S15 Official Testing! (850WHP 2JZ)
We took the freshly rebuilt S15 out to Worldwide Technology Raceway for its initial shakedown/testing to work out the bugs and get comfortable in the car again! S15 Skate Deck Pre-order - www.lzmfg.com/s15-skateboard-deck/
Use ADAMLZ at enjukuracing.com for free shipping on your order

  • l thuyhu Group
    l thuyhu Group

    exploring with josh

  • Filip Kozlowski
    Filip Kozlowski

    What size is the board?

  • pricey0986

    Omg 18:09that looks so much like the garage from GTA online 😂😂

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice s15 Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice drifting Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃

  • arturo ☁☽
    arturo ☁☽

    anyone know the name to those wheels at 8:26? i’ve been wanting a set of those since midnight club la.

  • Jordi Loonen
    Jordi Loonen

    I’m kinda new to drifting. Do you use your clutch because it sounds to me like you do, and if you do at what moments?

  • Puppus

    crazy how he went from making a tutorial on how to make a bmx tire belt to this in 5 years, and he hasnt changed a bit, still that same good old adam

  • Victor Minor
    Victor Minor

    Give me the key's ill show you how to drive that car

  • Rb House
    Rb House

    It would be so good if you could have Luke fink as a spotter for you at the fd events you guys seemed to gel well and plus he knows how to throw down on a track

  • Stephen Fitzsimmons
    Stephen Fitzsimmons

    Godamn that setup looks so tight and grippy

  • Nyomiah Rose
    Nyomiah Rose

    The drone was drifting to

  • kosmo


  • Erick lemus
    Erick lemus

    if u read this your gay

  • Im Phoenix x
    Im Phoenix x

    Collete's video skills are on point

  • zachary trimarchi
    zachary trimarchi

    remember when he used to ride bikes

  • SimplyCruising

    Tires we are done

  • UnrealisticGaming

    Hell yeah will be there next week. Can't wait to see it. And yes they call it St Louis's track. But after you cross the river you are in Illinois

  • KentGoSuzuki

    So many sponsors for a rookie!

  • Mk1 Rabbit Guy
    Mk1 Rabbit Guy

    Sounds almost like a nitro rc car

  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams

    That Divine media filming😤👌🏼

  • 「ZED」

    Would have been sick if you could have used the Yashio Factory pick color in the decals where you have the blue. Also your midnight purple R34 GTR is way cooler.

  • tpearcy97

    Rudnicks skateboard deck the he got from a fan was super sick.

  • Boss Media
    Boss Media

    Darn wish I could have came up to St. Louis for Formula D

  • WDJS22


  • Nick Bresnahan
    Nick Bresnahan

    at a loss of words from watching this one.... wow

  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    Collete got baited so hard at 16:03 bro she should’ve known 😂😂

  • Josiah Mamea
    Josiah Mamea

    Those drone shots were fucking insane

  • Daniel Lordan
    Daniel Lordan

    Best lookin Fs car

  • vw sw
    vw sw

    The drone footage was so cool!

  • Makolol

    she sounds beautiful

  • Giancarlo Rumlei Mercado
    Giancarlo Rumlei Mercado

    That drone shot is just 🔥👌🏼

  • Synatra Beatz
    Synatra Beatz

    why she keep calling collette baby or baby girl

  • Dillon Wong
    Dillon Wong

    Dude you're one hell of a driver that car is INSANE

  • UG sucre
    UG sucre

    They might be Yashio factory gloves? Cool.

  • Project Kennedy
    Project Kennedy

    i want your gloves. why are they not on your cite?

  • Alex Surh
    Alex Surh

    Crazy to think Adam used to be the "grind tutorial" on that shitty flat bar, and now hes this...

  • Jarred James
    Jarred James

    The drone angles were sick, I'd love to see more of that!

  • M1racleY _
    M1racleY _

    Looks like animal style, sick livery

  • Simon Millar
    Simon Millar

    Daniel's reaction for going in the car for a hot lap is priceless come on dude its not scary

  • garionsp92

    I dont know whats more impressive, adams driving? Or the drone control at 8:00

  • G Kk
    G Kk

    So glad to see some drone footage And massive congratulations on FD

  • James Davis
    James Davis

    Him spinning out made MY butthole Pucker up lol

  • James Davis
    James Davis

    Now u gotta let her rip at The Fantasy Factory!!!!

  • James Davis
    James Davis

    I like this message that ur sending to your younger viewers and that with Hard work and persistence to came accomplish your dreams. Whatever they might be!!! Keep it up!!!

  • Skiballej1

    Can we see more of the red 240



  • Andrew Wagner
    Andrew Wagner

    Your in my home town litterly minutes from me!


    I’m Jealous Beyond Jealous 😐

  • AfroUno

    But like.. what’s to dislike about this video?😂 x170

  • Alias Price
    Alias Price

    Got some work to do

  • Zach

    If I could take any of those cars without being able to sell them immediately I would take that 69 Camaro in a heartbeat.

  • D_teazy 07
    D_teazy 07

    dude 10/10 on the interior motion cam👌🏼

  • TheMontyhsv

    honestly bro,if your practising don't have your Mrs in the passengers seat. You are distracted as f@#k.get past the puppy dog stage, stop trying to be a show off

  • Zincc

    Im so confused, is he single now or he still married??

  • Eniah McClinton
    Eniah McClinton

    The kid can fuckin drive boys

  • MankeyMark

    Anyone know the song at 17:56?

  • J

    40 RA factory car collection is nice and those old-school Cnc machines

  • Noah Kälin
    Noah Kälin

    love the variety of this insane collection

  • Haider Shah
    Haider Shah

    seems like the car is too much for you

  • Justin Kriehn
    Justin Kriehn

    Sooo shattered I tried to order a skateboard deck but it kept rejecting my card I tried multiple times triple checked everything and still wouldn't

  • Zenouki

    adam i think you should bring back bmx videos that would be pretty cool

  • Victor Barriga
    Victor Barriga

    I live near that track place hope one day I can meet him Bc that is S15 is a dream car of mine

  • Ira Green
    Ira Green

    love the way the s15 looks, that car is hot

  • Not Just Rotaries
    Not Just Rotaries

    Adam really bought the m3 then never talked about it again

  • Devin Oneill
    Devin Oneill

    So crazy watching adam grow from a teenager crying about his aaron ross bars breaking, to being a pro drifter, AND hes stayed true to himself and his fans this whole time. Keep up the good work Adam & Team!

  • Joaquin Inigo Sto Tomas
    Joaquin Inigo Sto Tomas

    Where's nicole?

  • james whiteman
    james whiteman

    Loved it great work guys xo xo xo .car looks perfect.... Great shots...😍😍😍

  • 89 Ef
    89 Ef

    Build a single cab shortbed already

  • offset garage
    offset garage

    Too much power not enough skill...

  • Corey Black
    Corey Black

    Add a light bar in case they can't afford track lighting like last year

  • christian williams
    christian williams

    1080p 60fps would have looked sooooo nice for this video

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy

    Pro drift comp is about to get dowmmmm

  • Robert Loyet
    Robert Loyet

    youre 10 minutes from my house lol

  • Corey Black
    Corey Black

    1: the link doesn't work 2: I'm in Australia, so my midnight is different 3: how much?

  • Cory Halvorson
    Cory Halvorson

    an LZ vid where we don't have to sit through 15 mins of talking and a starbucks run before driving?!?!?!?!

  • jaylin turner
    jaylin turner

    You should tune the corolla

  • Gonçalo Matos
    Gonçalo Matos

    damn I dont wanna be that guy but on 12:23 he said we we're instead of we were.... but hey we all make mistakes right?

  • Dakota Duty
    Dakota Duty

    Bro meskers car lives on limiter lmao

  • Hunter Tankersley
    Hunter Tankersley

    Dang, I live 5 minutes away from that Texas Roadhouse you guys went too. I have a 600hp R32 GT-R and it would be so cool to have you look at it😂

  • Scotty Ingham
    Scotty Ingham

    Unless I'm mistaken the car at the end is Sketchy Vert.. Very fast car.

  • Branden Hellerud
    Branden Hellerud

    i remember when he used to upload bmx been watching since

  • Davi Dourado
    Davi Dourado

    Does Anyone knows the name of song that Adam uses in every ending in video? I just love it

  • Kz Arnold
    Kz Arnold

    Kinda looked like sketchyvert. There at the ended

  • Jett Aguilar
    Jett Aguilar

    That drone sound like I’m at the dentist getting a cavity filled

  • Sajid Tahsin Khan
    Sajid Tahsin Khan

    16:03 Awww.. Poor Collete!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Teocoli teo
    Teocoli teo

    Hi...nice color car perfect for drifting ....👍

  • Damon White
    Damon White

    It’s nice to see one of my favorite UZloadrs in my city👍😁

  • eric wilson
    eric wilson


  • noxious89123

    17:22 Aren't you supposed to drive onto the scales with ramps? I thought lowering the car on can give wonky readings because of the way the suspension settles and moves?

  • Riceboxx

    that cars an entire unit. good shit my guy

  • Rusty Nuts Media
    Rusty Nuts Media

    Just found this channel. Awesome content bro. Gonna take some notes for my builds moving forward. Subbed and following 🤘🏼

  • Leonardo Browne
    Leonardo Browne

    you should try to get in contact with goonsquad garage

  • Leonardo Browne
    Leonardo Browne

    love you adam

  • Darius Does it All
    Darius Does it All

    What about the S15 on a BMX SEAT or some BMX GRIPS??

  • W4KEnJ4KE

    How'd your driving around the midwest been?

  • CrazyWall

    Crazy 5 years ago he was just starting to drift his 240

  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    Adam has increased the displacement from a 1jz to a 2jz.............HORSEPOWER 😂😂

  • Tyler Robinson
    Tyler Robinson

    Am I the only one that thinks adam should become a big wang gang member with the S15?