R34 Front End Parts + Open House Details
Getting back into the swing of things on another hectic Monday! Sorry for the short upload - I've got a banger for the next one! www.lzmfg.com/black-friday-specials/ - LAST DAY OF DEALS!

  • Rydnorth

    Johan is a legend

  • Jay's Eye View
    Jay's Eye View

    I'm from the UK and can tell you that cupholders are a thing here. Where else are we supposed to place our overpriced Costa or Starbucks!?

  • Ryan Leichty
    Ryan Leichty

    I haven’t watched Adam in like a year and now this man does formula drift and has a r34 and like 10 other cars

  • Daniel Ortiz
    Daniel Ortiz

    Does anyone know the song from 8:30 to 10:30 please🥺👉👈

  • Daniel Schultz
    Daniel Schultz

    That’s becoming a super nice car and how would I be able to do the tots for kids this new year?


    I can help with math

  • Fix It Or Worst
    Fix It Or Worst

    One having problem with cup holder, other with pie cut. Since I'm no expert in fab work, I'm rooting for cup holder problem to be solved.

  • dirtytrispokes13

    Just get the shroud hydro dipped in carbon. Or don't run one 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • John Hartman
    John Hartman


  • Parker Frode
    Parker Frode

    How do you have a r34? Not legal yet, or if it the whole “show car” method

  • Google Account
    Google Account

    Bro where’s your ex

  • Todd Hewitt
    Todd Hewitt

    Make a zero gravity suspended cup holder... No spills... I'm too lazy and won't do it so u make them Adam and I will buy the 1st 10

  • TrinomCZ

    Europeans are used to carry their 1.5 liter bottle, so most cars have storage in doors for bottles rather than cup holder. And if there are some, there is one or two in the whole car.

  • Lucas Nelson
    Lucas Nelson

    A lot of sheep in these comments

  • Bryan Dao
    Bryan Dao

    The lying semicircle whitely park because indonesia excitingly treat to a nonchalant nephew. inquisitive, cultured lung

  • Rai Paragsingh
    Rai Paragsingh

    Loving the idea of incorporating more fabrication on your vlogs! Great video!

  • 53nd nud355
    53nd nud355

    why do all you merrykans insist on ingesting liquids? gross!

  • GR gaming
    GR gaming

    Adam i like your cars

  • Emma Handy
    Emma Handy

    cup holders are in the back only

  • Ergo Aia .Nolife Prod.
    Ergo Aia .Nolife Prod.

    europeans drink only vodka, on the weekends

  • TommyLYeah - Darkwraith Kaid
    TommyLYeah - Darkwraith Kaid

    Blast & zinc plate the PRP rad brackets 😈

  • Josue DSM
    Josue DSM

    What kind of intercooler co name ? Look like Garrett.?

  • Ryley Eaton
    Ryley Eaton

    This is the most “proper” car Adam has built in terms of authentic jdm styling and parts from japan good job Adam!

  • Humberto Rivera
    Humberto Rivera

    Drive thru open house! 😁🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Luis Carrion
    Luis Carrion

    I think this R34 is the most expensive build of all in the states

  • Joshua Buckley
    Joshua Buckley

    You could make mock up pipe using a pvc pipe or aluminum tubing just so it cuts fast so you can try a bunch of angles and get it just right and not make expensive errors

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor

    Johan if you want to test your angle for the piping try using a cheap pvc pipe first to see if the bend works

  • Richard C
    Richard C

    Ps. ARC is the the best. I still have bnib ARC GTR intercoolers from before rheg went bankrupt (obviously eventually they were relaunched as arc brazing). Their intercoolers are lighter than the other big brands and most importantly provide more airflow through the fins to the radiator. Lots of people mess up the cooling balance in their GTRs when they fit a big intercooler. Most have terrible flow through the core so the radiator is starved of air and the car overheats. Arc intercoolers (and PWR) seem to be the only ones who gave thought to that issue.

  • Richard C
    Richard C

    Adam, on the top radiator brackets/radiator stays, go with carbon. The stock ones are a bit bulky and cheap pressed metal. The PRP ones are an odd shape to me. I’m fact there’s no need for the complex shape. They really just need to be kind of a flat ‘s’ shape with the correct holes. I have really nice simple ones I got years ago )possibly off yahoo jp). These guys have some (still in the overly complex shape though as they used stock ones as a mold - www.lancerregister.com/showthread.php?t=405754&amp=1 These also these at RHD JP: www.rhdjapan.com/benetec-radiator-stay-set-dry-carbon-fiber-bnr34.html The ideal ones look exactly like this (very simple, low profile shape) but in carbon instead of titanium. The ones I have re-use the one rubber bushes and mounting hardware. Anyone mildly handy with carbon could make you some pretty easily. www.titanium-works.com/products/radiator-brackets

  • Richard C
    Richard C

    It’s generally called a receiver/drier. And it’s called a drier because it removes moisture from the refrigerant in the system. :) Yes. I’m a nerd.

  • Junior 249
    Junior 249

    You got nice cars over there...real nice !!!

  • SleepyDubVRT

    SEMA build

  • BLIZZARD1880

    The problem with the GTR, when it’s done it will be too nice to drive.

  • Austin Danzis
    Austin Danzis

    Euros don’t drink things ever.

  • MthLoco

    Put the vlogs in 4k

  • BeRad

    SEMA build?

  • Jaymiami305yt

    You probably won’t see this but I remember watching your first drifting video and it’s good to see how good you got congratulations

  • Nickk IRL
    Nickk IRL

    Adam: Sees what happened at C&C Also Adam: Postpones open house.

    • Nickk IRL
      Nickk IRL

      @vw sw covid happened, and a man caught on fire.

    • vw sw
      vw sw

      what happened there?

  • Grant M
    Grant M

    An Hoonigan build breakdown on this would be 👌 looking amazing 🙏

  • guido heeling
    guido heeling

    having 26 cupholders is indeed a very american thing. out here in europe not having 26 cup holders is not a reason to not buy a car, 99% of the european cars have 2 or 4 cupholders.

  • SwankPeRFection

    How do you shift with your left toe? Lol

  • Shemar Morris
    Shemar Morris

    This car is going to be so beautiful when it's finished

  • Brian Bomofob
    Brian Bomofob

    I used to live right in Oviedo by this dude. I would see him cruising around occasionally

  • CandyBar

    Is that a mk4 I see? 2:02

  • DrizZ gaming
    DrizZ gaming

    pls start bmx again

  • Guy Bean
    Guy Bean

    12:54 whats with the playing card in the valve cover, Easter egg confirmed

  • ItsTrulyJ

    i missed the cup holder reviews

  • Katieebu

    Adam, what about a drive by drop off kind of thing for the toys ?

  • Tim

    Good on you for taking the pandemic serious, unlike other youtubers...

  • Henry Does Stuff
    Henry Does Stuff

    RX7 cupholder Adam. performancepartsnz.com/collections/all-products/products/fd-rx7-cup-holder-with-stainless-emblem If you guys want or need cupholders let me know. All online. International shipping available :)

  • James Reimer
    James Reimer

    For all the og's I have to say one thing: pb&j pizza

  • robert ellis
    robert ellis

    What’s happening with the supra or u waiting for it to be ready before u announce the winner ??

  • Stephen Meyer
    Stephen Meyer

    Can we get Jimmy O down to Florida an do some content

  • Tanner Smith
    Tanner Smith

    Mike... 11:38... noise? 😖That camera doesn’t miss a thing lmao

  • Goon Industries
    Goon Industries

    the drier is a moisture collector for refrigerant in ac systems

  • Nicolas Macias
    Nicolas Macias

    Yo adam! Love you bro. 2 yrs older than i am. Just shows i got what it takes!

  • Luke Kelly
    Luke Kelly

    Adam cancels open house, cleetus has all of Florida at the freedom factory lmao

  • R Stone
    R Stone

    Johan mad smart for easily conveying all that he does. Especially in English. Props to him.

  • BTAdams21

    Always loved the open house content. Honestly the stuff involving other UZloadrs and friends was more entertaining than the actual open house videos.

  • christoffer daging
    christoffer daging

    My friends bmw e60 have 2 cupholders :)

  • Juju Gohard
    Juju Gohard

    Is this a sema build?

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller

    That is going to be the most beautiful R34 in the world when you guys are done with it. I am excited to see the final product.

  • Stephen Fitzsimmons
    Stephen Fitzsimmons

    We’re do y’all hunk this build is goanna go? Drag, time attack or is he goanna make it rwd and drift it?

  • Ben dover
    Ben dover

    Smart move to don’t have a open house now. Think that save a lot of people to get sick. 👍

  • Steve Karr
    Steve Karr

    You should polish the top of the radiator. Shiny is good.

  • turboash0

    Shame don’t look at buying bunch of land and building own wearhouse and garage for everything to suit your needs then trying to use one that built

  • Miguel Collado
    Miguel Collado

    The Best Rebuild on UZload. What an EPIC ride.

  • Backyard Mechanic Restorations
    Backyard Mechanic Restorations

    Carbon fiber fan shroud would be sweet

  • Backyard Mechanic Restorations
    Backyard Mechanic Restorations

    I was trynna start a channel but im 16 and a couple projects fell through ran out of dough but I’ll be back sooner or later and the truck i wanted to start the channel with had way to much rust to save but i still got a full custom 78 ford econoline called the outlaw that isn’t to bad needs a bit of body work and paint

  • turboash0

    I have drinks while driving but it mainly Pepsi or Coca-Cola in bottles and don’t need cup holders for them when can just put on passenger seat

  • Vagi cian
    Vagi cian

    Hey adam, do you know where to buy an s14/s15 oem fuel tank?

  • Anthony Lim
    Anthony Lim

    Do a rally with all youtuber friends

  • Dennis 24
    Dennis 24

    Everyone that brings a toy could get a certain % off on merch..

  • Rory Millhouse
    Rory Millhouse

    Hey Adam! You can buy a replacement centre console cup holder piece for the e46’s - not a lot of money BMW Genuine Front Center Console Drink/Cup Holder Black E46 3 Series 51168217953 www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0018066HM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabt1_V1SXFbKGY7AGJ

  • The Nut
    The Nut

    Anyone else dying to pluck that gray hair from Adam’s mustache? YOINK!

  • Aaron Watts
    Aaron Watts

    If we didn't have cup holders how would we drink out tea! 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • francisco flores
    francisco flores

    Lol while Adam is struggling to remember the name of the drier, me over here just sold a bunch since I work at a ac delco

  • Pontus

    1:39 that looks dope af, happy for you Adam

  • T B
    T B

    Europeans use drink bottles with a cap. Cupholders never work imo. Grts from the Netherlands

  • bokfink1

    Europeans actually drink as well. True story!

  • Use code Alia
    Use code Alia

    Plz put a mazda 787b engine in the fd rx7

  • RoaldJ

    Hey Adam... you can get a cupholder insert for the center console to the E46. Part# 51168248504

  • the one and only
    the one and only

    You sound like a basic white girl "going to starbucks is such a challenge"

  • Project Z
    Project Z

    nicest r34 built yet... good work guys.

  • Henrik Oulie
    Henrik Oulie

    You can buy a cupholder replacement center console for your E46, they sell them several places.


    I think you need to shift the position of the bigo manifold hole in the direction of this hole in the body.

  • Ruiz_ Z33
    Ruiz_ Z33

    Does anyone the song he uses for the edits 4:18

  • Jonathan Costa
    Jonathan Costa

    Do a toys for tots drive by drop off with a burnout pad after the drop off. After you drop off your toy you get 15-20 seconds to do a massive burnout!

  • Brian McDonald
    Brian McDonald

    You could always do a curbside toy drop off where people can pop their trunks and you guys will take them out

  • Matthew Baker
    Matthew Baker

    Actually happy you actually aren't doing the open house

  • Rick and Ryan Smarter than the average bear
    Rick and Ryan Smarter than the average bear

    Feel like we need more fd skids

  • Kent Nilsson
    Kent Nilsson

    Had cup holders in all my cars, live in Sweden Europe!!

  • Screamingbag

    i miss the e92 content

  • Rob M
    Rob M

    A news car

  • Ronnie Bäckman
    Ronnie Bäckman

    When are you collecting the RS6?

  • Broghammer Autohaus Inc.
    Broghammer Autohaus Inc.

    Love the attention to detail on all these builds! So much better than a quick build and throw it off to the side like we see on so many other channels! Keep it up Adam!

  • Miguel Morales
    Miguel Morales

    how come your s15 dont come out in torque drift??

  • Jess Heffren
    Jess Heffren

    Talk to Cletus And do a toys for tots car show at freedom factory There's plenty of space There

  • Alan Steinmann
    Alan Steinmann

    should've seen the face of my norwegian friends when I had 2 cupholders in my JDM imported toyota soarer

  • Simon G
    Simon G

    Time to sell some cars lmao

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