Surprising My Girlfriend with a New Car!
A drift corvette isn't the traditional Christmas gift for a girl... but I couldn't think of anything that Collete would want more! Super excited to see what she does with it - subscribe to her channel HERE -

  • Nick Saxerud
    Nick Saxerud

    Wait... I haven’t been keeping up but I remember the LZ wedding... what happened?

  • Azim az
    Azim az

    Adam LZ you look fresh miss your content

  • Mary's Channel
    Mary's Channel

    I'm so happy for her 🙂 Adam is such an awesome boyfriend 💕😎

  • Kiran McNab
    Kiran McNab


  • Richard J
    Richard J

    Needs the vette badge on the front.

  • Hello It's me
    Hello It's me

    Hey.. This my first video I'm watching since u got devorced & went to Amsterdam to losse Yr virginity again or whatever those crazy trips were for at that time... The Japan 1 too.. U've come a long way kid. Glad to see u still settled in Yr hq. Got yrself another miss too. Way to go bro. Maby ill sub again.. I'll take a few days 2 decide. All the best. 👍👌

  • JaySan22

    New to the channel.. Wow. That’s badass. What a cool couple... 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Lukas M
    Lukas M

    What happened to the wife?!?!?!?!??

  • Rydnorth

    I want to eventually buy my girlfriend her dream car, it would be so dope to do

  • don bradley
    don bradley

    I don't think she liked it.

  • Jon Hendrix
    Jon Hendrix

    2 days after christmas so the 27th, thats my bday also... which your correct its a crappy brithday

  • tesla pete
    tesla pete

    the sigh and reaction around 10:39 - 10:42 is what every guy wants a girl to say...especially when it involves cars. what an amazing girl! :)

  • James Barrick
    James Barrick

    Prediction: Adam LZ becomes a red-pill channel within 18 months.

  • Ry Chris
    Ry Chris

    am i the only one who thought he was married?

  • Orbit The Rapper
    Orbit The Rapper

    What a beautiful relationship!

  • KR15

    he's gonna have a good time in bed that night if u know what I mean... whatta lucky man haha

  • Peter Schiff
    Peter Schiff

    I always wanted to see what a corvette with rays looks like. Really feelin it

  • Ryan Parker
    Ryan Parker

    Relationship goals

  • Chris Pavlou
    Chris Pavlou

    well done Adam, great gift! happy birthday Collete!

  • Drew Sims
    Drew Sims

    Adam you are a lucky man

  • Tech Deltaa
    Tech Deltaa

    i whish i had a girlfriend that does donuts in a corvette with out help

  • Matt H
    Matt H

    Well it was no FPV, but very cool to see someone loving a gift.🙂

  • Logic Sticks
    Logic Sticks

    HAHA. I LIKE IT BLACK IN THE BACK. "What did I say!" Adam " nothing haha" FAF

  • Rick Wilson
    Rick Wilson

    Adam... Where did you make your money? I need a clue! Lol WAT UP CLEETUS!

  • Will Watkins
    Will Watkins

    Her smile says it all.

  • mack zack
    mack zack

    Got the same birthday as your girlfriend, been watchin since your bmx days , seen ya here in brantford when u did the canada tour. Crazy how far youve come dude , hope u the best for your new year!

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor

    Girl knows her cars

  • Curtis Allred
    Curtis Allred

    In today's generation you can't get a teenager girl to drive a vehicle with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed manual transmission.

  • doitman RV
    doitman RV


  • Conrad Brown
    Conrad Brown

    Wait I’m I trippin or does he have a new gf ?

  • picsby_mike

    I havent seen your channel for a loooooooong time. What happened to the wife??

  • Hunter Allen
    Hunter Allen

    my B-day is one day before hers

  • Trevor Risley
    Trevor Risley

    Stay tuned for Feb 1st video: “I’M GONNA’ BE A DAD!”

  • WCLucky

    Go back to bmx

  • Kenneth Smithfield
    Kenneth Smithfield

    You better have gotten a rimmy after this video.

  • cerebrix

    You're a good dude for this

  • 2nd2NUN

    First time I smiled for 20 minutes straight. Thank you.

  • Fuzzwan

    who remembers his old gf/wife she tried to screw him over

  • James 3RS
    James 3RS

    Dude, he got LAID that night 😂

  • Ton Gra
    Ton Gra

    Simperoni and cheese!!!

  • Prez90

    Nichole watching this 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Naheean Chowdhury
    Naheean Chowdhury

    Hmmmm, she is a good driver...

  • Alfonso M
    Alfonso M

    Umm your girlfriend looks familiar im not going to say anything more but she looks super familiar. You should keep an eye on her if i were you. I might be wrong but idk i feel like im not

  • Jacob Hatch
    Jacob Hatch

    This man got laid that day.

  • gabe itch
    gabe itch

    wait u broke up with the other girl the 1 that had the red miata

  • Edisson Ortega
    Edisson Ortega

    first miata second corvette third ??? stay tuned

  • J Mon
    J Mon

    *You bought your girlfriend a beat to hell and back car good job*

  • Ivan Aniceto vlogs
    Ivan Aniceto vlogs

    What happened to your wife

  • Brandon Church-Mullins
    Brandon Church-Mullins


  • real smart
    real smart


  • BlacksmithVRS

    She is so pure. I only got that black rear joke after you laughed of what she said.

  • DC Dial
    DC Dial

    A corvette and not only a corvette, it’s a corvette from TEXAS YEEEE HAAA

  • Fords4life 91
    Fords4life 91

    Corvette Corvette

  • Damalgam

    “ I don’t know how to take something like this. “ I’ve heard that before 😎

  • Chris Pan
    Chris Pan

    i haven't watch adam's vids for 2 years and.... what on earth is happening! who'

  • T. Larson
    T. Larson

    She's doing the Fd rx7 front end that's why they don't care lol

  • Logan Weisman
    Logan Weisman

    Your new gf is way hotter than your last, glad you dumped that broad

  • Dean Turner
    Dean Turner

    STOP IT!!

  • Swordz Man
    Swordz Man

    "I like it black in the back" had me in stitches. I know I'm a terrible person, but humor is humor.

    • William Davis
      William Davis

      Hahaha and Adam laughing but not being able to say why

  • Zealdrabrah 2.0
    Zealdrabrah 2.0

    Watching this video made me feel so heart warmed. All I can say AdamLZ your an absolute legend bro. ☺️

  • Kevin Mcgirt
    Kevin Mcgirt

    Yikes! I don't even want to think about what he gets in return!

  • Bich Phuc
    Bich Phuc

    I knew these would end up together, I just now found out they are together haha... damn

  • DriveCFL

    There are those of you asking where is his past woman is and what happened. I'm no spring chicken but you'll realize as you go through life you'll look back at the women that you had in your life and remember those times, and you may have one woman for 30 or 40 years and later on you'll find out or you'll have many women over the years and you'll just remember those times. He and the last woman didn't work out for whatever reason, but now he's with this one and he's getting along with her and this is where the man is. You can always say oh wow you blew it or they other person blew it but you don't know what people are dealing with. Obviously it didn't work out for whatever reasons where.

  • Xeph03

    "I like it black in the back" Adam giggles :P Gee I wonder where his brain went lol

  • Gaming Avenue
    Gaming Avenue

    Car #777 Collete Davis. I mean make it an FD car

  • L. Nitraax
    L. Nitraax

    21:01 THATS MY GIRL GUYYYYYYYYS 😍 What a man !

  • wrth

    someone getting a nice time in bed now

  • honda450rider87

    Your girlfriend and I share the same birthday

  • gorrilaunit99

    We *ALL KNOW* who's watching this video screaming right now 😏

  • Joseph Weiss
    Joseph Weiss

    She's so nice, you better keep her man

  • Arnaldo Rivera
    Arnaldo Rivera

    Hey Adam ls We're its u locations ??

  • its_topguN twitchtv
    its_topguN twitchtv

    rip manual. Americans cant use those lol



  • Bunny0102

    Outro song?

  • Bartek Lech
    Bartek Lech

    That front bumper looks suspiciously like a Tesla

  • B Cas
    B Cas

    And that’s how she was conceived that night.... 😂🤣😂🤣

  • mario ringeri
    mario ringeri

    If that's brand new , you have been ripped off.

  • Donkey Punch
    Donkey Punch

    awesome video man

  • joshua leonard
    joshua leonard

    Black in the back🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr. MopedMadness
    Mr. MopedMadness

    You got yourself a winner mate 💯

  • Marbete

    Is it cheap to make a drift corvette and is it reliable?

    • D X
      D X

      Nothing about corvette is cheap, and nothing about drifting is reliable.

  • Mr. MopedMadness
    Mr. MopedMadness

    You gotta mess with her... its worth it 😆😂🤣

  • Twan Macc
    Twan Macc

    He got a new girlfriend 🤣

  • Blod Hgram
    Blod Hgram

    hats off to a woman that can shift a manual that smooth!

  • Gunnar Jenson
    Gunnar Jenson

    I remember a couple years ago when Adam did more bmx vids. Then he switched just to car vids and I just stopped trying to get better

  • brandon sanders
    brandon sanders

    black in the back ;) lmao

  • Danny Giroux
    Danny Giroux

    This is the perfect reaction to get from a girlfriend when you get not only a Corvette but a drift Vette. Tons of questions right in line and in the know :)

  • Purplex_Purple 77
    Purplex_Purple 77

    “Look around At the car” adorable lmao Wait I didn’t even recognize her wow well okay haha I’m blind

  • Purplex_Purple 77
    Purplex_Purple 77

    Please swap a Tesla (at least) Roadster motor with this model corvette, it’d be so perfect The way the car looked in the thumbnail but brought that idea to me.. Ik you’re not gonna see it who cares anyway

  • Omar Rivera
    Omar Rivera

    I was gonna buy that one as my first car a while ago nice to see it here😎

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres

    Damn how long have I been gone he was married and now he has a new gf

    • Carter Jay
      Carter Jay


  • jaffer ashoor
    jaffer ashoor

    this came into my recommended and made me sub instantly

  • Barry Everson
    Barry Everson

    Hey Adam I'm curious how tall is the roof in your garage ? Wondering how tall I need it to be for a lift in my garage .

  • theblackslcmamba

    I told you before you married the other one that she didn’t love you bro! Go and look it up, you can see it in the eyes, and this one is going to cheat on you with a black dude......

  • Sir LurksaLot
    Sir LurksaLot

    You always see guys doing things like this for their GF's and their moms and dads but I can't remember ever seeing a girl doing this kind of thing. Are guys naturally more giving than gals?

  • Darth Strange
    Darth Strange

    I thought you were married no? I haven't watched the channel in a few years, may have missed a few things

  • Nicholas wilson
    Nicholas wilson

    Haven’t watched a video In over a year, what happened to your banging wife and what’s up with the bowser your with now 😂

  • Nigel Silla
    Nigel Silla

    I remember Adam was teaching me how to bunny hop and now this

  • Seth Dawson
    Seth Dawson

    “Stage 69”

  • Ratchet God
    Ratchet God

    I dont know what to say? !.. i sure as hell do... Time to bump fuzzies!