Slamming my 2021 RS6 Avant
I've decided we are done with drift cars and from now on we will only be doing plug n' play air ride controllers on Audi's... haha!
Help out Luke here!

  • Jonathan Norwood
    Jonathan Norwood

    I like it better at factory height level, but if you prefer it lowered, then I will still support you in your decisions!!!!

  • Rydnorth

    “The place where I get my haircut” 😂😂

  • its_topguN twitchtv
    its_topguN twitchtv

    Either full beard or nothing at all :P

  • David Klassen
    David Klassen

    That's actually sad to hear Brisbane is wanting to shut that drift park, I've been there and been able to take a few cool pictures, people are very nice and welcoming and it's an awesome crew in general, no clue why they want it shut down since it's even in an industrial part where no one really cares... Sign that petition if there is one!

  • A-Tran2604

    Much love from Oz


    step one in german is schritt eins

  • jack kassis
    jack kassis

    Hey bro what brand was that airbag module. My RS6 just came from port I would like to have one. Or if you could send a link that would be awesome. Love your videos.

  • tatusmachine01

    Is that carpet on that plate he removed underneath the car???

  • Martin H.
    Martin H.

    Erster Schritt: Demontieren Sie den Unterbodenschutz.

  • servet92

    wish i had the same dilemma, i can choose between 2 rs6s but i can only afford one, damn what to do :p

  • John Lu
    John Lu

    over rated car,late come out still slower than e63s wagon

  • Dennis

    Adam is gonna be the young Matt Moreman, Buying something and then telling how bad things on it are.

  • Hillzy87

    The ultimate flex Surpreme x Mechanix gloves

  • yesimraging

    You have to say your Twitter for it to be plugged lol

  • Ronni Jørgensen
    Ronni Jørgensen

    are you still married

  • saucy nonchalance
    saucy nonchalance

    i bet some places will charge $6000 for that mod

  • Alecs02 12
    Alecs02 12

    Omg... sick

  • JD Capitao
    JD Capitao

    Schritt eins: Entfernen Sie die Unterbodenverkleidung. ;)

  • laka1969

    Anyone thats not from NE wont get the lous exhaust joke

  • iampsycho666

    what did you use to lower the car? I am wanting to do the same to mine

  • Catainbioshock

    Ahhhh.... always research before doing something. This cars have an service mod for air suspension that you have to select before jacking up the car. Otherwise there are really big chances to blow the suspension when lowering the car. Talking from my own experience sadly:(( this sons of a bi...... are expensive like hell

  • Joel Steiger
    Joel Steiger

    Aye bro im from germany i can teach you some german if you want ;)

  • Giorgio Tenucci
    Giorgio Tenucci

    Ciao! Can I know the name of the Kit to lower this RS6 or where I can buy? Thankssss

  • [] Noahj2509 []
    [] Noahj2509 []

    Spacers are going to ruin the drive quality m8

  • Greg Baker
    Greg Baker

    The billowy court preauricularly slow because lettuce endoscopically expand excluding a delirious deposit. null, sable finger

  • jordan coleman
    jordan coleman

    I wish I had rs6 money


    thats super clean

  • superfast30

    Audi hit it out of the park with the new RS6. Car is stunning!

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Andre R Memories
    Andre R Memories

    Still waiting for Adam to get the legendary MK4 Supra

  • Walter FJK
    Walter FJK

    Jeez the rs6 looks sooooo clean slammed! 😍👍

  • Jurreth

    This is going to be the rattiest RS6 ever

  • Marin Berndt
    Marin Berndt

    I would never be brave enough to fiddle around on all that car stuff

  • Charles Madrid
    Charles Madrid

    This girl fucking sucks... Geeezsh

  • Chris

    A slammed station wagon, very smart!

  • Miguel Den Boer
    Miguel Den Boer

    Remove the soft limiter pls

  • Toby 601
    Toby 601

    Looks like the suspension has collapsed, bet it drives like a pig too. Not a good look, or a spend of time. Amazing car in standard form!

  • Im Gased
    Im Gased

    U know u have money when u have supreme mechanic gloves

  • suzukiltz400 #88
    suzukiltz400 #88

    Adamlz build a vw mk2 gti or g60

  • Aidan Carter
    Aidan Carter

    Fantastic intro to the video! I love the videography, keep up the great videos

  • Veno Max
    Veno Max

    Literally 5 days ago: Dont expect me to slam it or anything. this vid: SLAMMING MY 2021 RS6 AVANT

  • im Schwaggy
    im Schwaggy

    Grats on 3mil


    This channel is all about Adam bragging about all his money and builds

  • Jonathan Ober
    Jonathan Ober

    STEP 1 IN German SCHRITT 1 (EINS)

  • Mr_McD

    Buys brand new rs6 already blows air suspension by not putting it in lift mode even friend mentions there probably a jacking mode for the air suspension. 🤦‍♂️

  • Mary Ann Rosario
    Mary Ann Rosario

    Bruh I like that car

  • Becker

    I know he was talking about the orange peel in the last video but that color looks soooooo good

  • nut busting garage
    nut busting garage

    I think the one you don't want should be your next give away

  • Austin vlogs
    Austin vlogs

    I am learning German in school

  • Justin Thomasson
    Justin Thomasson

    You're a legend mate

  • lloyd M
    lloyd M

    RIP warranty

  • David Wright
    David Wright

    As a local to Luke’s track it would definitely suck if it was shut down cause all we’d have is street drifting and that’s NOT COOL!

  • calvin Kulick
    calvin Kulick

    It’s unlikely that you’ll damage the suspension lifting the car without this but you’re supposed to go into Vehicle>Service and Settings> Tire change mode

  • Peder Hansen
    Peder Hansen

    lowered way to much.. looks stupid. and perform even worse

  • Blank

    And there is Adam working with supreme gloves

  • driftking o6
    driftking o6

    Blue all the way

  • Marvin Villalta
    Marvin Villalta


  • Derek Dykens
    Derek Dykens

    This is probably the best looking car on the market rn

  • A

    Now it just looks broken... lol

  • Glenice Attwell
    Glenice Attwell

    Archi fild shout out cool stuff mate much respect from Albany wa boy's Australia

  • Glenice Attwell
    Glenice Attwell

    Wold be nice 2 have that dellema

  • Glenice Attwell
    Glenice Attwell

    Im a bit deff dam car alarm

  • Lars Cs-go
    Lars Cs-go

    you actully need to make a setting in the car so u can lift up the car on the lift, my dad ruined some new cars while working in with changing wheels here in sweden

  • 290boss

    What’s happening with the Barra mustang, can you do some more

  • Wim Wouters
    Wim Wouters

    12:08: Let me see it go up ! That's what she said....

  • Anthony Sargent
    Anthony Sargent

    you didn’t elaborate too much... but have you thought about just going a bit louder with doing a cat or resonator delete rather than whole exhaust?

    • Anthony Sargent
      Anthony Sargent

      or maybe headers?

  • theCreepyFriendly

    "town of Brisbane" lmao

  • Greg Baker
    Greg Baker

    The bashful architecture grossly ban because bar cytopathologically receive around a used smoke. wide, worthless fir


    Yeah, I haven’t seen the black but keep the blue 😭😂

  • carter

    dont get rid of the blue pleaseeeee

  • Mehdi Mohamed
    Mehdi Mohamed

    The Creme 13 and The RS6 blue compliment eachother so well.

  • Braap Force
    Braap Force

    Why don’t you have a b5s4

  • Mike Mendez
    Mike Mendez

    Supreme gloves

  • carshatter y
    carshatter y

    Black is more classy blue looks like a sports car toy

  • Randy Bowers
    Randy Bowers

    Love the stance can't wait to see it after you get the spacers put on

  • carshatter y
    carshatter y

    Legit hurt my eardrum with that car alarm dickhead

  • Veg4

    Que misil, felicitaciones.. bless from Argentina

  • Seth Hollingshead
    Seth Hollingshead

    Dope. Prob be the easiest thing to do on that Audi seems to be very German to work on lol

  • Mulholland’s Drive
    Mulholland’s Drive

    I suggested that car like a month or two ago and im just glad he got it. Its the ultimate daily and tracker amd highway ripper

  • Zac Simpson
    Zac Simpson

    Yea the archy


    You should ok take the rs6 ABT that car is fucking awesom

  • Gage Neisius
    Gage Neisius

    I will personally fly to Australia and buy a car just to go hoon it if that truck is shut down

  • Stuart Archibald
    Stuart Archibald

    2.99 mill subs

  • Tyler LeDrew
    Tyler LeDrew

    Old audis you can use vagcom (computer obd2 software) to program the bags to go lower, worth looking into

  • Michael L
    Michael L

    Gotta keep the blue one. The heritage behind it is nice.

  • Jason Zou
    Jason Zou

    if its mythos black... i can confirm it looks dirty all the time ):

  • Cgy24fan Holuk
    Cgy24fan Holuk

    Automatic welding is flawless

  • PC Better
    PC Better

    No link to the module?

  • Marnitz Botha
    Marnitz Botha

    Bro that RS6 looks sooo sweet now that its slammed !!!! just WOW... Keep the blue one and fit the ceramic brakes !!

  • JCU

    Not a fan of it slammed. Looks bad to me

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez

    Keep the blue one black is super basic!!!

  • Johnny Kaelin
    Johnny Kaelin

    subtle flex before 3M with the supreme gloves

  • skankhunt69

    Ill think bronze rims would look great

  • Kayd Bush
    Kayd Bush

    he do be flexing with the supreme gloves

  • Tijn van Lieshout
    Tijn van Lieshout

    Slamming the rv?

  • Andre Germishuizen
    Andre Germishuizen

    almost at 3mill !!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ollie


  • Sarah Grassi
    Sarah Grassi

    Considering rs6 advant cost $115,000. Life must be nice. And here i. Struggling with which ramen noodles to buy

  • Shawn Jalbert
    Shawn Jalbert

    my boss had the same car and he had oil right under the privacy shield in the back i died

  • Louis Paiz
    Louis Paiz

    should have gotten the rs3

384 ming