Terbiz23

    Aye that body guard was Roman Atwood’s he’s a good guy and really cool tobad he’s not in videos anymore

  • je caspe agunday
    je caspe agunday

    Drift king otw

  • User 1
    User 1


  • Dead_Duck

    Lowkey thought you would win I’m crying rn

  • Cole Myers
    Cole Myers

    Like the little paint less dent repair with a 3lb hammer at the end 😂

  • Mr Mcman
    Mr Mcman

    good job dude 👌

  • aringas marcinkevicius
    aringas marcinkevicius

    I'm here from start of bmx videos and all the progress is crazy. Big love bro.

  • aringas marcinkevicius
    aringas marcinkevicius

    Good race bro 👍👍💯🔥

  • Syron Kemp
    Syron Kemp

    Is Adam still with his wife I haven’t watched his videos in a while

  • JesusWalkss


  • Tim Higgins
    Tim Higgins

    Keep pushing Adam awesome driving bro

  • Roman Kopp
    Roman Kopp

    lol, Formula Drift judging is still complete shit. And that's why I'm not even watching it anymore.

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