Officially Broke ALL MY CARS!!!!
Sometimes everything is broken, and it just be like that. We had a fun track day with the gang and got a fun little video made out of it. Hope y'all like it!

  • Alex

    Lol who is this kid? 😂

  • Sebastian Perez Davila
    Sebastian Perez Davila

    Now where the heck is mini Collete for mini LZ

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that bmw sounds so nice.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    nice drifting Adam welll done that was some good drifting dude keep it up Adam I love to see you drift that bmw.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    wow I can’t take my eyes of that bmw e36 it looks so nice adam I love how it looks and drifts.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice driving Matt I really think you will be really good at drifting.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice cars Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • shadow idiot
    shadow idiot

    Dods he have a sun :ooo

  • J75duckboy

    how do you not slam in to a car when your deifting

  • Moya

    i want a kid like that when i grow up

  • Eddie Lalowski
    Eddie Lalowski

    The cyclops wiper on the e36 had me laughing it looks so goofy

  • Flyday FPV
    Flyday FPV

    2.0 Is too cute!

  • Brayden

    Adam: there will be no mustangs there we don't want to crash into any crowds Chrisfix: am I a joke to you

  • Athi Mdletshe
    Athi Mdletshe

    Adam I want to be an dirfter but I need some one to teach .. And you are gud at difter

  • R_eZ

    Hold tf up, when were y'all gonna tell us that Schulman is a beast behind the wheel?

  • Lucky OG
    Lucky OG

    Is that your son

  • Soarer Dave
    Soarer Dave

    Missin the cream s13 right about now :-(

  • Legacywerkzz

    Your channel just gets better and better bro 🥵. I hope my channel grows like this someday. You give me inspiration to keep going. It’s hard and sometimes I feel like quitting but ima keep trying.

  • Lil ndogg Dogg
    Lil ndogg Dogg

    Play a game of bike against Greyson Robert's

  • Limitless Fb6
    Limitless Fb6


  • Cole Viney
    Cole Viney

    Get the vettessss

  • Jaden Vazquez
    Jaden Vazquez

    Anyone else notice the bmw logo on the hood says bmx

  • John Richard
    John Richard

    Shulman is a Beast behind the wheel

  • Austin Fullmer
    Austin Fullmer

    Who’s white s130 at the end?

  • adam coleiro
    adam coleiro


  • Dan Gallant
    Dan Gallant

    I love how adam actualy chucks the car sideways.. specialy changing directions/angles 😍

  • Evan Kemmerer
    Evan Kemmerer

    Schulman can really swing it well.

  • Maison Le Plays
    Maison Le Plays

    18:43 is that a sc300

  • Vince Sapien
    Vince Sapien

    It sounds like he is saying Leader6 ahaha

  • Pastechi

    Id try to tandem Z vs Z, martin tune vs martin tune with u adam :v

  • Ranga Racing
    Ranga Racing

    Adam you can’t use mini Adam in the thumbnail just to get us to click on the video cause it will always work

  • sky line addiction skyline
    sky line addiction skyline

    @18:10 looks like the scene from f&f tokyo drift lmao

  • Danaonthemove

    Shulmann looks so dialed in that car.

  • Sindri Þorsteinsson
    Sindri Þorsteinsson

    Am I the only one that is watching this fokking hampered

  • clayton bilson
    clayton bilson

    Game of bike?

  • stian leech
    stian leech

    E36 FD car definitely sounds sweet till it gave out

  • CR Smyth
    CR Smyth

    bruh could there be a child any cuter?!

  • Jerald Hite
    Jerald Hite

    Might as well do a few "how to videos on your drift cars. It may seem normal to your circumstances but you don't lose a crank pulley everyday.

  • Joel Langarica
    Joel Langarica

    Who is the little kid lol

  • Photo Holic
    Photo Holic

    So this guy doesn't bmx anymore and is a dad now? Time flies

  • Ver

    rare to see kids being so active and talking nowadays, always on their phones. this kid is very talkative in a good way!!

  • Will

    please tell mike to stop filming in 5 fps

  • West Sacramento Waste Trucks
    West Sacramento Waste Trucks

    Colettes front wheels are badass! I love the hearts

  • GAMER Plays
    GAMER Plays


  • clutchtrain 224
    clutchtrain 224

    Is it just me or is the blow off on the bmw just satisfying to listen to

  • The Prongs
    The Prongs

    Dude sooo sickkkkk

  • Charles Campbell
    Charles Campbell

    Honestly if LZ ever gets sick on an FD day throw shullman in that bitch

  • Conner Friesen
    Conner Friesen

    Yoo you should talk to nissan about a 400z for a new pro1 car!!! Haha

  • Victor_Fpv

    Adam 2.0 is a natural! cool kid

  • Cobra gaming
    Cobra gaming

    18:55 Who’s integra is in the background

  • Joakim Ovidth
    Joakim Ovidth

    Easter egg 2:07

  • Mason Bryden
    Mason Bryden

    Bring back the riding video with Bert

  • Kurtis Taddey
    Kurtis Taddey

    Lol Adam 2.0 great video

  • Glenn 9K
    Glenn 9K

    Where is Johan from

  • driftking o6
    driftking o6

    Bruh mini adam is now a car guy for life

  • Freddie Dobson
    Freddie Dobson

    Love jour vids

  • Ein Cornelius
    Ein Cornelius


  • Luke Hampton
    Luke Hampton

    What happened to the e46

  • Jake H.
    Jake H.

    Man, I guess I never realized how good of a driver shulman is... dude rips

  • TED_

    Adam wherever you are I really want a ride-along

  • Maddden09

    tell collete to ls3 swap it lol

  • Devon Garvey
    Devon Garvey

    the kid needs to go

  • SpartansTV

    Adam...I peeped the ring on her finger 🤔🤔

  • xempt. one
    xempt. one

    Shulmans Z is sexier than the cream Z

  • Jack

    Just me or does that car look purple on camera

  • MadMan

    17:46 was that a shot at donnie?

  • MadMan

    This is the first time I've sen Shulmans car! Its sick af!!!! He can drive it too!!!

  • suzukiltz400 #88
    suzukiltz400 #88

    Damm bro i hope that all the cars gone be back soon for crazy drift from adamlz

  • nando jayy
    nando jayy

    Less slo-mo?

  • Cosik FtChey
    Cosik FtChey

    Who's kid is that tho 🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂

  • Addison Wilmes
    Addison Wilmes

    Do a bmx vid plzz😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢

  • Ryan

    pretty sure the cars still in Australia work

  • Glockspecific

    Please build a Corvette drift car!

  • bm3w power
    bm3w power

    Bmw problems even without the bmw engine

  • E1iteGamingYT

    Wait has a KID????!!!!

  • Logan B
    Logan B

    Why don’t you just take a break

  • Sam Goulas
    Sam Goulas

    Shulman looks like he's just out for a Sunday drive.

  • ESKO 12
    ESKO 12

    0:13 daddy drifting he has a kid have not watched him in years

    • Omar Leyva
      Omar Leyva

      No, that’s his mechanics kid

  • Hayden Pate
    Hayden Pate

    that kid is going places

  • MrImhighoffmusic

    That perfect timing with the lightning though at 10:00 pretty cool.

  • ricardo jaramillo jr
    ricardo jaramillo jr

    Whos kid is that

  • ottowalburgskates

    Love the ramped clips, reminds me of skateboarding videos haha

  • Just Out Here Tinkering
    Just Out Here Tinkering

    Man Ethans Z looks cool but its really slow in drift!

  • Jonathan Horta
    Jonathan Horta

    adam lz should of taken his ls rx7 to ls feast with cleetus

  • adam lambert
    adam lambert

    Wow you were screaming in that thing 👍

  • Joey Leeuwen
    Joey Leeuwen

    schulmanator got some crazy angle

  • Mark Memphis
    Mark Memphis

    Goddamn that kid is the cutest

  • Gorilla Lungz
    Gorilla Lungz

    What good with the sc300?

  • Petter Griff
    Petter Griff

    I wanna see some 240 action:)

  • The Eturn
    The Eturn

    "No, It's not that" . . .lol. . i been noticing you saying that in the last couple videos. . soooo funny

  • Matthew Hanna
    Matthew Hanna

    Wait I didn’t know he had a kid

  • Prakash Roy
    Prakash Roy

    Great vid, but dyam really do miss the e36 without a Bov.. Sounded so good!

  • alberto robinson
    alberto robinson

    It's pretty good Johan behind the wheel isn't it!?

  • Vincent Ray
    Vincent Ray

    Adam getting in all the practice with yohans kid for when him and collete decide to have one 😂

  • Johny Action
    Johny Action

    @12:21 you can see the back left wheel moving forwards and backwards unlike the right side.

  • Monkeybars718

    Congrats on the pregnancy Adam and Colette! Just don’t have your gender reveal in California. Just don’t have a gender reveal. They’re dumb. But again, congrats!

  • Mike C
    Mike C

    14:32 like father like son

  • jay kida
    jay kida

    I got ryan cooper vibes from Schulman

  • Eric Vo
    Eric Vo

    Anybody else see some of the slow mo's are lacking the fps?

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