Found something VERY wrong with the LS RX7 (+new exhaust)
I always wanted a yellow c5 corvette I just didn’t know it was made by Mazda
Mark your calendar - drop tomorrow @6pm

  • Alex Abrahams
    Alex Abrahams

    Some people might hate because I like the ls in the rx7.

  • Emmanuel Nava
    Emmanuel Nava

    I don’t like the ls in that fd

  • Joseph Cole
    Joseph Cole

    jesus there is more ads than anything lol

  • M

    Circle, rectangle, you ain’t got no spinny triangle!(yet)

  • Tan Kok Yein
    Tan Kok Yein

    Pull out the LS !! ROTARY ROTARY !! Brap brap BRAPPP

  • Connor Mullen
    Connor Mullen

    They did matt dirty giving out his neighborhood

  • Brian S.
    Brian S.

    Have Jeremy at Fasterproms tune it.

  • Cody Miller
    Cody Miller

    Keep the ls

  • Taylor Sobey
    Taylor Sobey

    I'm dead 🤣 1:20

  • Dorian Brooks
    Dorian Brooks

    17:50 Nah, man. That's not the sounds we come hear to listen to

  • J O
    J O


  • Matthew Harding
    Matthew Harding

    Funny shit, I've had a rough day, been really ill, but this shit made me laugh. Thanks Adam and John 😂😂😂 #geography

  • Rotary boxer motor sports. RBM
    Rotary boxer motor sports. RBM

    Like It Dosent have a rotary engine

  • KingofBS

    That LS must have had a bunch of compression leaks on those plugs with some misfires.

  • Srry tbh
    Srry tbh

    What Ls is it?

  • Dória

    Yeah it has a LS instead of a Wankel

  • jay kida
    jay kida

    You should start putting the music you use in the videos in the description

  • Boost Mobile
    Boost Mobile

    Can a v8 be rice?

  • Philip J
    Philip J

    *reads title* Me: “well yeah, it has a LS” 😂

  • L0N3 D4NGER
    L0N3 D4NGER

    Is that the one Tommy got for you

  • Dylan Miller
    Dylan Miller

    Put the Voodoo motor in the rx7!

  • Mikkel Nielsen
    Mikkel Nielsen

    Left tongue?

  • manolooo1

    Leave the ls

  • Mike Gulliver
    Mike Gulliver

    Sounds like Taylor rays infamous miata

  • Mike Gulliver
    Mike Gulliver

    Sounds like Taylor rays infamous miata


    I found what was wrong with it in the title. Its LS swapped.

  • Ima Whale Lover
    Ima Whale Lover

    Damn he doesn’t like big ole v8s??

  • Aaron Mansfield
    Aaron Mansfield

    Stop doing projects that you know nothing about! Make you look extremely stupid!

  • Austin Neel
    Austin Neel

    I havent been able to watch adam in three days. I live in pensacola Fl and i got hit by storm sally pretty bad my data womt even load this video and i just got power 😭😂

  • tom kane
    tom kane

    mMotortrend did a test on on Engine Masters "clearencing" headers and exhaust pipes, the result was it makes no difference


    If an RX7 is LS swapped then it’s not an RX anymore

  • Irshaad Shaikh
    Irshaad Shaikh

    Can we get at least something Rotary for the channel please!?😒

  • S*N*A*F*U

    Nice C5 Corvette

  • bighampton1017

    Can mike use a low pass filter to filter out the evo brakes lol

  • Brian Richards
    Brian Richards

    The muffler needs to break in

  • dean hubler
    dean hubler

    Adam WTF is with the COP stash mr. SUPER TROOPER? lol

  • Tre Webster
    Tre Webster

    I love this thing. Makes the rotary people mad😂

  • Anthony Bartolini
    Anthony Bartolini

    @Adam LZ Instead of having both banks come into to Y-Pipe... X-Pipe is the way my guy... That's the LSx sound you're looking for. Make friends with RPM Motorsports in Delaware for some sick LS build stuff!!!

  • Austin Green
    Austin Green

    what kind of wheels are those im looking for some for my car

  • Kushal Lakhan
    Kushal Lakhan

    More masks pls!

  • Z32KID

    Tbh I just wanna know how he even got the r34 in the United States in the first place

  • carbon racing
    carbon racing

    Adam I make all your cars on nfs heat lol

  • Ebony Laughton
    Ebony Laughton

    Where is the new red m3 e46

  • Cole M.
    Cole M.

    Architects- Royal Beggars @ 7:25!! Great song!

  • Matheus Ferreira
    Matheus Ferreira

    Nice to see a Brazilian meme at the beginning lol

  • Simon Fredriksson
    Simon Fredriksson

    If you need to messure something in 1/10000 of a unit, it's the wrong unit for the job...😅 God bless the metric system!

    • DomesticLlamas

      It's literally the same as saying something like millimeter, there just isn't prefixes. But 1/1000 of an inch is also called a thou or a mil and is considered it's own unit.

  • ben banks
    ben banks

    LS sounds horrible. Eww

  • Quest

    This needs either a rotary or a K series, asap

  • Jandek

    Last night I was saved from a fatal accident in the rain, I was on the road arriving at my house after a trip of almost 3 hours. When suddenly in a curve my car was out of control, honestly the first thing I thought was all your drift videos and somehow after turning from one side to the other I managed to control the car and avoid hitting the traffic and the forest on the other side. apparently there was oil spilled on that road. I know of many deaths on that same road. @Adam LZ

  • Tempered

    make more BMX vids!

  • Dank Meme Scouts
    Dank Meme Scouts

    “This is my geography class” “I’ve got my measurements”

  • Kamo

    20:38 - SR life.. LOL

  • Harry Killen
    Harry Killen

    I’m sorry but why are Americans so studious. Geography, the study of the world. Has nothing to do with maths. Even the elite Americans that don’t seem like total dumb fucks still are. Well done


    The only wrong thing i see is that there is a v8 in a F****g RX-7

  • torisaurio

    gracias a dios que soy español porque si no no entenderia medio video

  • RickOAA

    It's not on fire. Amirite?

  • Luke govea
    Luke govea

    Does he still have his mustang that he doesn’t use

  • Connor McColligan
    Connor McColligan

    Absolutely loving the Johan content ❤️ definitely need a huge Johan background story ❤️ sounds like great man

  • Alexander Dominguez
    Alexander Dominguez

    It has an LS thats the problem.

  • Hugh Stewart
    Hugh Stewart

    Lmao the face of a man hearing his first open pipe v8. Hahahaha. Need to sack up son.

  • JDM

    Needs twin system

  • JDM

    The ls rx7 is dope, I still don't get why this guy hates LS so much, ls over Barra and rotary anyday

  • Siraj El-ahmad
    Siraj El-ahmad

    Put a sr20 in the rx7

  • Carter Moreau
    Carter Moreau

    Is the monster sticker on the evo from initial D

  • slay random
    slay random

    The opening taught me more then I've learned in school so far

  • josh colburn
    josh colburn

    chasers came off a "container" not a roll on roll off ship? 25 year law what?

  • kit cavanagh
    kit cavanagh

    dont pause at 3:55

  • ImAcidic

    Why don’t you rebuild a 13B

  • tou. ge
    tou. ge

    Geography 😂

  • ryan 820
    ryan 820

    Alguien a pedido algo de lzmfg de PR 🇵🇷 en esta pandemia pa’ saber cuanto se tarda mas o menos???

  • Taylor Forster
    Taylor Forster

    He said we'd get the dyno video today. Makes me sad that its not here yet

  • Isaac Williams
    Isaac Williams


  • Ur Dad
    Ur Dad

    Make doms rx7

  • Kiryu Sensei
    Kiryu Sensei

    Adam lz where is yout bmx?

  • Cris D.
    Cris D.

    Yeah I see the problem, it's in the title and it's an Rx7 with an LS. 🤮

  • Juan Martínez
    Juan Martínez

    Adam, just letting u know, there's a caterpillar stuck on ur top lip

  • Mqchu

    To whoever who is reading this, I just want to let you know God loves you, He has been waiting for you for a long time. Love God, let Him in, let Him flow through you. Come on, don’t be scared. He’s a forgiving God. It’s not to late to repent. And again, to whoever is reading this, may God bless you

  • John jimmers
    John jimmers

    who else is super interested about johan explaining super technical, i learn so much

  • Jeremiah Truman
    Jeremiah Truman

    Loved the thinking montage!

  • Bryan Valdiviez
    Bryan Valdiviez

    Found the problem, there’s a LS in there😩

  • Brayden Smith
    Brayden Smith

    Joehan is my favorite

  • Bradley Hines
    Bradley Hines

    How many times are they going to misuse geography

  • Max Auerbach
    Max Auerbach

    Normal distribution

  • Kris Burke
    Kris Burke

    Yeah, the spark plugs shouldn't be that loose, they also should be TR6 spark plugs.

  • Antonis Giotis
    Antonis Giotis

    Found something VERY wrong with the LS RX7 you dont say

  • Nic Huver
    Nic Huver

    Bell curve= standard deviation stuff

  • Josh Brink
    Josh Brink

    Keep the ls3 and build a 8000rpm ls it’s cheap and easy

  • T

    Does anyone know if he still rides bmx?

  • Will van Houten
    Will van Houten

    Well your first problem is the rx7 has the wrong engine in it

  • Paul Jorge
    Paul Jorge

    Big problem with the rx7 .... it has an LS

  • Justin Parker
    Justin Parker

    U should try coming out with a Lz drift game.have tracks n upgrades that no one has ever came out with

  • FamousMizFit

    Now they are finally starting to learn how to build engines. Checking PTV, cam degree, valve lash, etc. Maybe Adam will stop blowing stuff up :)

  • Jarok3

    "its geometry, its like a circle" -proceeds to hold up a cylinder xD haha :P

  • Jameel Farhad
    Jameel Farhad

    Left tongue 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Matt Greenland
    Matt Greenland

    This car is so much cooler with this engine!


    I quit my work with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Indizzle Wizwazzle
    Indizzle Wizwazzle

    Remember when this guy used to be an amazing bmx rider?

  • Joseph Mkalaf [Student]
    Joseph Mkalaf [Student]

    I figured it out it has a LS

  • Jack Thayer
    Jack Thayer

    When are the skateboards shipping?

  • Champion4life92 _
    Champion4life92 _

    The UZload update for the TVs video quality has gone down for 1080P is not the standard anymore it’s 4K