My Dad Drives his First Rotary! (+ 9000RPM Porsche rips)
Just a chill couple days in CT enjoying the awesome weather, roads, and cars, and people! I knew my dad would love to drive my new FD. Hope you guys have enjoyed the videos from up here!

  • Scott McLelland
    Scott McLelland

    Man if I can be half of what your dad is some day I'll be happy. I love videos like this from you Adam. It makes me so happy to just see a father/son bond together like you do with your dad. I wish I had a dad like yours growing up.

  • Drifto

    Gotta love a jzx 90.

  • Benjamin Hogervorst
    Benjamin Hogervorst

    The Porsche sounds more like a Rotary than the Rotary does.

  • Mike Allen
    Mike Allen

    Adam has two of my dream cars : yellow FD rx7

  • Liam Williams
    Liam Williams

    Adam driving the gt3 on a "tight road" is literally the same size and condition as parts of the main highways here in New Zealand and honestly would be interested to see if he could handle our hill roads

  • de Moritz z
    de Moritz z

    13:45 sorry but that thing runs like shit😂😂

  • mikeTECH


  • Hoosier Patriot
    Hoosier Patriot

    Her vocal fry pisses me off

  • Joe's Junk
    Joe's Junk

    Time for cam, valve springs & retainers to raise the redline...cough..dead spot

  • Rydnorth

    So when’s the “that was fun” merch coming? Haha #formuladrift

  • James Schreiner
    James Schreiner

    I live near there I go on that road every day

  • Nick Barry
    Nick Barry

    Adams dad is always sending it.

  • Deadshothd Gaming
    Deadshothd Gaming

    amazing sound the gt3 is making

  • Nick Barba
    Nick Barba

    love your pops

  • Young God
    Young God

    what's a leafer

  • Anygivensunday

    Reminds me of the streets in Malvern , PA

  • Krazyandy -YT
    Krazyandy -YT

    There’s a rhd in Seattle wa

  • Erik Ortega
    Erik Ortega

    4:14 feel like I’m watching Takumi’s 86 chasing Keisuke is yellow FD

  • brunner patrick
    brunner patrick

    Mustach is still here. 😓

  • OPHB Mystik
    OPHB Mystik

    watching him fly over those potholes gave me anxiety 🤒

  • Amir Bass system
    Amir Bass system

    Runs in the family

  • Washington Knuckleballs
    Washington Knuckleballs

    i put on the porsche driving while doing symbolic logic hw... best decision i ever made.

  • Yuka The Astolfo
    Yuka The Astolfo

    i want to have a Dad/grandpha like this

  • Kevin Lauterbach
    Kevin Lauterbach

    My dog does the same thing. Its anxiety. Wrestle her into a cuddle and she will chill right out :P

  • Sam Madison
    Sam Madison

    4:37 - 4:38 there was definitely a flame..

  • Banks Johnson
    Banks Johnson

    How’s her manger?

  • Luis Carrion
    Luis Carrion

    Dat front view footage was amazing

  • Lemon Brah
    Lemon Brah

    get some dad r32 horsepower gains and big boy boost it

  • Sxpiy

    You should get a built rotary with 1000+ horsepower 👀 there’s multiple shops in Australia that makes 500+ horsepower rotary engines

  • Robwhiff

    It’s funny I mainly watch your vids just to see you dad ride 😀... it’s fun to watch

  • DmbWorks

    sounds like its time to give dads skyline a bit more power!

  • Player1692

    the neon princess does remind me of Tutar

  • FIBRO !
    FIBRO !

    you should definitely do more with the chase cam at night looked awesome!!

  • Spacedude182

    Also that porche sounds like a crotch rocket

  • Spacedude182

    Wow at 6:35 even 35 mph looks fast in Porches!!

  • Rayven Ramos
    Rayven Ramos

    That Drive Feels like from Initial D thought you're Keisuke Takahashi hahaha

  • Not Noa
    Not Noa

    Initial D vibes

  • Melody Skies
    Melody Skies

    Veilside kit?

  • 77 Frosty
    77 Frosty

    All u need now is a 86 the. U have all the cars

  • thomas howard
    thomas howard

    just his gf playing with the dog best content 10/10

  • Sam Crawford
    Sam Crawford

    Can tell where you get the full throttle attitude from man your dad is ace, build him a rx7 wip

  • Noland Mcdaniel
    Noland Mcdaniel

    I think when you said duralast i think you ment Duracell. And then the correct response would still be energizer

  • wmac547

    I’m really curious to know who Colettes manager is. Is he a professional motocross rider? Because I doubt he’s the best in the world

  • ‍

    only left with 3 rotor and 4 rotor

  • Valentino Cettour
    Valentino Cettour

    Man, i love your dad, he's such a chill man

  • Henry Darr
    Henry Darr

    Once he gets a AE86 Trueno then only then his collection would be almost complete !

  • Chris Guglielmoni
    Chris Guglielmoni

    That night drives looks straight out of initial D lol

  • Michael Block
    Michael Block

    Hey I recognize those roads lol. My aunt lives near there.

  • Guy Bean
    Guy Bean

    It's like playing fucking Forza haha

  • BoostAddict

    The GT3RS is an amazing car, but it'll never match the sound of an air-cooled 911 with 2 3 barrel carbs imo.

  • turbofb24

    Your dads one of the coolest, revving the fd out like you should. He's a G!

  • Cody Collins
    Cody Collins

    I'm a grown man saying Adam's dad is precious lol like he's the best

  • Gay Retard
    Gay Retard

    If I wanted to watch 10 minutes of the shittiest tin can sounding pile of garbage I would have watched boostedbois... Edit:clearly just kidding lmao, the Porsche sounds so so sooo good, and I ❤️ boostedbois, Kyles MR2 is one of my favorite MR2 builds ever. Hope you and Collette(spelling?) are enjoying CT El-Zed!!

  • xxACESHADOW7xx

    i wish just taking off cats gave u pops crackles and flames lol my challenger doesnt have cats or mufflers and no pops, no crackles, no fire lol

  • Todd Hewitt
    Todd Hewitt

    Loving the GT3 noises, severely missed it.

  • Brydon Rodgers
    Brydon Rodgers

    When you gonna drift the 335i again!?😂 but with the power it has now

  • Zachary Howell
    Zachary Howell

    Although her manager (jimmy button) was a great rider, I don’t think he could be considered anywhere close to the best ever.

  • Maurice Megens
    Maurice Megens

    Why i want a banging off deadzone merch🤣🤣

  • Rob Jacob
    Rob Jacob

    Imagine how much Adam spends on car insurance

  • Austin Brock
    Austin Brock

    Grants garage is nicer than 85% of everything my entire family owns lmfao

  • Thomas Collins
    Thomas Collins

    Adam’s dad is one of the coolest, most chilled out people on the channel. Keep enjoying your r32👍

  • Itsyaboibanana

    I have an rx-7 its a singel turbo the motor is fresh build but its in finnland it has a rocket bunny body kit ill sell it for 15000 euros

  • turbomonkey93

    Your dad is such a nice bloke

  • Dustyy

    *hits rev limiter* "woow"

  • Nathan'sLife

    1:41 what was that sound?? i thought that was a backfire.

  • SagittariusSage

    Yo adam's dad is hella chill and its amazing

  • Travis Toole
    Travis Toole

    When I seen the Evo and Rx7 I instantly said to myself, Initial D view

  • Jarrod Carrington
    Jarrod Carrington

    Porsche there is no comparison

  • adrian lopez
    adrian lopez

    Some POV driving with the exhaust mic and camera would be cool

  • Andrew Osborne
    Andrew Osborne

    At 11:35 nawww how nice, Adam's two girlfriends getting some bonding time together.🤗😍😎

  • Aaron Schutt
    Aaron Schutt

    Adam your dad's awesome such a cool guy to have pop up once in awhile.

  • Jordan Woods_mtb
    Jordan Woods_mtb

    2:10 me instantly thinks of the Barra videos...also thinks of what bulls*^t that line was...😂😂😂

  • fabianspec,exe

    Such a cool dad, love that

  • Kai Stewart
    Kai Stewart

    Your dad is amazing.

  • Tom Budin
    Tom Budin


  • Blood Sweat and Gears
    Blood Sweat and Gears

    You can tell where Adam gets his driving skill from

  • 402CarKid

    You got a flame at 4:37

  • Loris Foucart
    Loris Foucart

    Yo papa LZ enduroing those trees

  • LilDrippy

    i love how adams dad doesnt give a single shit! im a simple man, when i see adams dad. i click

  • Park'd

    sounds like papa lz doesn’t like the skyline much cuz his comments

  • Jakiel James
    Jakiel James

    Let pops drive the gt350

  • Ragnar Litwinenko
    Ragnar Litwinenko

    You should come to norway and enjoy some ice drifting in the winter :)

  • Jackson Gates
    Jackson Gates

    this reminds me of NH backroads

  • Jonathan Magness
    Jonathan Magness

    The Porsche sounds awesome

  • Clay Fong
    Clay Fong

    Would Adam ever consider an RWB build?

  • Austin Greene
    Austin Greene

    pops is a gangster

  • spencer

    more dirtbike vids plz

  • WarDaddy Films
    WarDaddy Films

    Adams dad is so good with talking to the camera and addressing us...... who think she should start a UZload channel?? Lol

  • emerson goddard
    emerson goddard

    Omg 6:40 is like ASMR

  • miketothesupra

    I though it was another dad giveaway

  • Trenton Reese
    Trenton Reese

    Thats the first time I've seen Adam's dad fuckin get it

  • danger ranger rob
    danger ranger rob

    teach ur dad how to make videos so he can have his own channel PLSSSS

  • clay mabry
    clay mabry

    It would be Energizer not Duralast. Energizer is the one that had the slogan they keep going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going. They had energizer bunny. Hahahaha.

  • george dawson
    george dawson

    Tick magnet more than a chick magnet 🤭🤣

  • yamete kudasai
    yamete kudasai

    video contrast is shit

  • Ivan Aguilar
    Ivan Aguilar

    Your dad is such a cheerful lad and I love it

  • dannygar1

    Adam should build the prelude

  • Gunner Hamilton
    Gunner Hamilton

    Rotary= revlimiter joy they live up there

  • Flarius

    Yooo i saw you down at the boat launch in southbury

  • Denver Kerley
    Denver Kerley

    I love your dad, that helmet doooooo 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

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