Scaring my Dad in my 1000hp 2JZ S15
My dad was in town for Thanksgiving and although Zeroy was out of commission - I thought the Enjuku S15 would be a good car to give him a ride in! BLACK FRIDAY DEALS -

  • Adam LZ
    Adam LZ

    I know someone will ruin it.... But if this video got 10,000 likes with 0 dislikes.... :)


      this video with 118k likes:😦

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      117k 👍 2.3k 👎

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      Butch Griggs

      Dad's belt is all fuckered

    • The Fazbear Channel
      The Fazbear Channel

      First off, That transmission is so loud. Second, is the whine from the V8 engine or what?

    • thesexrulez

      Ok dis manz did not just say v8's are boring 😂😂😂how dare u...but fr tho big block boosted v8's are fun asf

  • Kamaleswar Phukan
    Kamaleswar Phukan

    His dad really enjoyed it. It was an amazing and lovely experience!

  • Mohammed Rayan
    Mohammed Rayan

    Know that's a gud dad

  • JJenkinsYT

    Can’t wait till I’m driving something like this

  • Alex Db11
    Alex Db11

    Es mejor el supra??

  • Eric Jackson
    Eric Jackson

    Why is the transmission so loud? Is it because of how much power is going through it or is it because the gears are shaped in a way that makes it noisy?

  • Olav

    I have a dream to own a car that spits flames so that I can teach tailgaters a lesson.

  • Michael Norris
    Michael Norris

    Man I love your dad, he needs to be in another video soon lol

  • rygetlost

    *Unplugs fuel line* "Lots of stuff around here, I dont know what it does, might be for oxygen"

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone

    Your Dad is very cool!

  • Heiko Grimm
    Heiko Grimm

    "Got a plate on it"... Damn, that made me cry! I'm sittn here in Germany, thinking of getting a silencer so the rozzers don't bite me as my Exhaust is to loud (97dB instead of the allowed 86 dB) and additionally I'm supposed to get my STI Wheels documented in the paperworks for my WRX. You guys have literally no Idea how beautifull the unhindered life of a car guy is over in the US and A ;-D PS: Love the content!!!

  • Scott Mason
    Scott Mason

    Absolutely priceless. I laughed so hard when dad was putting his hands up like a roller coaster ride.

  • Troy Allgood
    Troy Allgood

    It sound like a tricked out bus 😂

  • Jed Welsh
    Jed Welsh

    What's the total price of this ?

  • BlackBird

    lmaooooooo look at his head everyone his son pull the brakes

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    Rajendra Kissoon


  • Rajendra Kissoon
    Rajendra Kissoon

    This is a cool dad.

  • Tosic

    5:31-6:03 your dad is a fckn legend edit: add 7:43 on the list of legendary moments

  • Mahlok 82
    Mahlok 82

    Gear racing bro.. Faster car.. 2jz

  • Kaizer

    I wish my dad will live up to a hundred years old i'll be like an adult that time and maybe i'll have a high paying job. I would buy a supra mk3 or 4 and ride it with him. He always tells me stories about his BMWs, Celicas, and his Mk3 Supra

  • Rusty Rains
    Rusty Rains

    Those cars are badass ! But I just love your pop, he is cool as hell, and funny !

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    M U

    Hellofuh dad right there

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    ZyloX Scooters

    Hey I was wondering where my bike grips went😂

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    Darius MF Reed

    yer dad STAY peeeeing!

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    Mr Thayer 82

    The old man looks like magneto from X-Men

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    yungxrogue X

    You're dads pretty cool

  • Drako


  • Wavy

    love this video so much come back here every once in a while to watch it again lol

  • Robert Frantz
    Robert Frantz

    Good thing his dad used the restroom first 🤣

  • Brian Serafety
    Brian Serafety

    Adam, I am unusually speechless. You are an amazing guy with your parents! Cars.....dude......phenomenally incredible! Your family and you, beyond perfection. Btw, I have never, ever left a comment on YT, until now. You deserve my first ever compliment (or comment). Here’s to you man! Cheers!

  • erik_pd_

    I like that tiny odi grip with odi barend😂😂

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    youness jarif

    Dude look mad gangster in them glasses

  • OutdoorMadNewZealand


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    AJ Thiel

    Ken block lookin

  • AJ Thiel
    AJ Thiel

    Bro the engine sound when it is cold idling 🥵🥵🥵

  • turbossuzuki gti
    turbossuzuki gti

    Hi Adam!This is a samsonas transmission?

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    Essitto Rusko

    popps is the truth...

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    Vincent Pond

    I want that car it is so cool 😎

  • Neku

    Gears like a Fast and Furius

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    Karamveer Singh

    Don't lose your father to me he reminds me of mine

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    Jake Weiss

    "maybe some oxygen" lmaoao

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    Trent Watts

    Gotta like a family guy

  • Jonah Newsom
    Jonah Newsom

    this is fucking insane, like this is the only way to NEVER get pulled over. You did it, Adam.

  • Prabhnidh Singh
    Prabhnidh Singh

    I love your dad reaction on s15

  • J Zamora
    J Zamora

    Are you trying to give these older folks heartatacks! Funny stuff

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    Brandan Stevens

    your dad is a joker hahaha what a guy

  • Rejectz

    I freaking love ur dad

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    Nich pede j

    dude our dad soooo cool man and fun


    I think Adam dad is thinking I need one of these

  • FootPlaysStuff

    doesnt matter if it's slow anything with a violent sequential box is fun as hell

  • Hardcore Lover
    Hardcore Lover

    Your dad is a godly comedian

  • j michael
    j michael

    can you get this version with airbags?

  • j michael
    j michael

    dad is hilarious...he is having a mini heart attack every gear shift

  • Nitrous Racer
    Nitrous Racer

    this sounds SICK


    I really love his dad...i hope my dad will be like that🤩


    This does not rev like 1000 hp in a light weight car


      ok 11 in is better =P

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    Leon Steinmetz

    You dad is So cool Respect

  • Dave Stinson
    Dave Stinson

    Man i wish i could ride n thst. I like v8 stuff. But thst thing sounds sweet

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    Demarcus Q

    Dang your pops is old school walking around with a digital camera now that’s wassup

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    Sorry dude, I just can't get over that pornstache 😂 Awesome vid man

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    Ilya Mamasakhlisov

    Yes officer its STOCK🤣

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    Logan Cantu

    Love the odi grib I got the Same one on my bmx

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    Gaj Gruden

    Dad is a legend!

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    oreo hey

    I wpuld never do this. Dad could get a heart attack.

  • Daniel Tower
    Daniel Tower

    I dig that your dad is so relaxed an loving man you guys got something special!! 🤙🏼

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    Humanoid Player

    9:45 to the end of the pull I was climaxing the whole way

  • ѕaтyrre

    is there not cops in florida LMFAO

  • Costa Mokola
    Costa Mokola

    That transmission noise😭

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    "V8s are boring" I love the 2JZ but nothing sounds better than a V8 in a 60s muscle car

  • J.H Huin
    J.H Huin

    Sometimes I wish i could do these things w my dad

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    Brandyn Osborn

    As your second video I've seen now. Def subing

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    Hazen Moss

    Such a dad thing to do, gets to his sons warehouse “where the bathroom?”

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    Moses Burd

    Ur parents r the shit

  • Nigel Hutchinson
    Nigel Hutchinson

    The S15 sounds so nuts. You know it's legit when the transmission is as loud as the engine.

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    George Smith

    Your dad is the fucking Bosss

  • Swabb3rs

    Nothing gay but like his dad is amazing

    • Swabb3rs

      I hope my dad is like this when i get older

  • Jim Olson
    Jim Olson

    Your moistache creeps me out bruh. You need to shave that thing.

  • Gavin Holland
    Gavin Holland

    It's just pure joy how I seen you starting to smile when you're dad put his hands up haha

  • Samurai-sam

    You can’t beat a whining gearbox 🔥

  • Carter Tidwell
    Carter Tidwell

    How his dad talks to us while Adam out of the car and my favorite, when he takes picture with his lil’ camera, and when he sees the “oxygen thing” 😂😂 so pure

  • Odell S
    Odell S

    More videos with dad. He’s an internet sensation lol

  • ed_austxn

    My dream to own a facility like yours I just don’t know where to start

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    Wahhhhhh more dislike than likes

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    Morgan Haynes


  • 707 SaV
    707 SaV

    Good times to cherish these memories brotha, stay blessed and safe, you Pops seemed chill af..

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    deadly beat 480

    I forgot is it a sequential or the norm

  • Shannon Lee
    Shannon Lee

    Love his reactions to the whole car haha awesome

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    Aldy x ML

    Bro, u need 2 see garasi drift

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    Ryan Mitchell TU06c

    I love his dad

  • Riley Harrison
    Riley Harrison

    9:47 10:58 his hair 11:16

  • Falqon

    how is it street legal if you can't even have an s15 in the US yet?

  • Nobody

    11:04 pops really thought they were about to actually take flight!! 🤣

  • OceanVinyl

    V8's are boring? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bite Me
    Bite Me

    I used to wonder where Adam gets it from. When dad said come on Adam let's get this thing on the road. I figured it out

  • lucas blezard
    lucas blezard

    did that first car have a black box

  • Wajahat Khan
    Wajahat Khan

    hello bro how are you i need your little help.... i have crown 1994 model with 2jz vvti 3 coil engine with 4 forwad 8wire gear .. kindly tell me which diffrential is best for pick and fuel effeciant? and which gear suits with my 2jz electric throutle becoz my is non mobiliser and non MAF cencor?

  • Clarens

    In germany the steering wheel itself would be enough to be not street legal

  • 27needles1

    05:32 - "Maybe oxygen" - LOLL

  • Offoda

    your dad tho.. *love* that guy! :)

  • Torrance

    Dad: 8 with a thumb.. love it