1.5JZ E36 New Setup is INSANE! (Bigger turbo comparison)
Out at Klutch Kickers for round 4 of the $10,000 drift comp.
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  • Crooby

    14:48 so smooth.. wonder if thats edited?

  • Lex-i 18
    Lex-i 18

    Where can i find that carbon hood for my e36 adam ??

  • In The Streets With Austin
    In The Streets With Austin

    I like how Adam is always thinking about what he could do better

  • Joseph Hauser
    Joseph Hauser

    Adam I was wondering what clutch you are running in this car

  • Jartu Grall
    Jartu Grall

    Oh no big sad thought heard something lol 😂 at 12:58

  • alex mendoza
    alex mendoza

    So quick

  • Александр Мазунин
    Александр Мазунин


  • Dup Dap
    Dup Dap

    How old is mike ?

  • DarkLord tK
    DarkLord tK

    My dad had an ls400 back in 2009 was a nice car

  • Jeremiah Stetzel
    Jeremiah Stetzel

    Vinwiki's sponsor, Ticket Clinic, has a competitor

  • RiZe Scrappy
    RiZe Scrappy

    I wish I had known about that app. I'm 19 and have 6 points on my license

  • J.P.

    Chelsea coming by to say whatsup, so dope.

  • A H
    A H

    Jesus christ Adam just buy some bread, peanut butter, and jam and make you're own sandwiches.... Are you 6 years old and need a pre-packaged lunch??

  • Inuyakii ._.
    Inuyakii ._.

    da gas pack got me all my misdemeanors

  • Danrich Asxytono
    Danrich Asxytono

    Yo u still ride bikes ?

  • James Roberts
    James Roberts

    Loving the new content bro, Mike is a wizard and the channel is going to the next level. You’ll be on Netflix next bro 💪🏻✌🏻

  • Harley Scripter
    Harley Scripter

    Is it blue or purple I can't tell 😂

  • Joseph Burns
    Joseph Burns

    All this effort into a BMW and Taylor Ray can still podium (with a Miata put together in his garage) before any drift rocket in Adam's arsenal. Having a million cars scattered across the world is cool, but having one that you 100% vibe with is what matters here.

  • Ziyaad

    Video is so cool good job mike. Some rap Adam's rig pls

  • Jschuler schuler
    Jschuler schuler

    These are holographic videos

  • Jewelz Yeah
    Jewelz Yeah

    adam should get a soarer with the 1uze. that’d be a dope build

  • Peter Piccolo
    Peter Piccolo

    please help me get in touch with one of these engine tuning and building professionals and please please help pandemic pete get this 01 mustang cobra with the hellion turbocharger system full race setup and told it has 600whp running again... i would be ok if u kept the turbo kit and just threw it back to 300hp stock i just want to hear the borla attak exhaust system purring again.. please help adam please buddy i am beggin nobody absolutely nobody wants to help... are these cobras horrible cars or something?? why is it impossible to find someone who would be willing to help.... im not asking for a free handout or anything... i would pay of course for anything and everything as long as its fair, please help me adam please i need someones help and you seem the best to ask for help for!! you have awesome builds and the cars can definately be driven... i was told i cant even start my mustang, ive had to look at it everyday and clean a car i cannot drive but have owned for a year with no help to fix it, but many mechanics saying sure drop it off well get her fixed and running for u... please help i cannot keep wasting thousands for different mechanics to trouble shoot and try to rip parts off when im gone and never even fix a single issue in over 6 months of having the car when they originally said 3 wweeks tops i would have an answer as to what exactly is wrong.. i just want and need to know what is wrong with the car and if it can be fixed and if it is worth fixing.... thanks soo much adam i truly hope this captures your eyes... i would love to connect and talk to you in person and hopefully find a spot that can make my cobra sound awesome again!!.. thanks and god speed, -p3t3r peter piccolo

  • Muted

    Dude pls add Russian captions. Because you talk so fast and Russian people understand you

  • Aaron Harpin
    Aaron Harpin

    When you going to brand the reg

  • SBTStudiosMC

    Sweet gusset reference with lizardo LMAO

  • StatTack

    i have to go to court for recless driving in a week,, sucks

  • UdderBoy5150

    I just bought a 300zx so I'ma need that app

  • Patrick Hopkins
    Patrick Hopkins

    Honest question: What is the new content schedule? Every other day? 2-3 videos a week? When I don't get that new video update I don't have an excuse to drop everything in the middle of the afternoon.

  • Helen Keller
    Helen Keller

    Ohh my god I forgot to put sh-... crap in my hair😂😂😂

  • Lesley unicorn
    Lesley unicorn

    Where's the s15?

  • John Tinker
    John Tinker

    Mike is killing the filming.

  • paul Wollersheim
    paul Wollersheim

    like the new format

    • paul Wollersheim
      paul Wollersheim

      and b roll

  • Unitymoos1

    damn car is crazy but im worried that nobody was wearing masks or anythin. keep safe adam

  • Callan Barber
    Callan Barber

    i hate salad dressing

    • Callan Barber
      Callan Barber

      i also live in tampa. need me to be your apprentice?

  • Hot_Pink_Bitch _
    Hot_Pink_Bitch _

    Speaking on fighting speeding tickets. Uhh. TicketClinic.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice chaser adam

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    nice new setup adam

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice new turbo adam I love the turbo

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that bmw is really good at drifting

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice bmw Adam love the look of it

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam

  • Luke S
    Luke S

    dude, I have a Lexus LS for every day things, and racecars for racecar things.

  • Jacky blacky
    Jacky blacky

    Adam go back to drifting school for a vid and act like a noob. With a disguise. Would be a cool video

  • Grizzly

    what camera is used for out of car vid shots like @7:40 and @14:45? looks mad good

  • ADP Racing
    ADP Racing

    Adam got more hair on his top lip than both eyebrows😆 spent too long in cali

  • Dylan_ Ms3
    Dylan_ Ms3

    Need a drag E36

  • KariDa Goat
    KariDa Goat

    To all my ogs(Ask Adam LZ Freecoasters or cassettes)

  • Gage Whitmore
    Gage Whitmore

    You should do the initial d paper cup challenge. (Roll the water in the cup challenge)

  • Carlos Palacios
    Carlos Palacios


  • bowlerwildcatGaming2016

    So when is Mike getting a Drift car

  • Anonymous III
    Anonymous III

    That night to day transition

  • Nitto

    Can anyone tell me what makes that sound on his e36 it sounds like a laser gun lol I’m assuming it’s his blow off valve but what exactly is it

  • Tristan Coyne
    Tristan Coyne

    Please bring the foot cam to when you’re drifting, so we can see all the insane footwork😅😫

  • Augie Ibarra
    Augie Ibarra

    Where’s the s15 at

  • Rad Crx
    Rad Crx

    I guess tayler and adam dont hang after tay clapped adams cheeks

  • Haiqal Yau
    Haiqal Yau

    Yo mike do us favour and do a photoshoot or a montage of Adam’s white jzx100 it will be lit to have a wallpaper of that

  • X12 Superhuman
    X12 Superhuman

    You need to hook shulman up with some upgrades for his truck

  • Dylan Tomsu
    Dylan Tomsu

    "mm smells different.... maybe because it makes more power..." SOMEONE PUT THIS ON A TSHIRT PLEASE

  • Jared Hankins
    Jared Hankins

    “I’m super calm but also super nervous” welcome to Adderall 😂

  • Xave 518
    Xave 518

    Anyone else missin the bmx vids

  • Cole Webb
    Cole Webb

    Ohhh... my hair is messed up thats what im goimg to say before the vid ok ohh hey guys aww i forgot to put stuff in my hair dang... youtubers man

  • william tucker
    william tucker

    Adam looks like caillou if he grew up (:

  • Og boost Junkie
    Og boost Junkie

    You need to put that top plastic cover back on. It sits on top the grill and the rad support. It would force more air thru the rad

  • Brandon

    That’s soooo sad someone stole his window sticker 😖

  • Liusbel Machado
    Liusbel Machado

    I hope the ticket thing is real I have two I haven’t payed yet

  • LMBL

    Yo where’s the 180

  • Badal Patel
    Badal Patel

    I’m so happy Adam started going to klutch kickers mainly cause the track is only an hour away

  • Asad ullah khan
    Asad ullah khan

    Please please please please please add a foot cam pleaje?!?!?

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    BOV sounds like an Anime girl going 'HYAA'

  • F1 #44
    F1 #44

    It's going to take a good taxidermist to stitch that bumper back together.

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    Florida there is this thing with retard politicians and a huge Corona spike, embarrassing the already embarrassed USA lol

  • Bilal Fixel
    Bilal Fixel

    You should wrap the Reg

  • Thomas Day
    Thomas Day

    This has nothing to do with the video but I want to redo my wiring harness, what was the heat shrink adam uses on his cars like the s15

  • João .Vittor #on
    João .Vittor #on

    Yuor hair loks “cebolinha” loll

  • Evan Grance
    Evan Grance

    Where’s burt?

  • Down Shift
    Down Shift

    Quality is good but I miss the craziness and seems a little boring

  • Ahmarautomotive

    Adam the lexus is a chaser with some changes lexus used to take tayotas and put there own taste to it.

  • memphisbmx 901
    memphisbmx 901

    Do u still do bmx

  • Michael Stella
    Michael Stella

    let your camera sit in the heat for a few minutes, that will mitigate the condensation issue

  • thomas pickervance
    thomas pickervance

    Is that your car transporter or not?


    that quality though? FIRE!!!!!! long live LZ

  • Shift One Photo
    Shift One Photo

    Thank God they got that poor dude a tent to stand under this time

  • Jackson Fedirchuk
    Jackson Fedirchuk

    Why am I only realizing after watching this for the second time knowing that was denofa

  • jejepe

    Cool, what a strong style to drift

  • David Madden
    David Madden

    Adam thanks about tickets. Tell Luke I said hi 👋👍🤙

  • glam1310

    That car is so fast maybe you should make that a grip track car.

  • Giovanni Febus
    Giovanni Febus

    Nice seeing Luis Lizardi . Awesome guy! 💯🇵🇷

  • Yxngsxr Artic
    Yxngsxr Artic

    People think he started off with cars but really he started his channel with bmx ..but im growing up so i like that he switched to cars

  • fulr

    tbh im not even a car guy but when i watch ur videos i feel like one because u explain things so good and u acc take time to break things down so not us car guys get it. ur videos r great man keep it up

  • vibin


  • Roman Izek
    Roman Izek


  • Alexander VP
    Alexander VP

    Can anyone explain where is the s15?

  • Zeb

    You need to get your own livery for the big rig

  • jay hutchison
    jay hutchison

    I had a 97 ls400. Loved it

  • Jonathan Washington
    Jonathan Washington

    My 1 year old and I absolutely enjoy watching your videos

  • Chris22

    Every time I see the BMW it just reminds me of his s15, hopefully he brings that back, I am missing that car

  • Bob Jonshon
    Bob Jonshon

    can you do a pedal cam maybe? I think it would be fun to watch.

  • Jarret Swales
    Jarret Swales


  • A G
    A G

    Where’s the s15

  • Jacob Ruiz
    Jacob Ruiz

    What’s the song that starts @ 6:51?